12.5 year old Implants are now GONE (as of 3/18/14)!!!! SO HAPPY in Boulder, CO!!!

When I started running in the late 90's, my B cup...

When I started running in the late 90's, my B cup breasts kept getting smaller and smaller. My boyfriend (at the time) encouraged me to get a breast augmentation. So, after much research, in September 2001, I flew to the east coast to see a surgeon who specialized in breast augmentations through the armpit. I ended up getting round, 350cc saline implants inserted under the muscle. I should've never gotten them this big. Although I am 5'7", I have rather small shoulders and very thin arms. However, my boyfriend and the doctor said that most women regret not going bigger. NOT TRUE!!! Anyway, I take full responsibility for making my decision to get implants. However, I have spent the last 12.5 years trying to cover them up! I even resorted to minimizer bras a few years ago. I feel like my implants make me look heavy, not sexy, and I can't wear as many cute clothes...my choices are really limited. My 34 D's look RIDICULOUS on me! I should add that I have never had any problems with capsular contracture. I think it is mainly because of the breast massage program that you start within a few days of surgery (to keep the pocket loose). The other thing is that I have worn a bra day and night since getting the implants.

So, after discovering this site last year, I have been researching whether to get smaller implants, get an internal lift, or just remove them. I've finally decided to just get them removed (after seeing all of the photos and reviews on this site). Two weeks ago, I had a consultation with a doctor in Colorado and he thought it would be a good idea for me to see what they look like after healing for awhile. He never pushed getting a lift or replacement implants. He explained how simple the surgery would be and made me feel very comfortable. So, guess what? They are coming out tomorrow! I am excited, but nervous. Thanks to all of you brave women who have gone before the rest of us! I will keep you posted on my progress...

Explant Done (3/18/14)!

I am SO HAPPY I decided to do this...wish I had done it sooner! The weight and annoyance of the big floppy implants was getting worse with each passing birthday (I am now 57). I wanted them GONE now. They looked and felt so foreign to me...not sexy, just BIG.
I made a decision to do the surgery under local anesthesia because it was not necessary to have the capsule removed and I had never had any problems with the implants (no capsular contracture).
The day of my surgery, a friend insisted on driving me to my appointment and was told I should be done in about 90 minutes. After paying and signing a few documents, I was taken into a comfy, private waiting room. Within a few minutes (about an hour before surgery), the medical assistant gave me a paper top, applied a liberal amount of numbing cream under each breast, and positioned some plastic wrap to keep the cream in place. At that point, I inquired about taking a Valium (to take the edge off) and pain medication pre-op. The medical assistant took my vitals and told me that my pulse/blood pressure were normal/very healthy and I should be fine, but it was totally up to me regarding the meds. I decided it was probably best to not to take anything because I thought it might make me feel really out of it later. I spent the next hour relaxing, reading magazines and drinking water while they called in my prescriptions for pain meds (Vicodin), antibiotics (Keflex), and anti-nausea medication (Promethazine - just in case I needed it post-op).
When it was time, I was taken into the operating room, the numbing cream was wiped off and I was prepped for surgery with a complete antiseptic wipe down. Everything looked and felt very sterile. I was covered with the necessary grounding pad (in case I needed to have cauterization at any point) and another large sticky pad to keep everything in place (with areas cut out to expose the surgery area...my breasts). I was given a blanket to keep warm (from the waist down) and I could hear music playing in the background.
A moment later, the surgeon greeted me and asked how I was doing. As mentioned before, I felt VERY comfortable with him, the medical assistant, and office staff. He marked the incision site and injected me with the numbing agent. I felt a pinch, burn, and sting, but it was bearable. He told me if I ever felt anything to say "ow" and he would inject additional numbing.
Within a few minutes the incision was made. I only felt a little pain once or twice and he injected more numbing juice and cauterized for a tiny bit of bleeding. Next, the implant was located, punctured and drained. He warned me that the warm, saline water would go everywhere and it did. He said "I think you are going to be really pleased with your results". He then repeated everything on the other side (no pain or cauterization needed there). After asking how I felt, the surgeon said goodbye and left me with the medical assistant (who had been there the entire time).

I couldn't believe it was over...and was afraid to look down. I had to sit up a bit to be "wrapped" with the long, wide Ace Bandage. When I finally looked, I was pleasantly surprised. There were my old breasts...a bit mushy and saggy, but there they were. YAY!!! After they were tightly wrapped, I was told to leave the Ace Bandage in place for 2 days (no peeking) and then I could take a quick shower and re-wrap.

I felt no pain, but my underwear and the back of my pants were definitely wet.
Although I wore elastic waist black running pants, a change of pants for afterwards would have been a really good idea. Before I left the office, the staff gave me a pad to place on the car seat for the ride home.

