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I feel like we already know each other. I had a...

I feel like we already know each other. I had a review before, but someone I know from work was talking about realself and I got sketched and removed all my pics and closed my account. They weren't talking about tattoo removal, but I still don't feel like talking to anyone at work about it ever. Anyway, I'm back and still bad at taking light/skin consistent photos, but I think it's important to share info, support, and progress here...all for the tattoo removal cause. As lame as it sounds, I genuinely missed some of you. Feel free to PM me. May your ink and regret always be fading.

I have had 2 treatments with a space of 8 weeks at the time of this review. I have another scheduled 8 weeks from my last as long as I'm completely healed and skin texture restored. I will wait longer if need be.

Before-right after 1st tx- 4 weeks after 1st tx

Right after 2nd tx- 4 weeks after 2nd tx

4 week side by side of tx 1 and 2

10 weeks after 2nd treatment

I'm really looking forward to my next treatment in about 2 weeks. I didn't plan to have 12 weeks in between treatments but I'm trying to be really patient and I want to try to avoid alot of textural changes or scarring. It was really annoying trying to keep it out of the sun at the beach, so next year no matter what state of removal, I'm taking a break through summer. I'll post after my next treatment, until then wishing everyone well.

3rd Treatment

Had my third treatment today. It had been 12 weeks since my last so I was looking forward to it. I will update in a few weeks after recovery.
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Happy Healing :)
Lots of water, healthy food and rest!
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Nice fading!!! :) keep us posted and wish you a successful treatment in few weeks!
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Nice fading! i agree, keeping it out of the sun is so annoying, i too will take a break in the summer (danish summer is short luckily lol)
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That is some seriously impressive fading! GJ man, and good luck continuing!
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awesome fading. are you using q switch or picosure laser?
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Thanks xraygirl, I'm being treated with a Qswitch laser.
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So good to have you back! Awesome fading! :)
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Thanks! I saw your update and it looks like it's fading awesome for you too! You can never escape the KGB ;)
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KGB is watching you! Day and night lol
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Welcome back :) You are making great progress. Keep us posted. 
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Thanks. Good to be back :)
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