Hi everyone, what a fab site! It is so good to...

Hi everyone, what a fab site! It is so good to read other people's experience of Rhinoplasty! I am from the UK and am scheduled to have surgery to take the hump from my nose on Thurs 28th March 2013!!

I used to have a nice nose but then in my teens it grew and developed a large bump! Some describe it as regal I say it's horrible! The only people who have teased me about my nose would be my two younger brothers years ago, they called me witch nose and I hated it!

I just want a nice, normal nose that fits my face! I am feeling excited about having a nose to be proud of and also nervous about the anesthetic and not getting the results I had hoped for!!!

I am interested in any advice to prepare for the op and also what I need for after! I have read about something for swelling beginning with b, I can't remember we the name. Is that something you can get in the uk and is it over the counter or prescription?

Cost is £4850 not sure what that is in dollars.

Thanks in advance!

When I told one of my best friends he protested and told me my nose was "wonderful" and that I shouldn't change it because then I would no longer have a "built in witch costume". I could have killed him! ha! And I agree, you are completely beautiful as is and it is all about just furthering that inward and outward beauty reach complete personal happiness. I will look forward to checking in to see how you are doing. Congratulations and good luck! ~Maggie
I have two younger brothers who made fun of my witchy nose all my life so I totally understand! I'm 8 days post-op myself so I'd love to give you some advice... the procedure itself was relatively painless and recovery just felt like I had a really bad cold so it was uncomfortable if anything. In terms of swelling, I had been told by the nurses at the office to eat pineapple which apparently contains bromelain and helps with bruising as well. I made sure to eat it daily for like two weeks prior but I'm not sure that it helped, as I still ended up really swollen and bruised. I also applied Arnica gel daily but again, it's hard to determine if I would have been any less swollen without it. I say if it's easy to purchase there in the UK and affordable, I don't think it can hurt. Personally, I couldn't have gotten through this past week without A LOT of lip moisturizer (Aquaphor ointment was a godsend), a recliner or an airplane pillow to keep me sitting upright, saline spray to help clean the dried blood off my nostrils (it's a yucky feeling), and frozen peas in little baggies for easy icing. Also have a glass of water on hand always because mouth breathing makes your throat SO dry. I wish you the best of luck, and let me know if you have any other questions!

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I think the product you're referring to is Bromelain. Here's more information about that.

And here's a list of supplies you might need for recovery (lots of lip balm and beverages).


Wow I can't believe in 9 1/2 hours I will be at...

Wow I can't believe in 9 1/2 hours I will be at the hospital awaiting my rhinoplasty! I booked the op back in Oct as I wanted to time it with my work shutting down for two weeks over Easter so I have been waiting a long time! My mum has my two children who are 3 & 7, my son wanted to come home withi me but my daughter was happy to have a sleep over! Lord knows what they will think when they see me, i am a bit worried about how they will react S i havent actually told them.

I have packed a small bag most of which is taken up by my dressing gown...do I really need it?! Took my horse to another training yard where he will be cared for and exercised so he isnt a lunatic when i get back on him, friend is looking after my children's two ponies (i really should let Bertie Basset the black shetland go but he is so cute and i love him dearly!). I have such a lot to organise its exhausting!

My husband is driving me to Northampton in the morning and I assume I am in for the day and will be home by late afternoon/evening.

Anyway I took some more photos tonight of my nose as it is now, looking at them reminded me to forget being nervous as you need this op!!! It's amazing how much better if looks from one side to the other -so it's true, we do all have a better side!

Well I just want to be there now and to be waking up with hopefully a beautiful nose!

Will keep you all posted!
Good luck with everything. By this time tomorrow you will be on your way to healing and revealing a better nose for yourself!
That is hilarious and made me laugh out loud! Built in witch costume lol!! That is true though, Urdu maybe I should cancel!! Thanks for compliment and you like all others on here can understand why we want to change it even if it does mean having to not go as a witch for Haloween! He he! Xxx
Thanks so much for the tips and advice! That is a great. I already have a great supply if lip balm as I am addicted to the stuff as hate dry lips! Will keep you posted! Xx

Phew it's all done and over now! I arrived at...

Phew it's all done and over now! I arrived at Three Shires Hospital, Northampton, UK at 7.30am. All staff were lovely especially the first nurse who was from Belgium! She was really nice & looked after me right till I came back from surgery.

I went down at 11am and was in a small room to be anethatised, I had a needle put in hand abd oxygen mask, i was scared and I could feel my heart beating really fast, I did feel like crying but managed to control myself lol, even the anethatised commented on my heartrate to which Iike a little 10yr old girl, i admitting I was feeling scared to which he said "no need to be scared think of something nice" of course I started thing about horses and before I knew it was was being woken up in recovery! Thank God I didn't have to go into theatre before being knocked out as that would of freaked me out! Lol.

