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I had issues with many gaps between my teeth which...

I had issues with many gaps between my teeth which have become gradually worse as I have become older.I tried having composite fillings but they wore away after approx 12 months and as a smoker they stained quite easily. My dentist advised that veneers would be a much more permanent solution and I opted to go for 11 veneers and a crown replacement.

The only painful part of the treatment was the anisetic injections that made my mouth sore for a few days after. I made two visits to my dentist, the first a marathon 3 hour stint for preparation and the second to have the veneers/ crown fitted.The most frustrating part of the whole procedure was waiting for 3 weeks inbetween appointments as the temporary veneers do wear down.

The difference is amazing,and my mouth looks a hundred times better, although at first I wasn't sure as the venneers were slightly bigger than my normal teeth, and I felt that I didn't look like me, but I soon became used to it.I have had no issues with eating or pain.

I would highly recommend veneers as they have really boosted my confidence, however I would say that you need to manage your expectations and although the improvements are vast, just don't expect miracles.

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I had all of the options explained before I decided on veneers.My dentist knows that I am a complete coward when it comes to having work done and he was extremely gentle in administering my treatment

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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I couldn't have said it better "don't expect miracles" they are dentist not GODS..I do believe every Dr. hopes for the best possible outcome & to make a patient HAPPY, after all that's what we are looking for right??...& yes (I work in the industry)
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PLASTICIZED Really!!! How rude... These post are to help educate people that are interested in veneers. This site was not intended for morons as yourself to be making derogatory comments! Obviously you haved not been raised properly! Redsam.. Thank you for sharing your story and beautiful smile!
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She looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
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OMG these look like dentures
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Thanks for your constructive comment!

But how lucky am I, I have straight white teeth that I don't have to remove at night. And actually just to point out, I do have slight natural gaps between my teeth and they are not a unified length, unlike dentures.
Please put a photograph of your teeth on the site, I would be really interested to see it!
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Why would you make such a rude comment, Plasticized? FYI, I just had her picture up on my monitor & a co-worker walked by & said "Nice smile!" I have to agree.

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Sorry - I should have been more diplomatic. Perhaps it's the picture not in context with the full facial profile.
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Congratulations on your new smile. I am glad you are happy with it. I would like to offer a mild critique and analysis for others who may be looking at it and using it as a reference. In general they are a nice shape. Some may find them a little long, but that is likely because your teeth were long before the procedure so that is expected. I find the color to be a little monochromatic in the photo. Amybe this is just the photography, but for teeth to be natural looking they should have more complexity and variation of the shade within (i.e. lighter more translucent incisals and denser more colored cervical area) Also, number 8 (the right central incisor) is darker than the others. This is presumably an old root canal tooth that wasn't fully masked out. It is possible to mask out the dark color with a good lab and proper tooth preparation so all the final restorations are all the same color. I am critical of the lab here not the dentist. There are only about 1% of the labs that can make a really nice product. Enjoy your veneers
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Hi Lawrence

Since my post last year, I have noticed that a couple of my veneers appear to have changed shape and there are a number of gaps between them.(Just after having them done there seemed to be quite a lot of movement in them and they clicked when I ate, although my dentist said that this was normal and that they were settling?)
I have also had a lot of sensitivity and my gums seem to have receeded slightly since having this treatment, but my dentist just tells me that there is nothing wrong and that they still look better than my teeth did before having veneers.
Although he is right about the latter, I don't think that they should have changed so much in only a 14 month period.
I would be very grateful for your view on this.
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They should look the same as the day he put them in. Did you have braces prior to your veneers? Do you have a bite issue or problems with missing teeth. Without seeing pictures all I can guess is that your problem may be addressable with invisalign and then continue with retainer wear indefinitely.
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Hi Redsam, 

First I must say there is no reason to not smile now, your teeth look so GREAT! I'm glad you found something that helped with your self-confidence and gave you the results you were looking for. You had mentioned the composite fillings stained because you are a smoker I've heard veneers can do that too are you still smoking? Please keep us updated and thanks for the picture.

Thanks so much for the review,


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