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Botox Went Wrong - Pstosis (Drooping) of the Eyes / Cheeks / Mouth Are Possible Side Effects !!!

I went to the UK's top practice for 3 years...

I went to the UK's top practice for 3 years but when it went wrong i was treated apallingly, no admission of error and left absolutely devastated with no information.i thought it was permanent ?? i had to go on the internet and then get a second practitioners opinion.

pstosis ..(drooping) the side effect no one wants to talk about. can leave you looking horrendous..like you have had a stroke or with zombie eyes (or both, lucky me !).the practitioners who inflict it send women away claming they are hysterical, perfectionists, imagining things etc.despite being shown photo's taken just days before the procedure.

allergan are completely aware of these side effects but claim they are due to bad technique/pre-existing conditions??

however if a product is designed to relax muscles why deny it's effectiveness ?


the boards of people who have been treated with botox for migraine, bell's palsy etc.. are littered with horror stories.

botox is not some friendly harmless substance, as it has been marketed / promoted. it has MASSIVE physical side effects, messes with your adrenaline / nervous system, can migrate to your brain, has been linked with pediatric fatalities and does not have a wealth of clinical research around the use of it on the face as it's being used OFF - LABEL ie. not the purpose for which it was given medical approval. we are being used as guinea pigs, no one knows what the effects of long term use are over time on facial muscles, but botox has been linked to atrophy when used continously in other areas of the body so ???

Thousands of complaints have been registered with the FDA who have issued repeated warnings,hundreds of lawsuits pending on this , .. so called 'temporary' side effects can last up to 9months for some individuals. that is 9 months of pain, frustration , depression and having to endure the stares of strangers / friends who are wondering.. what is up with that woman's face ??

Do your research .. lots of extracts from medical journals out there on the web, i'm not making this stuff up.

Botox is not without risk and you should take the procedure very very seriously. It can go very very wrong.

I am in week 9 of bad pstosis (eyes/cheeks/mouth)...

I am in week 9 of bad pstosis (eyes/cheeks/mouth) from Botox. So I thought of starting a journal to see what does /doesn't help with the recovery based on my own experience.i also had excess hylase injected which i'm sure weakened the skin but wouldn't have caused such a HUGE drop.
a 2nd practioner confirmed it was too much botox, which had migrated into other muscles weakened my entire face.

Currently doing CACI facials (weekly), facial resistance training, sauna/steam 3 times a week for a minimum of 30 mins, eva fraser facial exercises, avocado masks (3 times a week), protein shakes / supplements and am tracking down lecthicin which may help the acetocholin (forgive the spelling) kick in the nerve impulses which botox freezes.

I am a week 9 and last night started using a heat pad direct on my face (moisturise the area first , pad wrapped in clingfilm after heating). i am doing this while i watch tv, for about 45mins in total. today for the first time i can feel the nerves in my face waking up at last !!!! (probably timing??) I am doing this across the whole areas affected and today i am get shooting / tingling impulses across my face .. all the way up to my scalp and beyond ?? some really strong, some very mild .. slight discomfort ...

I read that heat destroys the botox toxin, so maybe heating up the muscles affected can have the same effect??

if you have had success with any method please let me know !! i will do anything to get rid of my meltyface

18 months later... I am about 70% back to...

18 months later...

I am about 70% back to normal overall. Still waiting for filler to wear off, so i can get my symmetry back to normal. Corrugator muscles still very badly affected / flattened but powering through with CACI, massage and exercises.

4 years later effects are permanent

So four years on and my atrophy is permanent. I tried infra red, caci, electrical muscle stimulation, not sure if it made any difference.Started acupuncture about 4 months ago, some small improvements on my 'good' side, the muscle feels thicker on my 'bad'side but doesn't appear to be improving much . Going to keep it up until there is no hope. Still look a bit like Sloth from the Goonies, with a klingon's forehead. I am starting a financial plan for a surgical revision.
Name not provided

had 1 area affected by pstosis, they 'balanced' my face and now i have 3 areas affected !!!