One of my biggest fears was waking up and panicking due to not being able to breath and being sick etc but I was fine and I had and still don't have any packing in my nose so could breath, I just feel like I have a really bad cold! My lips are not dry but my throat was a little sore from the breathing tube and man I had a bad headache that lasted all day and night, well it's 3.30am I am wide awake with no headache! I felt sick but I think it was empty stomach but I haven't been sick. With regards to the headache, pain killers didn't really help, the only thing was ice in a cloth which I out on forehead and it really helped on ears, eyes, cheeks, throat, basically my whole face!

I have a huge cast on, got to stay on for a week!! I have no bruising what so ever which is fab as I was worried about scaring my children, so at least I won't be quite so scary to them.

I keep sneezing - omg the first time was a bit comical as in the space of a second I had to decide the best way to do this! I sneeze loudly normally anyway so now having to do so through my nose is so loud! And I do it about 4/5 times each time I want to sneeze! I think my face is allergic to my new nose! I could hear people down the corridor commenting on the sneezing and saying "wow whoever that is BLESS YOU"! Hey, it's be, you know the one who has must had a nose job!!!!! Does make my nose run a bit though, I feel like I need to blow the bloody snot out, looks a bit gross!

Another worry was not being able to eat! Lol. Well i can honestly say I could manage a T-bone steak right now! I ate soup, jacket potato with tuna, yoghart and an aero choc bar - this was to help the headache as I do suffer with low blood sugar too and had a headache before I went down to theatre.

Mike Tyler came to see me right after op in recovery and then last night in the room. He said all went well, that they took the little bump away to which I said "wasn't it a huge bump?" He laughed! Said he did some "tip control", and that he would see me again in the morning.

Although I have a cast on I can see already the nose is smaller and I feel very happy and excited to see what it is like without cast in a weeks time!

I will keep you updated, but so far I feel it was totally worth it and wish I had done it years ago!
You are already so beautiful!!! Hope all went well and that you are recovering nicely :D
Miss K that is very kind of you to say but honestly I can look totally gross too! Amazing what dim lighting can do! I woke up 6.30 and apart from a sore throat I feel great! Thanks for caring! Xxx

Good luck today. Thinking of you!


Well I think I was a bit too quick to say how...

Well I think I was a bit too quick to say how lightly I got off with no bruising or swelling! Still not that much bruising but it's coming along with the swelling! My dad was right, I am starting to resemble a rabbit!

I feel ok in myself though, not in any pain, still sneezing! Sleeping ok, I am upright but on my side and I am a deep sleeper so I am ok though I have woken up with both kids in bed with us and me and my new nose hanging on the edge of the bed for dear life!

My little boy who is three was a little shocked to see me, he asked if I fell of my horse and then started acting out a horse and me falling!! My daughter thinks it is to do with breathing problems! Actually I have never really been able to breathe through my nose at night so maybe that is why I am sleeping ok as it's no different! Lol!

nyway all seems ok, looking forward to getting the cast off, including today (sat) only another six days to go! :(

You look awesome! I can't wait to read more and see how your recovery goes!
Thank you, your very kind! Xx
Oh my gosh I sneeze all the time and that's a big fear I have with recovery. I'm afraid to sneeze after a rhino! That's going to be so annoying I just know it!

I am updating to inform those with young children...

I am updating to inform those with young children that recovery with young children is not that easy! I have a three your old boy and a seven year old girl and they are bored out there brain being at home! They also keep falling out and it is very stressful especially when your on day two of rhinoplasty! My husband has now taken them swimming (let's hope they swim for a long time) and my daughter is having a sleepover at her friends tonight so that will be easier but seriously if you have young kids might be best to make arrangements for someone to look after them. Fortunately my husband is of work with Easter till tues and my mum will help but I between I can feel my nose throbbing !!!!

we had ours done the same day! I echo what singingsatellite has said about the previously non-existant, now huge gap between my nose and mouth, but this all appears to be normal. I'm drinking pineapple juice as we speak (doc said yes to arnica, no to bromelain). wishing you a continued good recovery!
I hope it is normal too! I am also taking arnica and hardly have any bruising but haven't drank any pineapple juice, will send hubby out to go get some! X
Recovering with little kids around is really tricky. I keep on having to say "watch the face!" and "gentle hugs" to my two and five year old. Even with other people around the little ones still want their mum! Good luck with your recovery!

Well I am now on day four, only three days to go...

