Hey, I'm new on here so bear with me. I've already...

Hey, I'm new on here so bear with me. I've already had my first consultation with Dr. Wilberto Cortes and I've scheduled my bbl surgery for August 1st. The cost will be $10,500 which includes first garment, the procedure and anesthesia. I've been wanting this for a while. I've already put $500 down and still owe $10,000. I have pay in full by July 6th. I tried to apply for Care Credit to help me pay for surgery but I got denied for having bad credit because of some things my ex put in my name and didn't pay off in the past. Is there anyone who can offer any suggestions for a medical loan or credit card for ppl with bad credit ? Has any one had surgery with Dr Cortes? Any pictures or things I should know?


I don't really know what to do. I have surgery soon, already took off from work and put my deposit in and still can't get approved for financing. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do? I don't wanna cancel or reschedule. Been looking forward to this for ever....Help!!!!

I never really get any feedback on here

As my time until sx counts down. I haven't really been getting much feedback on here. I need some advice. Anybody please contact me with any advice.

I am in desperate need of ...

I am in desperate need of a cosigner for my medical loans. Surgery date is getting very close any suggestions? I really need help. I've exhausted all of my options and I don't know what to do. I thought I would be approved for medical financing but come to find out, upon being denied, my ex put a lot of detrimental things on my credit.

surgery buddy

So it looks like things are gonna pan out after all . Now I am in need of a surgery buddy for July 31st. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but it seems like people don't really respond to my posts. If anyone has any ideas, or suggestions about anything please feel free to comment.

Getting Closer

I'm getting very close to my sx date. I anxious and a little nervous. Don't know what exactly I need to get. If there are any vets out there could you please tell me, in your personal experience, what exactly do you absolutely need. I don't want to spend unnecessary money on stuff that will just sit in my medicine cabinet. Well anyways, I finally got up the nerve to post some preoperative pictures. Any feedback period would be great.

paid in full

So I'm paid in full and I've had my preop visit with Dr Cortes as well as a the hospital. I'm starting to get more anxious as the sx date comes nearer ... I'm just 13 days away...

7 days away

Omg I can't believe I'm only seven days away from this sx..I'm so excited. .... It's all I think about....I can't help myself from stalking realself....sometimes even looking at the same reviews and picturesover and over again. Lol.. I wonder if my recovery will be better since I'm not getting my legs lipod....veterans help me out.... let me know what you guys think..... what are things that I should be aware of????


So I bought alot of things today for this surgery:
(From Walgreens)
-rechargeable massager
- water proof bandaids
-female urinal w/ measuring canister
-pill organizer
-scar away gel

(From the $$ store)
-cotton balls
- q tips
-ear phones
-baby wipes
-bacitracin antibiotic ointment
-water bottle
-adhesive gauze sterile pads
-exfoliating shower mitt
-cloth bandages
-arm compressions
-disinfectant spray
- cocoa butter Vaseline
-zest soap bars
- air freshener

I did pretty good I spent about $38 at Walgreens and about $37 at the $$ store...(,I bought several other things not
pertaining to the sx). .... I still need to get underwear but Idk if I should hold off on that to see how big I will be... Can't believe I'm just 6 days away... Omg!! Pray for me y'all. .. lol

counting down

Omg guys...im starting to get so nervous..... it's getting very close to my sx date....just 2 more days.....one major thing that is stressing me out is that I haven't gotten my period allow month and it shoulda been here 8 days ago....Omg smh.....What Do I Do!!!??? I'm broke as hell and don't even have enough my to get a pregnancy test right..... this is really stressing me out along with the fact that I have no one to drop me off and pick me up from the hospital.... HELP!!!!! Somebody pray for me.....I'm seriously freaking out

Thank you Lord

Omg I just took a pregnancy test because I was freaking out about my period not coming all month.. but thank God it was negative. !!! One less thing I have to worry about..and I also have a ride to the hospital... now I can just relax. I just have to clean up. . wash clothes..... and pack....I wonder if my nerves are the reason my cycle hasn't come all month..... anyways I'm excited....can't believe sx is tomorrow...