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What do you mean under the eyes? Do you mean crows feet at the side? I recently had Botox and filler in nose to Mouth lines and I'm happy with it but reading the issues people are having is making me wary of having more.
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No, I don't mean crows feet, I mean my doctor injected the botox directly under my eyes from one corner to another. She also did do my crows feet but it was the under the eye injections of botox that caused this damage to my face. It isn't even FDA approved for this area and I reported my doctor to the FDA but it did no good but than the people on board of the FDA get huge bonuses from the manufacturers for keeping these products FDA approved and on the market. They make millions of dollars off botox, filler, etc each year and everything is about the money! These people don't care if our faces get damaged by their product all they care about is the money. You will be surprised to know that the only area botox is actually FDA approved for is the forehead. I don't know about the fillers. If anything is going to happen, it usually takes two weeks before any damage shows up. Also, you should know the more you have botox and fillers done, the more you will need them as you will start to notice that after every time you have it done and it wears off in the six months, each time your wrinkles will get even deeper and more noticeable. I would really try to stay away from these products if I were you!
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When you talk about under the eyes is that what you mean? I had Botox at the side for crows feet/wrinkles is this the same thing?
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Meltyface I just read your most recent addition. So sorry you are still struggling with this. Keep up the acupuncture ..I believe it has helped me quite a lot. Also have you tried weight training and yoga? Ive been trying to start again at the gym. My thinking is since my muscles wasted all over my head and scalp I need to build them up again by doing exercise that involves stabilizing. It is likely your face will build up again if you are doing whole body workouts and especially upper body weight training. My PT says my neck muscles have become especially weak and she's helping me strengthen them. I'm certain the muscles all over my head and neck have exacerbated the sagging skin on my face. Best of luck with everything and feel free to private message me if you just need to rant. I'm always up for a b*tch fest lol. xx Tori
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Mine was noticeable immediately but then over time some things got much worse. Right after the injections the fat pads herniated under both eyes giving me what appeared as 2 black eyes. My cheeks were very swollen and dragging down so when I saw pictures of me smiling the following week I was horrified by the loss of my lovely cheekbones. My eyes looked puffy and tired in the beginning and most of my eyelashes fell out within a few weeks. Then over the next few months things got really ugly. The skin on my cheeks was so loose it looked as if it were melting off my face. The left side was much worse than the right. My left eye and cheek started pulling down like bells palsy. My left eye got very baggy and wrinkled. When I talked my left cheek and left side of my mouth pulled down dramatically. The DAO muscle on the left got very strong without the support from the zygomatics. My face began to dramatically change shape. It took another year for the worst things to occur though. After a year my temples had shrunk down to nothing. You could see my veins and skull bones (still can) …and the wrinkles set in. As my eyes were weakened, they became very saggy and wrinkled. I developed a festoon under the left eye where the skin bunches up and looks twice as bad as the right. Over time my left cheek became thick and heavy and the zygomatics still are not firing to this day. The muscles all over my body were effected within a few months of the last botox injections. I noticed marked muscle wasting in my hands and legs. Since then Ive realized there was a good deal of atrophy all over my head. I'm now trying to strengthen those muscles but it's challenging. Over time I realized the zygomatics never healed in part because of a rhinoplasty surgery I had just a year before the botox …the area around my nose became so tight from the rhinoplasty (combined with botox and fillers) that began restricting my cheeks and preventing them from lifting. Basically the muscles around my nose are so tense and tight that my zygomatics have become static as well. I just had a revision rhinoplasty to help my breathing and am hopeful that will help the cheeks to loosen up and become more mobile and then the upper cheeks will begin lifting again. I'm working with an acupuncturist and PT to rehab and mobilize the cheeks. One of the worst outcomes for me has been my corrugator muscle on the left. It finally made a full recovery about 2 years ago but it came back with a vengeance. Now it is overly sensitive to light and any tiny amount of stress. It contracts constantly and I have a wicked headache all the time. I look as if I'm scowling hard. It contracts harder every time I smile (this is a medical condition called synkinesis that was caused by botox) so people often look at me like I'm crazy when I smile at them. I've taken to wearing a hat and or sunglasses all day ..even when I'm home because the light in my house is unbearable. On a positive note …over the last 6 months I have made enormous improvement in the asymmetry around my mouth by working with a PT and doing daily exercises. The saggy skin on my face has also made drastic improvement although it's nowhere near where I was before botox. However I still look a good 10-15 years older than I did prior. My skin has little elasticity and was very damaged by the stretching and the enzyme injections. My eyelids are still very weak and I just lost a patch of eyelashes a few months ago where there is weakness in my eye. My temple on the right has just begun working again in the last few months. It is sore all the time from my exercises. My forehead is still very narrow but it's slowly improving with daily exercises. Over time I'm looking healthier and a little younger but know I will never again have the symmetry the taut skin the muscle volume and the mobility I once had.
