BBL revision with campos - Mexico

I had a BBL in the Bay Area of Cali but now Im...

I had a BBL in the Bay Area of Cali but now Im going to Campos. Im looking for someone to go with. My date is coming soon March 13. If anyone went to him can you inbox me with info. How long did you have to stay? Where did you stay? Did you get additional work done besides what your estimate stated?

Loving my body, campos is the man!

I really have to get some pics up! My body looks amazing in comparison. I have a flat stomach and a nice butt. I'm definitely pleased with my results!

Added pics. I had lipo of full back, inner and back thigh, inner knees and full stomach transfer to butt.

Here are the pics I promised. I love how my body is coming along but I do have a few complaints. I paid for back thigh and lower back. He didnt touched either location. He did say I didnt have any lower back fat but I had already paid for the area. Im still waiting to see how my inner thigh is going to look, im not sure he was aggressive enough in that area. I have dents in the lower part of my butt. Hopefully I wont have to get a round 3. Overall Im pleased with the work Campos did!

More pics

4 months post campos

I love my body, my shape is awesome however touch ups are a must! I'm taking some of my hips down, had hips and now I think their too big. I'm not liking my inner thighs and the back of my thighs. I plan on going extreme on my lower half as far as lipo. My bottom half of my butt needs more fat. I dread dealing with that damn Angie but I shall be back... Will post pics soon

My Curves are killing the game! lol

I will update with more pictures soon. The attention I get from men and women is amazing! Women give me compliments all the time and of course men are going to holla! The compliments from other women are always appreciated because we are so consumed with perfection, lol. Im getting ready to call to see when I can have another round for touch-up purposes. Overall, Im still in awe with Campos's work. I wished he wouldve done the back of my thighs and a little better on my inner thighs but hey he did do a damn good job!
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