25 Years Old BBL and BL, ready for a new me!!

So I have been stalking this site and reviews for...

So I have been stalking this site and reviews for a few weeks now and finally decided to post for myself. I have always been self conscious of my body, I have more of a square figure from under the boobs down. Ive fluctuated in weight the past couple years I lost about 20-30 lbs and gained most of it back now but even when I lost the weight I still had stomach fat and love handles that ive always had and could never get rid of not to mention a small butt. I'm 5ft and about 155 lbs and my boobs are about a 36 DDD i dont currently have my measurements. All the women on my mother's side of the family all have large butts (I am the exception) thankfully I was blessed with boobs. so I am definitely doing a brazilian butt lift and im also considering a breast lift as well, they still look good but thinking I might as well do that while im at it. I live in miami and because of that I was looking for PS in my area. I've considered Dr.Hasan, Dr.Salhauzer, Dr.Fisher and Dr.Ortega. I always thought I have great people to choose from why travel when after airfare, hotel and other traveling expenses is probably the same cost but most recently I've been seriously considering Dra Duran. She produces amazing results that are exactly what I'm looking for, a small waist and heart shaped booty. I'm in the beginning of my journey but I'm so excited to get started. I sent in a request for a quote today to her through her website. I've seen that age can be a little difficult to get a hold of of anyone has any pointers or advice to offer I'd greatly appreciate it. For now I'll post up some wish pics :)

mini update

Hello all :)!!! Not much new going on here I decided to go ahead and add Duran on Facebook and instagram and decided to send her an email directly in Spanish. I originally sent a request for a quote through her website but it was so vague so I sent her a nice email with wish pics and all. I sent it to her directly does anyone know typically how long it takes her to respond to that first email requesting the quote? Im hoping to have this done this year and I am in the process of saving money for it. Can anyone reccommend any recovery houses or give some insight besides surgery what else ill be needing so I can get all the finances in order for this :). Thanks so much ladies all help and information is appreciated! !

So hard to contact Dra. Duran!!! HELP!!!

I've been trying to get in contact with Dr.Duran and have had no luck :(. Is the only way to get in touch with her now through bella vita?? I've emailed and sent her messages on whatsapp and no responses. If anyone can help i'd appreciate it. I sent her a message today on whatsapp because i heard she responds a lot on sundays so i thought i would take that advice. I am very much set on having her do my procedure and i don't want to go to anyone else. Also does anyone know how to change the Dr. i mistakenly put a wrong name for her and i don't know how to update. Thanks everyone :)!!

Forgot to add...

I also added her on Facebook last week but she still hash't accepted my request but almost immediately accepted my instagram request. Anyone one with any other helpful information about what i need to purchase in order to prepare for the surgery i'd really appreciate it :D!!!
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