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Swelling Three Months After Tummy Tuck

It was a painful, but you could handle it. I am...

It was a painful, but you could handle it. I am not sure at the moment with the result, my belly is still swollen and I can’t get the right picture at the moment. I was well looked after in hospital and my sergeant was opened it I fully trust her. Is just this little thing what hopefully will iron out soon.

I had tummy tuck three months ago (august 2009) and my abdominal muscle and groin area are still swollen my doctor said there is not water and not to worry that it is normal. But I feel that my scar is too high up and my belly button is high to and again i been told that when the swelling go it will be back to normal. But how long it will take?

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Hi Comeandlook and Blondie36. Did your swelling ever go down. I had a tummy tuck/lipo done 5 months ago and I STILL have alot of swelling. I also have a vertical crease down the middle of my stomach, which I can tell daily it's going away. What was your outcome? Did your swelling go down or did you have to have a revision (on the tummy tuck). Please let me know. Thanks!!!
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Hey! I feel the same way and I still have swelling and I had my tummy tuck 2 and 1/2 months ago. Look at my pics. I am very depressed about it. Had an appointment this past Friday and my ps said it was just swelling and was normal and has offered to do some lipo on my tummy to help the swelling go down faster. He is going to do it at no charge. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it works. Please keep me updated.
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hi i had a tummy tuck in august 2009 too and im not happy with the results so far. i wonder if your happy now?
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I am not happy yet, but everybody is telling me to wait that I will not see full result after one year. It is the swelling that is bagging me. And that my belly button is to high and the scare as well, but again I been told when the swelling goes it will settle, so I will see
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Hi there, First of all, congrats, you look great!! After having my surgery, i was swollen for a while too, which i actually didn't realize until it totally went down. It took me about 6 month to see the "real" results and almost a year to be totally "healed" inside out. It was a year in Oct. 23rd and when i do sit-ups i can still feel where my muscles have been sewn together. I know it's hard to wait it out... but just try to be patient, you will look better and better every week!
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