I Want to Have Rhinoplasty, Who Should I Go To? -United Kingdom

I haven't had it yet, I would like to have it done...

I haven't had it yet, I would like to have it done next month, But I'm nervous. I'm looking for a good surgeon in the uk. I'm not sure where to go! Any recommendation? About a month ago I've had lasek eye laser surgery but would rhinoplasty effect my vision? My optometrist surgeon said that should wait for about 3 to 4 months but I'd like to have it done next month.


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Hello! Finding the best surgeon in UK is tough, i'm looking too! It's hard to give you much help cos i don't know what country in the UK you're from and how far you're willing to travel. Just make sure you find a rhinoplasty specialist -i'd suggest looking at the BAAPS/BAPRAS website, they only review surgeons registered with them. If you find one elsewhere, make sure he's registered also. It's the British equivalent of.........can't remember what the American initials are, but basically 'board certified' :) Good luck and keep us informed
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Thank you, I'm in London and was hoping to have it done here because of the complications that might occur after surgery. I heard surgeons in New York are really good but it is a bit pricy. But I'm wondering if I'm aloud to have rhinoplasty after LASIK surgery as I have had it done!

Platysmaplasty &rhinoplasty

I've had a rhinoplasty and platysmaplasty about 5days ago, at first I thought I should have a chin implant with my rhinoplasty but my surgeon advised me to have platysmaplasty plasty instead of chin implant as this wouldn't get rid of my double chin caused my genes passed on to me -Mr D'asouza also explained that it could be possible my body rejects the implant (plus he explained the effects of a chin implant) he said that he wouldn't mind putting one in if I wanted him- I went home thought about it checked the reviews about the great work he does and agreed. Now I'm only 6days post Opp I had no pain whatsoever only mild pain after getting back home but now I'm just getting a bit of uncomfortable pain under my chin! Not sure why all of a sudden I'm getting this pain could it be psychological as I have been more concentrating on my nose than my neck! It would be great to get an opinion.

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London rhinoplasty and platysmaplasty

I've had rhinoplasy and platysmaplasty by Mr Alwyn D'souza at the same time and I could say that he is fantastic-I'm swollen at the moment but I must say it he results are looking great:). I'm gonna post some pics


Where's the pics?
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Can't wait to see the pictures. Hope you are healing well and feeling happy:-)
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How's your recovery coming along?
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