Prior to breastfeeding my 2 daughters I had...

Prior to breastfeeding my 2 daughters I had beautiful perky c-cup breasts. Now I'm a deflated B. They've retained their shape and symmetry but lost all the volume, so I've decided to get augmentation surgery. I went to 3 different consultations and decided to book my surgery with Dr Waslen here in Calgary. He is the most expensive here in Calgary by a significant margin but from what I've heard and read his fee is worth it. The consultations with Dr Waslen went really well. He understood what I wanted and recommended sizes that would work well with my figure.

My BWD measures at about 12.4cm so I had lots of sizing options. I want a full D or DD and I like the high projection shape so I chose 535cc UHP Mentor gel implants to go under the muscle, with an areolar incision.

My surgery is barely more than 2 weeks away! I'm so excited.


I can't stop reading reviews here and looking at pictures. Will they be too big? I don't want what I call "Homer eyes". I want my breasts to be big but I want them to be shaped like breasts... not big bulging spheres. My surgeon says I have enough loose skin to fill out but I'm scared they will be too tight.

I've spent a lot of time on this site looking for stories similar to mine. I hope my review is helpful to someone.

Here are some before pics...
You are beautiful the way you are. No surgery is without risks, even 10 years from now. Read my story. P.S. my husband loved my saggy right breast before, most men don't care as much about sagging breasts as women do, even "breast men."
Good luck and Thanks for sharing you're story. Your body looks great! With the BA you will be the total package ;-)
Thank you :)

Excited... and Nervous

Still doubting myself on the size. Not that they'll look too big, but that they won't fit nicely in my skin bags (ewww). I feel like I would rather wish I'd gone bigger, than wish I had gone smaller. Just picking the lesser of the two evils, you know. ugh... I know, in the end, I will do the bigger ones, but I will be so pissed at myself if it doesn't turn out.

I told the ol' boss today that I'll be needing surgury and some time off for recovery. Thank gawd he didn't ask what it was for, I am the worst liar! Haha, although I did lie to him via email today saying I was pregnant (this is a joke in my office because I went back to work after my first mat leave pregnant, whoops!) APRIL FOOLS!

Anyway, I wanted to post a couple pictures I took with the 535 UHP Silicon sizers (I am wearing a 34 DD from La Senza).

I also wanted to know what bras you girls have bought for immediately after surgury - like the one you wake up in. My surgeon has told me to buy a specific bra, but it doesn't come in a 34 DD, sooo yeah, I need to figure out one that would work instead. Any help is appreciated :)
My doc instructed me to get a bra that opened in the front that wasn't underwire. I went to walmart and bought an $8 bra that clasps in the front, size 38. It's a little wide in the bandwidth but has been tight enough on my chest. I'm sure any "larger" bra will work, good luck! You'll look great!!
I'm normally a 34 also but the 38 is working fine for now as they are quite swollen still
Good to know... I bought the 36 (well my husband did. On his day off. At Walmart! whose husband does that? Mine, that's who *big Smile*)

Less Than A Week

5 more days!

Got my surgery time - 1pm. I am going to be starving!!! Oh well, better start the diet early since I am on vacation right now and there has been plenty of beer drinking and yummy food. Mmmmm. I am going to have to keep the body fit to live up to my new additions. Is it wierd to feel that way? At least it will help motivate me, I guess :)
Hi love first off your boobs looked amazing in that red tank top ^_^ I honestly feel you are picking a great size !! You made a good choice , you want to be sure you fill out what you have if not you will have loose skin ! I've seen it happen ! I'm no ps lol but I think that is a beautiful size implant you have chosen and I look forward to seeing your results ^_^ not many UHP reviews out so welcome !! xo

Today's The Day!

I am having mixed feelings about everything. I hate that I don't know what I'll look like after - that I have no control. I mean, I picked the best surgeon (for me), I hope I picked the right size and shape, but that's it. I can't do anything else except LET GO. Ugh, it's soooo hard for me.

And, obviously, I'm excited. I can't wait to feel that extra bit of sexiness I've been missing for the last 4 years while I was having babies. I can't wait to dress "them" up and fill out a bikini top and have people wondering if they're real or not. Hahaha!

Well, here goes nothing... In about 5 hours from now I will have the latest additions to the family. :)

Congrats and good luck! Just take it easy afterward. Everyone is different but for me the first 4 days were the worst. Take it easy and let other people do stuff for you. Little things like opening a car door or getting a glass of water seem impossible! You will look great!
best wishes! take it easy your first week! since you had children and your breast tissue is already for the implants you should have no problems at all, but take it easy that first week!
Thank you! Yup, They are definitely ready, LOL.

