Vaser Lipo to Flanks, Abdomen and Saddlebags two years post op

I have suffered for 20 years with pockets of fat...

I have suffered for 20 years with pockets of fat on my flanks (the bum that looks like a shelf syndrome), my outer thighs and a small stubborn bit on my abdomen around my belly button. I shouldn't complain really - at the age of 14 I weighed 230lbs and by the age of 15 I weighed 135lbs (I am 5'9" tall). I am still around the 140lb mark and except for 2 pregnancies - I have stayed there for 20 years now. I also have the expected skin looseness associate with such a weight loss.

I have always thought about surgery of some sort but have never found a procedure I was comfortable with or could afford or both. I have been told I probably need a full tummy tuck plus lipo but I don't have the time or financial resources to dedicate to this procedure - plus - I am a big wimp and don't want to add a great big scar to a stomach (altho covered in stretch marks) that I have come some-what to terms with over 20 years. So I have opted for Vaser to tackle my stubborn areas and then I plan to wait a few more years to see if that has been enough - or if I need to go the whole hog so to speak and have a tuck of some sort.

I am scared to death about Friday - having insomnia but fingers crossed on Saturday I will be posting some great pics and telling you all how fantastic it was!! Got my Ipod loaded with good tunes - so ready to go!! Wish me luck!! And Thank you all in Advance for your support - this forum has been a lifesaver for me over the last few months!! XX NiceFace

Ok Everyone - I've done it!!  or almost...

Ok Everyone - I've done it!!  or almost done it.  I had Vaser to my hip/flank area and saddlebags yesterday. I was meant to have a small bit around my belly button done as well but I required the maximum amount of allowable local anaesthetic over the 4 hours my surgeon spent sculpting and fine-tuning these areas (told you all I was a wimp!!). Therefor I am going back in 2 weeks time in order to have my abdomen done. I was a bit upset by this at first but now, in hindsight, I know it was for the best. 1. there is no way my provider would risk my safety and recovery and 2. it will give her an opportunity to see how my skin and body responds to the Vaser so that when she does do my abdomen in a couple of weeks time she will have a good idea of how agressive she can be - also - this is my trickiest area for skin looseness.

Guys - this is a painful procedure. I'm not going to lie to you. I wasn't in tears or anything - but I did bite down on my hand a few times. Partially I think my pain was due to my anxiety and fear (I've never had any kind of procedure in the past and 20 years of thinking about it all probably didn't help). But my surgeon also explained to me that, especially in my saddlebag area, I had a type of sclerosed (like grissily hard) fat that even the mighty Vaser doesn't easily break up.  I swear to Gosh I think she is mighty mouse!! How she managed to delicately power thru these areas is beyond me! And again, this is all part of why I took 4 hours to do.

The most painful part of the procedure by far is the initial injection of the anaesthetic into the tissues. The probe is pushed in a bit at a time - and the pain comes from a combination of this and my skin stretching. The anaesthetic burns a bit but this is nothing to worry about. Then comes the Vaser which 'Pops' the blown up fat cells and liquifies them. This is not painful as you are soaked in anaesthetic by this point and if it does become painful, the surgeon just tops you up with a bit more. I will say - the feeling of the Vaser is a bit odd - like running a rod over fatty gravel?!

Lastly - the best bit - the sucking out of the fat - this is not an unpleasant feeling at all and you have the comfort of seeing the containers fill up with your unwanted fat.  In my case - she took a total of 1100cc's of my flanks and saddlebags. Again, if the suction probe starts to hit areas where the anaesthetic has worn off - your surgeon just tops you up.

