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Botox Went Wrong - Pstosis (Drooping) of the Eyes / Cheeks / Mouth Are Possible Side Effects !!!

I went to the UK's top practice for 3 years...

I went to the UK's top practice for 3 years but when it went wrong i was treated apallingly, no admission of error and left absolutely devastated with no information.i thought it was permanent ?? i had to go on the internet and then get a second practitioners opinion.

pstosis ..(drooping) the side effect no one wants to talk about. can leave you looking horrendous..like you have had a stroke or with zombie eyes (or both, lucky me !).the practitioners who inflict it send women away claming they are hysterical, perfectionists, imagining things etc.despite being shown photo's taken just days before the procedure.

allergan are completely aware of these side effects but claim they are due to bad technique/pre-existing conditions??

however if a product is designed to relax muscles why deny it's effectiveness ?


the boards of people who have been treated with botox for migraine, bell's palsy etc.. are littered with horror stories.

botox is not some friendly harmless substance, as it has been marketed / promoted. it has MASSIVE physical side effects, messes with your adrenaline / nervous system, can migrate to your brain, has been linked with pediatric fatalities and does not have a wealth of clinical research around the use of it on the face as it's being used OFF - LABEL ie. not the purpose for which it was given medical approval. we are being used as guinea pigs, no one knows what the effects of long term use are over time on facial muscles, but botox has been linked to atrophy when used continously in other areas of the body so ???

Thousands of complaints have been registered with the FDA who have issued repeated warnings,hundreds of lawsuits pending on this , .. so called 'temporary' side effects can last up to 9months for some individuals. that is 9 months of pain, frustration , depression and having to endure the stares of strangers / friends who are wondering.. what is up with that woman's face ??

Do your research .. lots of extracts from medical journals out there on the web, i'm not making this stuff up.

Botox is not without risk and you should take the procedure very very seriously. It can go very very wrong.

I am in week 9 of bad pstosis (eyes/cheeks/mouth)...

I am in week 9 of bad pstosis (eyes/cheeks/mouth) from Botox. So I thought of starting a journal to see what does /doesn't help with the recovery based on my own experience.i also had excess hylase injected which i'm sure weakened the skin but wouldn't have caused such a HUGE drop.
a 2nd practioner confirmed it was too much botox, which had migrated into other muscles weakened my entire face.

Currently doing CACI facials (weekly), facial resistance training, sauna/steam 3 times a week for a minimum of 30 mins, eva fraser facial exercises, avocado masks (3 times a week), protein shakes / supplements and am tracking down lecthicin which may help the acetocholin (forgive the spelling) kick in the nerve impulses which botox freezes.

I am a week 9 and last night started using a heat pad direct on my face (moisturise the area first , pad wrapped in clingfilm after heating). i am doing this while i watch tv, for about 45mins in total. today for the first time i can feel the nerves in my face waking up at last !!!! (probably timing??) I am doing this across the whole areas affected and today i am get shooting / tingling impulses across my face .. all the way up to my scalp and beyond ?? some really strong, some very mild .. slight discomfort ...

I read that heat destroys the botox toxin, so maybe heating up the muscles affected can have the same effect??

if you have had success with any method please let me know !! i will do anything to get rid of my meltyface

How you girls doing?

Any updates?
hi all! I was just letting out steam in another topic (Never again Michigan) but I thought of updating my situation here too. 5 weeks gone now.

But first, how are you all? Hope at least some improvement for everyone? Meltyface, Ghouleyes, ToriS.. ? Trippy hope you´re better now.. I remember you had earlier some sinus problems, I´ve had them now too. My left nostril and sinus feels so "full" all the time, as if I have some allergic reaction. Under my left eye, there is a narrow red line, looks like a vein???? but it´s itchy and even my left eye feels irritated, don´t know what the heck is that then.

My face.. some improvement but really really slowly. i´m able to lift the left side of my upper lip into a small sneer. Reason to celebrate! But my smile is still very uneven. I have learned not to smile and it´s so sad. At home I smile to my kids yes, but at work I´ve been quite serious. I´m just not me at the moment. My 5 year old daughter asked me one day why my smile is so crooked. She even got a bit scared but I assured her that it´s temporary. Hope so!

Actually I wanted to ask you about something. This has been happening to me lately: when I press my cheek in one spot, the "paralysed" side of the lip curls up into a sneer and it looks horrible. It´s like it´s stuck for a while in that position. Then when I massage the muscle a bit and flex it, it will relax. Why does this happen now, does anyone know?

hugs to all!
Tori......I thought you were on the road to recovery??.. sounds like youve had a set back??

