Leaving 2 Dominican Republic to See Dr. Alejandro Hernandez P. I'm 32 Yrs Old. No Kids - Dominican Republic, DO

I'm leaving to the Dominican Republic to meet with...

I'm leaving to the Dominican Republic to meet with Dr. Alejandro Hernandez-P on 3/31/14. I'm excited but also nervous. I'm going to do a Brazilian butt lift. I would like to know if anyone had any experience with Dr. Alejandro Hernandez P. I have done my research and all I found it wonderful results/testimonials. I'm a bit nervous due to the fact that this is my first surgery always from my family. In addition, if you have done a Brazilian butt lift please share your experiences. I would greatly appreciate it.
Congrats and good luck on research
Thank you cakebythepound.

feeling nervous and confused.

Hey my BBL Sisters. Been feeling nervous as the days are getting closer. My twin and I are leaving to DR. Wow!! sometimes i dream of things that are not meant for me to do. So far I haven't had
any bad dreams. Maybe it a sign that things are going to be fine. I'm
still doing my research on Dr. Alejandro Hernandez P. Please if you are planning to see Dr. Alejandro Hernandez P before I do.. please share your story.
Goodluck on your procedure
hey sis are u ready :)
Good Luck =)

9 more days left and I will be in DR..

hey my bbl friends. I'm feeling a little nervous as the days goes by. Well I'm packed and ready. My twin sis and I are leaving to the Dominican Republic!! Wow. I can't believe it. I'm excited and yet nervous. my dream is finally coming true. I have faith in my doctor and I know he is very good. just recently a friend of mine just got surgery from him and she highly recommend him. which put me at ease. I have been taking my iron pills my vitamin C pills and folic acid. followed by a glass of orange juice. I'm a little upset because I have to go back to work once I get to the us. I'm only staying in dr for 10 days. some people at my job knows I am doing this procedure I wish I didn't have to return to work so soon. So in total I will have 14 days including weekends. I will take it easy.. does any one has any suggestions in regards to how long should I wait before I sit down. I don't want to lose my butt. Lol
Thanks everyone. I will post before and after pic

Meeting the doctor

Hey my bbl friends. So I finally meet my doctor Alejandro Hernandez P.. He is the most respectful person in the world. He is completely honest with you from the beginning to the end. Dr Alejandro will tell you how it is. We laughed and went down to business. He told me that I would need a tummy tuck and not lipo. I refused to do a tummy tuck at this moment . I told him to just do lipo and I will just work out my abs.. he said ok. But that he can't promise me that I will look great.Furthermore, Dr. Alejandro keeps it real with you so that u won't have high expectations. In addition, Dr. Alejandro will not over charge you. I over paid him and he give 200 dollars more. Dr. Alejandro gave me the money right back. So my surgery date has be rescheduled for 4/4/14. unfortunately I missed my flight. Everything happens for a reason. However, I'm feeling happy and confident that everything will go well. my twin sister is scheduled for 4/3/14 I'm so happy for her.

Before my lipo

My butt

Before liposuction

My ugly fat belly

please post before and after pic .

great doctor.

Hey my bbl friends. I must say that Dr. Alejandro Hernandez P. Is one of the best doctors in Dominican Republic. He is honest and yes rude. But he is a perfectionist at what he does. Laura is a sweet heart. She came to visit me and we spoke for a bit. I'm happy and I'm starting to see the results.

brazilian butt lift

Here are my before & after picture.

My before and after pic

Very clean clinic. CECIP

I also have to say that the clinic I stood was extremely clean. The nurses and doctors are checking you every hour or less. I stood @ CECIP.

