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I'm a 23 year old woman of Afro-Caribbean descent...

I'm a 23 year old woman of Afro-Caribbean descent interested in rhinoplasty. I love the ethnic shape of my nose, but I dislike the size/width of my nostrils & hope to have them reduced. Growing up, it was always nice to have something that nodded towards my ancestry and visibly linked me to my mother. So, much of the delay in getting around to this has been about heritage/pride, but I'm now a grown woman who can't do something as simple as throw my head back and laugh without feeling self conscious or swim (using proper technique) without somehow taking in water! I'm still researching procedure types, but for now I'm fairly certain that I don't want my septum involved at all, if possible.

Currently looking for surgeons in the US who're adept at maintaining (and appreciating) a nose's 'ethnic' character! Suggestions welcome (:

UK/EU Surgeons and Timing

So, due to time constraints and impending employment, I've decided to focus on surgeons my side of the Atlantic. I love the work of Dr. Oelbrandt (MANY thanks to AmelVa for the recommendation) and am awaiting confirmation for my consultation date in May. I'm going to a wedding June 1, graduation on July 14 and a convention August 22, so it's looking like September is going to be it. I'd love to have it sooner, but I'm worried the swelling wont subside fast enough between these picture heavy events. There's roughly 6 weeks between each event, but I dunno, is that long enough? I don't want to feel rushed or like my healing is on a schedule. Thoughts?


So I had my consultation with Dr. Oelbrandt yesterday and first off, the receptionist was lovely so I immediately felt less anxious. Dr. Oelbrandt is extremely understanding and very knowledgable. I went in sort of hell bent on a closed rhinoplasty because the pictures of open rhinoplasties terrify me and I wanted to minimize recovery time. He explained to me using images and demonstrations how internal incisions would only create a minimal change in my case (because of my bulbous tip) and I would no doubt later want revision surgery. I went in thinking the problem was partially my tip but mainly the width of my nostrils, only to see (after measurements and considerations of my bridge and profile) that the size of my nostrils is actually just exaggerated by the bulbous nature of my tip.

He recommended an open rhinoplasty with trimming of skin/cartilage, in order to create a more defined tip. In doing so, my nostrils would appear smaller anyway, but if still bothersome, I could have an alar base nostril reduction. But the first and most important order of business is tip refining, in order to give a more delicate finish to my face (imo).

I'm attaching a photo of a beauty guru who's nose I like and that Dr. Oelbrandt said I can expect similarities to if and when the tip of my nose is defined more. Obviously it won't be exactly like hers, but it was a huge relief to hear since her nose is in no way European and I'd still be able to maintain my heritage on my face (: I'm very much looking forward to hearing about fafa444's experience and any other Afro/Carib girls in Europe, definitely check out Dr. Oelbrandt - he's all about maintaining ethnic integrity and realistically matching your goals, to your face. He's worked on Afro/Carib and other ethnicities before, and while they're not online (I'm guessing privacy clauses and such), before and after photos can be seen in a presentation at your consultation. He doesn't push anything on you, but he does remind you that often experienced surgeons can see what the client can't or won't - so go with an open mind.

My procedure includes 4 - 5 'points', general descriptors of what he intends to do and why/with what result (which is great in the surgeon decision making process for those of us not familiar with medical terms) and for that, I was quoted £3200 or approx. $5400 for any US readers interested in the price/value comparison. That price included all check ups, surgery and anesthesia (I will be out cold thank God lol). Pretty sure I. Going to spend my first week in Belgium, rather than the recommended two hotel nights just because I've never been and I have zero interest in traveling on the Eurostar with a bandaged face? Apparently everyone does it but I'm not that brave!

Anyway this has gone way over, please excuse any typos as I'm on my mobile.. I hope this is a helpful update and that anyone looking into Dr. Oelbrandt has had some questions answered (:
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