25 Years Old Removing Saline Implants Without Lift While Breastfeeding Newborn

Hi everyone, I am so happy that I discovered this...

Hi everyone,

I am so happy that I discovered this site! I thought I was the only one who wanted to remove my implants.

I have 360-390cc saline under the muscle implants since January 2008. I recently had a baby this past February and am breastfeeding and pumping. I noticed that my right breast got MUCH smaller, and now feels natural. My right breast also no longer fills out my bras. My left side still looks like obvious implants. I was so confused as to whether my right breast was really deflated or if it was my milk ducts and hormones acting up.

I went to a PS consultation today. The doctor said it does seem like my right side is deflated, but it is a bit hard to tell since I am breastfeeding and my implants are under the muscle. If I do an explant, she recommended a lift as well. I am only 25, is a lift necessary at this time? The dr said that at this point, she could not estimate what size I would be post-lift. If I elect to do a lift, she would reduce my aerola size as well. I would need to stop breastfeeding and then do the surgery.

I kind of do not want to do a lift, because the doctor said she would need to make 3 incisions- one under the breast, right down from the nipple, and around the nipple, which seems invasive. I am more interested in just removing the the implants.

My main concern is just very very loose skin/tissue. Has anyone did an explant without a lift ? How did your breasts look afterwards and over time?

Also, cost is a concern. She quoted the lift at $4000, and removal at $2000. Add in all the other fees, the total is $8700.

Thank you all for your input!


Thanks for finding us and starting your story here! You can always go back and have a lift later, if that's what you think you want. If you think you might want to breast feed in the future, it might be prudent to wait. Definitely take some time to weigh the pros and cons. Please keep us posted on what you decide to do. We are here for you!
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Went to get a second consultation from another PS

I went to get another consultation this morning from a plastic surgeon that my PCP referred me to. This doctor told me that I would be fine without a lift, since I am still on the younger side. He recommends lifts to his older patients. He also showed me some before and after pictures of patients that he performed removals on without lift, and the breasts looked normal afterwards. He said I do not have enough breast tissue in my breasts to forgo replacing the implants.

As for my case, I asked him if I need to stop breastfeeding prior to the surgery and dry out my milk. He said no, but I definitely cannot pump breast milk after the surgery. He plans to put drains on each breast. He told me that the removal surgery is a much easier surgery to recover from than the original breast implantation.

My main concern right now is the breastfeeding part. What do you ladies think? Do you think I should dry out my milk supply first? I read another review on this site, and a girl breastfed on the same day she removed the implants. Is that really possible? I wonder if it will hurt a great ton to breastfeed right after the surgery.

I don't want the breastmilk production in my breasts to interfere with the surgery.
Also I am confused as to what people mean by removing the entire capsule surrounding the implant. I think I would need to ask the surgeon.

Currently, I do have some pain from my right breast. It is a sharp piercing pain. It is starting to increase in frequency. I've never had complications after breast augmentation. Now that I am getting some pain, I am starting to freak out! I don't know if its from lactation. Also, these two days, I've been producing very little milk from that breast. I am concern as to whether that breast is infected inside, even though the surgeon said it is very unlikely theres an infection, because I do not have the signs of fever, chills, etc... Still, I want to be safe than sorry.

My doctor will submit a claim to my insurance. Hopefully my insurance will authorize the surgery and cover it.


I'm glad you went to a second consultation. A lot of women on here have been very happy with their results without a lift, and you are still so young. I think waiting until you're done having babies and breastfeeding to have a lift or areola reduction is the best idea. Not only would it possibly prevent breastfeeding any future children, it might not even be necessary. I am having mine removed on April 23rd. I'm still breastfeeding my 22 month old every few hours around the clock. I'm just having them out under local / twilight, no lift, no capsulectomy. My plan is to nurse her right before and then wait as long as possible (hopefully, at least 4 hours) after the surgery to nurse to make sure most of the drugs are out of my system, although it sounds like they're all safe for breastfeeding. I think the skin will be loose at first, and that will feel weird when it comes to nursing. If your baby is still young and breastfeeding is important to you, you might consider waiting awhile on removal, if you can. Also, check out kellymom.com regarding breastmilk production and signs of mastitis or plugged ducts. You may still be producing more than you think. Other moms that have removed their implants while nursing are: Newgirl74, MissPixie, and Bloem. Check out their reviews. They all had good results! Good luck!
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I would be very hesitant to do anything until your baby is at least a year old. Breast milk is so important and I would be so sad to lose the health benefits for both me and baby and also the loss of that relationship. I know how frustrating it is to wait, my youngest is three and I wanted my implants out pre baby who is five but I'm so thankful I waited. I ended up getting the full lift because I wanted the areola reduction and wanted the shape to be pretty. I'll be a month post op tomorrow and my incisions already look great. Best wishes with whatever you decide!
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I would love to wait. I thought about breastfeeding him until he is 6 months to 1 year old, but the pain in my right side is getting worst...

