29yo Caucasian Female with Moderate Acne Scaring

My struggle with acne started at about 13. My...

My struggle with acne started at about 13. My mother and older brother had struggled with acne all through their teens and into adulthood and I knew that even when I got the horrendous acne under control the scars would inevitably follow. By the time I was an adult I had learned how to manage the breakouts and the dream of having acne free skin evolved in to the dream of scar free skin. It is this dream and slog of research that has led me here... and so my journey starts.
Welcome, glad you decided to share your journey with us! Look forward to following your progress. What did you do to resolve your acne? What type of acne did you have, and what kind of scarring were you left with?
I tried everything! From OTC products to Accutane, Retin-A, antibiotics etc...In the end what made the biggest difference was learning to be very gentle with my skin. I started a routine of washing with Cera Ve face wash every morning and evening followed by a layer of 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide and finished with Cera Ve facial moisturizer am/pm as appropriate. I gently exfoliate very rarely maybe once every other month if that. I also dramatically changed my diet from fast foods and sweets to plant based clean eating. I would say the acne is about 95%+ improved! As for scaring I am left with mostly rolling scars as well as some ice pick scars and they are heaviest on my cheeks and temples.

The hunt for the right doctor!

After searching and researching and tons of self education I had learned two things: 1.There are many different approaches to scar treatment and 2. The greatest influencing factor on the success of any of these procedures is the physician performing it. After hours of lurking on many sites searching for people who had traveled down this same path i was on I came across a review for acne scar treatment on real self by a young man with remarkable results. I read through his reviews and was struck by the attention to detail and multifaceted approach his physician had taken with him. I looked into this Dr. Rahimi and I found that the more I learned the more I liked. Dr Rahimi writes that he prefers a more natural and holistic approach to cosmetic procedures and his ideas on the use of multiple different approaches to treat the whole problem just makes sense! I knew in the end that even though it would be about a 2-3 hour drive I had to see this doctor. With butterflies in my tummy I phoned the office, a friendly voice answered, and within minutes deed was done; my appointment set. First step- check!

Initial Consultation with Dr Rahimi

March first at 10am my Husband and I arrived at the Los Angeles office of Dr Rahimi. We were greeted by friendly down to earth front office staff and asked to sign in then offered a seat in a pleasant low key waiting room. After several minutes had passed we were called back into an exam room and shortly after joined by Dr Rahimi. The Dr took a seat across from us introduced himself and gave us a quick background on his ideals and approaches to cosmetic procedures. He asked me to tell him what I was unhappy with and what my expectations and hopes were for improvement. When I had said all that I could he asked to examine my skin and after a short examination he broke it down for me very simply. He listed for me the steps he would suggest and then showed me several B&A photos of others who had followed a similar treatment plan. He went briefly over pricing and explained that the price would include everything we had discussed. He said his goodbyes and his staff member replaced him to finalize details of payment and scheduling as well as to give us the detailed pre procedure instructions. And like that step two-check!

The master plan!!!

So this is the plan broken down...

Step 1: blood work 3 weeks pre-procedure.

Step2: Retin-A and Hydroquinone cream regimen for 2 weeks leading up to laser procedure.

Step 3: Microdermabrasion 1 week prior to laser procedure.

Step 4: Vitamin C supplement starting 5 days prior to procedure.

Step 5: Reduce sodium intake at least 48 hours pre procedure.

Step 6: Acyclovir starting the night before procedure.

Step 7: The "big" one! Multi laser approach including Mixto CO2 and pelleve.

Step 8: Heal! Lots of eucerin, coconut oil and patience!

Step 9: Wait and repeat as needed!!!

Dr Rahimi feels two rounds should give me good results though I won't be surprised if it's more :)
* it is worth noting that because I am a vegetarian I was started on a protein supplement 1 month pre-procedure to ensure proper healing. (My favorite is MRM Veggie Elite Chocolate Mocha Protein powder made with unsweetened almond milk. I also started a collagen supplement)

Pre-procedure photos... Eeeek!

This is my "before" album. Ugh!
Good for you, you took a safe approach. Plant based diets are awesome for you!! I have the same type of scars, and they used to bug me a ton but as I got older I just learned to live with them. I also notice in time they seem to get better, I have not had any treatments for them, only lots of exercise, manager my stress, eat right, and lots of water...and they have improved. I am certain yours will too!

Pre-laser Microdermabrasion and facial.

I've been following my regimen of Retin-A and Hydroquinone at home for the last week. Tuesday I went in for my pre laser facial. The Dr explained that this step would give a deep clean and prep the skin for the laser allowing for a more effective treatment. The facial started out very soothing and relaxing with warm steam blowing in my face and gentle scrubbing then the lady explained that I had quite a few blackheads that needed to be cleared. This step was painful but tolerable. I am not certain exactly what was going on except that a needle like tool was used to extract the buildup in the clogged pores. This was all finished off with a round of microdermabrasion which was not painful at all. Step 3-check! One week to the big day!!!

1 day post Mixto and Pelleve!

I have a full review under Mixto but I wanted it all to be linked together for my B&A pics so her I am immediately after and 1 day out :)

Morning after tx

Day 2 (morning after treatment)

Day 2 pictures

Day 3 pictures!

Day 4 pictures!

Day 5 pictures!

Day 6 pictures!

Was this a lighter treatment? Did you crust at all?
I don't think it was lighter but I don't have any previous experiences to compare with. I can say that I did not have a "quick easy recovery with a sunburn feeling on day 2" like I've heard a lot of people mention! I did crust, however, I was a bit obsessive with washing. I washed every 2-3 hours around the clock and anytime I felt the crust. I also used coconut oil with the aquaphor which I think helped prevent too much drying out since I probably washed more than I should have.
Oh wow, by day 6 the redness sure has subsided - how are you feeling about your results so far?

Day 7 pictures!

Hey there, just checking in for an update, how are you making out?
Where did you buy the Cera Be from?
Wal mart :)

6 week update!

Im very happy with my results! Still have some redness that is more obvious on the jaw line and worse with heat or physical exertion but it lightens everyday! Skin looks best in the mornings but still significant improvement from before!
Your result is pretty amazing. But I am concerned about the long term effect (1+ years) which no one seems to address on a positive note. I know you only had it done recently but can you keep us posted on your long term progress? Thanks.
Hey there, just checking in to see how you are progressing. Did the redness finally clear?
Wow! Your results are AMAZING! The improvement is so astonishing. Congrats.
Dr David Rahimi

Cosmetic surgeons are a dime a dozen here in California so you know if I'm driving 2-3 hours each way for an appointment or blood work the doctor must be special. I searched a great deal to find Dr Rahimi. Obviously I wanted a physician who could demonstrate quality work and great results, but of equal importance to me is the physicians character. Dr Rahimi prides himself on his holistic and less invasive techniques and MOST impressive to me is his multifaceted approach to cosmetic procedures. I have only had my initial consultation at this point but I am eager and excited to start my journey with this unique doctor! I will update as I check my upcoming procedures and appointments off one by one!

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