About to Do Something I've Always Wanted to Do - Dominican Republic, DO

Ok so I'm 28 years old with a 1 yr old. I'm about...

Ok so I'm 28 years old with a 1 yr old. I'm about 5'3 and I just did my physical today so I'm 181. I've wanted a big ass since I can remember I jus didn't know how to get it. So I stumbled upon realself and did all my research I decided to go with duran. So I contacted her in October got my quote and set a date for April 10. Everything is booked and my bf is coming with me. I got my flight, hotel, and made my down payment on my recovery house. I'm staying at daisys she such a doll. Anyway I told all my friends my mom even my co workers know. That's how excited I was. I got the time off of work and my mom took time off as well to watch my son. I started to get my vitamins but I still have a lot more things to get. So what's the problem I'm scared. I was all ready to go but after the recent deaths and now every body has something to say except my mom bf and best friend about going out of the country. You know the doctors won't approve so I didn't even tell mine I just told her I was doing lipo and she tried to talk me out of that. Well I guess long story short I'm looking for support, I've been stalking realself for a while that's actually how I found everything out. I jus wanna here from ppl who has actually been to dr or dr duran that I can here from them that it's not a death trap like everyone is trying to make it seem.
I'm on the same boat. I've been stressing Alittle the fact that the death happened. RIP to her. But nothing will change my mind. I've been planning this quite awile now. I'm scheduled for April 3. Can't wait. Good luck to you and stay positive.
Same to you my love.. Everything will be fine and I will def stay positive
When I go for my BBL, I'm only telling my husband. And since I have over 100lbs to lose, I'll just tell people that I'm tighten up some loose skin and getting a lift in the places that sag and droop after weight loss - that's all they need to know! Lol! ...but I'm glad I found this site too! Finally! People who can relate to me!

My poor body

Hey rs I've decided to show my pre op body.. Yikes I swear I don't want any more kids I was already shaped like a box now I'm a fat zebra striped box.. I wanna lose about 10 pounds before I go.
Hey Hun I been dieing to go to duran but don't know if I'm e mailing her at the right Adress :( can you please give me her correct email...
xxx@hotmail.com... Hey babe I just copied and paste straight off the email I received.. Hope u get thru be patient and keep trying. When I did it she got back to me in a day or two but I am seeing that it's getting harder to reach her. I also read if all else fails contact Bella vita consultants or something like that and they will get u a dat rt away for 150. I'll find out the exact name if I gave the wrong one. Good luck
Yea Bella vita consultants is the name

Am I a good candidate for lipo/bbl

Ladies I have a question I'm scheduled for bbl/liposculpture but I've been seeing girls smaller than me getting a tummy tuck I don't want to get there and be told that I need one. Based on ur experience I'm I a good candidate for just the lipo/bbl
Hey, Can you help me. I am trying to get in contact with Dr. Duran to schedule my consultation. How did you go about doing that?
Hilarioplasticsurg@hotmail.com is her email I contacted her back in October she got back to me within a day or two.. It's getting harder to get onto her now but I heard if u try in the Morning on the weekends she gets back to you faster. I don't know how true it is but I also heard ppl get thru to her on fb by privite messege. If all else fails try Bella vita consultants u have to pay 150 but I see all the girls that use Them get a quote in a couple days.. Good luck
Okay, I am going to try to email her and call her this week, but of I don't hear anything from her in the next week, I guess I'm gonna have to buckle down and pay the $150 to Bella Vita. Thanks a bunch, & good luck on your upcoming procedure

Wish pics

You should post your good candidate question to the doctors, they're pretty quick to respond. From what I see compared to my research, you might have some hanging skin in your belly area, depending on how much is removed. They may suggest you have one.
Oh really I'm going to do that thanks hun
No problem! I posted a question of my own there. I got recommended to have one, but I already have some loose skin. You can see my answers on my profile

Got my percs

Just came back from my pain management doctor and got my Percocet prescription . He also gave a list of things to get to promote healing

