Baby Gonna Have Butt!!!

I've researched the bbl for years now. I finally...

I've researched the bbl for years now. I finally decided to book my surgery. Mar 2015. It's finally going to happen. I'm 5'9 243lbs. My shape isn't feminine at all right now. I have a goal weight of 185lbs before my surgery. At 185 i tend to have more shape to my body. My waist averages 30-31". Hopefully with weight loss and surgery i can get my waist to 28. I have a little under a year to get in shape. It has taken me a while to decide which Dr to choose. I did my research on Dr. Jimerson, Dr. Cortez and Dr. Salama. I decided to with Dr. Salama. His results look more natural to me. Wish me luck on my weight loss journey.
Good luck hun on your up and coming bbl and I will peek in on you to see how your coming on your journey! Im up in June of this year exciting times for us best wishes!!!
Good luck to you. June is right around the corner. How exciting. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted with weight loss pictures. I get winded climbing stairs right now but I have to make it happen. Thanks again! !
Thanks I will give it a try. I really want phenomenal results so I have to do this.

Wish pics....

I know Dr Salama isn't a miracle worker but I feel if I can get this weight down beautiful things could happen. These are my wish pics. One of the photos is me at around 190lbs.
I'm having surgery in miami the same day hit me up..where you staying,want to share cost?where you coming from?
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