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When I say my face was damaged by stretching I mean it was damaged by the filler stretching it out ..filler attracts water to the area it's injected causing the tissue to swell. I do believe face stretches with the instruction of a Physical Therapist can be healthy and important in recovery from botox. Also I think if I had not undergone the rhinoplasty my face would have recovered faster and I would not have as many lingering problems. For me it was certainly a combination of procedures and poor technicians that exacerbated all of these issues. If you have one procedure done …take my advice ..wait awhile before doing anything else to your face. Face structure is such a delicate and complicated machine ..many doctors do not understand how delicate the choreography is between face muscles. Every individual has a completely different matrix of muscles nerves and tissues. The way each of our faces work is incredible and so highly individualized. When you tinker with that delicate system you are asking for disaster. Unfortunately Allergan would like doctors to believe otherwise and they are attempting to "play God." I now appreciate and respect my own face more than ever. I'm thankful for what I have left and would never consider altering it with any invasive procedure or injection. I hope others reading this can learn from my long and painful journey. I do plan to write a review on Realself for botox and for rhinoplasty. I have hesitated thus far because I have been trying to solve this mystery and fit all the pieces together for years. Things are becoming more clear but I still have some confusion. Once I heal from this recent rhinoplasty I will share my stories in the proper format. Until then …happy healing to everyone and don't ever give up! My face has improved more over the last 6 months than ever and I'm over 4 years out.
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Hi, Tori. How are you doing? Have you had more improvement working w/ your therapist? I have been trying to find a neurologist in my area to go see, but haven't had much luck. Most offer botox as therapy, so that's definitely a no-go!. I am 5 1/2 mos post now and have a lot of pressure above my left brow. I have been doing facial exercises for 3 mos now and light massage to try and stimulate muscle activity and smooth out my funky forehead. My forehead is so messed up. After botox, it got extremely oily. Now, I have these bumps and lumps under my skin in that area. I don't know if it's clogged pores? But I do know that I never had this before. I have read that botox can cause oil glands to become clogged. This has proven true in my eyelids, as I now have blepharitis in both eyes(clogged oil glands on eye lids). My whole face has taken such a beating from this toxin. :(
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Hi Florida girl. Sorry to hear you are going through all of that. Botox made my skin totally freak out for about 9 months after the last injections. My cheeks were lumpy red irritated ..I looked like a hormonal teenager. My skin had never been that way before. Any little thing irritated it ..it felt like I had no control over it. I used to get complimented on my skin all the time. After Botox and filler it totally changed. Now it is no longer irritated but I have permanent damage from the stretching the filler did. It looks like stretch marks on my cheeks when I smile. I'm sure that won't happen to you if you don't get filler or hyluronadase to correct filler. As for the clogged pores and irritation I believe that is a side effect from Botox and it will wear off eventually. One thing I have found very helpful is using some tools my acupuncturist got for me. They are these glass tubes with a rubber bulb that causes suction. I have been using them daily to pull up the skin on my face. This seems to stimulate the muscles by lifting the skin up. It might also stimulate the lymph system. If you are interested I can ask her where she got them. Another thing she does that is extremely helpful is electric stimulation on specific small muscles in my face. I also do a Tua Viso for electric stim but I don't recommend doing that until your muscles are mostly functioning again. I'm seeing a physiatrist whose specialty is stroke patients on Friday to see if he can help me retrain my face muscles. I will let you know how it goes. Good luck with everything! Your symptoms are most likely temporary and you have a good chance of making a full recovery. Keep the faith. xx
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Hi, Tori! I appreciate all your advice, thank you. Um, hell yeah, the glass tube gadgets sound like a "go" to me! lol.. I will try anything to fix this face short of injectables and surgery! I know you can relate. If you can find out where I can get them, that would be cool. If not, I wonder if using my fingers alone to pick up the skin would work? In one of my many facial exercise / acupressure and massage books, there's a facial massage where you pinch your skin and roll it upwards . I haven't tried it, but now I will. I just don't want to loosen up the skin anymore than it already is :( sigh...I have heard a lot about the Tua Viso. I will probably buy one in a few more mos. when this crap is out of my system. Good luck Friday. Let me/ know how it goes. We are all cheering for you and wish you luck. They should be able to help you :) xo