No Lift

Just wanted to update this review/post. I've decided not to get a lift. So right now, it would only be implant removal.

My current concerns are just whether to stop breastfeeding and wait until my milk supply dries up or to continue breastfeeding after the surgery. Also, when exactly to have the surgery. The doctor suggested that I should remove them soon since I am having pain in the deflated breast.

Will post another update very soon.


Hi there! Thank you for your reply to my post. You are very brave to breastfeed after surgery. I hope your surgery and plans to breastfeed will go smoothly as planned. My concern about breastfeeding after surgery is, will it be very painful for us? My little one sucks quite hard. I am pumping 3/4 of the time and nursing 1/4 of the time. Maybe I should try to nurse him more often instead of pumping. He is a fussy eater and has problems latching on to my breast.
Thanks. I decided to wait until she was this old, just in case I do have any problems. From what I've read, it sounds like it is kind of uncomfortable or weird feeling at first, but not any more painful. The baby is much more effective than a pump at removing milk, so I would nurse more often, if you can. Maybe he has nipple confusion? I know they can sometimes get lazy about latching if they are able to get it easily from a bottle. Mine was fussy because I actually made too much and had a fast letdown, so she would choke on the milk at first. That would make her pretty mad :) I agree with Mdeluca about waiting to explant until he's at least 6 months to a year, if you can. It's so much better for the baby, and it really becomes much more enjoyable and easier to nurse as they get older. I've also had sharp, shooting pains here and there, but from what I read, that happens to women without implants, too. You might want to try to go to a La Leche League meeting, if there's one near you. They can assess his latch for you and see what might be going on. This has good info on problems with nursing: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/ and about low milk supply: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supply-worries/low-supply/ Also, are you sure you don't have a plugged duct on the right side? You might want to look up symptoms and make sure that's not what's happening. I suffered many bouts of painful plugged ducts and mastitis in my right breast until I realized I absolutely cannot lie or sleep on my right side. Yuck :(
I do also want to nurse him until he is at least 6 months old. I'll have to talk to my surgeon and ask him more burning questions. I am now most concerned about my breastfeeding situation, since I definitely cannot use a pump after the surgery. I don't have plugged ducts or mastitis, so my right boob is just deflated, distorted looking, and causing me pain. The thing is, I've never hard sharp shooting pains before. The few weeks in the beginning of breastfeeding, I never had pain either.. Until the implant deflated or lost shape.

Here is a picture of my Boobs when I look down

Here is a picture of my boobs in my point of view as if I were to look down on them. As you can probably see, my left is much fuller and bigger than my right. This picture was taken after emptying my breast milk. It looks as if I lost my top profile on my right breast. Does it look deflated from this point of view?

My PS said that my implants could possibly be ruptured and that it takes time to deflate, and sometimes isn't an overnight thing.

Ladies, from your experience, does it look like deflation on my right?

I am going to visit my PS again before I sign any papers for the procedure. This morning before my consult, I had trouble emptying my breast milk.

I will take another picture later on after I empty my breast milk 100%. It's more obvious looking then.

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Forgot to attach the photo?!


Honestly, plastic surgeons don't necessarily know much about breastfeeding, so take whatever they say with a grain of salt :) I would check with a lactation consultant, since your baby is still so young, and see what they recommend in addition to your surgeon's advice. It really is hard to say what would be causing pain. Deflated implants don't generally do that, from what I've read, unless they fold up or something. My breasts became very lopsided after nursing, because I accidentally nursed on one side more. They also feel a whole lot softer. Is the pain constant? If it is deflated, maybe it's folded over or the edge is rubbing on something? I hope you get something figured out and feel better.
By the way, I just looked at your pictures and was wondering if that's an underwire bra you have on? If it is, maybe you might want to switch to a nursing or stretchy type bra for now. Sorry for all the advice :)
Prettyasyoufeel, awesome advice! Thanks for posting all the links, I'm sure those are really helpful! I know you will do what is best for you bit to reassure you a deflated implant isn't considered an emergency (even though I'm sure it's not fun:(). Since your baby is so young your breasts are going to change so so much in the next few months. One option if you qualify would be to wait until you are not babies sole source of food and have the other implant deflated and then both of them removed under local weeks later. But I would be really hesitant to do that now, the stage you are in now is still a really easy time to get booby trapped and then you lose breastfeeding completely.