Well I am now on day four, only three days to go till I get this cast off! Although I have remarkably well considering what I have just put myself through, today I feel almost normal! I actually washed my face and used toner on the remaining parts of my face that aren't covered with cast or sticky tape! I am slightly worried about how this tape is going to come of as for now it looks like it will be there forever! Could this be my first experience of waxing!

Lst night I was a bit bored so I decided to examine the new nose a bit more! I was slightly worried that it looked wonky but I think it is just swelling. I reckon when the cast does come off the bridge will be really swollen and I need to prepare myself for what might look like a potatoe!

It is really itching under the cast, I think it's because it's all healing. I find I can raise my brows up and down and that seems to help. I am sleeping really well still upright but not quite so bolt upright and on my side, waking up in the morning hoping that I am not actually lying on the new nose!

Overall I am finding the whole ordeal not too bad! Like I said before the worst part for me was the sacking headache I endured after surgery!

Will upload pictures! Xx

I can't wait to see your new nose sweetheart. You are already gorgeous so it can only get better!! I can definitely relate with the children situation. I have a 6 year old son and I have no clue how he will react. On your surgery date I had my two consults so now that I scheduled mine..it's becoming more surreal..ahhhh. Looking forward to more pics from you!!!


Day five - now feel completely and utterly normal!...

Day five - now feel completely and utterly normal! I washed my hair this morning which was quite difficult to not get face wet and also resist temptation to give my face a much needed scrub! I am getting so excited about the cast coming off this thurs 9.20am!!! From looking at this site I seem to be the only one that has had to endure a hard plastic cast for a week!!! I did resort to using a cotton bud under it across my forehead yesterday as it was itching so badly!! I think there is a big spot on my forehead too!! I can and have been able to breath through my nose ok, I managed to pick (sorry so disgusting!!) some of the dried blood/snot from the inside of my nose but it is sensitive and I won't do anymore for fear of hurting the new nose! The tape holding the cast on is starting to loosen and I have naughtily lifted the cast up as much as it will to see my new nose! It looks good! Straight, smaller, cute??? Can't believe I am saying cute, perhaps that is taking it a little far! Anyway I think I am going to be happy and I love my surgeon!!! Best of all I think I will still look like me so hopefully people won't notice and ask me if I have had a nose job or not and I wouldn't want to not look like me, I feel bad enough changing what Mother Nature has given me! Sorry Mother Nature, happy with everything else, just not the nose (feet could do with being a size smaller too lol!).

Staying at home 24/7 - I thought it would drive me crazy! My normal life consists of working three days, looking after and riding two ponies (kids ride those but i have to run along with then when they canter ha ha!) and one horse both morning and night (and lunch break spent mucking out!!), two children who are very energetic and everything else I do! Though I am really missing my furry four legged animals and missing riding like crazy (especially as it has been raining in the uk since may 2012 and now since I had op it's been cold but sunny and perfect riding weather) I am not only making the most of staying at home but I am enjoying it! I have always been a home bird! I have re arranged my wardrobe, got all the mountain of ironing done, tidied out my daughters bedroom and I now feel sick because I have eaten some of the choc muffins and chocolate covered flapjack I am this morning, have also become addicted to ebay and have a load of things arriving in the post this week. I hope I can fit in them after all the muffins and flapjack lol!

I wonder if I will cope with my busy life when all returns to normal!

Yippee not long to go now!
Sounds like you are occupying yourself very well. I enjoyed my week at home too, quite a luxury as I am rarely home long. You haven't got long to go now before the cast is off. I had mine on for 8 days then just tape for another week. I can't wait to see your results!
Oh no! I am planning on losing weight in time for bathing suit season post op, your stories of steaks and flapjacks are crushing my hopes! ;) I sure do enjoy your upbeat attitude and energy. I hope I have the good fortune of feeling as good as you seem to be feeling...And SO soon! I'm looking forward to seeing photos. Congratulations again!
Maggie that is so funny because I never mentioned steak lol, though I admit I did have one for dinner in a stir fry tonight! Yes I do feel great but we are all different! Maybe I am lucky. I think the fact I lead a hectic life mea s I appreciate the time off staying at home. I was the same after both births of my two children, both 9lb 9oz and back riding after a month, but then they were both born in spring so wether was nice, I didn't really enjoy being pregnant so was full of the joys when I had actually had them, my little chubby babies lol! Yes you will see Thurs!! I hope I am still as upbeat! Lol! Xxx

Day 6 - excited! Can't believe I am having cast...

