has dr yily disappeared?!!?!??!!!! - Dominican Republic, DO

My deposit had been paid, SX booked & confirmed.....

My deposit had been paid, SX booked & confirmed.. however my SX buddy sent hers 3 days later and we've heard NOTHING! they wont respond to emails, not answering the phones etc... anyone else having this issue?

oh.. btw she deleted her Instagram.. somethings not right here!

maybe this is a sign i shouldnt go... *sigh*


Good morning eh not gone my instagram has problems that denounced him, I'm working on a new one that perhaps have seen out there, you can call my office and that the deposit dates apologize the inconvenience 8093315050 ext 504 with yira
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Hi ... I got my date ... Still waiting for a respond for confirmation ..& Nada yet!! Iyily log on FB Almost everyday.. I email dra thru FB but No respond! Callin at the Cipla office 2day... The office is good with picking up phones in the Mornings.. Fingers cross .. Good luck dolls!
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