So exited and nervous about this procedure but Im...

so exited and nervous about this procedure but Im really willing to do it cause its something that I always wanted... Im been reading a lot here and i see people who had great results but other not that great so thats make feel nervous Im been trying to find the "best" surgeon thats why i read a lot reviews I made an appoiment with doctor michael schulman at ny, he seen to have a lot reviews and all of them are good so I believe i will pick him crossing my fingers Im picking the right one.... i have an appoiment with him so sad I have to wait so long to see him but well that make me think he is pretty busy cause he is good.. I will keep posting until Im done with all this adventure
thanks to all that people who take time to write reviews here cause honestly this is why Im picking dr schulman as my surgeon. I didnt writhe the price cause i dont know how much is gonna be I hope he give a good price cause Im not a rich person


*booty4real* Sorry
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thx for checking on my review can I ask you who is gonna be your surgeon and why the sorry? :)
Good luck sweetie. Dr Schulman is going to hook you up! I love his work. He has a lot of educational Videos in which he gets in depth regarding his techniques. Check out bootie4real I think that's how she spell it. Very caring and informative patient of his with amazing results and very wise of the process. Feel free to pm her as well. I'm not going with Schulman, but she has been a dear to me regardless.
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tomorrow Im going to have my first consultation

tomorrow Im going to have my first consultation with doctor Schulman they called me today and said the had a cancellation so if would wanted to go and of course I said yes cause otherwise I have to wait more that a month pretty exited about it I will let you know>>>


Hope this is the best doctor for you and that you feel comfortable and safe with him. Let us know how this goes for you....Blessings and love sent your way... Gina la Cubana
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I'm gonna pm you
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you wrote it wrong got it thxxx I will keep posting

I went to my first consultation

I went to my first consultation yesterday with schulman it was ok, he looks very nice and young and he explain me everything I asked but after I left I realise that I forgto some questions so will recommend you write everything so you don't forget it.
his office doesn't look to fancy like I imagined but it looks ok kinda small, he told me he does the procedure two blocks away from there in his own office he doesn't use a Hospital to do it... secretaries and all the staff very nice.. the lady who came to give the total price said it was gonna be 13,000 for the bbl and they just have time on june nothing earlier wich it make feel sad cause I would like to get it done sooner but Im still gonna go to another surgeon Dr SANJAY LALLA here in nj I will keep posting ;)


Congrats on your journey love! Can't wait to see more of your transformation!
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just an updated I decided to go with doctor Schulman so i paid the deposit to save my date wich is june 10th ..


How tall are you Hun ? What is your weight ! Did he tell you you need to put weigh on
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hi... no he didn't tell me that I actually asked him but he said I was ok Im 135 pounds and Im around 5.5 ft. I guess its because I told him I just want a little be more I don't want to look like to big. he said he will have enough fat to give the look that i want and I really hope so.... Im not doing anything to gain weight Im just eating normal .....
hi girls I have a question I would to get my surgery sooner so Im gonna tell Rachel that if somebody cancel a date let me know.. but due to my job if I change the date I believe i will just have one week to rest do you think thats enough time...? Im a babysitter is not a hard job but not sure if is a good idea
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little be of help please

hi girls how is everybody doing can believe its almost a month away from my surgery.. I keep looking to all the reviews that make feel good about it... i haven't buy anything yet :( I will try to work on that I just don't want to spend money in stuff that I may not need so this is the list that I have for now
arnica pills
dial body wash
green tee ( it may be good to have that I don't know )
fruit juices
always pads since unfurtuonally Im gonna have my period the day of the surgery its so gross to me but rachel its ok :(
I dont really know what else can I buy that I will really need

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wish pictures :)


Can wait to see your results ! I love your wish pictures that is what I am looking for as well !
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more wish pictures

more wish pictures

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more wish pictures

wish pictures


Good luck on your journey. if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Dr. Schulman is the best!
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Love your wish pictures I want same look ! Can wait to see yours rezulrs.
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Ay Dios mio

