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Hey, I'm new on here so bear with me. I've already...

Hey, I'm new on here so bear with me. I've already had my first consultation with Dr. Wilberto Cortes and I've scheduled my bbl surgery for August 1st. The cost will be $10,500 which includes first garment, the procedure and anesthesia. I've been wanting this for a while. I've already put $500 down and still owe $10,000. I have pay in full by July 6th. I tried to apply for Care Credit to help me pay for surgery but I got denied for having bad credit because of some things my ex put in my name and didn't pay off in the past. Is there anyone who can offer any suggestions for a medical loan or credit card for ppl with bad credit ? Has any one had surgery with Dr Cortes? Any pictures or things I should know?


I don't really know what to do. I have surgery soon, already took off from work and put my deposit in and still can't get approved for financing. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do? I don't wanna cancel or reschedule. Been looking forward to this for ever....Help!!!!

I never really get any feedback on here

As my time until sx counts down. I haven't really been getting much feedback on here. I need some advice. Anybody please contact me with any advice.

I am in desperate need of ...

I am in desperate need of a cosigner for my medical loans. Surgery date is getting very close any suggestions? I really need help. I've exhausted all of my options and I don't know what to do. I thought I would be approved for medical financing but come to find out, upon being denied, my ex put a lot of detrimental things on my credit.

surgery buddy

So it looks like things are gonna pan out after all . Now I am in need of a surgery buddy for July 31st. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but it seems like people don't really respond to my posts. If anyone has any ideas, or suggestions about anything please feel free to comment.

Getting Closer

I'm getting very close to my sx date. I anxious and a little nervous. Don't know what exactly I need to get. If there are any vets out there could you please tell me, in your personal experience, what exactly do you absolutely need. I don't want to spend unnecessary money on stuff that will just sit in my medicine cabinet. Well anyways, I finally got up the nerve to post some preoperative pictures. Any feedback period would be great.

paid in full

So I'm paid in full and I've had my preop visit with Dr Cortes as well as a the hospital. I'm starting to get more anxious as the sx date comes nearer ... I'm just 13 days away...

7 days away

Omg I can't believe I'm only seven days away from this sx..I'm so excited. .... It's all I think about....I can't help myself from stalking realself....sometimes even looking at the same reviews and picturesover and over again. Lol.. I wonder if my recovery will be better since I'm not getting my legs lipod....veterans help me out.... let me know what you guys think..... what are things that I should be aware of????


So I bought alot of things today for this surgery:
(From Walgreens)
-rechargeable massager
- water proof bandaids
-female urinal w/ measuring canister
-pill organizer
-scar away gel

(From the $$ store)
-cotton balls
- q tips
-ear phones
-baby wipes
-bacitracin antibiotic ointment
-water bottle
-adhesive gauze sterile pads
-exfoliating shower mitt
-cloth bandages
-arm compressions
-disinfectant spray
- cocoa butter Vaseline
-zest soap bars
- air freshener

I did pretty good I spent about $38 at Walgreens and about $37 at the $$ store...(,I bought several other things not
pertaining to the sx). .... I still need to get underwear but Idk if I should hold off on that to see how big I will be... Can't believe I'm just 6 days away... Omg!! Pray for me y'all. .. lol
Houston Plastic Surgeon

My first consultation with him was very short. He seems nice but all he did was grab my fat and said ok you are a candidate for this surgery but you have loose skin on your stomach and you will need a tummy tuck too. He asked me if I had any questions but I couldn't think of any, so he left. As soon as he walked out I had alot of questions.

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Good Luck !!!!(: My sx is in 2 months with Cortes... I spent about 300 dollars on clothes, pajamas comfortable pillows and dresses, undies and undershirt to put them under the faja... I still need to buy stuff from Walgreens.
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Can you believe we are only days away !! Where did the time go?? I'm sure Doctor cortes will fix us up !
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I know right time went by so fast.... I was hoping my cycle would have come already, so I wouldn't have to deal with that post op.. I'm starting to get nervous now... smh
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I want to get my bbl done please someone recommend me to a docter please please am going out of patients
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Dr Wilberto Cortes is who I'm going to.
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So glad you figured things out. I looked at Cortes. But, they had some weird weight lose requirement. So, I moved on. Many people rave about his work. I think you'll be happy with the results.
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Weight loss requirement? Are you sure? Because I'm about 50 lbs over weight and he didn't require me to loose any weight
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Yes, I need a hernia repaired also. I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it. I was told to lose 15 pounds. Which isn't a lot. But, in my other research I wasn't told anything. So, it was just a preference on my part. Like I said his results seem good.
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O ok then
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Thank you
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Hello too my bbl sisters I'm on a journey as well with Mr . Cortes I sent in my pic & got a quote of 10,548.00 but I really don't understand way its so high I'm 5'5 176 pds I was 180 but i lost weight & now I have too gain 10 pds ... What gets me is my deposit 500.00 down & 30% down a month later .... What's up with that ..
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Well I gave my deposit in march and didn't pay anything else until last week at my appointment... my surgery is at the end of this month..
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Did you ever find any financing .....
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No I just found help from family
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Wow are prices going higher ??? My total price was 10,503
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I don't think so, at one point I think he charged $9,503 but I guess as he got more experienced and popular he increased by $ total price was $10,503 as well and my surgery is next week. .. maybe she needs more work which would require more time and more anesthesia which would cost more money... they only alott 4-5 hrs of sx time... If he goes over they might charge extra
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Yes about 10 months ago his price was 9,503 he did go 1,000 more. But it's worth it :) && good luck !!!!!
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Thank you... God Bless
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Good Luck on your journey girl!!post some post op pics..what's your current stat??weight??height etc..??
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I meant *pre op* lol
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Thank you..I'm around 215 lbs and 5'10
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Omg!! You must be real excited!! Good luck hope everything turns out fine for you..
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I am excited... Been waiting for this for a long time..... thanks
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