I was a bit shakey when I got up and a wee bit lightheaded but otherwise fine and weirdly kind of euphoric (because it was over and from all the adrenalin they pump in you with the anaesthetic). The lovely nurse made me a cuppa and gave me a biscuit while I sat and POURED fluid out!!  They say you are either a 'sweller' or a 'drainer' - I am definitely a drainer (thank Gosh) but the down side to this is that I had to change my compression garment by the time I got home as it was soaked thru - as well as my bandages. I had to sleep on a towel on top of an old sheet on top of some large incontinence pads the clinic kindly gave me. Sleeping was a nightmare - I woke up seemingly constantly throughout the night - the pain never got unbelievable because I stuck to my pain killers every 4 hours. I have a course of antibiotics to take as well which are fine.  I am not able to eat much (not a bad thing really) because my compresion garment (goes from under my boobs to my knees and the cost of 2 were included in my fee!!)  is so snug I feel full after a few bites. I am concentrating on drinking plenty of liquids and chilling out. I did find that in the night I moved from my bed downstairs to my settee and I was able to lie semi-upright and lean against the back of the settee for support which helped take away my back pain from sleeping flat on my back in bed ( I am a side sleeper).

Please send me any questioins you might have. I will try to get some pictures to you all at some point as I know how important they are. I haven't had a look yet as I am still draining and very swollen.  Will post asap.

Hey everyone! I am now Day 2 Post Vaser - I will...

Hey everyone! I am now Day 2 Post Vaser - I will eandeavour to post you all some pics tomorrow at Day 3 once I have gotten the kids on the bus to school and can have 5 minutes of peace to myself!!

I am seeing the tiniest bit of reduction in swelling but not anywhere near enough to tell what my outcome will be. I have stopped draining and am wearing compression inserts which go in your compression garment in order to keep areas smooth and unmarked form the garment as well as to add extra compression to these areas.

I hope this will help my healing as I have loose skin issues and am anxious not to wrinkle. I haven't needed any painkillers today but imagine I will still be taking some tonight before bed. The wounds now (all 6 of them) are a bit itchy and still a tad sore but nothing too bad. I have minimal bruising which suprises me but I believe the compression helps with this.  I am desperate for a bath but it will be a while before I get one of those!

Right - well - fingers still crossed for a great result. My rational mind says there is no possible way 1100 cc's of fat can be sucked out of you withou you seeing a difference. Just need to bide my time!


Here are my post Vaser photos. I am sorry for the...

Here are my post Vaser photos. I am sorry for the long delay - I am now 4 1/2 months post Vaser to my lower abdomen, flanks and saddlebags. I always understood (as my Dr. Explained clearly to me) that my progress would be long and slow. I am now fully healed and I am over-all happy with the results. More than anything I can not say enough about my surgeon. I feel she really understands my desires but is also realistic with what I can expect and aim for. She wont just tell me what I want to hear but likewise she has my best interests at heart - or at least I feel she does. I have seen her numerous times post operatively and her care for me has been holistic and honest. My skin has resonded much better than my surgeon or I could have expected and I believe a large part of that is down to her skill with Vaser. I am definitely much more proportional in clothing - more of a true hour glass now that I am minus my saddlebags in particular. If I am going to be totally self critical I would say I feel I would benefit from more fat being removed from my flanks and around my belly button. On my flanks I feel I still have quite a 'shelf' of fat that sits above my bottom therefor reducing the appearance of a bottom - instead mine kind of melds into my back. Around my navel - which was always going to be one of the tricky bits - the very lower part has responded REALLY WELL with skin tightening and fat reduction. The bit above this around my belly button has reduced slightly but has proven to be quite stubborn. I will see my surgeon again for further review and I quite confidently put myself in her hands.

So here i am...two years post op Vaser lipo to my...

So here i am...two years post op Vaser lipo to my lower abdomen, hips and saddlebags At the start i was 66.6kg or 146 lbs. I am now 62kg or about 136lbs. Immediately after surgery i was swollen for a long time even tho i leaked quite a lot of fluid from my incision sites. Two years in and i still have the results. I need to put up some new photos so you can see as my last ones post op i was still around the 66kg mark. I have a whole new shape. I can wear skinny jeans and dresses on me are effortless as i have such a smooth contour. Out of my clothes isnt too bad either but as i used to weigh 230lbs i have a huge amount of stretch marks and loose skin that no amount of Vaser is going to solve. I wanted also to say that i have lost weight since my surgery. I plateaued at about 65kg post op and then i started running a bit more and eating a bit less and sure enough i have been between 60 and 63 kg for the last 18 months. One thing i have noticed is that i used to dieat like mad to try to get rid of the stubborn pockets of fat and because they never moved i often gave up. Now that they are gone, im not fighting against an imoveable object anymore so the few pounds i have lost has come off areas i never used to lose weight on like the inside of my thighs and my bum. I am more than happy to answer any questions for those of you considering the procedure. Best wishes!! Niceface
Dr. Jonquille Chantrey - Surgicare