Omg Im so nervous about this.!!! So close one more day...!! Crazy crazy crazy


Best wishes hun!!
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Good luck. You will be fine. I know exactly how you are feeling cuz I feel the same way. I am trying to lead by fair and not by feat. I will keep you in my prayers.
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The day is here

Tomorrow have to be there at 12pm praying to God that everything goes well..! I feel that I actually lost some weight in this past day not eating to much cause Im so nervous..! Im posting some pictures last pictures of me before surgery


good luck best wishes see you when you wake up in bootyland......
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Best wishes hun! Say bye-bye to that booty an improved one is taking it's place ;-).
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Good luck today!! We will keep u in our prayers!


Thank xoxo much everybody..! I survive..! I feel so bad right now so painfull OMG so so painfull hope days goes fast so I can feel better.! I haven't been able to eat just vegetables juices and fruits ..! But I think its ok.! Im been peeing a lot Im been drinking a lot of water I will post photos tomorrow Its so painfull to get up from bed..! Hope you understand everything I wrote :)


Hello..! I just notice that my clitoris is swollen is this normal or should I call Dr schulman
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It's totally normal!! Don't panic! You can put a maxi pad under garment in swollen area. It will help w swelling.
Thx for reply ..! :)

Day 3 post

Let me tell you that I dont feel any better this pain is horrible cant walk cant do anything and being just on bed is painfull too..! Im so swollen my privites my finguers my ayes my face..! I knew this was gonna be hard but not this hard..! Omg cant wait to feel better and be able to walk like a normal person ..! :(


You will get better and in 2 weeks you will forget all of this pain!!! hang in there it will be well worth this pain.
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So sorry to hear that your struggling. Have you been staying on top of the pain with the pain meds?
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e been taking the pain medications but still painfull

Crying mode on



Sending hugs!!
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Hang in there hun! It'll all be worth it soon! Best of luck.
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Hope all is well! Praying for a speedy recovery. Hang in there, you will LOVE you results. Can't wait to see your pictures because you already look great! Much love!
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Hello all my RS sisters
Today is day 6 post..! Feeling a lit be better my back and butt still feel like a rock its hard to stand straight buy I try I can really walk or stand for more than 15 min cause I get tired.! The shower day ( saturday ) it was fine, feels so so good to take a shower I wonder when can I shower again I will call Rachel today and ask her.! Didn't take any picture I forgot..! I being eating good chicken vegetable bread..! I'll see dr schulman on friday..! I sleep most of the time hope thats normal..! my face and eyes are still swollen but rest of my body is becoming a little normal i will take pict today and post ..! Thank you to all for all the support ..! :)


Awww sending you prayers and get well wishes xoxox
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You made it a week!!!!!! Congrats!!! Can't wait to see pics :)
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Congrats, and Hope you'll be feeling better soon!! When you feel well enough to answer, I have a few questions, as im sure others will also be wondering the following; What was your pre op weight and height? did he tell you how many CCs you got and did he do your hips. you look kind of like my size, I had consult with Schulman too, im just not brave enough to make my decision to do it... well hang in there!! time flies so you'll be better soon!
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Finalmente foticos

Today I took a shower again and took some pictures before ..! :)


Lookin' great!!
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Looking good girl!!!!!!
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One more day

Today I being feeling a little be akward I feel i want to go #2 so badly but when I try nothing happend and it feel so weird and unconfortable..! Im being taking my colace but don't know wath else to do ..!?


I finally drank half a bottle of magnesium citrate ~ that got things working again. The shock of surgery sometimes makes everything go on vacation and completely stop for awhile.... Plus the painkillers are so constipating... This is so NOT a ladylike recovery haha
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Thumbs up
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Do I have to remove everything!!? I removed the foam on first shower..! But not sure about the rest please help .!


I don't think it's a must that you remove them....they are covering your could call the office in the morning and ask Rachel to make sure
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Thx I will call her tomorrow..! Let me tell you that u are such a big help to all of us..! Thx for taking the time to answer our questions and give us support when we need it..! God bless you..! And thx to all Rs sister that gave support on my recovery
Ok great! Welcome hunni :))

Hola ????