Piece of cake!

Yay for boobs!

I arrived about an hour before my surgery for them to fill out some more paperwork and to get started on the IV fluids. Thank gawd, because I was sooooo friggen hungry, and they fluids really helped.

Dr. Waslen came to visit me and drew a few lines (I think he's done it so many times he really doesn't need to draw a map, like some surgeons, haha) and measured me quickly. As he was measuring me he said: "amazing." I agreed, and he said, "they're just a little droopy" and I replied, "nothing a couple implants won't fix". He smiled. I then told him he better make them beautiful, he said I already was (I mean really, I love this guy) and that I'd be ready to go for the Summer. (Yay)

I met the anesthetist next, she was awesome too. When she was describing how she will put me under she asked me if I drink. Laughing, I said "yes". She's like, "ok, well the first shot I give you will feel like a glass of wine". Lol! She was right, it did.

I walked into the operating room laid down and before I knew it I was waking up with my fabulous new additions.

I was very tired, and I tried to sleep but my heart rate monitor was beeping so friggen loud.

It's now about 4.5 hours post-op and I still haven't gaken any pain meds. Nothing really hurts, just a lot of pressure on my chest and I feel like my back needs a crack, but other than that I feel pretty damn good. No nausea either! Woo hoo!

On the drive home my husband starts pulling out presents - a new Lululemon top and a matching bra and panty set. He said he was bored. He is a pretty awesome husband, I'd say :)

I'll post some pictures of nude boobs tomorrow, but for now here is a clothed one.
Congratulations! Can't wait for update pics:)
Congratulations on your new girls! Your hubby sounds so sweet!
Hope your healing goes well!

Note to self: set alarm!

Holy crap! Well the night started off great, lots of cushy pillows to keep me propped up in bed, my drugs were working fine, and I was so tired that I fell asleep with no problem - that was about 10pm. Then, at about 3:30am I woke up DYING! I tried to wake the hubby to help me get out of bed, but he was sleeping so nicely so I rolled my hurtin' ass out and found my drugs... Popped 2 T3s and went to the bathroom. Ha! Trying to pull my pants down was an interesting experience. Then I tried to get back in bed. Wow. Every little movement hurt. Anyway, I get back in bed and decided I probably should eat something with these pills so I had to wake the hubby up to get me some bread. And he brought an ice pack too. As soon as the drugs started to kick in it was instant relief and I did manage to sleep some more.

I got my follow up call this morning and was told I can start adding Advil to the mix - woot! And I can shower today, too - woot woot! Although, I'm not sure how I'll really wash anything - just get the key areas, I guess: ampits and va jay jay. Lol!!!

I've uploaded a few pictures from last night, too.

I also want to thank you for all the well wishes :)
Congrats and welcome to the club!! I was going to go to Dr Waslen myself! He did a great job on you!! All I'd recommend is to take some laxatives with those T3' healing, you'll be back to normal in no time :)

Feeling Pretty Good

Well it's been just over 24 hours and I'm feeling way better than this morning. I haven't taken a T3 for 6 hours, just an extra strength Advil, and I'm comfortable... As long as I don't move too much. I'm feeling pretty confident I'll be good to go back to work on Monday (4 days from now).

It has been very hard to not pick up and snuggle my babes. They're only 3 years and 21 months, so they still require lots of lifting. I did get a nice head butt when my 3 year old tried to hug me. Ouch!

Took a few more pictures. They are very hard and swollen and I feel like they are these foreign bodies stuck to me, lol. Mostly because they don't move, I think.

I can't wait for them to be "finished". I just want to fast forward 6 weeks! Also, my husband has booked a surpise boob trip around that time. Eeeeee! Excitement!!!
lve them good choice im so nervous myself..i booked my SX in Miami still have no idea on the size soo scared to be too big
You look amazing! Congrats!!
Laxatives - check. Metamucil - check Healing - check Haha!

Day 3 Post-Op

Here we are at the end of my 3rd day post-op and I am quite enjoying my new boobs. I feel a definite change at the tops of both boobs, but you can't really tell in the pictures, yet.

I Ventured out of the house today and filled out my sweater nicely (yes, I said sweater, it friggen snowed all damn day today!). I didn't feel like they were too big at all, just the perfect size - thank gawd I made the right decision.