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Would you be interested in sharing your botox story on a prime time makeover show? We are looking to highlight the things which can go wrong with non invasive procedures - if you are then please e-mail monica.wellburn@storyvault.tv.
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I just had Botox last week and one eye is drooping. Im absolutley devastated. Im divorced, atractive but paranoid about aging as Ive been single now for 10 years and men just seem to want the younger women so I look after myself as best I can and tried botox a few times in the past for that little eyebrow lift and it worked wonders. That was until last week when I used a home visiting therapist who kept badgering me to try her at her extra cheap rates. I got what I paid for and ended up going back to my original therapist for help. Im still waiting to see if what he's done will counter her error.
Anyway, there is something that I am going to try from home. It's a micro current unit called the ZAPPER invented originally by Bob Becks. It sends tiny micro currents into the bloodstream and literally zaps any pathogens, bacteria and toxins and helps to produce more white blood cells. now I don't know if it will work regarding the Botox but I do know that there have been many claims of it helping people with AIDS, cancer and viruses.
I got mine from a British company called PhHealth.
A US company called SONAS do a more sofisticated version of it but it's dearer.
I hope it works as this droppy eye has just destroyed the next God knows how many months of the little dating confidence I had left.
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I am two weeks out today from my botox and frozen lip on one side and wierd cheek on the other GIRLS how long until MORE effects hit you I keep reading about cheeks falling and the like how long until that happened? THis is bad enough wondering if i can expect that too and if so when! Night time is the worst it s just panic.
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How long did it it take your cheeks to come back? I am 7 weeks post botox and entire face looks long and droopy. Any advice on how long I will have to wait this nightmare out?
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Tosha. I'd say between 11 and 14 weeks and I was COMPLETLY back to normal. Don't worry. Botox wears off!!! U r gonna be fine just a few more weeks do soft massage xoxo hugs
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Thank you!! It is so hard to wake up in the morning to see someone you do not recognize in the mirror. Everyone is asking me what is wrong. I look sick. Botox injected in glabella and crows feet. Eyebrows went way up..... cheeks went way down.... nightmare. The worst part is the cheeks on my already thin face. Did you do facial exercises during the 3-4 months? thank
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some but not overdoing it I did work out at the gym and the body metabolism is what eats up botox be patient its going to be fine!!!!! IT GOES AWAY LISTEN TO ME IT GOES AWAYYYYYY occupy yourself with other things and the time will pass. I dont believe botox should EVER be used below forehead it was when he did it around my eyes he went to low and my cheek and smile was frozen it wears off JUST the same as it does when it does what you want it to do: freeze wrinkles YOUR BODY will eat it up just live your life its gonna be ok Tosha 123!
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What's been happening, has anyone recovered from this beast yet? I have been up and DOWN for quite a few weeks now....I thought I was making progress but I really don't know anymore....I think you make some progress and get so over the moon about it and then that becomes the norm and you realise you are still not looking anything like you were before the injections ...I've really been in despair for a while now....as I am now 18 months post injections and my eyes are still crepey and NOT tight underneath. There HAS been progress but it's so small and crawls...I had to come on and write to you today as on Monday I went for an appointment with Ophthamology (Eye clinic) and spoke to a Doctor there about my eye woes. Before I tell you the bad news, I'll tell the bad news. ha. I told him that I was doing eye exercises to try improve things and he told me that I have very likely been making things WORSE. He told me that by tightening your eye like that all you are doing is stretching the skin there and adding to the problem. I could have cried right there on the spot as I have been doing that for months on end, sometimes for up to twenty minutes on a stretch. I can't say for sure if what he is saying is true but it makes sense and I am just too tired to even think anymore about all the contradicting stories we are being fed. The next thing is he had no knowledge of this procedure, he openly admitted that. He tried to explain my eye area away but suggesting I had aged NATURALLY !!! Or had lost weight.....arrrggghhhhhh, I could have screamed. One thing I know is this is all so dreadfully wrong....there are people out there injecting this stuff into peoples faces and nobody seems to know or care about it ...and nobody is monitored....I am so down today as I just want my eyes back to the way they were....I am slowly starting to accept that this is it, I am going to have to deal with the fact that the old me is gone :( Has anyone had any good progress????? ANd if so, how far on are you since injections?
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P.s. I also just heard that they have FINALLY recognised that fillers are bad news and calls are being made to regulate it.