Hola a todas...! Friday I went to my first post appt. all went well ..!
I saw dr schulam, btw he is cute to me :) .!
Well I saw him and he said that I was healing very good and let me tell you that I feel so much better I feel like its me again a little be mmm slow when I walk but not painfull anymore and I really like what I see I really hope my butt doesn't get much smaller than what it is now but I know it will go down because of the swelling. I drive for first time today and it was really uncomfortable I guess I have to get used to drive like that. I put a boppy pillow on my back and a yoga mat under my legs.! My butt never touched the sit but It was really hard to keep it on 'air'
Here are some pictures before and now


Hope all is well! I am following your recovery praying that you will heal up. I am 5'6" and also 137 pounds and I want the same results as you. I don't want a donkey booty but I want a full bubble butt, not a shelf booty. I am going for the more natural look. Glad to see that it is possible to get a nice butt with little fat. Did you have to gain anything for the surgery? I am thinking about gaining a few pounds just in case. How much cc's did you get in your butt and hips? Much love!
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Hi thx xoxo..! I didn't have to gain anything he told me I didn't needed to.! since I wasn't looking for a big big booty..! So crazy but I didn't asked him how many ccs I got I always forget what I want to ask when I see him..! But I will e-mail rachel to ask
okay thanks!

Omg this is just driving me crazy

This is just driving me crazy I e-mail dr schulman to ask how many cc I got and they reply that he removed 3900 cc from all areas and transferred 1600 cc into the butt and hips.
Is that all I got.!? Omg I know I know, I told him that i didn't want a huge booty but is this fat enoght to give the results than I was looking for..!? I don't know..! But I feel is not enough specially after reading a few ladies that said they lost volume and projection after a few months..! I feel like I want to cry right now..! Im actually crying :(
I really like how my body looks right now but it's only been two weeks My butt still is swollen and the % of fat that my body will absorb is still there.!! So how is it gonna look like when that happends..!
Im sorry I just can't help my self I can't stop thinking about it..! I wish I could go bakc in time and tell him to transfer more ..! I know is to soon to tell my finals results..!
Maybe I just have to much free time to drive my self crazy about it..! I don't know why I asked i was ok with out knowing how much he transfer now that I know I just feel sad cause I wish It would be more..! I'm just hope my finals results look as great as now
Croosing my finguers


Hi, I was going through the same thing. But we have to remember Hun, we look better than we did before. I think you look great. It'll get better. I think we all go through these emotions. I feel different everyday that passes (I'm almost 5 weeks in) some days are great, some days I'm sad but it's a part of the process. I hope you feel better. Xoxo me mandas un mensaje si quieres hablar mas...
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I know i read your review and I know exactly how you feel...! Muchas Gracias mami que bien saber que hay alguien mas que habla espaƱol por aqui..!
Was it 1600 total or 1600 per side? Either way you look absolutely lovely~ I'll take your figure any day!! Gorgeous cola bottle shape! Dr Schulman does really beautiful and consistent work~ once you get past your initial healing phase you're going to be very happy~ this is such a hard time!! Total emotional roller coaster! I keep imagining seeing flat spots and my hubbie keeps assuring me they are in my head... Up & down... Hang in there love!! xo
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squeem question

hello my beautiful ladies today I tried a squeem on top of my garment I wore it for like 2 hours when i took a nap but when I woke up my abdomen and back was painful, my back was felling like a rock, it was hard to move so I took it off and it was such a relief.. how did you girls managed that?
maybe It wasn't a good squeem, I got size small and I wearing a medium garment
any advice its welcome
excuse me for my grammar i believe its the worst here but English and I are not good friends lol......! but is getting better
thx xoxo to everybody send so many kisses >>>>
btw I become such addicted to this website Rs i feel like I check it everyday to see any update from one of my beautiful ladies