Side Note: they definitely make my ass look waaaay smaller. This is an amazing side effect!

I only took some Advil today, and it was mostly to help with any swelling, not really for pain. I also dug out my ice packs that I bought when my boobs were outta control from breastfeeding. Girls, I highly recommend these - they worked perfectly. I'll find a link to some and post it, but I think I bought them at Babies R Us.

I also tried on a few of my shirts and dresses to see how they fit. I'm a little sad that I can't button up my xs dress shirts anymore, but it's a very small sacrifice in the grand scheme of things. Some other shirts looked absolutely fabulous now that they're filled out without the help of a bra.

Some other observations: my nipples are always erect, even though they don't feel like they should be, I hope that leaves or I'm gonna be needing some nipple covers. LOL.
Also, I am hearing gross noises when I move certain ways. Like squishy-type noises. It gives me the heeby-jeebies. I did notice some other girls comment about these types of noises, so I was prepared for them. Haha.

Well, that's all I've got for tonight

Nuk Cold (or Hot) Packs

I found a picture of the boobie friendly cold pack I referred to in my last review. The nrand is Nuk and you can find them in the baby/breastfeeding section of stores like Walmart and Babies R Us.
Looking good!

Time For Renewal.

Here I am 5 days post-op and things are pretty a-ok.

I wake up stiff, I think this is what is referred to as "morning boob", and it's basically the same type of feeling your muscles have the morning after a really good workout - stiff and sore, but as long as you keep moving then you're good.

I am going for my first follow up appointment tomorrow and I am anxious to know how the doctor thinks I am progressing. I really have no complaints or questions, things seem to be going pretty smoothly so far.

Both boobs are dropping, the left seems to be slower than the right. They are also getting softer and I can actually move them a bit. Yay! They're not these solid rocks anymore! Haha.

I went through all of my old tops and dresses this evening to see what still fit and what I'd be getting rid of. It was kind of hard, I'm not going to lie. Even though I knew from the beginning I'd be saying bye to a lot of my clothes, it still sucked. On the plus side, some of my old tops are friggen fabulous now, and this is a time for renewal, as my husband put it.

I'm also going back to work tomorrow (boo) so that's going to be interesting. Ha!

That's all for now peeps...
Your looking great so far! Majority of my clothes still fit...just not the bras. Kinda wish i went big enough that i needed new clothes lol
Thank you :) I think I change my mind by the hour on whether they're too big or not. I'm trying to not think about it too much until I'm more healed. It really was bittersweet having to get rid of so many clothes. It will definitely be fun shopping, though :) you should get new clothes anyway, haha, a gift to your new boobies :)

1 week post-op update

I had my first follow exam yesterday, the doctor didn't have any concerns and neither did I.

I was showed how to do a couple of massages to make sure the implants don't get stuck in ine position. It feels weird to squeeze the implant, that's for sure.

I was cleared to wear whatever bra I want - pushup, sports, go braless, basically do it all which will also help make sure that the implant doesn't get stuck in one spot. Yay for bra shopping!!!

I was also told I can take the nipple tape off at 2 weeks post op (that should be interesting) and that I need to come back at 2 months pre-op, unless, of course, I have any problems before that.

Work, the last 2 days, has been pretty good... I'm just tired by about 3ish. I was kind of sore at the end of the first day, too.

The girls are dropping nicely, but are not quite even. I'm trying to not worry too much until closer to 3 months post-op, but it's hard to look at your once (practically) symmetrical boobs and see them uneven :/

Time will tell...

Quick update

Well, here I am, 11 days post-op, and I don't really have any pain. My skin on my side boob and crease are a bit tender to touch though... It feels bruised although I don't have any bruising. Also my incisions are a bit itchy, but that is to be expected as they are healing. My friend said I should tap them, like when you get a tattoo. I don't have a tattoo, so I'll take her word for it. Haha.

I want to sleep on my stomach so bad, but I probably will never do that again in my life :( oh well, a small price to pay for beauty, lol.

I got some new bras and outfits, so I thought I'd post pictures. I love(d) looking at you other girlies, you know, to try and gage what I'd look like :) enjoy.
Looking at your pics makes me soooooo wish i went bigger lol you look fab in those dresses!
Wow loving ur results and progress

2 Week Post-Op

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks already! I am pleased with my progress, but it could always be faster, I think :)

The girls are dropping, the left still hasn't caught up to the right and that's annoying, but I guess there's not a whole helluva lot I can't do about that.