I made it through

Hey everyone, I 've made it through.. I had my sx yesterday around 10:30am it like about 4 hrs. Everything went pretty well. My face got very swollen, but other than and being extremely sore I haven't had any complications. They took out my catheter around midnight....That made things alot better I was able to walk around last night without any problems...I got some pretty good rest and I wasn't too uncomfortable besides my neck hurting a little bit... When I woke up this morning I was very stiff so I got up walked a bit and peed ALOT by myself...My mouth is very dry because of
the tube I had

made it through part 2

...in my throat.. so I've been trying to drink plenty of liquids.. Word to wise ladies... make sure before surgery they give you a nausea patch that goes behind your ear....it works wonders because I haven't had Any nausea at all...also make you get up and walk....it helps with the stiffness and speeds up recovery... I took a slight peek at my stomach which was very dark swollen and bumpy...and my butt which looked kinda flat but I really can't tell yet...the nursing staff is awesome.... overall I'm doing well considering what I just went through... If guys have any questions ladies I will be happy to answer.. I'm just glad I made it through....


I'm about to go ham on this lol

2 days post op / pictures

Hi guys I'm gonna keep it short and sweet ladies.... I'm home now, I'm a lil stiff and sore. I've been taking my meds so I haven't had too much and I still haven't had any nausea. I'm draining and peeing alot. My butt still doesn't look that big to me. Y'all tell me if I'm just trippin... I take of my garment yesterday at the hospital to take a quick shower.. it felt great.. here are some pictures I took around 6 this morning.


Hey ladies I noticed alot of spelling errors in my last couple of posts. Lol, don't hold it against me I was doped up on pain meds. Fyi still taking my meds...not too much pain...just soreness... I'm bruised up pretty bad tho....still taking stool softener but haven't had a bowel movement yet. . I'm kinda scared of it but I guess I have no choice because when it comes, it comes. Overall I'm in pretty good spirits...still draining and peeing alot... I'm using the female urinal pitcher from Walgreens and its a life saver.. I can pee comfortably standing up....

4 days post op

I finally got my drain taken out and I feel much better... got put in a xl garment from the 2xl garment the hospital had me in....I feel like a stuffed sausage
..but it feels sturdy at the same time.... my waist looks smaller..which is a plus and I hope it stays like that after I take garment off..now I'm on my way home

Major Breakdown

Ok.....so everything has been okay thus far but after yesterday I got my drain taken out I was feeling pretty good I got my new garment on and it was okay for the first couple of hours then when I got home and I tried to use the restroom to go number 2 I couldn't get the darn thing off and it was stuck on me ....I tried for about 45 minutes to get it of.. it was soooooo tight... I felt like I would pass out.....my legs and my right butt cheek started turning blue and I freaked out and I had to cut myself out of the garment....I totally ruined the garment....now I have on and old tummy belt the hospital gave me after I had my son...totally not compressed enough... and my butt feels like a bag of bricks.. Idk what to do at this point.... smh

8 days post op

I'm getting nervous because my but is looking very flat.... I wanted a coke bottle shape with projection, fullness and roundness...Idk if it's just me being hypocritical or if it should be a legitimate concern.....someone....anyone please tell me what you think...


Here are some pictures I took earlier of my homemade compression garment since mine is out of commission.


Concerned could this be Gangrene or dead tissue or is this just a bruise or burn?

just to be clear

That black splotch has been on my stomach since right after I got out of surgery. I didn't post anything about it because I assumed it was a bruise and would go away with time... but as time passed and my other bruises started to fade a bit....this splotch remanded big and black and has no feeling. I am currently wearing the butt out garment that I got when drain was taken out. I only wore another garment for one day while my sister fixed the one that was cut (if you read about my freak out moment, you will know what I'm talking about). Wearing a garment I had before sx for one day has nothing to do with that big black splotch. JUST TO BE CLEAR... it was there before ... plus I would never do anything I felt would harm my skin...when I talked about a homemade garment, it was just me being funny and was a play on words.... I didn't actually make anything.... I just used an old compression garment that didn't have arms ( which compressed actually more than the garment I got from Dr office) so I wouldn't be walking around without anything while my garment was getting fixed...


Hi guys just a little update. I'm feeling ok as far as healing goes. I will be having my black looked at on my appointment next week. Btw Dr. Cortes team and especially Mariel have been very attentive to me, to make sure everything is ok. I was told not to wear my compression garment just to be on the safe side for a couple of days until my appointment and I'm perfectly fine with that lol....I needed a break anyway...well that's it for now.


So I am in dire need of a smaller garment... a LG and or med.....I can't afford to purchase one from the office because I lost my job as a result of this sx....I feel really wack doing this but I refuse to let my $10,503 go to waste because I don't have the proper garment to compress me...so if anyone has an extra large or medium garment and isn't using it anymore... please contact me because I could really use it. Thanks....and ps...I would post pictures but I'm so swollen I look freaking terrible and I'm on the verge of crying. ????????????
Houston Plastic Surgeon

My first consultation with him was very short. He seems nice but all he did was grab my fat and said ok you are a candidate for this surgery but you have loose skin on your stomach and you will need a tummy tuck too. He asked me if I had any questions but I couldn't think of any, so he left. As soon as he walked out I had alot of questions.