Two more weeks

So I got two more weeks to go and a couple more things to get. Anxious and ready to get it over with.. I went from 187 to 172 . Taking all my pills and got cleared by my doctor hemo is at 12.2 a couple weeks ago so I bought blood builders to boost it some more.. All the best ladies.. It's almost my time
That should be a good weight for your height/body type. :) Hope you can get your hemoglobin levels up a little more within the next couple of weeks.
Yes me too.. Got my fingers crossed.. Thx Hun
No prob ;)

Smfh another death at cipla

I'm less than two weeks to go and I hear this. I'm really reconsidering doing my surgery in DR.. I contacted Duran to see exactly what is going on if I don't like what I hear I will be postponing and going to another doctor.. This sx is not worth my life


It wasn't with duran by the way it was with yily. But I would just stay in the states.
Who are you thinking about going to in the states?
I've devided to stick with duran.. I have faith all will go well.
I had the flu b4 I left.. I took... The hot daytime nitequil.. and zicam.... cut it in half

I'm pissed

I think I'm coming down with a cold or even worst a flu.. I'm doubling up on my vitamin c and drinking tea. I took some Tylenol cold so hopefully I'll be okay
i'm trying so hard to get a prescription for perc but i have been unsuccessful
Contact ur insurance company and ask for a pain management doctor tell them why you need it. They'll contact your doctor and the prescribe them for you. My doctor couldn't be reached but the emails that we sent back and forth was enough for him.
Just get whatever make you happy! I just keep in mind that as long as I come out I will look better then what I went in. It is a lot of money but she is pretty good!

New wish pic


I went to a cardiologist today and my EKG is normal so I'm all cleared and ready to go.. Just a couple more things to pick up. I'm just so ready to get this over with the suspense is killing me.

Ok so I'm hype again

Ny is def gonna be deep. I found three dolls from bk and one from upstate.. S/o to @readyforchangenow @mzBerries @mizjones30 @brooklyn718ny along with my coworker/roommate... We are gonna be in the building and I feel so much better can't wait to see these ladies. If there's anyone else coming out of NY feel free to leave a post so we know to look out for you. No one is alone we can go thru it together. ???????????? now back to work for me
Yes!!!! I cant wait to meet you gals too! We can turn up (really heal up lol) our support system is mighty deep though! Smooches
Yayay can't wait to meet you all of you there as well! :-)


So my period showed it's ugly head lol. I hope my hemo doesn't drop too much.
so u are saying some1 die from yily???
Yes, a Yily patient died a couple weeks ago. She got a fatal bacterial infection. Its unclear whether it was caused by non-sterile surgical tools at CIPLA, or unsanitary conditions at the recovery house, or both. But this was only a month after another CIPLA patient died from pulmonary embolism after surgery.
I don't know the full story @sexyiness but from what duran told me these things can happen anywhere. There are thousands of girls that get sx done in DR.. So they are bound to be complications. I was not there so I'm not going to slander yily or CIPLA.. Just follow your heart be healthy and pray.

Omg omg

1 more day then I'm off.. My boyfriend is more anxious than me.. Asking me about if there's any beaches close to the hotel. I thought he was coming to help me. Thank god I'm staying at a recovery house because he plan on having fun lol...

Airport flow

So I missed my flight.. I'm such a last minute person so it back fired on me today. But I believe everything happens for a reason.. I'll be on the next flight at 12 tho.. So my and my rider is eating breakfast until take off.. So tired I can't wait to board and sleep.. I'll keep you guys posted... I can't believe the day is here
so did everything go ok? BarbieGirl2B Brooklyn718NY
Tomorrow is our day.. But for me it was a few minor bumps but I'm at complete peace rt now
Yes everything went well.. Thank you

Feeling at peace

I kinda forgot why I came here. I'm at peace.