The tape around my nipples literally fell off this morning! (Funny how they last exactly 2 weeks) and my scars are ok. It kind of looks like some of the bottom of my nipple is missing :/ I know this probably isn't the case, and I will have to just wait to see how they heal. Did I mention I hate waiting lol!

On Sunday, I took my new lady lumps out for a test ride to the pool. It was a kid's birthday party and I didn't submerge my boobs in the water, just chased the kids around the little pool. Well, did I ever have looks! Hahaha. I haven't been checked out that much since waaay before kids. It was nice, I'm not gonna lie :)
They look amazing! Love all the pics especially with clothes cuz I'm worried how mine will look with clothes but u look great!! U may have posted this already but what r ur stats? I'm looking into either 500cc or 550cc silicone under the muscle. I'm 5'5 125lbs. Again I love the way urs look!
Thanks so much for the compliments :) I was obsessed over what size to choose. My husband kept reassuring me that I'd made the right decision, but it's easy for someone else, especially a man, to say! Lol. So far I am really happy with my results, but I know I have a lot of progress to make still. Good luck :)
Aaaaand I forgot to post my stats :P 5'4, 125lbs

3 weeks!

Where has the time gone?! 3 weeks post op, and I think I'm finally getting a handle on these knockers.

They are getting softer every day and sleeping on my sides is becoming more and more comfortable. I really hope that one day I'll be able to sleep on my stomach again, but it might actually be helping my back pain NOT being able to. Haha.

My scars are looking waaaay better now, too. Thank gawd! I think they just needed some oxygen to start healing fully. I've been using "Mederma" scar cream 3x a day, I don't know if it's helping, but I don't think it's hurting anything either.

I get the occasional "zing" of pain in random parts of my boobs... I think this would be the nerve regeneration everyone talks about, and my creases are still a tiny bit tender, but mostly back to normal.

Overall, everything is great. I do worry about my right crease being lower than my left. From what I understand my creases shouldn't move - right? My husband says my left still needs to drop more, which is true, but my crease shouldn't move when they drop... Isn't that why things like bottoming out happen? I don't know if my left crease was higher to begin with or if it will lower. I guess time will tell. Once again, I'm impatient *sigh*

Not too much else to report at this time.

See you back here in a week :)

T-shirts Look Way Better With Big Boobs

I forgot to ask you is that the implant you chose or they fit,I want 535 cc uhp and they will put in me 590
Hi there, glad my results an be helpful to you :) The implants I got are 535 UHP silicone. I had them placed under the muscle because I was not interested in the "orange in a sock" look. Haha. I was a deflated B cup, you can see in my before pictures and now I am officially a 30 G. But in regular stores I fit a 34 DD maybe a 32DDD (haven't had a chance to try that size yet). It's only been 3 1/2 weeks, so I have lots of changing (dropping and fluffing) to do and maybe my size will change. The differnce between 535 an 590 is not that much so it will depend on what your surgeon says your end size will be and if that's in line with where you want to be.
Also, my BWD was 13cm (not 12.4 as I stated earlier in my profile) the 535cc implant diameter is 12cm which its perfectly. The 590's, if I remember correctly, is 12.5cm which would technically fit, but not as nicely. My surgeon said it's best to have at least a 1cm difference.


I think I really love these boobs of mine. In my eyes, they don't look perfect (yet) but I feel like they are always changing for the better. Everyday, they are nicer and nicer.

I can squish them together with my arms now, although it still feels weird because that motion flexes my peck muscle and that seems to restrict some movement. I think that's something that will continue to "loosen" as time goes on. At least I hope it does. Haha.

My left is still not even with the right. I do see improvement so I am hopeful that at some point they'll be symmetrical again.

I can't wait to buy more clothes. I think I will really love them once I can properly dress them up! :)

Adding some more pictures...
Love your pics...I got 595 Hp...I wonder what the difference is in uhp ..that might of looked better on me then the hp
Hi there, if you have the Sientra 595cc implants, they have a pretty large diameter (13.9cm) with a projection of 4.8cm. If that fits your BWD properly then to get UHP, you would need a much larger implant. My 535cc implants are 12 cm in diameter and have a projection of 6.1cm. Allergan has a 700 cc UHP implant that is 13.5cm in diameter with 6.4 cm projection. That is 2.6 cm more projection than the implant (I'm guessing) you have now. So that's kinda what the difference would be. I'm sure the ones you have are awesome :)
You are right mine are sientra...mine feel like they are wide and not as much projection as I was a string bikini they seem like they are wide

Happy Birthday to Me AND Bikini Shopping!!!