Day 6 - excited! Can't believe I am having cast off tomorrow! Have managed to avoid contact with re outside world for nearly a week but today I had to answer the door to the postman, it might of been the start of all my eBay purchases! It wasn't! I got a funny look from him which I should of ignored but instead I blurted out how I got thrown off my horse and broke my nose! All those years of mucking out is finally paying off as this horse story is a good cover up! He asked why I had no bruising to which I looked at him in a sorrowful way and said "I did have.....pause". I think I got away with it!

Mum took kids to a farm park for the day so I have had a whale of a time doing something I don't normally have time to do ....cleaning! Got mum's dog with me too, Jack he features in my update photo! He is a miniature Schnauzer with a big attitude though he thought I had some spare flapjack on my nose which is how I got the pic! Lol!

Cast off tomorrow!!!


The cast will come off, tomorrow, Bet your bottom...

The cast will come off, tomorrow,
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow I will be free (of this damn thing!!!).

Congrats on your surgery can't wait to see your nose when your cast comes off! I get mine off Friday!! I nervous/excited

I can't believe you made up that story about the horse..lol..that's awesome! I actually DID jump off my horse in January and almost lost my leg in the accident.....so I'm already home laid up for a year long recovery and decided to get my nose done (come on April 24th!!) while I'm already down. And yes..EBAY has been a problem for me too...lol..I spent over $1k last month in makeup..clothes..shoes and purses..it's what girls do when you coop us up. Your nose is coming along fabulously!!! I can't wait to see your end result !! Kisses!!!!!!

Oh no!!! Can't believe you are laid up for a year!!! However good planning for rhynoplasty while off! you too can blame your horse for the nose surgery! I am a bit worried about how I will feel when I get back in the saddle, will I be nervous of hurting my new nose? I am more likely to get the nose injured handling the horse than riding, perhaps i need to ride in an ice Hocky helmet to protect my new feature!! I have to say I can't wait to get back riding though, I need a good gallop! The Internet is a nightmare, it is so easy to spend money in your own home, in your own arm chair! Xxxx

Hi everyone, so cast off today, was so good to get...

Hi everyone, so cast off today, was so good to get plastic cast off, stitches not too bad to take out just stung a little. Was a bit shocking to see myself for the first time, I admit I felt a tad gutted looking a what looked a potato on my face! It's hard going from a big high bridges nose to a smaller prettier one. It is also very swollen or so I hope, the bridge and tip is swollen and side profile is higher than I hoped but I don't look too piggy. Anyway I had to keep things into perspective as had my children with me and if it wasnt for that and my new make up case that arrived when we got home i might of cried! However, two hours later and some make up to cocer the full blown acne that has developed under tge cast I have to say I think......I quite like it! See for yourself....!
Wow that looks so great! I am jealous, it's such a great nose! Everyone complains about being a little bit piggy but that goes down for sure! Congratulations, I am sure you are thrilled.
I think it looks great, if I were you I'd be really happy as it is now let alone knowing it'll improve even more!! I've wanted to do it for years but never have, tried to convince myself I should be happy as I am, but sadly I'm not. So I've pretty much finally decided I'm just going to do it, been playing around with some plastic surgery apps where you change yr face on yr own pics and it convinced me! I've been looking online for a while now but I'm finding it really hard to find out who's a good dr or figure out who I should go to based on dr reviews/stories/pics. Seems like most websites that 'recommend' UK drs or practises are paid for or endorsed by them, so I would consider as biased reviews and ignore them. So I wondered how you found yr dr and how did you decide to go with him? I realise I might need to go to a couple for consultations but I don't know where to start.... Any advice from anybody would be appreciated as now I've settled on the idea I really just want to get it done, help?!! (I'm in the south, Dorset, and want to get it done as close to home as poss)
You look amazing! It's gonna be swollen but mine came down significantly a week after cast removal (see my pics) now it's just the waiting game for more swelling to come down. Especially the tip! It's not piggy at all. It's hard to look objectively, mine is way more raised than yours an I'm already 5 weeks out. Your nose will only get better from here

Ok I apologise to having a slight moment of panic...

Ok I apologise to having a slight moment of panic when I first saw the sausage, ahem I mean nose! It was so swollen but I forgot about that when I first looked in the mirror and when the nurse said it looked very natural I did think what on earth had I done to my face, as the day went by I got used to it and started to like it even though it did look fat, swollen and angry with me for putting it though such an ordeal!

Today came, I decided to curl my hair and put some more make up on, my skin is so bad at the mo from the cast, tape and no moisturiser. I think the swelling has gone down so much and that is with me not resting or eating pineapple but carrying on with my life as normal.

Every photo my surgeon showed me I was very pleased with, there was not one nose he had done that I didn't think looked good and natural, he did warn me about the swelling and I feel bd for my slight doubt in faith of him yesterday, now I am thinking he has done a good job and it will only get better!

