April 9 I Will Be Going from a Small Empty B to a Firm ?????

O.R. is booked and paid for. I am still struggling...

O.R. is booked and paid for. I am still struggling with size. After kids I was saggy and had a lift in August. They are perky and lifeless lol. I am 5'4 135 lbs. My weight fluctuates 130-140 today my ribs 29 inches, bust 34, waist 27.5, hips 40. I chose 375 cc Siltex / Round / Cohesive Gel / High Profile Mentor Implants. I don't wait to look fake. But I want to feel sexy again. Please talk to me

Freaking a bit...

I did try on sizers which I didn't find helpful because in essense its a ball over a boob lol. I tried rice in my bra which was an epic fail...my young daughter laughed at me when she noticed it. I just wonder if with a small B after my mastopexy in Aug will 375 cc Siltex / Round / Cohesive Gel / High Profile Mentor Implants look too big? Im guessing it will give me a D cup. I wonder if 325cc would look better


I feel so dramatic. I usually make rash decisions. This is the first time I am thinking and re thinking. I am heading back today for a second sizing....just to be sure I am not going too big.

Going smaller than planned and happy

I just went back to my surgeon because I had a funny feeling that 375 was too big. When he saw me the second time he said "that is not going to work!" you either have to get ultra high profile or go down. So we settled on 325 cc HP submuscular cohesive gel smooth rounds. He said it gives a really nice upper pole fullness. I am relieved.... I am a B34 presently after my lift in Aug. So even 325 cc will put my in a c/d which is plenty big. I just kept thinking.....I gotta carry these around for 10-15 years...... and lets say I hate them and they are too big, then what? Have to get another lift because I've stretched my skin? This is the way I look at it.. If for some reason a full C small D isnt big enough, I can always put on a bra with a bit of padding. But, really when do I ever need to be bigger....than even a C. I think I kept trying to match my boobs closer to my hips. He was honest and told me.....that will never happen. If I want to look good. My hips go from 38-40 because my weight fluctuates. My co-worker got 450 cc and they are gigantic! I think for me anyways....it's better to be a little reserved. Plus he mentioned with having such a small chest wall that 375 cc might give uniboob or lots of side boob and it would end up lookiing sloppy. So for me. my current measuments and what I had to being with... I'm finally happy with the decision to move fwd:)

GETTING EXCITED......COMMMMMMON APRIL 9th What should I have at home for after OR?

Only a week to go..... wondering what I will need to have on hand after surgery

Before photos

I took these pictures lastnight and it solidified why I am getting breast implants!

Had surgery today! 325 cc high profile silted smooth implants submuscular

I stayed at a hotel lastnight so I didn't have to make the two hour drive. At 7:30 I went to the surgical office. I was marked, the anesthesiologist was funny and did everything perfectly. The nursing staff was kind and very attentive. Dr Barr came in to see if I or anyone had any questions. Before I knew it I was sleeping. I woke up feeling very little pain and got in the car about 2 hours later and am resting comftorable. So far I give the pain a 5. My breasts look great!

Day 1 (6hr) boobie pics

My new boobies! Day 1 (6 hrs post op)

This was a before picture

No volume at all...grandma boobies!

5 days post op already dropped!

My surgeons office was really pleased today with how well I'm healing! They said they are already in the perfect place. No boxy look, absolutely beautiful. They said my swelling looks minimal too. Told me I could probably buy some bras in two weeks and I will probably stay this size. So happy I chose 325 cc. Suits me perfectly. I think I'm a D cup. We shall see! Healing well. Up and at em day two, off meds day three. Lets hope this keeps up!

Guess how big they are now ???