My progress and results

Hey bbl friends just wanted to update my progress.. Hands down I must say that Dr. Alejandro Hernandez P. Is one of the best doctors in Dominican republic. He is extremely intelligent, polite, caring, and gives you 200%. He is a perfectionist!! He is 100% honest with you from the beginning to the end. I'm extremely happy that I went to Dr. Alejandro. He cares for his patients. In addition, he is not money hungry like other doctors. I paid him 2 hundred dollars more without knowing and he give it right back. That shows me that he not money hungry but an honest doctor. Furthermore, on my surgery date everything went great. I noticed that he checked on me about 5 times just to make sure everything was ok. He also has a great sense of humor. is either black or white with him not in between. If I had to do the procedure again I would do it hands down. To me the most important thing is that I woke up alive! Again Dr. Alejandro Hernandez P. Knows his stuff. He is the best..
You look great. I love that he gives natural looking results. Hope you have a fast recovery.
Thank you migdalia123 I will post some pictures
I will post pictures soon.

I make 1 week that I had my surgery

Hey bbl today I make 1 week and I'm still swollen. But loving my results. My Doctor is the best.
Thank you.migdalia123
Thanks mpstx. I was informed by my doctor that I have to gain 5 to 10 pounds. The extra weight will go to my butt.
Nice outcome you can really notice the difference

My recovery progress.

Hey bbl. My recovery is going well. I don't feel pain. I'm done talking my pills. My advice is just take it one step at a time. No stress and don't over do it. I think my doctor did a great job!!! I'm telling you Dr. Alejandro Hernandez P. He the man!!!

3- weeks post op

It been 3 weeks since I had my surgery. I just bought my second faja and its a killer. I'm still swollen. I'm loving my results and I know it will get better. I'm so happy I went to Dr. Alejandro Hernandez P.
Thank you jessvaz31 for this review. I've been searching for a recent review on Dr. H with no luck. I'm scheduled for sx with him on May 22nd. Any recommendations?
Your welcome trinimom. Make sure you take your vitamins. Don't stress. You are in good hands.

1 month post op

So it been a month since my surgery. I feel great. I'm In my second stage of faja. Ladies make sure u wear the faja. I know is a killer. My butt is looking great.
You look awesome.did he tell you 5 or 6 weeks for faja?
Hi migdalia... thank you. I didn't ask how long I have to wear the faja. I'm assuming for 3 months. I have to follow up with him this weekend thru email.

My second faja

This faja is a killer. Lol. I was informed that this faja is good for swollen and shapeing your body. I also sleep with my faja.
You look great. Thank u for sharing. Do u know the name of your second faja
Did he give you a Faja? Also what type is this you have?
Dr. Hernandez gives u a faja. When u wake up from your surgery u will have the faja on. It has 3 stages. Once your done with the faja u have to get the second faja. I post a picture. Now that faja is no joke.. lol but u have to get it if u want that booty.. lol

feeling great

Not wearing my faja today. But I still wear it all the time.
I got my faja from a boutique in the bronx. Salome faja de colombia
Jess, where did you order your faja? Thanks in advance!
Nice faja too.

still swollen can't wait for the final result

hey guys I'm doing well still a little swollen but I'm starting to see the results and I'm loving it. the only problem I have is my incisions are painful at times. But i can't wait to see the final results
Thank you so much for this review, I've emailed him indicating my interest and awaiting his response. He seems very professional and the fact that I've seen nothing but good reviews and pictures of his work, convinces me that he is the one I want working on me. Btw, you look great, natural and sexy!
Hi..I am considering bbl but I never by plane and don't speak spanish...how much was the round trip and was food and hotel included...also did u have any pain and did u have a driver??
Hi noeliya I stood with family. I didn't stay at a hotel. But Dr. Alejandro offers deals. U should speak 2 laura his assistant. She speaks English very well

5 month now

You mentioned that he is rude??? that is not a quality professional should have. I can deal with "straight forward" someone who doesn't cut corners and all that BUT RUDE?
Yes i did mention he can be rude. But that's just him being straight forward. He will tell you how it is. Dr. Hernandez is extremely professional.. and he is a man of his word.
Thank you islandgirl1311. Dr Alejandro is a really great Doctor
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