Funny thing is there is a photo of my mum in the 60's with bleach blonde hair in pigtails and her cute nose is the same as mine, she keeps telling me I look like her in her younger days and she forgot how good looking she was!! I said you still gorgeous now!

I'm from Leeds West Yorkshire and had rhinoplasty and an abdominoplasty on the 28th of March too. You've recited practically word for word my whole experience. Only difference is I'm swollen and can't breathe out of my nostrils, so suffering with dry/sore throat and tongue. No pain from either procedure and my results are beautiful. It's just this dry mouth and dry sore Tongue that's driving me mad & keeping me up all night! :-( x x
Thanks Italian girl! I am getting more used to it now! Starting to like it :) Xx
Hi Molly! Dorset is a beautiful place, your very lucky to live there! I Found my surgeon from reviews on the uk forum , www.lookyourbest.co.uk, I had seen a plastic surgeon locally who was supposed to be the best and I wasn't convinced as two people who I knew had there noses by him and they were really scooped, I had booked but thankfully I sort of by accident fell pregnant with my second child and thank God I did! Went back after having baby but he would show me any photos as was funny with me and ignored my letter!! So then forgot about it for three more years then decided it is now or never. I looked on Lookyourbest at surgeons people had used and looked at there photos, picking out the ones who's noses were like mine and results where what I wanted. I didn't want to travel too far or pay lots of money for consultations. I had never heard of Michael Tyler but the moderator of the forum (Jojo I think) said she was happy with her results and sent me pics. He had done a fab job, had a clinic 45mins away and didn't charge for consultations. I knew pretty quick he was the one for me as he was in the same page as I was for what I wanted the end result to be. He showed me lots of photos of girls with similar noses and the end result. I was really impressed. He doesn't do imaging but did do a drawing of my nose, it looked like it should be on a Roman Gladiator!! Anyway I didn't bother seeing anyone else as I was happy with him, and so far so good! I think you need to go on forums and search for surgeons near you or post asking for recommendations, then research those surgeons trying to find people who have experience of them and photos then go see. However I would travel the earth for the right surgeon, you can't put convenience before your nose!! Michael Tyler has three locations, Three Shires in Northampton, I think Milton Keynes and somewhere else. I am always happy to answer questions! Good luck!! Ps look your best don't shown photos anymore, I don't know why but its a pain as you need to see the proof! You can message people to ask or people will put links in.

Today is ten days since the op. nose is less...

Today is ten days since the op. nose is less swollen and I am really excited now about my new nose! I want to thank everyone for all your support and bothering to post/message & e mail, it it wasn't for you lot I would of felt so much worse that first day of cast removal! Thank you all!!

as the swelling goes down, the tip will drop ... and you will look like a prettier version of your previous self ... best wishes for good healing
you're looking better and better!! Its also great to do your hair and makeup to make yourself feel normal again :) Cant wait to see your progress and its only going to get better from here!
I meant to say my nose is similar to how yours used to be ;)

Ok today is day 10 I miscalculated! Yesterday day...

Ok today is day 10 I miscalculated! Yesterday day 9 I was ok but over did it and ended up going to bed at 8.30pm as felt horrible but woke up today feeling great! So took my children for a ride on their ponies! I have a photo to prove it! None of my friends at the farm noticed my nose, I was happy about that but so surprised! How can they not notice the huge hump that is no longer there!!! Lol! My sister and my dad saw it today for the first time, my dad is very honest and usually very critical but I was so surprised at his reaction, he was impressed, kind about how the swelling will go down And said it was a really lovely nose! I still have my greatest fan my Mother telling me it looks amazing! My sister said it was a lovely "snub" nose! Snub was not quite what I was going for lol!

A slight bump has developed on the bridge fr the swelling now going down but I quite like that it makes it look more natural.

Anyway I am starting to fall in love with my nose!!!!!

Some questions :-

1. Scar tissue inside nose does that dissapearing or will I always have a lump there?

2. When can you start wearing sun glasses? I have but it feels like too much pressure on bridge so haven't dared!

Rachael xx

Ps have added an update pick of me without any makeup of my new nose day 10!
Scar tissue inside the nose can take up to a year to heal. I am not at my 9 month mark from my op with Mike Tyler and the tip of my nose is still very swollen - I have still beein icing it and using a vibe on it also. However, it is going down and each week I see the difference - it can take up to a year. My scar is almost non existent but in a way I don't want it to disappear anymore as I love my little tiny scar as reminds me of what I went through and how happy the op has made me. Wish I had done it sooner! Glad to hear your recovery is going well. And use this forum as much as you can if you have any doubts over the rest of your recovery. I checked it all the time and still do so now. xx
You look great! I'm not surprised you're falling in love with your new nose! I have booked my consultation with Mr Tyler at the end of month.....eeeek, excited! I'll be sure you compliment him on your nose!! Jo x
wow you look amazing!! I'm still not wearing sunnglasses coz i'm scared lol i know you can after 4 weeks, but he did so much work on my bridge area i think i'll just wait a while to be safe. If it starts hurting then don't wear them, i guess it doesn't hurt to wait a while :P

Hi all! I am so happy with new nose, I can't...