Well it was my 30th birthday in Friday and I got a trip to Vegas from my hubby. The whole 3 days are planned morning to night - shows, dinner reservations, shopping, tanning and 4 hours at ESPA in Vdara. Eeeeee!!! Excitement!

Today I hit the mall and got some new bikinis. I usually HATE bikini shopping. I have hated my ass for as long as I can remember but, now that I am more proportioned, it doesn't bother me like it used to. Yes, it could use some trips to the gym to tighten up but I'll get there :)

Anyway, I thought I'd share the pictures of the bikinis I tried on (I'm sure there will be more purchases in vegas, haha)
You are sooooo lucky!:) Your results are so beautiful. I love it
Awww thanks lady :) Good luck with your BA. Can't wait to see your results!
Where did u get the bikini's? I'm on the search for good fitting bikinis for big boobies

7 Weeks

I love these boobs!

It's been 7 weeks now and they feel so soft and supple and real, it's pretty amazing actually. I guess there is a reputation that UHP makes you look really fake, but I think that as long as they fit your BWD appropriately, and you have some hip and butt to balance out the top, then they really do look natural (in clothes).

I am pretty petite (5'4.5", 125lbs), And I just bought a lined suit and the jacket is an xs! Yes, an xs. So for the girls out there who are worried they won't find nice fitted clothes or you will have to buy size large and get them taken in, that's just not the case. I was one of these girls and I had my made my decision to get them done whether or not I would making my local alteration place rich, haha!
I just wanted to share this with the BA world since it was a concern for me.

That's all for now :)
You look fabulous--congratulations!!!!
You look AMAZING! I would kill for your 6 pack. I've been having fun shopping too! Lol. I used the dread swimsuit & bra shopping. How do you like the Lululemon tata tamer? I need a good, supportive sportsbra. I tried some on at VS today, but they had underwire in them, which I thought was odd.
Aw you are too kind :) I would kill to work my 6-pack out again, I seriously have zero time to get to the gym and I am dying. I haven't gym-tested any of the bras yet, but they are comfy to just wear around the house, and I love anything Lulu. I will definitely give a post-gym update on the bras once that happens, LOL!

Officially sized a 30F

It's been 9 weeks and there are still changes going on, all for the better, which just amazes me.

We went to Vegas a couple weeks ago and I got to show these babies off!!! And they sort of made their favebook debut, too, as my husband was proudly posting pictures of me in bikinis and in my Vegas dresses. Haha. Anyway, everyone (read: every man) loved them.

I was sized again yesterday and I am officially a 30F. I have upoloaded a picture with this new (friggen expensive) bra so you can see. The lady fitting me said: "wow, I've never seen anyone fill it out as perfectly as you". I replied, "I paid big bucks for that upper-pole fullness!" Haha.

I also received all my new bikinis, but haven't had time to take pictures, once I do I'll post them so that you too can benefit from this awesome, cheap website.

Other news to report... I can almost sleep on my stomach again!

That's all for now folks...

More pictures

Love the bikini shots! Did you ever get those other bikinis you ordered?
Yup, they arrived the day I left for Vegas :/ so annoying! I haven't had a chance to take pictures of them yet, but As soon as I do I will post them...

New Bikinis

Here are some collages of the bikini's I bought from an online store, AMI club wear. They are pretty awesome for the price. Most of the time they have 50% off and they aren't expensive to begin with.
Ok I love them I need to get on the site... how did you know the medium would fit?
I had no idea, haha! I struck out on 2 (not posted) because the medium was too small. The one was a bandeau style, not the triangles, and I should have known better but it was so cute so I bought it anyway. And the other is crocheted so it has no elasticity and that doesn't really work. I bought shoes too and they didn't fit :( but they were like $8 a pair so whatevs. Good luck bikini shopping!
How is there return policy?

3 months

I finally went for another post-op appointment and here is what my surgeon said: you could win awards with those.

Hahahhahaha! Well, he definitely does not have an ego - NOT. But, really, I don't mind that he thinks he did amazing work on me, I am definitely in agreement. These boobs of mine are pretty fantastic and I am very happy with results. I think I picked the perfect size implant for me, but boy was I worried about it pre surgery and in the early days after. Girls, you really have to trust your desicion and trust your surgeon and give yourselves time to heal and drop and fluff before you get worried.