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little late i would say.....
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Ah yes, Father Time he gets us all. I think it's understandable that in your mid/later 30's / early 40's those little changes in your face become big issues in your mind. There is huge pressure and constant bombarding by the media about self worth being linked to self image but on a very shallow / visual level. it's takes a very strong woman indeed to withstand that barrage, but i am that woman now. largely due to this experience. i can appreciate what i have and not mourn for what is past. i still have 50% of my life ahead of me (hopefully) and i am very very fortunate to live in the developed world. so i love my little face with all it's little flaws and faults. and that's priceless and gives me peace - better late than never !!
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Hi all,
I´ve been quiet too as I probably haven´t thought about my face THAT much lately (quite a lot anyway).

Tori now that you are going to have a baby, does she/he keep you awake at night? That might also have some affect on your face and make you look more tired. I know I look much worse if I haven´t slept enough. Late happy birthday wishes!

I went to a doctor last week (not about this) and she noticed something about my face when I smiled. So I´m not fully recovered yet. Told her what had happened and she reminded me about facial exercises. I´ve been really lazy, should start exercising my temples at least.. perhaps I should get some bubblegum too. :)

Been thinking a lot about accepting my age.. or actually I think I accept my age very well, just don´t want to accept the changes in my face. Now that I´m 37, I keep noticing those small lines and "wrinkles". Whenever I see a new line, my first thought is to get it filled right away. I´d like to get rid of that thought. I can´t go on filling and filling and filling.. it´s impossible to keep up with time isn´t it...

Way to go Melty, good news that you´re slowly healing!

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Just a little correction, I´m not running to get fillings all the time, just thinking about it. And that´s the thought I want to get rid of. :)
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So glad things are getting better although at a snails pace (I hear you) ..the CACI sounds heaven sent..wish they had one near me ..also had to tune my tua machine down on the right side because the some of the muscles would go crazy at the intensity it took to make others barely respond.. laid off tua on right temple altogether until I see some major changes.

bought some bubble gum ..the kind you get in gumball machines ...to give me a fabulous temple workout.. been chewing daily.
Had my 38th birthday sunday and went out with a new friend/coworker last night who acted shocked to find out my age ..bless her heart she's only 27
made her vow to never ever get botox/filler

Here's to healing and keeping the faith!!
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Hi, ToriS. I hope you re well and enjoying your baby and all good things in your life. I am wondering how you are healing? I hope to hear that you are healed and this is all a distant memory now. I relatge to your story, especially the loose,baggy skin under the eyes and droop deflated looking skin on the cheeks.. Please let me know how you are.
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Unfortunately I do not have good news for you. I never healed and things have only gotten worse over the last 2 years. My eyes are baggier than ever, cheeks still sunken low on my face forehead is narrow and I have an exaggerated asymmetry where the left side of my face pulls down much like a stroke victim or bells palsy.

My muscles are working again but the 1+ years of being inactive caused extreme differences in my face since the wrong muscles took over and became stronger. Now I have a much much different face. It is devastating and I hope for your sake this does not happen to you. Most likely you will improve and recover. I had an enormous dose of Botox on my last treatment and it ruined my face. The changes appear to be permanent.

I am still doing daily face exercises and have an appointment to see a Facial Retraining Specialist next week. I wish you the best and hope in your case the toxin wears off in time to save your face structure and skin. If I were you I would jump start a total body cleanse and exercise like a maniac to sweat out the crud. Bikram yoga is amazing. Best of luck.

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