24 Years Old, 5'1 & 120 LBS. Wanting The Breasts Puberty Never Gave Me!

Hello everyone. I have been wanting a breast...

Hello everyone. I have been wanting a breast augmentation for surprisingly, not that long. I always thought I was happy with my small but perky breasts, they weren't perfect but I thought my rather plump derriere made up for my lack of goods up top. I have asymmetry in my breasts probably about half a cup size or so. It doesn't seem major but I'm only about a full A, small B so in my eyes, it's pretty noticeable.

I'm wanting a breast augmentation to give myself what puberty never gave me, not large but appropriate-to-my-frame breasts. I have pretty wide hips and a bum but nothing on top to fill my clothes or make me feel all that sexy. I got my nipples pierced and that definitely made me feel a little sexier but still, I don't feel like my body is in proportion. I know these are first world problems here, I'm in good health and there's nothing technically wrong with my breasts other than a little asymmetry but I still look at before and after pictures daily. I feel fixated on this procedure but I'm also concerned that it's extremely self indulgent, expensive and it's elective! It's so bizarre that I would choose to have myself cut open and inserted with silicon bags just to make myself feel like I look more attractive but I don't know, I still would love to have bigger, sexier, fuller breasts.

What do you ladies think? How do you reconcile those two trains of thought? Is it a non-issue or is it something you'll struggled with when deciding to get BA?
Hi Peekapie, Thanks so much for sharing your story – you remind me so much of myself 8 years ago. And if I could give you one piece of advice: the best present you can give yourself is to love your body! Small breasts are beautiful - and so much more fun! I was a small asymmetric B, and although I loved my breasts, I just wished they were bigger. Immediately after my surgery the implants did give me more confidence, but shortly there after, they actually made me more self-conscious. I hate it when people ask me if they are real, or make sly comments trying to get me to confess to having implants. When I flex (which seems to happen at almost any activity - yoga, surfing, picking up my work laptop) I have breast distortion. And worst of all for me, I lost the pleasurable sensation when my boyfriend/husband touches my breasts (not to mention the uncomfortable moment my new boyfriend found out about them). They no longer feel like my breasts, both to the touch, and how I feel when they are touched. They are must firmer than my real breasts, and when they are touched I feel like someone is touching a foreign object inside of me – not my breasts. It was probably the biggest disappointment for me. Eight years later, I still haven’t gotten used to that feeling and it has affected my sex life. Some of the other “inconveniences” I’ve experienced: I also lost all feeling in my right breast, and partial feeling in my left – after 6 long years I got most of that feeling back. My doctor filled my right breast more than my left to correct the asymmetry, and now my right breast is much lower than my left. Both breasts have also drooped from my original post-BA photos because the implants are so heavy – giving me the oh-so-sexy granny boob look. Not to mention, implants aren’t comfortable – half the time I feel like I’m laying on beach balls. I’ve been to 5 plastic surgeons in the last few months to talk about having these suckers removed so I can be myself again, and they all say I have such a good result. I disagree. I miss my real breasts!
Wow, thank you so much for your input. I think what worries me most is being able to feel the implant inside as a foreign substance and not be able to work out as much or sleep on my tummy, etc. I would hate to trade in one complaint for a handful of others! I love the shape of my breasts, they're just not as big and bouncy as I would like. However, I love how perky they are and I wouldn't want to get implants if they're just going to sag. I always thought implants stayed put and never got droopy! I think all of you lovely ladies have swayed me to just love my tiny boobs. Maybe I'll just get my nipples pierced to jazz them up. Small boobs can still be sexy and womanly right?
Small boobs are definitely sexy and womanly! I think Victoria Beckam looks so much sexier now that she has had hers removed (http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/victoria-beckham-opens-breast-implants-don-anymore-article-1.1619693).
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