I'm two days post op

I'll give my full review when I get back but everything went well

My journey

I think I owe it to realself to write my post op journey because they helped me when I was deciding what I should do. So i arrived in DR on the 9th I was late so I missed my flight. I got there at about 4 and just as promised Daisy sent her driver for me. I was scared at first because of the langue barrier the driver didn't speak English the driving was crazy and of course I'm out of my element so my mind was going crazy. He dropped me and my boyfriend to Barcelo santo Domingo where they spoke perfect English so I slowly started to feel better. In the morning daisys driver picked me up at 6:30 then he picked up the rest of the girls from the recovery house I was so excited because my coworker/ sx buddy was there we screamed and gave each other a hug. We also met a new friend who was also going to Duran. My coworker went to disla. Sfter a day full of bloodwork/cardiologist/and consultations I was told I have to have my surgery tomorrow because she had four clients already. I was fine with that I rather to be safe than sorry. We left and my beautiful love daisy took us out for a walk and to a spot to eat. Food was delicious.. Daisy is amazing by the way I harassed that lady before I got there while I was there and even now that I'm he. She answers every question with out an attitude honestly. I love her she's the best and so is hr team. Anyway the next day I was at cipla 6:30 am. We was sent to register and the plAced in a room. Daisy was able to get me, my coworker and our new friend to stay in one room. Our friend went in first/ my coworker went in second and I went in third. I felt like I was in a twilight zone I was up like three times. I remember getting lipo in my back then filling up my butt and the ending I believe. The first nite was helllll I can't lie ladies I questioned my decision like omg what the fuck did I do. They lay you on your back and your in a panini can't even begin to describe. We had two nurses that daisy sent to us so we had help all night but it still didn't change the pain. We left that morning my coworker stayed longer cuz disla didn't come to release her till late. Thank god none of us needed a transfusion i prayed all nite to avoid that. I went back to Daisha where they took very good care of me. They feed me three meals everyday and was there anytime u called for anything. They made sure u took all your meds and gave me my shots those burned but was needed. Daisy checked up on me everyday wheatear it was a text of a visit. She had her tonsils removed so she was recovering herself but made sure to still be available. I received 4 massages and they hurt like hell but got better with time. I left 7 days later. They gave me a letter so I had wheelchair service and I got thru right away.

Excuse the typos

I'm on my stomach writing. I'm still uncomfortable I went back to work Wednesday but my legs began to swell. I went to the ER just to make sure there are no bloodclots they told me I was ok just let them know if I feel pain in my calves and shortness of breath. I meet a columbian girl named Viviana who has been giving me massages from Brooklyn that girl is heaven sent because I started to get hard and that is so painful.. I'm about to take a nap I'll continue to update and if I remember anything else I will post.. Have a good day all

15 days post op

Still swollen but I'm doing good
Glad to see your update you look great! In total besides the surgury cost how much would you say you spent including medication garments recorvey house ects in total .. Just curious so I can be prepared but my trip thanks
I'll say a lil over 6000.. For flight,pre and post op meds, private nurse, recovery house, massages there and here, garment and clothes.

Before and after

What a difference

3weeks post op

Still feeling sharp pains from time to time but I'm starting to see more results. Can't wait till I stop feeling pain all together. Oh yea this damn faja is so annoying. But after reading some of the new stories I must thank god that I survived and haven't had any major complications. This is a risky sx so good luck to the future dolls and happy healing to the rest of dolls

6 weeks

Still some swelling and hardness on my lower stomach and sides.. Itching like a mofo.. But went down so I can't wait to fluff. But happy overall
Love that pink .... love pink go one too
Thank you hunny
I loved reading your review. Your results look so natural. I want to achieve the same but more projection. Im glad your results turned out great

Quick update

About 85% better.. Started waist training. My sides are still a lil sore. My back hurts if I lay in one place for too long. I think I'm starting to fluff because everyone says It's getting bigger
You look wonderfull can u recommend mi to your surgant
Hi gun thanx for allowing us to c it journey. U look amazing an it's good to know it health is good. I'm going to Duran in March. Is the name of the rh Daisys? An please tell me where did u get it massages from in bk because that's where I'm from... thanx again
Yes it's daisys recovery house.. Thx babe.. And the masseuse is vivianna she runs casa de Muneca and her number is 6468123649 she is Sooo good. I don't know how I would've made it without her.
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