Nd:yag 1064nm for Broken Capillaries on Nose: WARNING - Can Cause Scarring! - London, UK

Some background: I am 30 years old and have been...

Some background: I am 30 years old and have been suffering from moderate Rosacea for a few years and have sought various treatments with varied result. I had a series of IPL treatments two years ago, which initially helped, but then gradually my skin changed in texture, became much less elastic, more sensitive and rough (enlarged pores, more lines, more melasma etc). After having read about others with similar experiences on this forum I understood that this was due to the IPL and have ruled this out as a treatment. I also tried Pulsed Dye Laser, with bruising, with little results. My dermatologist suggested that this is due to the fact that my rosacea is not very severe and that the laser does not respond so well to smaller vessels.

The treatment: Realising that there is little I can do to radically improve my Rosacea, apart from antibiotics and observing a good diet and life style, I decided to just take care of a few persistent red veins on the side of my nose. My dermatologist recommended Nd:yag 1064 nm (I believe the make is Fotona). I had the treatment on Monday, it is now Thursday. The treatment was unpleasant and afterwards I was left with two hard blisters, on each side of my nose. These blisters burst by themselves - I believe in the shower - on the Tuesday and I was left with two scabs AND (to my horror) these scabs were formed in small indentations - looking as if there are chickenpox marks to be formed. I called my dermatologist who asked me to come in and see her. She calmly explained that this is very common (!), something which I was not at all informed about beforehand (would I have known I would never have undergone the procedure). She suggested we wait, let the scabs heal and fall off, and then lift the skin to make it even. She claims that it will go back to normal after this - something which I am VERY sceptical about. I have now read about others who were left with holes after burns - irreversible damage. I am absolutely devastated. From a few broken capillaries I am now left with potential pitted scars, for life. My advice to you: DO NOT DO IT! My dermatologist is, supposedly, one of the best in London. I did a lot of research before seeing her and she has years of experience. I wish someone would have told me about the risks.

Hi. The same thing happened to me! I also was talked into the YAG laser at a Plastic Surgeon's to remove broken capillaries by my nose and nostril area. However, it was a "tech" that ran the laser machine, and she burned me. She even said I would blister. After the blisters popped a couple days later, I was left with 2 indented holes. I went to I waited 2 months, and had filler put in the holes, but it did NOTHING. Then I saw 2 dermatologists, and each of them said they would not to subscision because the scar it leaves could look even more noticeable. They seem to be getting bigger and stretched out. Has anyone done needling?
Hello all - Please can someone tell me about how I can fix my pitted scars through surgery? And possibly where? I have 6 pitted scars on my nostrils duet to the yag laser and they make me feel sick. Any help appreciated.
Hi everyone, I was just reading through this post and was wondering if ANYONE has a situation similar to mine, i had a 5 minute yag laser session to remove a few broken blood vessels on and around the nose, I scabbed, and it was a bit unpleasant, but the scabs came off after a few weeks and I thought everything was fine. NEARLY 2 MONTHS LATER, a week after having a hydrafacial (which is extremely gentle), my skin began to freak out like i've never seen before. It went TOTALLY dry, little bumps everywhere, and my texture of cheeks has changed. Pores are way more visible, I see fine lines under eyes that I never had, and the newest thing is the burning sensation. My face burns so bad I cry literally all day. I've been to 2 derms who say nothing is wrong and they suspect contact dermatitis. I don't understand what happened to me. I'm always super gentle with my skin, up until now I was using Dr.Haushcka products, now I can't tolerate them. Im using psoria gold the sensitive version because I fear this is laser damage. Has the laser caused damaged all over myface when it never touched anywhere but the nose area? How can my face burn like this? No one has answers, and I can't live like this much longer. My life has been destroyed by this. The worst part is not knowing what happened or how to make the pain stop.
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