ok yea i'm ready

Hey ladies I've been hanging around and lurking...

Hey ladies I've been hanging around and lurking for well over a year (smh) I'm coming out the closest now. 1st off thank you all for sharing your journey. It has encouraged me to start my own and really push forward with my decision. ....... I'm 29 with 2 kids 5"5 weigh 146 and have always been small....... well just wanted to get that out the way. So that's it for moment I'll post pics soon and continue my Research for now.


Welcome and congratulations! Have u chosen a PS yet!?
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Thank you Sexeeangel and no not yet. That's the hard part it's seems


My eyes and my head hurts from all the researching I've been doing. I've looked into 4 DR's thus far 2 in Cali so I'll be close to home. Dr Hughes and then DR. Bruno, DR. Yily & DR. Fisher. just been doing research have not contacted anyone as of yet. I've also found a couple places in Miami that does work as well no particular Dr but a couple of outpatient clinics I guess?????? their prices and packages sounds good especially coming from California but I really didn't see any photos or Reviews if any maybe one or two photos you know the standard one that they have on the website that kind of worries me...... Well now that I have some DR'S to start out with now I will start looking up pictures of what I probably want or close to it. OH and I'm also making a list of questions to ask. After reading a lot of you ladies stories I understand that it might be hard to get in contact with some of these doctors.


Greater results w dr. Fisher....flawless natural BEAUTY w lotsssss of projection! Dont rule him out by far! Chk out vanityvixen2014 i think thats her name.
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Well post some pics and let your RS sisters help u! We are a good group of of ladies that do lookout for each other!

Still researching but getting close

OK ladies so I ve been on here all day and nite reading every review no lie lol. and I have also added additional doctors to my list DR. Baez and Dr. Hasan.

Also with the help of all you I have been able to come up with a list of things and vitamins I need just so I can be ready (THANKS) I know for sure I want to date the end of May maybe the beginning of June.

also worked up the courage to post some pictures on here need some serious help lol


Lol ty Sexeeangel but till u see these half naked pic's can't stand em lol.... I contacted him for a consultation have not heard back from the office yet so still waiting
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Girrrrl u have a great foundation look at your gold mine hips! Thats 1/2 of dr. Fishers work alrdy done! Are u going to add to ur hips? U have matched urself perfectly w a highly skilled PS that can sculpture your body to meet your desired look!
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just a quick update

Hey everyone good evening......So I've been doing a lot of thinking about this this is a big decision I'm making. Contacted a few PS for an initial consultation. Very excited started sending off pictures today. Hopefully I can get some feedback from the PS and from some of you ladies as well. I haven't really told anyone that I plan on doing this I had Hint to one of my best friends but I just know a lot of people will be full of negativity and worry so I just rather do it at them till them afterwards but whose business is it anyways right lol. well that's awesome now I think I'm going to go ahead and start looking at the cost of flights.


Who quoted u 5000? Dr. Fisher is running a special now of 4500! Liposculture and bbl for new clients!
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That Was for everything with Yily who still haven't contacted me back. ... I called DR Fisher's office yesterday ask for Jessica as you advised me that they gave me Diana so send her pictures waiting on feedback....... haven't heard about the special but I'm coming from out of state so that helps. TY


Just a quick update 1st off I want to thank Sexeeangel for the support and info she's been sharing with me and once again thank you all for sharing your story I read every review once I get on. I've learned what to buy and from where got a list of supplies going have started taking vitamins.....what I'll need to wear found out about different sites and groups and etc. This has all been helpful because I wouldn't have had a clue so thank you all

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Tummy tuck or NAH?

Hey everyone good evening. So I made contact with a few DR'S and got some feedback.
So Baez got back to me and I was sooooo happy. But she said I would need a TT in order to have a really nice flat stomach. I was blown away. I know it's big but I've never given that much thought she also asked if I planned on having any more children I told her no my two was enough. I also told her I did not want a TT and that I think I will be okay once I'm able to work out some. she said Ok she's here for me so hopefully we can continue with the process so just waiting to hear back from her. I also spoke with Diana at Vanity sent her some pictures waiting on her to get back to me.
I contacted Yily last Wednesday to be exact and requested a quote from her she sent me an email almost immediately but then I sent her back my photos to explain what I was looking for and also had a couple questions as well have not heard back from her so still patiently waiting.
Best news of all I have a scheduled phone consultation tomorrow with Salzhauer. When I found out I started doing cartwheels literally lol. So I got my questions ready but I'm really worried about this TT now. Well I'll see what happens


I will be following yur journey. I am 5'6, 138 pounds small framed. I am still considering what dr. to do with but definitely going o DR.
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I don't think you need a TT. You still can get some good results without one. The best time to get in touch with Yily is first thing Monday morning.
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Thanks MadamnX I didn't think so either just the whole nother scare they try to put me through. and I will give Yily call Mon. I know she's busy