Picture of me lying down

When you look at this picture, you can see the obvious deflation. It's not as noticeable as when I'm standing upright.


I was looking through the posts about B.A (considering one after next baby - and getting some research in early), and just wanted to tell you that I had the same problem with one looking completely deflated (and without having implants). The problem, for me, was that baby preferred one breast over the other - so ultimately, one was slightly larger than the other throughout the b/feeding anyway. . But then, at 14 months, she started to get VERY bitey - causing so much pain around the nipples that I ended up only being able to feed from one breast for around a week . .until she gnashed on the other one too, and I was forced to wean her because it hurt so much to even pump milk for her . This resulted in one having engorgement and then shrinking to around a b in fullness (d in diameter) and the other being a dd fullness . . This lasted for a few weeks and was hard to balance out, no matter how much bra stuffing I tried . .eventually they have shrunk down, but now are both different sizes (one is around b fullness and the other a small c). . I suppose I just wanted to reassure you that even with natural breasts, your issue could occur. . But also that breastfeeding can be difficult too. I know that the more baby feeds, or the more you pump, the more milk you will produce. I also wanted to say that STRESS can really take a toll on milk production. . The more mum worries, the less milk comes. . I can only imagine that it must be very stressful in your situation, and lack of sleep from baby probably adds to this, and I hope that you can resolve the booby issues soon. . But please remember, you won't be a bad mum if you end up needing to bottle feed, there are plenty of healthy babies (and plenty of healthy, now, adults) who were fed on formula. Xox
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Thanks for your comment. I do really want to breast feed. But because of my complications, I mostly have to slowly stop and warn him off breast milk. Thanks again for your comment. I kept thinking aboute being a bad mom these past few days. :(
My little girl will be 5 soon, and all of a sudden I've realized that the time of them being babies is really so short (even though at the time, when people said 'enjoy her she'll grow fast' - I thought time seemed to be going very slowly), and now I wish I had of spent a bit less time worrying about all of the things I did worry about, and more time just enjoying her. I know it's hard - and the complications, and hormones, must be taking their toll - but please be gentle with yourself, if you can't breast feed baby - it is what it is, you can formula feed, he will still be happy and healthy - and most importantly, be will still have you! Just love him and enjoy him and be kind to yourself so you can give h the best of you - a happy mum = a happy baby :-) Soon he will be older and whether you formula fed or breast fed won't matter anyway. The fact that you are concerned about it in the first place tells me you are a good mum! Xoxox

Spoke to my PS Again

I called my PS today to ask him a few questions. My explantation will be under general anesthesia. He might give me a shot of antibiotics during the procedure. I won't be receiving a capsulectomy. He said that would require additional surgery to my breasts, or have a bit more impact on my breasts. He thinks that I do not have to quit breastfeeding/wean my baby off of breastmilk. He said though my breasts might be engorged, it has nothing to do with the implant removal procedure. He advised me not to pump or breastfeed for at least 10 days after the procedure, since my incision will be on my nipple.

He submitted a claim to my insurance to see if my insurance will cover the procedure under medical necessity, since I am having complications and pain. Now, I just have to wait to hear back from insurance.


Best of luck :-)
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Thank you for your kind words! :) Made my day better.
:-) any time!

Surgery Scheduled!

I scheduled my surgery for May 9, 2014 at 12pm at the same hospital where I gave birth to my son. Good news is that my insurance will cover the procedure, any lab testing, and medications. Now, my right breast is completely deflated. Yesterday was the second day that I stopped breastfeeding 247 and my breasts were in so much pain. Today is the third day, and it has gotten much better. I still let my little one latch on.

I almost went cold turkey trying to quit breastfeeding. However, now that the surgery is about two weeks ago, I do have time to gradually stop breastfeeding. Been testing formulas. Found out my little one loves Similac Advance and Enfamil Premium. He hates Enfamil Premium Newborn, Gentlease and Nutramigen. At first, I thought my little one had allergy to cow's milk protein and lactose intolerant. However, he took down the basic formulas just fine. The more fancier expensive formulas make his stomach go crazy and diarrhea.

I am very excited to be natural again.