I picked up my meds and went home to rest. Prior to my surgery, I made sure that I had my post-op sports bras, wedge pillow for sleeping on my back, extra non-stick gauze pads, gentle adhesive tape, bottled water and healthy food on hand. I also made sure that all of my errands were run and that I had lots of food, laundry was done (including fresh sheets), bills were paid, and the house was cleaned. The only thing left to do was take my meds, relax, heal, read, and watch TV/movies.

My breasts were very soft (like pudding in a deflated balloon) at first, but 3 days later, I think the breast skin is already slowly retracting. The incisions are still a bit sore; I took a Vicodin on the first night after surgery and then the next morning...Tylenol after that. I've been rather constipated, but I'm drinking lots of water, prune juice, and eating salad. Last night I took 1 Exlax and it worked! Just remember that once you start taking pain meds it takes a while to get them out of your system and you will be constipated...sometimes for days!

I am THRILLED I did this and already feel much sexier without those big, fake implants. Maybe if I had gone smaller (like a C instead of a D) years ago, I would have liked them better. I will update with post-op photos soon. I forgot to take them after my shower yesterday.

Implants were removed after being drained...

Sorry...I just read my description of the procedure and I forgot to mention that the implants were gently removed (I didn't feel a thing) after they were drained. They were 350cc filled to 375...lots of fluid in those things. I think I lost 2 pounds when they were removed!

Day 3 update...

Well, ladies, I am starting to see my God given OE (original equipment) again! :-)My follow-up appointment is next Tuesday (3/25) and I've got to keep these new babies wrapped up tightly at all times to continue healing. I had read somewhere that it's a good idea to wear the support bra under the wrap to help shape the breasts. I am so happy I ordered the Carefix Anna Bra. It has 2 flat hooks under the small zipper and provides soft compression...very comfortable and has adjustable straps. The area below my breasts measures 30 inches and I ordered the medium, which seems to be perfect. I also got the Under Armour Hi-Impact Support zipper front bra. I love it too...it has a bit of lining and feels thicker. The staff at the surgeon's office said that is the one that they recommend to their patients because of the tight compression it offers.
Please excuse the fuzzy, poor photos...I will take more after my next shower. Wow - my nipples are not stretched out any more...getting much smaller/prettier now.

Under Armour bra runs really small...

If you decide to order the Under Armour Hi-Impact Support Bra, it runs really small. Even though I measure 30" around (right under my breasts), the band on the size 34 Under Armour bra was too tight and I couldn't even get it zipped. I ended up buying the 36 A, which is perfect!

One week follow up...

I went to my 1 week follow up today and Dr. Schutte said everything looks great. He reminded me to keep gently pulling my breasts upwards from the top (inside of the wrap or sports bra) to make them heal in this direction...rather than downward. Since I didn't have the right size sports bra with me today, I opted to be rewrapped with the Ace Bandage again by the medical assistant. I guess I wasn't making it tight enough because it only went around 3 times when I did it. She made it go around 4 times!

2 months post explant...

Quick update...breasts seem to be slowly looking better. I am not the most patient person in the world and I was pretty discouraged a few times; wondering if this was it (in terms of fluffing), or will they continue to improve? Good news...the soft mushy feeling tissue is firming up! Keep thinking positive ladies and don't panic. I know it's hard, but things will get better, I promise!
Dr. Warren Schutte, Loveland, CO