Hey ladies I'm excited just spoke with DR. Salzhauer everything sounds good he said no TT needed ty that scare is over. He said I was a great candidate and would come out beautiful.
So a little more info he says he does about 350 BBL a yr. The SX would be about 2 &1/2 hours. I would need to stay seven to eight days and have someone with me or nurse. I do not have to stop taking my migraine medicine or remove the birth control Nexplanon in my arm I should gain about 10 pounds just to be on the safe side he says it's better to have the fat there then not to have it. what else well we just went over some basic things and what I wanted what I expected what he can do what he thought and so forth really glad he gave me a call felt comfortable talking to him even joked a couple times this is my type of communication that's what I am looking for. he said I should be hearing back from the staff within 24 hours and I if I have any up further question I can contact him. Oh yeah


Ur going to look fabulous!
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Hi Sis! Thank you so much for having an open mind to learn from ur Rs sisters! Congratulations on finding ur PS!!! U to can help me as well! Get those mmh.com pre opt and post opt vitamins ok! I just don't think u ndd a TT just aggressive lipo! Most grateful for the shout out but that's what ur rs sisters do get yr bck cause we all eant the best for you! Pm me anytime luv!
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Yes I agree aggressive lipo..... there's so much to learn just wanna be knowledgeable. I see you in Cali As well? It's nice to be able talk to someone


Ok I had to take a break this process could be very overwhelming I mean just everything in a whole finding garments finding hotels & flights where to stay who's coming with you supplies the rite date time off work etc. ..... this is a major decision am very stressful just trying to stay positive and take my time all I can do

So with that being said I took A breather now I'm back at it. Lol smh


Hey luv! We all have to take periodical breaks every now and then. Have you set a date is yet? Thank you for the shout out but all of your RS sisters are here for you ...we got you! Enjoy the preparation time prior to sx bcz Recovery aint noooo joke!
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Did you decide who's doing your sx and when?
Eww I haven't decided I'm on the fence between Fisher & Salzhauer I know I want to go sometime in June just because my girls are out for vacation I'm just having a hard time making a commitment to one of them


Hey ladies what's going on.... So I've checked out 6 PS thus far 2 are telling me TT for sure 2 said no not needed 1 never replied and the other said if I wanted to IKR.... This is too much I need some feedback. I also think I need to see someone. Now on a positive note I've found some wish pics

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So I know we're all different and have different body frames and different things that were working with. So these are the looks i found that i fell may work for my me or close to it what you ladies think? ??


The second wish pic really suites u
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I will be following your journey,love ur wish pics.
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Breaks are definitely needed,pull away when u get overwhelmed. You are gorgeous by the way.Dr S is an awesome PS,I love his bedside manner,and he is very honest,he will tell you the truth about what he can achieve and your results. He is one of those PS that wont take your money just because its in his face. Also remember your body is your own you dont have to get anything u dont want.when I began the journey I didnt want a TTbut i know I needed one I dropped alot of wt from my last pregnancy and quickly and I had my last four babies all back to back.5,4,2,1. My skin screamed at me!lol. I have tiger stripes everywhere on my belly and its loose. Your skin doesn't appear to be that way,but im no surgeon but dr.S is. Give it some thought,sleep on it and give it some more thought :-) may wisdom be with you luv
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So I've been going thru this journey to I have been told that I need a TT and I wanted to get to the bottom of things. So come to find out I have abdominal muscle loss. it when the upper part of the abdomen appears to bulge out and give that pregnant look its not fat is just a muscle literally so the muscle needs to be repaired. if you have just given birth not too long ago then there's still some hope for you with certain exercises not crunches or sit ups will not work however if it's been a couple years like in my case 9 then the only way may be a TT. Then on top of all that I find out I have a hernia as well double whammy. wow lol have to laugh to keep from crying on the bright side at least I'm learning about my body and what I need to do to take care of it. So first things first I need to repair the hernia before any type of lipo / TT or anything to get done to the abdomen area. this is very important the surgery & the method use by your surgeon can determine whether or not you can even get TT in the future also its highly!!! recommend it to be done prior not at the same time. I'm just so glad I'm doing all my research and asking questions. This is my body at the end of the day and I have 2 girls I need to wake up to so all research is necessary. Well in the meantime and between time I'll keep educating myself & reading reviews. keep you all posted on the hernia surgery


Smart lady! So proud of u girly! You're so right bcz u don't want to get on that table and something goes wrong becz u were unaware of your medical history! Way to go ! Take one step and priority at a time! Bcz u deserve the BEST outcome! Have a wonderful day beautiful !
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Happy Mother's Day!
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Thank you sorry im so late

Quick update

Hey y'all I been seeing so many of u having sx and reading about the experience I'm sooooo scared but I'm loving everyone's results!!!!!! So that's encouraging.
So what's been up with me? Well im schedule for my hernia surgery and can't wait this thing is painful. Its do crazy because when I 1st started my journey I wanted my bbl done the end of May I stated so it's real ironic that my surgeon schedule me for the 29th of this month I was like wow really I guess I'm having sx anyway lol. So just another step closer


Thank you I'm glad someone feel me! I was told I could have had it done at the same time but it could be complications or I couldn't get aggressive lipo & etc...... I'm good I can wait. Ur right 1 thing at a time safety 1st
Yes indeed !!! No way Jose ! U got this!
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