36 Years Old Atlanta Resident Needed Breast Lift Years Ago!!

I've always hated my breast, never perky and...

I've always hated my breast, never perky and during my younger years I would fluctuate in wright from 130-145. Very soft skin without much elasticity.
My first consult quote was 5800 way above my budget second is 3220 after 30% discount with Dr Colgrove and he has his own surgical facility. Nice staff, vitals are checked to make sure you're in the healthy range. After consult the admin gave me a list of test to have done at Any Lab Test (did today) once results are cleared I can schedule my appointment aiming for May 9th. I'm a social smoker and love wine. I am quitting smoking on April 1st and will go on a 30 day diet and exercise regimen. I've always wanted a breast lift and I can't believe it's happening!!!
I'll be following your journey, I'm in Atl too and looking for the right PS
Hi Azzmatazz, awesome! My first consult with Dr Klein (Piccosmetics) was amazing but the price was too high. I spoke with the coordinator to see if any adjustments can be made. Dr Colgrove's price was perfect but I didn't feel a connection with him. I've scheduled 2 more consultations and have to make my decision by the 18th as I have a non-negotiable surgery date of May 9th. What procedure are you planning to have?

Booked with Dr. Klein

I'm excited booked with Dr Klein! So I've decided to go with another dr, even though the price is higher I feel I will get the results I want. This is a life changing experience where price is not the determining factor. $5580 for the lump removal, lift, and inverted nipple repair. Working out and getting as healthy as I can 28 days and counting!
Yes he is but my surgeon is at repositioning the tissue to give more fullness in the top. He specializes in reconstructive surgery also.
I want a breast lift, undecided on implants I really don't need size but would like cleavage.
I traveled to Miami for my bbl & loved my Doc but I would much rather stay local for breasts so I can have unlimited access to follow ups

Deposit Paid!

No turning back now! Deposit paid pre-op scheduled for April 24th surgery at 9am on May 9th. I have cut out the social smoking even though I still drink Yaay! So that proves I do not have to smoke when I drink! I can't stop googling breast lift before and after pics!! OMG
Hey girl! Which PS you decide on? Congrats on putting down your deposit!!
Dr Marc Klein...I'm so excited,.

Pre-op Done-13 days to go!

Pre-op went great! Dr. Klein is so personable and warm. All monies are paid surgery scheduled fo 9am. I can't believe this is happening truly a dream come true! 13 days and counting.

Omg!! 4 days and counting!!!

It's surreal almost here, I smoked a hookah on Sunday I'm sure that's okay! Send good blessings my way!!

2 hours Post-Op

Surgery went great! The nurses and staff at North Fulton a Hospitals are wonderful, very friendly and make you feel extremely comfortable. Arrived at 7:30 am saw the admin nurse immediately to fill out paper then off to the waiting room. I waited about 30 mins then off to the patient room, vitals were checked, it's inserted and legs wrapped in compression pads and are squeezed during surgery to avoid blood clots. Dr Klein arrived about 8:50 to mark and answer any questions (9:10am appt time). Off to the OR...sleep! Woke up in recovery room too 2 male nurses really friendly I was coming off the high and don't remember what I was talking about. Lol. Rolled back to my patient room nurse Shavon arrived to discharge and off we went! Dr Marc Klein at Premier Image is amazing!


North Fulton Hospital and IVs inserted
Congrats doll! Happy healing!!!!

Procedures done

Mastopexy, mass/lump removal and inverted nipple repair.
Thank you!

Follow today!!

The gauze hsascome off and......they are beautiful, my expectations were exceeded. OMG!! I am truly the happiest BL patient in the world right now!
So exciting! They look wonderful!
Thank you!!
They're GORG!!!!

10 days post op

Very happy thus far hopefully they wont go down much more...fingers crossed????
Great results! And this is only a BL right? No implant? I have a TT and BL scheduled for June 20th, and have been going back and forth about the implant idea. I am a D cup now, and I like the size, so I don't think I need the implant. I hope my results are as great as yours!
Hi there! Thank you, i too like my sized just hated the sag. No implant just anchor lift, my ps sewed the tissue to my chest wall. I was dead set against having implants because of the "what ifs" but it depends on the look you are going for. Good Luck!
Very Nice Results !

Silicone Gel Sheets

Has anyone used New Gel Silicone Sheets? My PS gave them to me to use once my strips come off.

14 Days Post Opp

Hii!! Wow, they look great!! Im getting the same thing done next thursday. I am sooo nervous but excited. They told me to use that new gel lotion. Do you think its worth it?
Wow you look like your healing really well and really fast. They look great, I hope to have a nice recovery as you
Thank you! I am very pleased with the results!

Almost 3mths!!

Dr. Kline was amazing! I am very happy! Good luck to everyone going through the journey, it is worth it!
Looking great! Congrats. Thanks for all your support! xoxo
Beautiful results! I am going in for a BL consult in Raleigh, NC on Thursday and am so excited. If my results looked anything like yours I would be thrilled. Thank you for sharing your experience!
What city and state is your dr in ! Gotta check out more of the work he's done, wat he did for U is great!
Dr Marc Klein

Dr Marc Klein and his staff are amazing. Awesome Experience!

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