:) I was just wondering today if it was possible to wear my squeam over my garment... Does yours have zipper/hooks or is it pull on?
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It has hooks..! I'm gonna buy another one cause that one is def not working for me or maybe my body still sensitive
In read on ur review you got a few..! Please let me know if one then work for you..! :)

squeem update

hello.. Im telling you I got so addictive with Rs. but I just want to give you an advice about the squeem as you know I wore for 2 hours yesterday and after that I asked here about that.. I got a message today from a sissy telling me to be careful about it and shes is totally right; Dr Schulman told her to be careful wearing a squeem so early in recovery because it could leave permanent indentations and marks from the boning (the hard part in the squeem that feels like a rod). and after that I checked my self I have those marks on my body you can really see the lines from the squeem on my body ( picture below not a good quality picture don't really show the truth ) and I wore yesterday and still there.. I called Amanda since Rachel is away and she said that marks will go away but I should be just wearing my stage garment 1
how did you girls wore a squeem on top of garment with out this problem?
So who any is wondering about wearing a squeem please be careful and ask Dr first


Curious--what made you add the squeem over the garment hun?
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I don't know i believe i read a review of somebody wearing a squeem on top of garmet to make more pressure and make waist even tinier
Is that actually truth.? Will the squeem help to keep waist smaller.?

happy birthday to me

Wish me happy birthday please..! Today its my birthday I'm turning 20+++! I actually stop counting
I'm posting some pictures today I'm so close to my 3 week ( Tuesday ) and i want to share my curves
Booty def got smaller swelling got down it looks ok..! please booty don't get smaller than this I paid so much for you I like you the way you look now..!

I feel I didn't write about my experience the day of surgery but it was similar to all of you..! Anesthesia guy I like him very much he was so funny and kind with me "listen to the music" and that was the last thing I heard.! nurses are so nice I can't remember their names sorry, one of then speak Spanish and that was nice I love her so much she was so so so nice to me..!! Dr schulman team the best #bootybyschulman

Like everybody said first 4 days are the WORST I said that I was never ever ever gonna do this again but now that I feel better I wouldn't mind to do it again..! I ate a lot of papaya and jelly my first few days I found that good..!

Things that I found really helpful make sure to have wet wipes that I used it a lot
i got suppositories there was a day that I was having such a hard time with the poo i couldn't stand it anymore,. so that for me was such a lifesaver .! Uffff such a relief
I didn't used the toilet first few days I used a garbage can
I got some games on my phone I had a lot of free time and that kept me busy well i don't have children
I know there is no way to prepare to this but we try our best there were days that everything make me laugh day of shower It was so crazy i was laughing for no reason just to see peoples face make laugh..! And had a few days that I just wanted it to cry..! Its just like a roller coaster of emotions there is not really way to explain it until you go through .!

I Hope this help to somebody specially for those that are looking similar results as me.. Im still struggling with the size of my butt.. my best wishes to all bbl sisters..!


Your now skinny with real woman curves! You have a booty now girl :)))))) looking very shapely...booty is round and fits your body.
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I'm pretty happy with the results its just that sometimes i wish it could be more booty.. but I guess a human being sometimes I just want more and more and more lol.... specially when I get obsessed with something and my booty is become one of my obsession
Kk. Hehe...welcome

One more picture

One more picture


You look great!
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Thx xoxoxo :)
Thx xoxoxo

I'm sorry for lying ( excuse for work )

I went to one of my jobs yesterday
for the first time, and I felt kinda bad cause my boss was so worry about me ..! I had it to lied to him obviously I was not gonna tell him I was getting a bbl
So I told him I felt from stairs while I was vacuuming and my foot and back got hurt ..! I told him I was in a lot of pain and doctor said that I could not walk for around 2 or 3 weeks..! Luckuly he believed me..! So yesterday when I saw him it was kinda funny ( poor guy Im such liar but it was for a good reason)
I also told him I was wearing something to keep my back tight wich its obviously the garment
( just in case he notice it )


You look great hun! Will be joining you soon
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Thx hun..! Ur surgery is around the corner can wait to see your results..! You and me are kinda similar..! Im sure dr will do wonders with those curves
I saw you are trying to gain weight .? Did the dr suggest that..!?