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look amazing! I can only hope that my OE is as nice under the implants. I live in Louisville and work in Boulder so hello neighbor! I have a consult will a PS in Lone Tree tomorrow but now I am curious about your doc.
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Thank you! Dr. Schutte was the perfect surgeon for my explant surgery. Because I had no capsular contracture and the implants were even and moved freely in the pocket, it was going to be a simple straight forward procedure. I liked the fact that he was close geographically, the surgery was performed under local anesthesia, he charges a fair price, and that I would not need drains. I certainly could have gone down to Denver and paid at least twice as much, but I am so happy with my results. My breasts continue to fluff (now a small C cup) and it only confirms that getting the implants in the first place was a dumb idea...I really didn't need them! Good luck and hope all goes well. :-)
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You look great! So feminine! Congrats
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You absolutely look awesome!! I know how wonderful it feels to be implant-free at last! Welcome to the other side! Soft hugs!
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Why thank you Petunia53, so do you! I wish I had your flawless skin! Why didn't we do this sooner? Feels great & clothes fit so much better. Cheers to us! :-)
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Thanks and congrats to you as well! I think we will both be much happier and cooler this summer without those big implants (especially with the heat and humidity that you have in Florida!)? Looks like you are healing beautifully...yours are the perfect shape!
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OMGosh, 34Dwants34Bagain, I just have to say you made my day! "Flawless skin!" No one's ever told me that before! Last night, right before my hubby and I went to sleep, I read your remark and turned to him and said, "Someone just told me I have flawless skin! How about that?!" What a sweetie you are! I agree, why didn't we do this sooner! I can't believe I had those hard rocks in my chest for 23 years. It's such a relief to get them out of me! Definitely…cheers to us! xx
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I think you're results are great!! Your review has really helped me during my explant journey, thanks again :).
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You are welcome. I don't know if I could have gone through it myself without the realself reviews and photos by REAL patients. Thank you to everyone! Please keep sharing your personal stories to help others that may be a bit lost about what to do.
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Since your implant size is same as mine, just wondering how you are doing? What cup size do you think you are now? Any other post-op photos, even with bra? Thanks for the info! I am one day post-op and feeling good. I haven't showered yet, so ready to find out what mine look like without the tape underneath and VERY ready to get my drains out.
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Hi! I'm doing great and meant to post more photos...will do so soon. I was a B cup pre-implant and am now closer to a C cup. I was surprised to see some weird fatty skin on my sides under my arm pits. I have to kind of push this into the bra cup and sides. It's gotten a little better since the explant and may improve once I start lifting weights and exercising again. Also, my nipples were sore for about 5 weeks - much better now! My breasts have plumped (fluffed) up a bit more, but will never look like they did pre-implant. I guess the best advice is to not freak out and to just be patient. Things WILL improve more every week. :-) I know you are going to heal beautifully! Are you wrapped with an ACE bandage?
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Thanks for the advice! I was not wrapped, just gauze and tape :/. Glad I brought a good compression bra! I've been wearing those. I did get my drains out today, so happy for that. They really look decent compared to what I was thinking, small but that's totally fine by me. Wider for sure, spread out. So I see what you mean about skin on the sides, I bet I have that too. Oh well, as long as we can put them in the bras haha!
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Thank you for sharing your story! You look beautiful!
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Thank you! If my breasts look this good after explanting at my age, yours are going to look great! Do what you think is best for you and your body, you won't regret it. :-D
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You look amazing! Congratulations!!
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Thank you for sharing your story & for posting the pictures. The info on the post op bras are very helpful. I'm planning to explant & share some similarity with you (I am writing up my review & need to submit to the site for approval.) You look great & I hope my results will be as good as yours!
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Thank you, prana! I don't think I would have gone through with it if I hadn't discovered this website. So many amazing results with REAL photos! It really helped to confirm my decision regarding NOT getting a lift or replacement implants. By the way, I've also found some Champion sport cami-bras at Target that you can STEP into. They are a snug microfiber design with convertible/adjustable bra straps. I bought the medium. Here's the link: http://www.target.com/p/c9-by-champion-women-s-seamless-cami-bra-assorted-colors/-/A-14726680#prodSlot=large_1_11
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I totally agree, this website has been so helpful. I would never have considered explanting if it had not been given as an option by my PS and the amazing results/stories on this website. Thanks for the additional bra info! I will check them out. I'm currently wearing really tight Champion sports bras I found at Costco's (2 for $20) in hopes I can speed up the saline leak (I underwent partial deflation recently.) I just submitted my review, hopefully it will be published shortly.
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Thank you! What a great website - thanks for sharing. I've already found several bras on there that I love!
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You look PERFECT! So much better, than with the implants!!!! Congrats!
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Awww, thank you! They aren't perfect, but I'm glad I finally did it (and without a lift). They're looking a bit droopy, but I'm hoping they will lift/firm up a bit over the next several months. Wow - yours look AMAZING!!! No one would ever know you had an implant/explant. I hope my incisions look as good as yours. You must be ecstatic!
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Congrats on making this decision! As you mentioned, the support on this website is phenomenal and has helped so many of us decide to explant. Best of luck on your procedure!
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Thank you for your support and for sharing your journey. Wow - you've been through so much! I've heard a lot about Dr. Mehlmed & am glad that you were under his excellent care. I hope all is well with you now!
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I'm still dealing with issues and having trouble finding a bra that fits shallow, wide, small breasts. And, I have some dimpling in the right breast still. It's been frustrating, for sure. You look like you might be a B or C cup.
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Oh, dear...I'm sorry...that is frustrating for sure! I'm sure you have done a lot of research, but I found something on a website (reddit) that gives specific recommendations for shallow breasts with a wide base (or root as they call it). Maybe this will help? http://www.reddit.com/r/ABraThatFits/comments/1dyo3m/a_guide_to_shallow_breasts_with_a_wide_root/ I think my photos make my breasts look larger than they really are (pre and post op). I don't have any smaller bras yet, but I don't think I will even fill out a B cup at this point, but that is fine with me! :-)
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