500cc Silicone, 34 A to DD

I just had my consultation today with Dr Gregory...

I just had my consultation today with Dr Gregory Sexton in Columbia, SC. I was very nervous and worried it would be an awkward experience and maybe I would leave the office feeling discouraged and not follow through with the surgery. The consult went great! Dr Sexton is very professional yet approachable. He answered all my questions and gained my confidence quickly. I looked through his books of before and afters and they all looked very natural. He went over complications and what my expectations were and I was relieved that he seemed to be completely behind my decisions. He did not try to persuade me one way or another he explained the pros and cons of saline vs silicone. I was leaning strongly towards saline but after talking with him I think I will go for silicone since it looks and feels more natural with less concern about rippling. He said I have enough breast tissue to do silicone above or behind the muscle but behind the muscle would give me more fullness and support which is what I want. If I wanted saline it would have to behind the muscle to prevent rippling. He then gave me as much time as I wanted to try on the different sizers. I told him I wanted to be a 34 D and he took measurements and wrote down a size on a piece of paper that he thought it would take to give me a 34 D result and when I finished with the sizers we were almost in 100% agreement with what size. So far I am thinking 500cc silicone implants, behind the muscle, with incision in my breast fold and he only does round smooth walled implants. Not sure what profile yet but he decides all that with me at the pre-op. I am so excited if I could have went straight on today and had them done I think I would have!!! I also asked him about how long will I be out of work he said I should be able to have the surgery on Thursday or Friday and return Monday if I felt up to it although the soreness behind the muscle would be a lot more noticeable than if I had them placed over the muscle but I want them to look as natural as possible. I do not want to use vacation time for this so I am actually relieved I can have this done and be back to work in a matter of 4 days. I will post some pics later of my before and with me wearing the sizers. I'm thinking of scheduling my surgery in about a month from now.
Hi there! Dr. Sexton performed a tummy tuck on me 11 days ago! He's a really great doctor and very much a realist so I appreciate that about him! I got breast implants about 7 years ago and this is when silicon was taken off the market for a while, I am here to tell you.. my breasts look beautiful with saline under the muscle BUT go with the silicon for sure. Mine currently have a 10 year warranty, so when they have run their course I plan to make the switch to silicon. Also, I went from an A to a C cup, and luckily at the time I didn't work because it was very uncomfortable for me. They are very heavy, and its hard to breath in the beginning laying down, sitting up, whatever.. its uncomfortable. I think you can go back to work although you probably aren't going to want to! Your boobs are going to be sitting very high up and they will look awkward, don't let that alarm you. Also, my Dr. who did my boobs wouldn't let me wear a bra for a few weeks because they needed to drop. Dr. Sexton might be different. While you don't need a bra for the support ( I still don't lol) you will want one for mental reasons and to conceal the nipple. Anyway! It's soooooo worth it! You are going to LOVE them. I hope I feel like that about this tummy tuck, because honey right now?! I am over..it. lol If you would like to talk more I've got nothing but time right now! :)
Thank you so much for telling me about your experiences!! I completely agree with you about Dr. Sexton he is very honest and realistic. I think I will be happy with my results. I'm just so nervous about the surgery. I'm sure that's a normal feeling to worry about but I feel like once the surgery is behind me I will be so relieved. Thanks for the input I will keep you posted!! Good luck with your recovery I hope you get back to feeling yourself again soon!!!
The nurses at the surgical center are GREAT. Everyone there was so sweet, and the anesthesiologist was sooo silly. Once they sedated me before taking me to the OR as soon as I was "high" he put on these big silly glasses that made me giggle so much. Then when I got to the OR every one was so nice while they were getting me ready, and having conversations with me which are kinda "fuzzy" at this point. They didn't rush me out the door after surgery, they let me take my time and go when I was ready. It was a very nice experience. :) Thank you for your recovery wishes! Every day it gets better!

Surgery scheduled

Okay surgery is scheduled for April 11 this is the day before my husbands birthday!! I am feeling very nervous about the surgery. I keep thinking what if something goes wrong and I'm doing this for me I have two kids to think about. Am I only one who thinks about things like that?!? I'm sure that's just the mother in me! I have my pre op appointment on April 1 I'm excited to find out what I need to do and expect for day of surgery.

before pics

Here are some before pics. They are sad lol!!!

more wish pics

Good luck they are going to look great on you. I can dress mine up or down and i love them. It was a love/hate relationship at the start because they looked so damn weird (because i started flat as a pancake) but now i forget they are even there and it has only been one month. Xox
Thank you I am really excited about getting this done. I was wondering how long it would take until they felt like you had always had them.
I'm getting 500cc tomorrow!!! So exciting. What are your stats? I'm 5'4 125lbs. Hope all goes well at your pre-op :)

