Asian 34 years old mother of 2 kids ready for new boobies - Doyles town PA

Hello everyone ! I been thinking having BA for...

Hello everyone !
I been thinking having BA for last 15 years. Now my kids are little order I decide to go for it. I been checking this web site long time. Been reading everyone's experience and it's been nothing but helpful thank you very much everyone !
In same time I'm very scared about surgery . What if bad things happens ...
We'll I guess that's the risk I half to take ...
I had consultation with dr marchant in Doyle's town PA . I already made up my mind implant that I want witch it's saline For the safety reason. so Dr Marchant recommend How manny CC's I should get . Witch it's 350cc and up if I remember correctly . Originally I had in my mind no more then 275 cc so when I heard 350 and up I thought no way ! That's too big !
But I do have wide shoulder and no breast so 350 cc and up May not be bad idea.
My surgery date is set on 6/4 . I have one more appointment before surgery sometime in May . Witch I can't wait !

Oh I forgot to put little bit about my self .
34 years old mother of 2 teenagers . Breast size double A cup . Height 5.5 weight 120lb.


I hope all goes well Koko. I am scheduled for Dr. Marchant in July!! Keep us posted.
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Hi MsReady2BDime ! I haven't check this website for long time I'm sorry for late response ! In May 5th I had second appointment with Dr Marchant, or should I say with Melanie because I spend more time with her then Dr Marchant .i am getting 350 cc possibly over field with 375 cc saline implant under the mussel . I'm getting my augmentation at surgical center , did you pick the location also ?
Hi Koko.... You aren't far from me. If I can be of any help or if you have questions let me know. I will be one week post op tomorrow. Surgery can be scary but they do pre op testing to make sure you are healthy. If you are using a board cert ps that you trust, then I would not worry.
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Only two days away !!!!!

So I'm not sure how manny people been reading my post but my sergery is only two days away , now I'm getting more nerves thinking what if worscase happens !?
I know I shouldn't be thinking bad thing and just focus for good outcome but it's not easy ...
How ever here is my before pics. Flat as cutting bord .


Mbk11561 thank you :D I will post pics soon as I can !
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Wow, very soon---good luck!!!!!
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Excited for you!!! Best wishes and speedy recovery! =D
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Can't sleep

My surgery is tomorrow .
I recived phone call today I need to be checked in by 8:30 at surgical center but I just can't fall sleep !
Im a night person and I do stay up in till 1:00 or 2:00 am anyways but I wanted to get good night sleep because of the surgery . We'll Its just not happening !
I'm not even sleepy at all . So now I'm thinking to paint my nail's . In form it did not say no nail polish so It's okay I'm guessing ?
How did everybody sleep night befor ? I m even thinking just stayd up all night then head out in the morning ...


Can't wait to see the new results !
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Good luck!!!
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Good Luck today, hope all goes well for you.
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It's finished !

First of all thank you very much for the kind words and wishing me luck everyone ! Because of you lady's my surgery went well . I got to the surgical center 8:30, taken to the operating room around 9:40. Once they gave me aka "Good stuff", It made me feel like I had a cocktail . Then dr taped my arm down and put a mask on me. I was gone gone gone !

When I woke up, not much pain. nurse gave a cookie (chips a hoy) and cranberry Juice. I finished two but that was it .
Nurse asked me if I was ready to go .
I'm not sure how long I was in the recovery room but felt pretty quick . Nurse was very nice but not gonna lie , I felt a little rushed . Dr came to see me, I asked him how many CC's he put he said 400. I have told Dr 350 implant over filled with 375 at the top so I was little taken by it. But they knew the best and now I looked in mirror I think 400 is right choice !

How ever shapes are not so pretty now . It dose not look even . Hopefully it look better tomorrow .

About the pain was what I expected .
I had moderate saline implant under the muscle put it through bottom of the breast. so far i took 4 piles and keep putting ice pack plus frozen pees on top of the chest.
Nipple burned feeling has started and this sucks !
It's like some one put needle in it :(

Can't wait in till all the pain goes away !


glad all went well.. Praying for a speedy recovery for you. I go for my pre-op today, I think Im getting excited. I love the support and encouragement that is given on real self, it certainly makes this process not seem so scary!!!
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Hey I'm glad things went well and pain is at a minimal! Yay!! Results looking good so far you don't look as ridiculous as I do Ahahah wishing you a fast recovery and fast drop and fluffing
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Congrats!! Happy healing! Can't wait to see pics.
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It's been 24 hours

Feeling much better compared to yesterday but still very sore . I took off bra so I can take picture but my incision hurts so bad !!!!! I don't know how some lady's take that bra off and take picture on day 1.


You look great!!! Looks like he choose good for you.
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Thank you ! I can't wait in till it drops :)

Sharp pain

Its been 5 days after my surgery . I can rise my arm with out no problem but chest pain is no joke . I have sharp pain like needle stabbing in to my chest . My Dr gave me 5 mm oxycodone and I do take it but even with pain medication I can still feel the sharp pain .
Is it anybody out there have or had same pain like me ?