Is this normal..!?

Is this lumpiness normal.!? I notice this lump on my lower abdomen few days a go, but I noticed that every day gets bigger., today is much bigger than usual.!
I put the ab board to make pressure .! But is not really helping


Hun ... It is a fluid build up ! Watch what you eat , no sodium , carbs , suggar ! Wear your waist clincher , and massage yourself or get a massages every week ! Recovery is long and hard ! I am also 10 days post op. And trying to do same ..
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mmm I haven't been paying to much attention on what I eat.. I did first 2 weeks no salt and all that... but after that Im back eating normal food... thx for the advice btw I stop by your page looking beautiful :)
happy healing you look great. Thank you for posting..I am following you as I am considering hidm for my work.
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Just a photo


You look stunning!
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The natural look is stunning I must say WOW!!!! On another note are you getting your massages if not order yourself a handheld massager to help break down the tissues this will help with circulating the fluid to get rid of it GOOD LUCK DOLL!!!
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Hi ..! Thx xoxo :) I will check on handheld massager sounds good idea..!

Please beware

Please beware
I was watching the news
How sad a lady pass away cause she got a cosmetic procedure
( liposuction )
Please ladies do you homework and find a good plastic surgeon I know the prices out of the country are much cheaper but our live does not have a price
I feel so sad for that family, his husband was cryin and said that she was beautiful already but she wanted it to look better and thats why he supported her, but he never ever ever thought this was gonna happend
That happend in dominican republic but the she lived in bronx
the Dr name is CABRAL if anyone is considering this doctor please do not go, 4 people died under surgery on his hands
I can not believe he keeps performing procedures .!
Thats so scary.!
I can not thank God enough first, and Dr schulman
Cause that does not only happen out of usa it happens here too.! :(


Thanks for posting that lil' sis. Yea, "King Cabral" he is NO king!! Can't believe he is still at it smh!
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This is very sad and scary, I have to admit it has crossed my mind once traveling out if the country for a cheaper price! But quickly threw that idea away, I rather pay a lil more and be more safe. My prayers go out to her family.
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Omg Im glad helped you.! Please be very careful with the surgeon you pick and going out of the country ( personal opinion ) I wouldn't even think about it unfortunately laws in our countries are so different than here.! People don't respect anything and anybody with money can buy a judge.! Thats why this " doctors " keep performing procedures no matter what

6 weeks update

hello to all my beautiful ladies hope everybody is doing good.. I haven't update in a while cause there wasn't to much to said..woaaaaa im 6 weeks times flies
how am I doing??
I'm been doing good physically no problem at all.. no pain nothing Im back to my normal life
but the bootyanxiety is Realllllll omg never expect this feeling before about anything in my life... I think on my butt every single minute lol
its like 24/7 .. does this happen to somebody else?
I feel a little sad about all this procedure cause my expectations were higher
( and I was not looking to look like nicky minaj cause I'm skinny person that would look ridiculous on me I just wanted to have a nice round butt with nice hips )
booty def got smaller, hips are almost gone :(
and I feel lovely handles are coming back ooooo goshhhh no please
lower abd is still the same lumpy and my belly bottom too it looks a little weird I hoping everything is swollen and it will look flat after a few more weeks. I'm attaching some pictures so you can see...
it sounds like I don't have anything good to said lol but Im just being honest and this is the way I feel, I'm sorry if it bothers someone...
sometimes I believe I wasn't really a good candidate for this procedure maybe to thin, 130lb wasn't enough to deliver a good result
but believe me if I can do it over I will, I know it sound crazy and probably I'm out of control lol but we only live once.