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I just saw your pictures. I'm so sorry this happened to you. :'( so terrible. I had a tiny black spot also but mine was a burn.
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My results aren't coming along that great... If anyone knows of anyone who has a large or medium garment and an ab or back board please let me know... I lost my job because of this sx...so I really can not afford to even pay the $89.9? In the office....have so many pass due bills plus expenses for my child... even it used...I will wash it...I just don't wanna throw away $10,503 because I can't afford the after care garments
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They didn't give you the free garment after post op?
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Yes they did but I need a smaller size... Something that will really compress me
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Hi I'm interested in the BBL with dr. Cortes but I'm dealing with the same issue that you had as far as financing it. Can you please share with me who you found to do the financing for people with credit issues because care credit denied me also. Thank you and congrats! You look great. .
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Actually I ended up getting help from family.. I'm so sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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Hey sweetie, just checking on you! How is everything coming along with your recovery? Your results look great btw.
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Everything is going ok...I'll just be happy when this recovery is over so I can resume to normal life. .. thanks
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That's good. I know what you mean about wanting to get back to normal. It's going to take some time, day by day. This recovery can cause you become an emotional roller coaster sometimes. Just hang in there, as days go by it will get better & better. I know you might hate those freaking garments but compression is everything. Be sure to wear something under the garment to protect the skin. YOU GOT THIS!!!!!! Happy Healing. :D
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Thanks.... Ya I've been wearing t-shirts and using sanitary napkins for cushion
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That garment is hell for real yes I've been using sanitary napkins also it helps some but they get stuck up there to. Lol
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Oh yes ma'am! The garment is killer but very helpful to your shape. My second garment had me crying, lol. I couldn't breathe for shit. I was using foam for my waist, never thought to use a sanitary napkin, lol. I might have to borrow that idea for my next adventure!!!!
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Lol yes indeed.. they do
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I see you fixed ur garment. How's it working. Is it still tight. Time for a new one boo. I need a new one too. I actually need a large. I didn't think I would be able to go smaller. But I don't really want to cuz I keep thankn bout that thing part n my butt. There's gtta be a better way. I'll modify the thong part. Any ways how that bad ass bruise. How's it look?
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Garment is doing good thanks to my sissy.... Deanna, Mariel, and janiris have been a great help too...it's wasn't a bruise... it actually ended up being Necrosis of the skin from skin not getting enough oxygen... it died....Dr. Cortes was cool enough to squeeze me in to remove some of it...and treat it....so I'm still healing from that. ..I don't wear the garment all the time because I like to give my skin a break... my swelling has gone down alot
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OK that's good u got it identified and fixed. And oh yes I give my whole body a break. I try to wear my garment atleast 5hrs or more per day. And I have mild swelling n my thighs that's it. But that bruising is still very present so I avoid anything short. But I'm glad u gt that garment fixed. How's the booty lookin. Do u like it?
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Some days I love it and some days it looks super flat.... it's lost alot of volume which I expected .... but I can't until I know it's here to stay.... my stomach is still a little pudgy. .he sculpted the small of my back perfectly but I still have back rolls on upper back... did you notice a big chance in your arms
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No I don't see one damn change n my arms lol but I think he jus went in behind my arms to access the top of my back bcuz there's no major change. I plan on getting that done later and yes he carved the small of my back perfectly but I still have my little love handle which creates a roll. Yea I plan on getting that taken care if as well as my inner thighs and the back of my thighs.
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Lol me either... but I haven't been compressing them either.......I'm trying to wait until I'm totally healed before I decide whether or not I will do anything more, cuz Ya girl cant just be dropping $10,500 all Willy nilly lol. But I was definitely thinking about the back rolls love handles.. and chubby stomach.....I like my legs I just need to workout and tone them....btw when is the actual time mark when your results are pretty much permanent
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3 month
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You look great luv! How are you feeling? I'm resending pics to Cortes next week...I hope to get my date in Dec
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How much did Dr. Cortes say he put into each cheek? I read the material that I was given at my pre op, you should take a look at it.. it's in titled what to expect after surgery. Being wide and flat are some effects that you may have and it's normal. Don't worry give it time.
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He didn't tell me...maybe I'll find out at my next appointment... I'm not too worried about that anymore
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Wishing you good healing.
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Thanks so much
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