Small b with 325 cc silicone I am a full D36 in most bras. My clothes fit awesome! No pain. Scars almost faded completely. Implants in place at 5 days post op. I'm turning heads again:)
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So I'm 4 weeks post op 325 cc silicone. Small b to a full d 36 in most bras. Love it, no complications. Easy surgery for me. No pain etc after week 1:)
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I had surgery this morning ..375cc. I was a 34 a now ?? have to wait 2 days before I can take bra off for shower. I am 5'8 . surgery was a breeze I feel great. a little sore but nothing bad. I hope your surgery goes well!
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Ya me too! I wonder if this is the calm before the storm lol:) After having abdominoplasty/lipo and mastopexy in August this feels way better;) I hope we are able to get some rest! Thanks for checking in.
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I wish you luck betterme35! I am hoping to update till the 3 month mark. maybe if life isn't to crazy the 6 month mark.
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Yes me too. Trying to get the courage to post some pictures. I'm feeling better than I thought today too
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the only thing im having is the end of my nose has this slightly itchy feeling...lol !everything I have read most ladies say day 3 is the hardest...I think boobies swell up most.. I hope not!
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Day 3!!!! Yikes lol. I'm nervous..and tonight I just got my period too yay me! On day 5 I go back for suture removal and a chemical peel to hopefully get rid of the mask of pregnancy. 7 laser treatments, 4 chemical peels and almost gone! I'm putting all my peices back together again...like Humpty Dumpty lol let me know how you feel tommorow:)
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Hi ! betterme35. I slept well in my recliner last night. Trying to get out of the chair was a pain, my dad had to push the bottom down as I scooted my butt to the end of the seat without using my arms...lol never realized how much I need my arms. I have a little pain under my arms and a little bit of pressure nothing terrible. keeping up with medication helps. I have a little swelling at the top of boobs. no bruising that I see. got to keep bra on till Friday. I cant wait to see my boobies!
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you have a busy day! lol..I got my period Wednesday . the pain meds I don't feel anything though,I wouldn't mind something done on my face I have dry skin on my forehead & cheeks. lotions & creams don't help. just annoying the times I actually wear makeup it looks rough, not pretty. if you have any suggestions to make dry skin go away I would appreciate it.
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I used to get that in the winter. But Neostrata dry skin exfoliant cream it has glycolic acid in it. It was mere days and all the dryness was gone. I used a day cream (level 2) and a night repair cream. My skin looks amazing! I bought it at guardian drugs.
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I will look for that at the drug store. thank you!
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Glad to see you were able to set up a review/blog!!! I can totally relate to going back and forth on size....I did the same thing literally up to the day of my surgery! Haha I essentially ended up looking at my surgeon and said "you have a range of 300-350cc...do what will work best with my body and look the most natural" and he went with the largest size, haha. I have thicker hips and a pretty big butt for my frame, haha so I think that's why I am able to pull off the larger size with a petite frame and it look balanced. Maybe try giving your PS a range of options and since he knows what he's doing, he'll likely pick the best option for you :) My surgeon kind of explained implant sizes like this: it's hard to judge what your bra size will be before your surgery, so he had me focus more on just the implant size itself in the amount of cc instead of bra size and that is what helped me fall into my range (I was so flat before I was happy with 275cc sizers...haha!).
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We have similar stats, and I went 350. Check out my pics. I wish I could have gone more in the 425 range, now that all is healing, but my bwd was only 11
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I am already a B34... I think you started at an A cup? So at 375 cc I think I'd be a D cup. I worry that big big boobs might make me look "fat". My head is spinning with boob thoughts lo. I only have until next wed to decide. My PS wont tell me what he thinks I should go with. I understand that...but it definately puts the pressure on me. And I worry that high profile will give me torpedo boobs :( I bet once your done healing you love what you have. It looks really natural. Must be a strange feeling. I was always a D34/C36 depending on the bra. Its strange sitting here at a B cup. I used to complain about my big boobs.... be careful what you wish for (for me). After my babies they were just sacs of skin. Depressing
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I'm doing 325cc med profile silicone under the pec muscles...
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hi, I'm going in March 31st. imo, since you are a bit bigger than me bottom wise I think you should do 375cc at least, but why not medium profile? High profile just means you will have torpedo boob from what I understand. Also, width matters! The biggger the implant, the wider it is so be sure that your PS measures your current bood width and steers you in the direction you want to go: same width you currently have or to go wider? Wider will look completely unnatural.
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he said my rib cage being 29 inches wouldnt work with a 375 cc breast implant unless it was high profile.
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How are you feeling? Nervous?
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