I got those sharp pains on the 4th day. I have no pain now. I stopped taking all pain meds in the 4th day and I feel like Myself again. I just wish they would drop faster!
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We had surgery on same day , now you are pain free but I'm still dealing with lots pain this is not fare !!!!! Lol I'm just kidding ! I just took Motrin hoping that will help with sharp pain . Did you starting to massaging yet ? My Dr told me I need too but it hurts so much that I can't even do it for 5 second .
I started on day 5, I actually like it! I like the little sore feeling while in doing it but how sore it gets after isn't fun lol I do it every 2 hours and throw my band back on right after. The key problem is I don't know of I'm doing it right lol everything is pretty straight forward, it's just when I'm pushing the implants from the down from the top, I'm suppose to Brel pressure underneath while I'm pushing down but I don't! Or maybe before it's sore that I don't feel it. When I push then together towards the center I can REALLy feel the pockets stretching. And what isn't fair is ow high mine are compared to yours! Mine are also really swollen, that might be because my kids are really little and still need my help. I hope today is better for you. Everyday is 20x better for me

One week after surgery

Its been one week after surgery .
I think swollen did go down a little bit or im just getting used to seen them everyday .

Btw i have green bluised spots all over on my breast . I took a closer look and it has a red dot in the middle . Its probobly from shots but why On the breast ? Anybody know ?


They look great, happy healing.
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I still get sharp pains like your describing. I get it in my incision and also in my upper arm/armpit area. Surgeon said it is just the nerves reconnecting and healing and that it will get better with time. I am post op day 10 and also still experiencing nipple sensitivity and numbness
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They definitely look like their dropping!
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10 days after surgery still not sure it was worth it

It's been 10 days after my BA.
From the side my tops is still looking High and I hate this looks. I'm already thinking revision or take my implant out .
My bottom of the breast is smaller then top , I know it takes time implant to drop but I even think my bottom pocket is not big enough Implant to go down.
I do push implant down a lot but not sure that helps.
I have 3 more weeks off from my two jobs, In my head I can't hope it to think hurry up and make decision for revision or take it out, so I can do one of them and head to recovery quick and still make it dead line going back to work soon .

I worked double shift plus side job to save money and pay for my BA . Now I may need to spend more money to fix what I don't like .
It's very depressing thinking about .


Hi ;) I think u look great. U are way to early lol. I know it's hard to think of how there Gona look but I to was worried and all my wonderful ladies on here told me to be patient and I am listening I'm only two weeks out and they are changing everyday. I think u will regret it if u have them taken out ;) I swear they will get better and better love ;) if ur dr told u to massage then do it ;);) it so made a difference ;). Try and remember why u did it and know that in 3 mo from now u will love them. Xoxoxo congrats girl
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Thank for kind word :D I'm two weeks after surgery and I can't wait to see those change !
I can see the difference in your pix and from the looks of it, when they fully drop, your final results are going to be amazing. Congrats on the new boobies.
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2 weeks after surgery

Today I met with Dr .
Nurse ask me I have any concerned so I said I'm not happy with shape of my breast . Dr said it's normal and implant will drop . It's been two weeks after my surgery and for the first time Dr recommend breast band . I have seen this item and read it review so I really did not wanted to wear them but Dr said wearing breast band will help implant to drop. So I am wearing them now but oh boy it's so tight and uncomfortable .
I did ask Dr about what if band did not help implant to drop and I want revision . But he's answer was try this for now and let's see what happens . Witch I get it but I just can't stop thinking about revision or have them taking out even after I left Drs office . 6 months is maybe not super long time but my skin can be stretched and what if I want smaller implant to replace my 400 cc saline implant ?
Do I need a breast lift to cut extra saggy skin ?
So now plaice my be double ? This is driving me crazy !!!!!
I try to not think about this mater much as I can , so I can live normal life everyday . And try to be positive , how ever it's not easy but I won't give up !


Hi, I really wang this procedure too but like any other mothers who has children think twice. My tentative date is in 2 weeks, please update us.
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Hello Eebella I was thinking twice even i was on the hospital bed waiting to be put out to sleep ! When i sighed a paper work i thought what if ? What about kids etc But of corse i when with surgery and i wake up fine . Pain was what expected . My kids are teenagers so they do not need my help with bath meal etc . So taking care if kids was no problem for me with my husband help . Its been about 4 months now after my surgery and my boobs have droped a lot and im much happy now then ever i did after my surgery . I almost forget i had the surgery bc i adapted well to my new boobs . Im glad i did it first couple months i was not happy and even thought about taking them out but im glad i did it and keep my implant . How ever if i can go back and change something that will be getting silicon . Im thinking in 8-10 years lather i will switch to silicon if i have the money . Hope this help :)
Thanks for the reply, it's very helpful. I want this surgery for the longest time. Since, we're done with kids I'm having this thought again. My husband is not all for it but he supports me. I have a doctor that I like very much but now it's me surpassing my worries and fears. We have 3 beautiful children under 6. My worries are like any mothers or wife the worries of going under the knife. Today I need to make my final decision because I need to place a deposit to keep the surgery date. My anxiety and worries is holding me back although I my heart tells me to go ahead. I feel it's now or never. Whatever decision I make then I need to stick with it. Sigh...
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