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Hello everyone, so I have been on real self for...

Hello everyone, so I have been on real self for awhile along with other some other websites and I have finally made a decision. 4 years, 5 consults and lots of extensive research have led me to choosing Dr. Perry from Miami. The reason I went with Dr. Perry was because I really liked his work, he had very good reviews, the price wasn’t too cheap to make me wonder why and it wasn’t to expensive to make me say hell no lol, and last but not least when we got on the phone it was like we just clicked which I think is so important when someone has your life in their hands.

I am from Canada and BBL is not as popular. The doctors here I found were not as experienced and the rates where out of control for subtle results. To all my Canadian sisters please look at travelling to the USA. I wouldn’t go to DR personally but visiting our neighbors across the border is going to make more sense in the long run because these doctors are more experienced with BBL in particular.

I am scheduled for August and as far as that may seem now, time is flying. Especially because I am paying cash it seems like I am running out of time to save up lolol. Anyways please let me know if you guys have an suggestions for me! Thanks!


Hey Doll...welcome to Team Perry! I look forward to following your review :-)
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Thanks , its getting so real lol
Congrats,he just did mine last Friday ;)
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Not Much To Say

hello, so i havent updated in a while but i guess its because i dont really have much to say lol my date is all the way in August which will actually be here quite soon. I booked my plan ticket last night and its starting to feel very real. I am so scared. Im not scared about the actual surgery or results im more scared about being put to sleep. I pray everything goes well. Anyways i will continue to update as my journey continues. :)


Good luck
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Best of surgery is in August paying cash as well so i kno what you mean about this time is.
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Luv it!!! Noircherry, I kno we are gonna be ok...I put it all in God we deserve to look even more fabulous....thanks for the luv hun i needed it!
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