GhoulEyes.... keep strong..doesn't sound like u will take any crap!!.. which is good.

Ive had a rubbish week......symptoms have started again.god its never ending...red nose.. very hot to touch.cold nose which is again cold to touch.
I feel like a traffic light.. In a way though its good as though my hubby can see physical affects.. so Im not going mad.

I think my left eyelid looks more droopy and wrinkly and that is where my symptoms are on the left hand side.

9 months for me..god will this B shit ever get out of my system?..

Happy healing friends



18 months later... I am about 70% back to...

18 months later...

I am about 70% back to normal overall. Still waiting for filler to wear off, so i can get my symmetry back to normal. Corrugator muscles still very badly affected / flattened but powering through with CACI, massage and exercises.
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I just had Botox last week and one eye is drooping. Im absolutley devastated. Im divorced, atractive but paranoid about aging as Ive been single now for 10 years and men just seem to want the younger women so I look after myself as best I can and tried botox a few times in the past for that little eyebrow lift and it worked wonders. That was until last week when I used a home visiting therapist who kept badgering me to try her at her extra cheap rates. I got what I paid for and ended up going back to my original therapist for help. Im still waiting to see if what he's done will counter her error.
Anyway, there is something that I am going to try from home. It's a micro current unit called the ZAPPER invented originally by Bob Becks. It sends tiny micro currents into the bloodstream and literally zaps any pathogens, bacteria and toxins and helps to produce more white blood cells. now I don't know if it will work regarding the Botox but I do know that there have been many claims of it helping people with AIDS, cancer and viruses.
I got mine from a British company called PhHealth.
A US company called SONAS do a more sofisticated version of it but it's dearer.
I hope it works as this droppy eye has just destroyed the next God knows how many months of the little dating confidence I had left.
I am two weeks out today from my botox and frozen lip on one side and wierd cheek on the other GIRLS how long until MORE effects hit you I keep reading about cheeks falling and the like how long until that happened? THis is bad enough wondering if i can expect that too and if so when! Night time is the worst it s just panic.

4 years later effects are permanent

So four years on and my atrophy is permanent. I tried infra red, caci, electrical muscle stimulation, not sure if it made any difference.Started acupuncture about 4 months ago, some small improvements on my 'good' side, the muscle feels thicker on my 'bad'side but doesn't appear to be improving much . Going to keep it up until there is no hope. Still look a bit like Sloth from the Goonies, with a klingon's forehead. I am starting a financial plan for a surgical revision.
Hi melty. I've been following your posts for a few years now. It's been 2yrs 3months for me. And I haven't improved really at all. In fact, I think I've gotten worse. Dents all over my face, saggy skin, sunken in eyes with disgusting skin that bunches up when I smile etc. I no longer hav full cheeks, they are practically by my chin! This shit is still in my face, I can feel it pulling and tugging when I make certain facial expressions. There isn't one part of my face that botox hasn't affected (for the worse) and to top it off, I now have acne! Never even had a pimple in my teens, twentys, and very early thirties. All my problems began as soon as I had botox. Can you still feel the effects of botox in your face?
What do you mean under the eyes? Do you mean crows feet at the side? I recently had Botox and filler in nose to Mouth lines and I'm happy with it but reading the issues people are having is making me wary of having more.
No, I don't mean crows feet, I mean my doctor injected the botox directly under my eyes from one corner to another. She also did do my crows feet but it was the under the eye injections of botox that caused this damage to my face. It isn't even FDA approved for this area and I reported my doctor to the FDA but it did no good but than the people on board of the FDA get huge bonuses from the manufacturers for keeping these products FDA approved and on the market. They make millions of dollars off botox, filler, etc each year and everything is about the money! These people don't care if our faces get damaged by their product all they care about is the money. You will be surprised to know that the only area botox is actually FDA approved for is the forehead. I don't know about the fillers. If anything is going to happen, it usually takes two weeks before any damage shows up. Also, you should know the more you have botox and fillers done, the more you will need them as you will start to notice that after every time you have it done and it wears off in the six months, each time your wrinkles will get even deeper and more noticeable. I would really try to stay away from these products if I were you!
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had 1 area affected by pstosis, they 'balanced' my face and now i have 3 areas affected !!!

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