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Hi ladies my name is karsha I'm 22 I have a sin...

Hi ladies my name is karsha I'm 22 I have a sin who is a year old and a husband of 3yrs I'm currently active duty in the navy it's been 5 years and I'm planning on staying in for a while I decided to do the BBL after I had my sin and saw how great I looked with a fuller butt however as time went on I lost all that baby weight nd I'm back down to 130 again. Most people say I'm crazy for trying to gain weight and wanting a bigger butt but I think curves are beautiful.. I've been researching this proceeded for about a year and I've been pretty dead set on Dr. J in GA his results are outstanding and he takes such pride in what he does I've heard nothing but great things about him... I've booked my consultation with him for April 22nd so in a few weeks I'll know exactly what my quote is I'm not shaped badly at all so I'm thinking I'll fall close to his avg cost maybe lower (that would be great) I would love to hear from any of you who have had the procedure done already or waiting like me!

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I would love to get some feedback from some women who have had surgery done by Dr J. I'm set to have my consultation on the 22nd of April I'm so excited

I wouldn't mind this!!

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So last time I posted I told u all I was getting my procedure done with Dr J in Atlanta however I decided too go with dr Ortega instead for a few different reasons. Dr ortega and his staff are all so sweet and caring. After speaking to them I felt like more than just another patient! I'm so excited too do this procedure with dr ortega. I've been researching this procedure for almost three yes ndhis work has been by far some of the best I've seen

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