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Hi I am 52 and scheduled for surgery. I have never...

Hi I am 52 and scheduled for surgery. I have never had weight problem until 3 years ago I had hysterectomy. I put on 3 stones. During that time I lost 3 friends in cancer, lost mum and mum in law as well. This should not be the reason of putting on weight and am ashamed but what to do I felt lost and depressed without these people in my life. I have lost one stone.

My stomach is big and saggy. I dont mind the weight gain in other parts of my body but not stomach so have decided to go for tummy tuck, nothing seems to fit and am fed up of looking constantly pregnant when am not. Hubby will not support me and my decision and I feel very much alone. I will have to do this all alone. I am scared nervous and worried. This site is very helpful and hope I will get courage and moral support from all other TTtuckers.

Hi everyone! Today has been difficult and busy...

Hi everyone! Today has been difficult and busy day, cleaned the house,went shopping for travel size toiletries and few other things. Packed my little bag as I have to stay 2 nights in hospital. I dont know if I will get some sleep as m worried nervous but excited! Will appreciate If anyoone can please tell me what foods to eat and avoid after the op. I drink lots of water is this ok? Will post my before and after pics once I know how to upload ! Am not clever with computer will be grateful if anyone can please tell me how to upload frm phone or compure as pic are on both. M praying for everyone and please keep me in your prayers too.

Hi everyone! Today 8th day post op and I feel...

Hi everyone! Today 8th day post op and I feel better and happy and little more energetic than past few days where I got tired without doing much. Sat on a chair next to the tub bent my head over the tub and washed my hair, dried it put light makeup on and felt lady like! ( body was just wipe down job). Although I cant see my new BB or Stomach as it is plstered and binder on but I can definetly see the flatness of the stomach ! I am really happy and cant wait for the plasters to come off on tuesday. feel few sharp twinges may be just healing process. Hope everyone who is going through this journey are feeling better and will remember all in my prayers....

Hi everyone! Today is 2weeks post op and I feel...

Hi everyone! Today is 2weeks post op and I feel much better. Managed to go into town did some shopping couldn carry it but had my cousin to help! I had to walk at slow pace, enjoyed the day and for a change didnt feel so tired! Still have swelling on and off more towards the end of the day. I have dissolving stitches on BB and lower abdomin. My BB looks as if its positioned a bit low but dont know if its me or what! Weighed myself not lost or gained any weight in 2wks but clothes fit me better and no bulging stomach! Thats good and worth all the pain. I still feel uncomfortable when i go toilet that is when the control pants are off! Still sleeping on my back rather than side. Every now and then I burst into tears I hope this feeling will also go soon. We had really gd weather lasr few days here in London and the sun is done lots of good and brightened my days.

Hi everyone today is 5wks since my TT, and m sorry...

Hi everyone today is 5wks since my TT, and m sorry I still not been able to post my pic! but will definitely make huby post them this wkend! Pain is not there but every now and then i can feel soreness on upper abdomin. I now walk abt 2mile everyday even in the rainy weather! My swelling below the incision (pubic area) is subsiding and starting to look betr but above incision is still swollen and looks like a roll (pouch) but my consultant told me its all swelling and it will flatten up when I saw him on 10th day after TT, I have to see him on tuesday again and will be asking him again about this, I do trust him because the pubic are is flattening and swelling is susbsiding so hopefully this also will flatten up! I have lost about 6lbs since TT, Not been dieting but its just the well look and feel factor and the little walks! Clothes fit better and look good! was size 8/10 four years ago and before TT had to buy few clothes size 16 to accommodate the big stomach and now after TT I fit in size 12 and look good. I hope that in few months time I will be able to fit in all my clothes again! I am really happy with results(apart frm the swelling above the incision). Had to buy a few high waist knickers so they dont irritate the uncision. also bought few high wasted medium conrol knickers and I wear 3 together at a time! this is because I found that 3pair give me good support and dont feel too sore when walking or driving. Its a big effort when visitng washrooms struggling in and out of 3control knickers he he he! I go to slip with them too! Thats y I bought quite a few pairs so I can change everyday! My BB also looks good and healing have a black scab on it hopefully scab will fall off and leave a good clean BB. M really thankful to the Real Self site and also Kim who always promptly answered all my questions and worries and advised through my TT journey. Just to say anyone considering a TT please go ahead and you will not regret it. Just choose a good consultant and Hospital. I pray for everyone having a TT or recovering from TT take care everyone and pictures to follow this wkend.
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Hi Rose, hope you are well, would love to hear how your doing now and see some recent pics now that you are 10 weeks po. God Bless
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Hi sue, yeah thanks for reminding me was too busy enjoying the sun and warm weather after the dreadful weeks of rain! will update soon and take more pic this weekend and post them soon! good luck on your tt journey and my prayers are with you and all the ladies going throught this journey hugsxx
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Thanks moira! U r so sweet! Hugs n kisses!
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u look fantastic peppy rose .thanks for allowing me to veiw your photos .sensational results .hugs to u moira xxx
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Thank you sue! Will be praying for you too!
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Thanks for the pics Rose, Your PS is very good. You look amazing. Happy healing!
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OMG you look fantastic!!!   Wow a completely new tummy:)   

Thank you for posting the pics!

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Thank you Kim! I am really greatful for your support and Real Self site and all the ladies who have and are going through TT journey. You all are amazing and have given me my confidence back which I had lost years ago!
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Thank you kateyj for understanding my journey of misery sorrow n unhappiness! Its very difficult to loose people who r close to you n are part parcel of your life! Yeah I like this site very much as its given me strength n courage to do something for myself and will help me start living again and enjoy going out which I had forgotten for last 3yrs! And getting support frm kind people like yourself is an added bonus!
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Dear Peppyrose
what a tough year you have had! not surprising you have put on wieght with all that stress! good on you for making this decision to do soemthing for yourself...Im so glad ive found this site as there are so many different stories and they have really inspired me!
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Hi there, good luck with your surgery. I'm sure you'll get lots of support here, there are lots of ladies in your position who get support from one another!

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Thank you so much for your support!
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