I'm gonna see Dr schulman on Friday Oooooo men I have a crush with him lol
I think on him everyday but because of my butt lol

Im trying to stay positive and Im sure Dr sculman will give me a better idea of whats gonna happen in a few weeks..

send you so much bootylove specially those who are first stage healing, hang in there, it will be better after first week xoxo


Hope your follow up with Dr. S went well :)
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Gordiss are you using foam ,pads ,ab board something for extra compression and getting your massages these things are a major part of the recovery they help to shape and dictate your results...6wks is still early in the process I read that the recovery process healing in a whole can take up to a yr.. Maybe it's the garment order a corsets do whatever it takes you have to do your part go the extra mile.. Take care of yourself and don't get the post sx blues..
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Hi nikkibunz.! Yes im being using garment and a squeem on top of that.! I also use my ab board on my lower abd and add some foams to the side to compress more.! Im following all Dr instructions post op.!


hi girls, so i had my consultation on friday.. it went well Dr schulman is a very nice doctor
he took my after pictures I haven't receive those yet I will post it when I get it
I explained that I was not really happy about it and he said that everything is my mind he showed me my b/a pictures and there is a difference..
he also said that he transferred on me all the good fat that I had, so sad I had so little
he put 750ccs on right and 850ccs on left
he also said that lumpiness on my lower abs is swollen and a lit be of loose skin, and it will get better with time...
as you know I being sad about this procedure, i had so many bad days crying, regretting everything, hating on me and Dr schulman ( sorry doctor )
so seem him made feel better he said I look great and that I should be enjoying the way I look, that so many women will love to look like me, and I could be the wish picture of so many.... mmmmmm Doctor I'm not sure about that.. but it was nice he said that
I also asked if a revision was in my future if I decide to. he said probably not, he took pretty much all the fat out. and if so we will have to discuss that in a year not sooner than that :(
omg girls Im so so bad remembering questions I CAN NOT believe I forgot to ask about the massages. but I will probably e-mail him to ask.

I went to the gym yesterday for first time,
treadmill for about 10 min to warm up my body ( i don't do to much cardio on my routine i rather to lift to build muscle ) so then I moved to squats I know sounds crazy after a bbl but I want butt to look better, 4 sets of 10 rep with 10lb ( i used to do more weight than that before sx but I want to star little by little ) and that was it for me.. I couldn't do anymore, my butt was on fire, I will add more exercises as the time goes now I can not do any sitting exercise.
i got so swollen after exercise Dr advised me about that, so I went home and wrap my self into garments , foams, ab board everything lol , day after I was in so much pain oooo gosh my legs and butt hurt so bad after those squats but its normal cause I haven't exercise in a long time...
send you booty love to all...


Hey girly, how's it going?
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You look beautiful. Your results are amazing. I would be thrilled with a perfect butt like that. Enjoy it all, you earned it. Be happy. Sending you bushels of love.
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3 months

Hi! Just an update Im 3 months post.! And I was seeing this coming.! Not happy about this procedure it was a waste of money in my case
My butt shrink so so much I have no hips they are same as before
Everyday my old undeware fits more like before I didn't have to get new cause all of them fit on me perfect like if nothing happend.! :(
I was refusing to put on my old jeans cause I was afraid they were gonna fit on me just like before but I did not have other option yesterday and Yes they fit perfect too.! No difference at all.!!!
Remenber the lump on my belly its just the same not getting better with time like Dr said.! And Im been working out like crazy trying to get rid of this muffin
The fat didn't hold and Im 3 months so no hopes after 6 months I will def be more disappointed.!
Not posting pictures cause just the idea of taking one and see this mess make feel so sad
Thanks God I stop taking pictures like before!!!, And I try not to look in the mirror as much as possible.
Good luck to everyone.! :-)


So sorry you're not happy with your results. After reading this I feel like telling Schulman to only inject the little amount of fat he said he could get out of me into my hips. Do you like the way your butt is shaped now at least? :(
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Sweetheart I'm so sorry that your results did not meet your expectations. But thank you for sharing your story and being honest. You're in my prayers. Xoxox
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Aaaaw I'm sorry, I'm not happy with my results either. I hope there is something you can focus on to make you feel better.
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Hi there

Just want to share a picture of my tummy for those who requested it
This is what I see everytime I look down!


Wow! Thanks for sharing with everyone. You've helped me make my final decision!
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Your welcome hun.!
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