I can not even see the results of my procedure yet - having only had it yesterday - but I can tell you what an amazing Surgeon, Doctor and Woman Miss C is. She took 4 hours to sculpt my outer thigh, saddlebag and flank are - a perfectionist who had her work cut out for her because of my weightloss and skin laxity. I know whatever my result turns out to be that she will have given me the best I could have possibly attained.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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Thanks for the update -- I'm glad you're still happy with your surgery. Can't wait to see new pics!

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HI I had tumerscent liposuction about 3 weeks ago. I had my abdomen, inner thigh knee extension, hips and love handles done. I had a huge amount of 6.5 litres of fat removed. I can see a difference in my inner thighs and calves, but I do not feel that my abdomen is much different. I am dissappointed that after such a large amount of fat taken out that I am still in the same size clothing. I know it is early days but the bruising is almost gone as well as the swelling. I have spent so much money and I am in debt for something I believed would have such better results then this. Wouldn't I be able to tell by now a major difference in looks?? I have not had any follow up visits or after care due to my Dr living a far distance from myself.
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Hi there, I hope things are getting better and better! I am very interested in your progress because I also have some loose skin (from being a chubby young teen, but apparently I'm stuck with it..). I am planning on having vaser lipo in a couple of weeks but I am sort of having loose skin nightmares! Are you noticing decent retraction? Are you happy you did it? Thanks!
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Hi there - sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I am now 4 1/2 months post op. My results are pretty good but not perfect. I feel I need another pass over my abs around my navel and across my rear flanks. My progress was really long and slow and although my lovely Dr. was totally honest and told me this is how it would be - it was still really frustrating and there were times I was in tears thinking I had wasted my hard earned money. Now however I feel pretty good. My skin has responded really well considering how slack it was. My lower abdomen is much better than it was before and my right saddlebag in particular was very uneven and bumpy and is much much smoother now. That is due primarily to my Dr.'s skill tho and only a bit down to the Vaser if I am to be totally honest. She had to be really careful to carve out the right amount in the right area so as not to make the problem worse. I am going back to see her in 2 days time and I know she will be pleased with her work. How have you gotten on? Have you had the surgery yet? I would love to hear how you have gotten on!! take care xx niceface
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Hi there, I've also had my tummy side and back done and am in my 5th week of recovery, however have this TERRIBLE lower back pain. My muscles and fascia are terribly inflamed. Has the same happened to you to? I'd love to hear how you manage the problem. I have very little core strength so I do lower abs exercises but doesn't seem to improve my back pain..... Pls Help!!!
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p.s. will post pics of work done soon!... happy with the results!
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How did it go? Has the swelling gone down ?
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Hi NiceFace, Happy healing and hope to see you pics soon. I am also thinking about getting this done to my thighs and bum. Your body looks good even before the Vaser and I believe you will look fantastic!!
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Hi Everyone - Just to update you all - I am now 2 weeks post Vaser to my hips/flanks and saddlebag area. I am still swollen but am finally now seeing some of that swelling reduce. I still have no idea what the outcome will be as I am pretty much the same size as prior to surgery - I do however feel I should start to see some result in the coming days and weeks. I am back to Surgicare today to have my stomach done as planned and for my surgeon to review my progress so far. I will let you all know how it goes and as soon as I can take a picture worth posting (ie where people can start to see some result ) I will post one. Wish me luck! niceface
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hi! I had mid def on my upper and lower stomach, hips and back. I was sick and fainted! I am in so much pain i can hardly stand up! My results are fab though! I wil put my photos up when i feel better. I had 3.5-4 litres taken out! X