If I had one complaint about the whole thing it would be that it's hard to find a bra that pushes them together without added padding. I asked my surgeon about the placement of the implants and he said because my ribs are more barrel shaped and not concave, that's where my breasts sit... I guess those ladies whose implants sit closer together were blessed with a perfect rib cage and perfect cleavage, LOL.

On a completely unrelated note, I had a mole removed from my eyebrow by the same doctor and now I have a really awesome black eye. He was very excited that I let him remove it... Plastic surgeons, I tell ya. Haha!
I wanted to start off by telling you that your posts and follow up was amazing! I had my first BA in 2001 about a year after I had my son and went with 340cc saline implants. I have had 2 kids since then and I am scheduled for my BA Revision on October 24th. I met with my original doctor for a consultation and he suggested that this time I look at the uhp implants and he suggested between 480-590. We were just tossing up ideas which we will pinpoint at my pre op appt. I have to say that your results are amazing and this is one pic I will be sure to show him. I have a small frame as we'll I am 5'4 106 lbs. I like the fake look of breasts but it's mainly the upper pole fullness and roundness that I like. I just wanted to say that I appreciate the time you took to document your journey.
I am glad that my journey had helped you :) I was obsessed with profiles on here, searching for girls who had the same stats as me and who got the same size implants I was getting. So, you are very welcome, and if there are any questions you have, just ask :) good luck with your revision and I can't wait to see your results.
Reply boob greed is back all thanks to you!!! look so awesome. I heard Dr Waslan was quite the character...I should have also asked about mole removal when I was under. Smart girl!!

5-6 Months Post op

Not too much to report except that the girls are are just still getting softer and more natural looking and feeling. I have been back at the gym lifting weights and doing high intensity step classes and the only thing that is different is chest exercises. I don't need to wear 3 bras to feel comfortable, my regular old Lululemon works fine for weight lifting and even the step classes, although I do prefer a bit more support with all the bouncing around. The other thing that has changed at the gym is the looks - I am (mostly) at an all-women facility and they knew me before when I was flat as a pancake. I had the opportunity to tell some of ladies about my BA and they were very interested in getting one themselves. Hahaha, I love it! Spreading the boobie joy!!!

I have added a few pictures from a month ago showing progress and some more D&F.
You look fantastic!!!! A year after my BA, I told my husband I'd be getting the 590's the next time around. He said noooooooo way! Nooooooo bigger!!! I got 480's and love them but seeing as to how they don't interfere with my active lifestyle and I'm used to big boobs now .... :) Hopefully I can convince him. Ha ha He tells me they are boarder line too big now. Strange man eh? Lol
You look fantastic ! Tomorrow (sweetests day) is my 4 week post op! My left is higher than my right:( how long did it take yours to even out ??? I'm nervous
I can't remember exactly when they evened out, but I think it was around 3 months so you have nothing to be nervous about yet :) My surgeon told me that at 3 months I should be looking great soI used that as my cit off... If things weren't looking good by that point I was going to be discussing it with my surgeon. My friend's were uneven for 6 months post op though, so everyone' s different. Good luck with your progress :)
Dr. Waslen

Dr. Gregory Waslen, Calgary, AB Absolutely fantastic surgeon, and I like him as a person as well. Many girls may be put off by his forward, tell you like it is attitude, but I love it. My first encounter with Dr. Waslen, he explained the over/under options, drew a funny little diagram and gave me the run down about the surgery at about a millon miles a minute. Then he says, "I've done this a few times." I laughed so hard! You think? Hahaha. Right then I knew he was the surgeon for me. When choosing an implant size, he really helped me by explaining I had the hips and butt to carry the larger UHP implants and he helped put my mind at ease by simply placing my bra over the implant as it sat on the desk... This was to show me that it really wasn't that big and helped me get over the volume and instead focus on choosing the best post-op size for me. I think that Dr. Waslen really loves boobs, which is important, and wants to make women happy and beautiful. I wanted a surgeon with an opinion, because I had no experience in breat augmentation I wanted someone to help me decide the best size and shape for me. Ultimately it was my decision but I needed that guidence and reassurance. I also wanted someone with experience, and he definitely had that. One other thing to note, he charges $2000 more than any other surgeon in the Calgary region... Why? Because he's that good! I love my results. Really, I couldn't ask for anything better. He took great care of me in the follow up appointments and all of his staff are wonderful too. Nothing but praise for Dr. Waslen, I would recommend him any day.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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