Hi!! woww brave decision ! Im having the same situation I jus stop breastfeeding in my surgery will be in 6 weeks, but I found that I have to wait three months after stop breast-feeding. What did your doctor said about the waiting time?
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Hi there! Did your breast deflate as well? My ps actually said I didn't even need to stop BFing prior to surgery but I didn't want my breasts to become engorged after surgery since I'm getting nipple incisions, I won't really be able to pump or BF. Dr said no breastfeeding for ten days. However, I already warned my baby off breast milk. He actually has better digestion after switching to formula. Between stopping breastfeeding and surgery would be roughly two weeks.

Everything is good to go!

Today, I went to both my PS and PCP. Completed a final consult/preop with the PS, and also physical exam with PCP, along with appropriate tests.

I am starting to worry about my surgery date as it gets closer and closer, because I am scared of surgery. However, I also cannot wait to get these two things out of me!

My right side is now 100% deflated. My breast actually looks smaller than before I did the augmentation! What is up with that? It is weird!

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Surgery in less than 12 hours!

Starting to get nervous. Surgery at 12pm. Right now it is 1am. Can't even sleep!


Wishing you a safe surgery!!! My dr told me I have to completely finish breastfeeding, it's interesting how each dr has their own advice regarding that! I can't wait to see how your boobies end up! I know they will be great.
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Thanks! Heading off to hospital now! Will post pictures as soon as I can :)
Thinking of you today! You're almost on the other side! Yay!
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Surgery done!!!

Surgery done! Total surgery time was 2 hours. My surgeon inserted drains. Took me an hour to wake up from the anesthesia. Left the hospital about 3 hours after surgery. I came home and had some porridge and a banana but am still super hungry.

Explanation is definitely less painful than implantation. I am taking some pain medicine as well, which includes Tylenol and a type or Vicodin.

My postoperative appointment is next Wednesday, in five days. Doctor told me not to remove the bandage wrapping and to keep it on until next Wednesday.

I feel sleepy from meds! Will update soon!

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draining blood and fluids from each side


I am happy for you! Happy healing. :)
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Thank you!! :)
You're welcome. ;)

Draining less than a few mL twice a day

I am draining less than 5 mL total from both breast both day and night.

I really wish I could take these drains out! I feel like they are hindering my healing process. :( I know it's there for a reason.. But they are annoying me!

Had a very mellow Mother's Day! Having to stay home and recoup :(

Regardless, happy Mother's Day to all the lovely moms out there! :)


Happy Mother's Day ..can't wait to see pics!!!! I bet those drains are uncomfy! Dr said I will need them too
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It will be over soon. I didn't get any drains and I hope I won't need any later on.
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Dirty hair, itchy scalp

Dear ladies,

The hardest part of this healing process is not being able to shower. I know every surgeon is different. Some allow patients to shower on the same day after the procedure. Unfortunately, my PS is not one of them. Plus, I still have drains attached. (Still draining around 1mL per breast twice a day).

How did you ladies deal with dirty hair or itchy scalp during the healing process if you did not get to shower?

I usually wash my hair daily. So I never had hair this "dirty". Even though it's perfectly normal for some people to not wash their hair for a week and rely on dry shampoo.

My scalp is itching like crazy and my hair turned into an oil slick like I was pregnant with oily hair again.



Try the no shampoo challenge for 30 days. http://www.blogher.com/no-shampoo-challenge
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Shut the front door! I just checked that out and I am going to totally try that.
I was going to suggest the kitchen sink as well. If it's too painful to lift your arms maybe a really awesome friend could wash it in the sink for you. If neither of these are an option something else you can do is use baby powder in your hair. That will soak up some of the oil. This may not work if you have dark hair unless you can whip up a batch of dry shampoo for dark hair (pretty much cocoa powder and corn starch I think.) Good luck and congrats on your explant!
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Hi ladies!

How long did you wait until you got a massage? Like a regular Swedish or deep tissue massage.

I also notice that my right side barely has anything to drain. Is it because it was already deflated prior to explant and my skin already shrunk back?


Hi I used dry shampoo as i too wash my hair daily and it drove me mad.... Then when I felt I could I used my sink and shower hose to wash my hair ... As it's not as low as the bath xxx
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Stitches and drains out !

I feel wonderful today! It was a bit painful and scary when the doc took out my drains.

He said the holes would close on its own.

Loving the results! Small boobs but all natural!! Feeling great today!

Boobs look smaller than before I did implants. Doctor said that's normal because the implants thinned out my natural breast tissue. Hopefully it'll magically grow back! Haha

Thanks for everyone's support!


Yeah! I'm so happy you're free!
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Thanks!!! :)
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