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I too have a similar body type. I am tinkering with doing this procedure. I have had 3 c-sections so I have the nice fat pad on the tummy and the fat pad on the flanks. When you swell... are you more swollen then your body presurgery? Did they tell you about how long you will be swollen for? Do you have any pictures of the compression garment? I'm sorry I have so many questions. Did they explain to you how your skin shrinks up? I have a hard time believing that. I went to the Vaser website and saw their claims, but just want to make sure it's worth it. I'm excited to see your after pictures.
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Hey there Denise, Sorry to be so long in getting back to you - let me see if I can help you out with a few of your questions. First off - yes - I am definitely more swollen now (bigger in general) than I was on the day before surgery. I am Day 6 post Vaser and am just able to get my jeans on (and they aren't my tightest pair by far!) over my compression garment and even then - I only last a couple of hours in them before I switch back to sweat pants! This is due to swelling but also due to bruising and placement of my incisions - for my flanks the cuts are on my flanks approx. an inch or so above and either side of my tail bone. My saddle bags required another 4 cuts (two each side) one above and one below the saddle bag area - so a total of 6 cuts in all. They are fine and healing well and I should be able to have my bandages off completely in the next few days. The inciscions are tiny - so nothing for you to worry about there. As for skin shrinkage - having read numerous Vaser reports and information both on their website and in the news and trade magazines - my understanding is that the 'vibration' of the ultrasound (which sounds like a dentist drill in your head while it is on) produces a 'heat' effect which afterwards causes collagen regeneration to the treated area. Now this relies on two things - one - essentially - you are kind of encouraging scarring form the inside out - because the collagen stimulation is in reaction to your body's perceived 'damage' to the treated area. two - it also relies on the fact that your body has collagen left to stimulate. I can not recommend enough - please see a Surgeon!! This is NOT a medical procedure!! If you are anything like me - with fibrous fatty deposits from weight gain and pregnancy - then this is not a walk in the park! I think if you are very young and have not got any kids etc and very 'elastic' skin and a small amount to lose - then yes - I could see you having it done in a dr's office somewhere - but for me - I was calmed during my entire procedure because I knew my doctor was a Surgeon and would be able to handle the challenges my body presented - not to mention - complications if any should arise. I anticipate being swollen for some time to come - altho my Doc took 1100 cc's out of me - she pumped 3000 cc's of fluid in to me - so I know I have a way to go - also - she had to be fairly agressive with my fibrous fat and therefor - my body's natural reaction is to swell in response to the trauma. As I said - I am day 6 post Vaser and as of yet - I see little if any difference and I am swollen pretty much all over but especially in the treated areas. The compression garment I have is pretty horrible but effective. It starts just under my bust and goes down and splits in to two legs and follows to just above my knee. There is a lovely 'window' for you to pee thru (told you it was horrible!) and two rows of eye and hook closures down the middle abdomen line. It comes with a strap for you to hook on and wear over your shoulders - I do this most of the time as without it - it rolls down around my waist and becomes really uncomfortable. I will try to take a pic for you soon. There are several websites you can visit to have a look at compression garments - Holistic Garments and Macom are just two off the top of my head. My biggest challenge has been my morale - the results aren't instant for someone like me and I am finding sleep elusive as I get mega sore in my lower back from lying on my back all the time. I am just now beginning to be able to roll slightly to one side but I am still probably a good week or so away from a proper comfortable nights sleep. I am still taking pain relief both during the day and during the night - but it is much less than I was taking initially. I went back to work yesterday - I am a Nurse - so on my feet for the whole shift. I was swollen to my toes by the end of it but my Surgeon prepared me for this. I went home and after sorting dinner and the kids - put my feet up and tried to sip herbal tea (personally I am more a cup a joe kinda girl but I hear it helps water retention?) I will take some after pics today but I think I am a loooong way off seeing any result as of yet. Please come back to me with any questions - I am always happy to help. xx
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Good luck! I have mine scheduled in two weeks and I'm so nervous. I look forward to reading your experience.
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Good luck!! Im having mine done on monday in london. I have similar figure to u, im scared but excited!!! Let me know how u get on!!! x
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Good luck! Hope everything goes well for you.
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