Hi all! I am so happy with new nose, I can't believe what a good job my surgeon did on giving me a natural nose! Most friends haven't noticed, one friend at farm who is a bit rude & blunt but means well stormed up to me and said "have you had a nose job!?" Bit of a shocker to be so blunt but then again no surprise from her! She did manage to force herself to compliment me lol! Told another friend at yard who thought I had been suffering with exhaustion and had to have time off lol, she couldn't see what was different when I asked her, I even circled my face with my hand and said "honk honk" and she still didn't get it! She nearly collapsed when I told her. Said she couldn't believe there were no bruises or scars! Saw my auntie & uncle last night they couldn't tell! So funny!

One thing I am concerned about is the jump coming back! I have a bit of a bump over bridge that is becoming more noticeable as the swelling goes down, I can feel it more than see, at the mo I like the bump as I think it looks more natural but I wouldn't eat it to get too much bigger. It also tingles across bridge sometimes, I am worried it is over calcification and I will end up with a huge jump again :(

Have put an updated pic taken at farm if your wondering what is in back ground!

Your results are fantastic, and will get better and better over the next year! Enjoy!
That's my girl in the UK!! You look AWESOME!!! Im sure youre going to make mucking look hot with your new nose!! LOL!!! Stop worrying and overanalyzing. Like Sara said..stop touching it too!! That was major trauma to your nose...its going to take a while! Be patient...I mean..WOW...look at it!!!!!
AH! You look amaze! I'm so glad to hear you are doing okay. I know you must be constantly comparing to the way your "old" nose looked, but in all of the pictures you have posted, your new nose looks awesome! The side profile is so nuts when compared with your pre-op pics! I'm mostly excited about my upcoming surgery, but I am scared for when the cast comes off. I feel like I'm going to be so shocked when I see how it looks all swollen... worried I may be like oh no, I made a mistake. :/ But I just have to stick with it. I hope no one notices right away on me either (well, unless they give me a compliment, I guess that's okay, hehehe ) Anyway, so happy for you! Also, that is SO cute what your mum said about you reminding her of how she looked when she was young - haha!

Hi guys! Well its now just over two weeks since my...

Hi guys! Well its now just over two weeks since my surgery and I feel like I have always had this nose. Amazing how quickly you get used to things! I no longer feel that serge of embarrassment when people look at me side on and though I always have considered myself to be confident this huge change (to me anyway!) has increased my confidence and happiness!

I starting back horse riding 11 days after surgery, you will think I am mad but believe me I more likely to come of my horse if he isn't rode regularly and he has been a dream to ride - horses seance these things and I am sure when he nodded at me he was nodding with approval! Neigh that's a fine nose you have there! I was so nervous the first time I rode him but second and third time this morning I feel back to my normal self. I am minimising the danger of course by not putting myself in situations that could cause probs. The most dangerous thing is taking the ponies rugs off, the Shetland is so tiny I on my knees! Anyway I being so careful as I would be devastated to ruin my new nose!

My nose feels normal only time I feel it swelling is out in the cold ESP when windy. It feels like it is swelling up inside but then goes down again when back in car or house!

I had a bit of an annoying situation the other day. Someone I know at stables is friends with my mums neighbour who I also know as her daughter is friends with my daughter through school. I wanted to keep nose job to myself as much as I could but these two women have been gossiping. Because I told the stables friend I was going away and the other one I was ill and because they like a good gossip they obviously talked about me and couldn't work out what was happening or where I was. The neighbours husband who I can't stand because he is the worlds bogged gossip & story teller was also digging to find out and when he did from aparantly asking my dad (which I think is a load of rubbish as my dad is Far too classy to tell unless this idiot tricked him) he then went and telephone stables friend to tell her! I had already had to admit to stables friend as she was spreading a rumour that I was suffering with exhaustion and I didn't want it all to get out of hand & I said at time to her the last person I would want to know would be him which is why she told me he knew and how! I am so annoyed not so much that they know but the gossiping behind my back. Even if they guessed something was not right surely they would also guess I wanted to keep it a secret or if they really had to know to call me rather than gossiping to each other. I now it is rediculous but I have struggled to get to sleep last two nights as I am so annoyed. They obviously have such boring lives that they need something to make it more interesting. They both also said that there was nothing wrong with the nose I had, good job i only care what i think!