Pre-op Today- Surgery April 11 @11:00 am

I had my pre-op appointment today! It's starting to feel more real now. I got my prescriptions for pain medicine and antibiotic. I am planning on going back to work a few days after surgery if I feel up to it because I would rather save my days off for this summer. He went over some movements and massages that he said will help me from being so sore and should get me on track to recovery a little quicker. He also recommends taking motrin 800 mg which he prescribed immediately after I get home from surgery that way I will have some pain relief but won't be so drowsy that I sleep all the time. I have had surgery before and that is all I took so I think I will do okay but he did give me more prescriptions for pain if I need them...demerol, and valium. He said moving around some is good for healing because it helps you work through some of the soreness. I am really excited and can't wait to get this surgery behind me! I was also concerned that 500cc will be too big because my husband and older sister are worried it will be too large for my frame. Dr Sexton says this will be a good size for me and help get me to my goal. I was happy to hear that because I don't care if it is obvious that my boobs are bigger isn't that the point?? I have small boobs now I want bigger! I do not know what profile I will be getting if I understood him correctly he decides that during surgery and I will be getting 500cc gummy bear implants (Mentor Memory Gel).
I felt so much better after today....come on April 11th 11:00 am!!!!!
How exciting and congrats!!! I'm having my BA on the 17th and getting 500cc HP Silicone. I'm a little nervous about the size because i don't want to be tooo big. =)
I know I have the same feeling but I think we will be very happy with 500cc my PS says he couldn't tell me how many women always wish they would've went bigger so I think we will be happy with this size. I'm getting nervous too. Good luck with everything can't wait to see our results!! :)
I had my pre-op today too (with my regular doctor). She said everything seemed good to go! So exciting! Our surgeries are getting closer!

Feeling nervous!!!

So I am only a few days away from surgery and I am starting to get very nervous! I have my prescriptions filled, most of my groceries I think I will need, my house is clean, and I am ready to get this surgery behind me!! I am still so excited to see my results tho so that is what keeps me from chickening out!! I am working all of this week so Im at work but my mind is completely somewhere else lol!!! Everyone please say a prayer for me Friday at 10:00am and I will be thinking of all you ladies out there praying for you and wishing you luck!!!!! XoXo!

I did it can't believe it's done 500cc

This morning was my big day!! I have been so nervous and afraid but the staff at the surgical center were so sweet made me feel so much better. First thing after registering they got a urine sample from me for pregnancy test came back negative yay lol! Then started my IV, gave me some meds for my stomach raglan and xanax sp?! had to drink with seltzer water gross!!! Then anesthesiologist came in asked questions. Then my PS to mark me up after that I told my husband bye and I love you!! My Dr told my hubby I will take great care of her and he did!! I was still awake when we got to operating room but drowsy from some versed nurse had given me she said it would be like I had a nice glass of wine and it was very relaxing! Then the nurse anesthetist put the oxygen mask on me and he said ok time for the fentanol sweet dreams lol!! I was out way before 10!!!
I woke up in recovery my hubby was there and I told the nurse I literally felt like a huge elephant was sitting on my chest!! Which she said is so normal. I wasn't in pain at all just uncomfortable from that pressure. She gave me some kind of med in my IV and it got so much better. The worst part of today was I got so nauseated and threw up in recovery and also twice after leaving. There was this one nurse she was an angel she patted my face, held my hair, and said oh darling bless your heart let me mama on you. It was so awesome especially since my mom has not been supportive at all she is mad I did this which is crazy I'm married, 31, and two kids she has to let me do what I feel is right!!!
So for now I feel good I slept most of the afternoon, held down a few crackers, and have been up and about. My throat is very dry and I'm real thirsty but day one is going awesome so far!!! I have been on time with my meds with so much help from my husband it's been great so far!!! Dr says I can shower tonight and start massage tomorrow

right side didn't upload

Congrats! Hope your nausea passes, glad to hear you are doing so well after surgery :)
Thank you!!! It has gotten much better I was able to eat a sandwich after a long nap and some phenergan! Good luck to you 2!!!
Congrats on your BA!! You're going to look great! Hope you're feeling well and relaxed :)

2nd day after surgery

I had a little bit of a setback yesterday which was my first day post op. I would bleed a good bit from my left incision every time I stood up. I wasn't in an extreme amount of pain so I tried not to freak out. My husband called Dr. Sexton and he said this happens sometimes he doesn't like it but its not unheard of. The incision had a weakened area and my standing caused the blood in the pocket to rush to the bottom and cause the bleeding. He told me to lay down as much as possible and call him if it didn't stop. I laid down most the day and by that evening the bleeding had stopped when I would stand or sit up.
Today has been such a better day I took a shower by myself. Washed and dried my own hair and this is my second day without any narcotic pain med. I took the Demerol the day of surgery and have only taken motrin 800 mg every 8-10 hrs since yesterday morning. I feel so much better today just knowing the bleeding has gotten better. That first day was really uncomfortable my throat was so dry and sore from the surgery and the pressure on my chest was pretty extreme. I still feel a lot of pressure today but not so much pain it's just really uncomfortable. It is amazing how much better a nice hot shower can make you feel!! Dr Sexton also said to wait until Monday to begin the massages due to my little setback!! I wanted to share that will y'all in case anyone experiences this. Good luck to you all out there and be patient its the little things that keep you heading towards total healing!! XoXo!!!
My surgery was the day before yours....I did 400 cc's moderate profile plus silicone gel...I would love to see your progress !!! I was considering going a little bigger but didn't & I'm extremely happy with my results so far, but curious to see the 500's! Happy healing!
I have seen more progress in the last two days still a little high but I definitely feel softer finally. I am happy so far with them. I will try to post a pic later today I am still very bruised but I bruise easily. You look great you're making good progress!!
Congrats! We crossed over on the same day! Glad yo hear you are doing better. I can't wait until these bandages come off on Wednesday! Happy Healing!

