Fat transfer to breast and face

I have always been very self conscious of my...

I have always been very self conscious of my breasts, size and shape. I wear a 34 B cup heavily padded push up bra. I have not inherited this size as ALL my female relatives are DD or bigger, even my daughter!

Any way I booked and paid my deposit for saline breast implants, but I totally freaked out and forfeited my deposit in 2010. I am so excited to stumble upon AFT for breast augmentation.

I am booked in for 17th June, I am using Noogleberry for pre expansion which is working very well. I have been noogling for a few months now and I my swelling lasts for a few days and I think I have some actually growth. ( always the optimist)

I am 5'5 150 lbs (ish) so about 10lbs above my ideal weight. I want to lose the weight before my procedure.

Journey of my noogling

Wish pics and before photo of abs

Pre procedure challenge

37 days till procedure.
Current weight 69.7 kg 154lbs
Goal 64kg 141lbs
Waist 29 inch
Under breast 32
Upper breast 35
Loosely over nipples 36
Hips 36 1/2
Buttocks 42
I have a very busy lifestyle and have not been looking after myself this last month, subsequently fallen into the winter blues. I now as of now, today, right now, not after a crap breakfast will start on a fitness health kick to prepare for my boobs. I have 37 days to drop 13lbs and to bring my fitness level up. Wish me luck

Today was THE day

Surgery went well, I was operated on under local anestic , they took a litre out of my upper lower abdomin, not very painful but horrible feeling as they inject the anestic fluid and do the lipo.
I had 156cc in right breast, 180cc in left, I was hoping for more but this is the first of two maybe three procedures.

Look at all my typos, one should not blog when one is on Valium

Feeling remarkably well today after great night sleep, I have to sleep on my back, naturally a side sleeper. I used a travel pillow to help me keep there. Guess where all my bruising and swelling is? I will add a guess what this is pic

Day 2

Physically feeling good, if the feeling of a herd of horses trampling over your stomach is good. Only in pain when standing up or bending. Very apprehensive about my fat and if any will stay, I am being so careful, I have not had any caffeine or alcohol for a month leading up to AFT and will try to keep at it.

Had a brief meeting with my Dr today, he is happy with progress, we will be taking fat from love handles and outer thigh for next graft in Sept 14.

Day 5

Feeling great, only mild pain on stomach. Yesterday I decided to spring clean my bedroom, my goodness didn't I get a work out! I am always worried about my boobies, is stretching my arms when I hang the washing damaging my fat, is washing my windows interrupting the grafting process, will my boobies shrink if I lift heavy things and on and on it goes, OMG, it is doing my head in! I have decided that what will be will be. To give my fat the incentive to stay with me by looking after myself well.

I am obsessed with my boobies, I know they still look small but for me they are a big improvement. I just love love love them, I massage them very gently with coconut oil every day, coo and smile at them like they are my babies. Ha ha my partner watches on with slightly tinged green amusement.

Before my procedure I did a month detox, no alcohol, caffeine and limited sugar, drank fresh coconut juice, lemon water, lots of fresh veg and salad, exercised, had lymphatic massages. What more could a girl do?

Daily ritual, 5 min skin brush, very lightly over stomach and breasts, shower, no direct water on boobs as I read somewhere sometime in my obsessive search for info that hot water could melt the fat and it not graft, then I lay on my bed in the sun and massage my stomach with coconut oil using a jade roller. Bach to work on Monday so this will change. I drink lemon water first thing in the morning and one or two glasses of home made kefir. Kefir is my new health obsession, my 86 yr old aunt put me onto it.
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How pain full is recovery overall after fat transfer to boonies? It looks like it would be tender for a very long time.
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My breasts were not painful at all. They were swollen and heavy for a few weeks but very minimal pain.
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Thanks so much! I was considering breast implants, but as a nurse in a local hospital i had just encountered a woman who has hers done a couple yeara ago , under the muscle, and her pecta ended up torn (did not become apparent until later) and she could not lift her child anymore. So then i thought "fat transfer". I have me some saddlebags to spare. They can shoot some fat into my cheekbones too . Cant wait to see how all of thia works out foe you! Especially how long the fat lasts and if it stays even . I was told by my surgeon they make you 20 percent puffier than you want, to allow for 20 percent ro 30 percent absorption of the fat. Very helpful. Again good luck and you look great
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Thanks sky singer, yes keep away from implants. Fat reabsorption is quite unpredictable, and very dependent on technique, also the larger the breast, the more blood supply/fat they are able to graft. The use of the BRAVA prior to transfer seems to allow for a larger successful transfer. I only had about 150cc to each breast which is on the lower end of safe amount of fat to transfer. I will be having another round of fat transfer in September and hopefully have at least 250cc each breast
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So far you look great. I feel we have similar body types and I want to have a similar procedure done. Please keep posting :)
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Thank you time! I had a look at your profile and we do have very similar shape. I also see that your considering breast implants? Please please look further into that procedure, I have read so many horror stories about them. Good luck with what ever you decide xxx
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I have, just deciding, I agree about the implants. You look fabulous! you will have to message me the tips on pre and post surgery, you sound like you got the health thing down!
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Thanks time, I really think the pre surgery preparation is so important, cutting caffeine, alcohol and sugar and eating lots of veg as well as having 2 or 3 lymphatic drainage massages to prepare your body to be in the best shape to deal with surgery. I only leaked fluid for max 18 hours. I went shopping ( for fresh coconuts and food) with my daughter before going to the hotel.
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Thanks again for the advice! I will definitely take it! I am thinking about adding massage now for cellulite, had no idea it would help for the surgery prior :)
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Thanks for these tips!
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Good luck with your healing!!
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Thanks Lola, your results from your aft look amazing! Have you retained your fat? I get a little sulky as on the day of surgery my Dr said he would graft about 200-250 into each breast but only ended up grafting about 150cc.
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I have retained my fat well so far, I'm not sure how long I have to be worried about it!? I can understand why you would be a little sulky, I asked for 525cc and I only got 470cc, but I'm very happy with what I have right now!
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470! Wow, do you know how much fat they extracted to give you that much?
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I'm not sure total before they processed it, but my ps said they took everything they could! So I should be happy I had that much!!
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R u going to look unbelievably good when u r done. Congrats.
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Good luck your inspiring keep us posted.
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Thank you hopeful.
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I will bet u r going to look terrific. Keep us informed.
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Thanks Maiden, when was your swelling at your worst?
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A month to get everything in order. How long u r taking off work? Do u need to wear a special bra or anything? Good luck.
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Thank you. I will take a week off work, do you think that will be long enough? I live 5 hours from the surgery, I am staying in a hotel for two nights after with my daughter then I will have to drive home alone as my daughter lives near the surgery. I will have to wear my noogleberry breast pump a couple hours a day before surgery (this is on my own volition not prescribed by my Dr)
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Personally a week would have been fine but everybody is different. Good luck.
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Good luck to you. Make sure you start taking the Arnica Montana and Bromelain 3 days prior to surgery and continue through recovery. Also try to get two manual lymph drainage massages the week before. I truly believe that has helped with my recovery. If you don't have a recliner, try to rent one for at least two weeks after surgery or buy a used one for temporary use. You will live in it because it makes getting up and down so much easier and reduces the amount of swelling you get from laying flat in the bed.
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Thanks Lolita, great advice! I am actually going to be in bali the week before, so will try and have a lymphatic massage daily as well as eating healthy.
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