The neighbours husband has had loads of business failings, was stuck in china for 4 months last year as his visa was withheld as he owed a debt of £140k and although I knew because she had confided in my
Mum I respected their privacy and saved her the embarrassment of trying to get her to tell me! They are such Looser's I wish they would butt out of my life. She also said she thought I was her friend, I think she was upset I hadn't told her????. Well she is a friend as in my daughters friends mother etc but not a FRIEND friend! Why would I consult in her. Not that I am interested but she has never confided in me once when her husband is in the you know what and I respect her choice. I am always there to listen and support and help if I can but only if that person wants me too! I could go on forever.....I am over it now lol!!

Anyway I am the one with the nice nose so all is good! :)

Seeing Moke Tyler in a weeks time, I am dying to show him my nose!!

Im 35 & no matter what the situation is...where I'm at..I find that there's always another guy/girl my age or older who gossips as well. You would think we are still in middle school...yikes! Like you said...they must have boring lives or need to divert attention from their snooty & less than ordinary lives. Jealousy is such an evil sentiment:( either way, I LOVE LOVE LOVE how your nose looks...I pray I have the same positive, bubbly attitude as you as I approach my own two week mark!! Kisses!!
you look very pretty :)
You look amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Your pictures on day 10 and 11 give me hope that I may not be too bruised or swollen at that point as I'm heading back to work on day 12 and don't want anyone to know about my procedure if I can avoid it. Again, you look great!

I just wanted to update for those who have horses...

I just wanted to update for those who have horses to say that I was back riding 11 days after op. I felt
Really nervous as was worried about y new nose but my horse was a good boy and I har rode nearly every day since. I can feel the nose swelling a bit not just from riding but when its cold or windy but it quickly goes back down! It also drips a but which I can't feel as its still numb! I suppose when I am riding I using muscles more than heart so how I would feel if I went for a run I am not sure, prob half dead but I would feel like that before the nose job lol! The most dangerous part isn't the riding but the handling of my horse and worse, two ponies as they are so small I have to be in my knees to put rugs on! Fortunately they are well behaved too and I have quick reactions! I know how to keep my face out the way and minimise danger to te new nose!

Will update with 3wk pics thurs! Xx
Don't worry about the gossip! Those types of people will say something about your nose either way. If you left it alone, they might have made fun of it, then you fix it, oh but there was nothing wrong with your old one! Please.... like they really cared so much about your original nose, lol. That is one thing about this surgery, you have to do it for your SELF and will have to deal with the talk. Some people talk because they wish they could fix what they are insecure about, and some like you said, really have no life. The point is, you are happy! You look really great :D
Wow you look so fantastic! :)
It looks so natural and you look FABULOUS :)

Well it is now three weeks since the day I had my...

Well it is now three weeks since the day I had my rhynoplasty! Wow how time flys! I am thrilled with what my surgeon has achieved and I really can't wait to see him in a weeks time & last time he saw me was with a cast on! My nose is feeling better and better every day, still numb around the tip & septum but not quite so hard. I found an ap so I can compare photos side my side and wow I didn't realise how huge and witch like my nose actually was! I am sure it didn't look that big at the time! Anyway have posted two side by side pics of before and then today at the three week mark-you will see what I mean when I say huge lol! The side profile is unbelievable! While I am updating I just wanted to say thanks to you all for supporting me, I feel like is nose job girls are a family and I feel privileged to be friends if only in cyber space with you all!!! Xxx
freakin love that picture of you and your son! that is so awesome.
Awww the pic of you and your son is so cute!!! I know what you mean about pics of your profile when you hate your nose!! I purposely avoided those types of pics in our wedding album unfortunately! Your new profile looks great and your doc did a wonderful job :) Congrats!!!
Love the look! I read your comment to mullinsd2 and immediately new what you were talking about regards to the nose being wider on the frontal view. I have the same thing happening. I am getting used to it, but the wider nose definitely gave a new look to my face. People think I had Botox. I have not been out riding as of yet because when I got on my horse the other day I realized that my muscles felt like jello after not doing anything for over a month. The weather is finally getting better, so I have to go and get out there. Enjoy your rides!

Hi everyone well I just wanted to update just to...

Hi everyone well I just wanted to update just to say I am still really happy with my nose, it is looking better everyday though I am feeling different things as the swelling goes down, right at the top of my bridge there is more of a lump on the left side than the right, I think I had that before. You cant see it, only feel it and it could be swelling as the little bump on the bridge goes up and down depending on how much I have been doing. My son hit me on my nose Sat after having a major mealtdown because I washed his hair! Ouch!!! It hurt so bad!! If only he know how much it had cost!! Anyway he got over it and next time I wash his hair I am going to wear a helmet with a visor!! My nose did swell up after but it went down after a day.