Day 10

Things are still going great! The pressure and tightness in my chest is not constant anymore it kind of comes and goes depending on what I am doing. My boobs are feeling a little softer each day. I'm still kind of bruised but I do bruise easily. I have a little more feeling in my nipples they are a little sensitive but not too bad but I can tell they aren't totally back to normal yet. Driving is not too hard worst part for me is putting my mustang in reverse its a 6 speed so I have to use my muscles a little to push it down it's not impossible just noticeable. I've been driving since day 3 post op. I can sort of sleep on my side at night which feels kind of nice!! Although sleeping is not nearly as comfortable right now as it was before I'm sure that will come in time. I bought a bra this weekend to wear while I'm at work and when I sleep its a Bali flexible bra size 34 D its pretty comfortable. I'm not sure what my size will be once my breasts have fully dropped however I must say that is an extremely difficult size to find! My PS does not want me wearing any sports bras for now he says they're too compressing. I can pretty well conceal my new full figure at work if I want to lol but all my scrub tops are a lot tighter across my chest now and I don't have to worry about them gapping open when I lean over because I actually have something there to hold it down hahaha! All in all I am really happy and I know each day they will get better and better. I feel so much more confident knowing I have a fuller figure and can actually fill out pretty lingerie, bras, and clothes. Shopping is actually a lot more fun now which is dangerous for my husband haha! My hubby is totally happy with them it is funny to me because he is just as excited each day to look at them as I am haha its like we have a brand new marriage!! That is most of what I can think to share with everyone for now!!!

more pics

Other pics didn't upload
Congratulations, you look great! I can't wait for my BA and TT.
Thank you! I will try to post an update for everyone this week. Its been a crazy busy month but I'm loving my results and new boobies!
Looking great so far!! :). Don't worry about them being so high. With time they will settle

Making progress and love my boobs

It's been awhile since my last update things are going great. It has taken awhile for my boobs to drop but they are gradually getting there and I am very happy with how they look and feel so much more real now. I am finally feeling like my new boobs have always been there. I sleep on my side at night and I have laid on my stomach some too. I don't have any discomfort or pain at all. I have started working out again too and it is going good just feels strange because its been awhile since I could work out. I went to Victoria's Secret and bought some new bras I am measuring a 34DD and I also bought some new bathing suits from VS. Going in there is like a playground for me now with my new and improved figure!!
Such beautiful results!
Thank you! I think Dr. Sexton does a great job.
They're looking great but I would suggest wearing a chest strap! I wore mine for 2 weeks and they settled perfect!

Still very happy and they feel so real

Not much has changed with me lately except I can tell my breasts have dropped more. They have gotten so much softer and my husband swears you could never tell they weren't real by how soft they feel. I had a scare the other day there was a hard knot on the bottom of my left nipple. Dr. Sexton sent me for a mammogram which ultimately ended up with an ultrasound and then biopsy because the Dr couldn't tell for certain what it was. Turned out it was a benign cyst with fibrous material in it. It was a scare but thank the Lord it wasn't anything bad. The Dr used this long needle to biopsy the cyst and I was praying the whole time please don't poke my implant hahaha! I am really happy with my results and they feel like I've always had them. Good luck to all of you ladies who are still waiting to go thru with yours I would do it over again for sure just not real soon!! I am happy with my size of course I always look and say hmmm what if they were bigger but I feel like mine look pretty natural for my shape and size. Dr. Sexton is awesome!
Looking good Hun! You have close cleavage like me! :) I'm 3 months po now and definitely feel like I experienced much of what you did. But really, you have very nice results!
Thank you for the sweet comments I am so happy I did this wish I had done it years ago!!! :)
I honestly feel so much better after reading your profile. I agree I think you're gonna be VERY pleased based in your progress so far. The pictures really made me feel better I'm only 8 days post and the soreness is the hardest part. Sometimes I can't even sit up straight. Especially in the mornings. I'm going to try and add pictures to My profile tomorrow. Congrats!
Columbia Plastic Surgeon

Very friendly, honest, professional, and approachable I love Dr Sexton and his staff are wonderful. This has been a great experience I would recommend Dr Sexton to anyone!

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