Also I have always found that in photos my nose looks a little bent, I think there is swelling more on one side that the other and the flash picks this out. In person I don't think you can tell. I am seeing my ps this Thurs so all my concerns I will tell him but to be honest if it stayed as it is I will still be over the moon - as you can see for before and after pics - it is a great improvement from the old witch nose!! You know I never thought my nose was that big untill I saw the before and after pics!!

Sunday I spent the whole day outside in the wind watching point to point horse racing, that is one thing I am so glad I dont too!! Scary jumping at a gallop on a fired up thoroughbred!! Wow when I got back in the car my nose was throbbing! So it seems for me what makes it swell up is the cold and when it is windy - hmm cold and windy, only one thing missing for it to be true UK weather and that is rain!! LOL!

Anyway will update Thurs/Fri after I have seen my ps for check up appointment!!!

Love to all my friends on here!!


I loved reading your blogs! I'm only one day post op, and I have to wear this cast for a week so I feel your pain!!! You're so lucky to have it off now! I can't believe how active you've been throughout this whole process. You are really a trooper! Love your side by side pics as you can really see the improvement! Your new nose looks great and so natural! I'm also trying to keep my nose job to myself. I'm not embarrassed about it, and if someone asked me I would be honest with them, but it's such a personal decision. I have very close friends who I haven't even told about the procedure because they love to gossip! Don't people realize when you get something like this changed it is rooted in insecurity? I'm sure they're just jealous about the things they want to change in themselves, but maybe don't have the courage to.
Hi there! I feel for you with cast! Is it the same as what I had as everyone else seems to have a nice, neat little cast! Lol! Won't be long before you have it off! Yes I was active, I felt fine to be honest! I am lucky I get over things quickly! Re keeping it a secret, you never can! People always love to gossip! I found out today the neighbour, the one who was the last person I would want to know did go up to my dad and ask him if I had had a nose job! I feel like going up to him and saying "so Simon, where were you for four months then cause I heard but was to polite to say that you got yourself into a whole load of debt and your family had to bale you out, btw, if I were considering a nose job here is my consultants number!" I fantasy I of course would never do as I am classier that that and I respect people's privacy! Anyway looking forward to seeing your results! Enjoy your time at home relaxing....wish I could do that again! Xxx
One thing I'm so excited about it being able to take more pics with my daughter. I know what you mean by the kissey face pic. I can't do that either. I have one of her giving me a kiss from the side and I hate my profile in it! That is one thing I can't wait to do! :) I'm glad you're doing good and still liking your nose. It looks so good on you! My surgery is July 2nd! Time needs fly by now! ;)

Well four weeks have passed very quickly and life...

Well four weeks have passed very quickly and life is going on as normal but with a cute, new nose which I love!!! I saw my plastic surgeon last Thurs bang on four weeks and all was good! He was as pleased as I was with the result as he hadn't seen it since the op! I mentioned about the scar tissue inside my nose on left side, it wasn't quite dry and didn't heal quite so quickly unlike the other side which is now perfect and he said it should settle down. To be honest if it stayed as it is I am still delighted with the result! He mentioned that revisions are free and showed me some examples to which to be honest i couldnt see what the problem was and i said i can see how easy it is to become obsessed, to which he said "oh yes if you start looking at your nose five times a day etc.." to which i nodded and said in a I'm not obsessed way " oh yes" thinking OMG i look at mine about 500 times a day I am soooo obsessed! I have to go back in three months time for the final check up. So as you all know I have a horse that I ride regularly well today I did my first comp since the op! Dressage and I really enjoyed being out and didn't feel half as nervous as I usually do, I think my new nose has made me more confident subconsciously in many ways!! It is great, you don't just get a new nose you get a whole new happiness and confidence! Anyway will post pics of nose at four weeks but for now here is one of Serge and myself today! Also the best thing when looking at the pics of me riding today was that my nose looked so small!! Yippee! Xx
Rachael! I just read your latest updates and am so happy to hear you and your nose are still coming along wonderfully! The latest picture with your son is SO adorable. I rarely use that word, "adorable," because it always sounds cheesy, but this time, I truly mean it in the best possible way. Love it! You look so gorgeous and happy! I know exactly what you mean about, I don't think I have ONE picture of me up close from the side that wasn't accidental. I would never let anyone take such a photo with my old nose, I would be way too concerned with my nose taking up the whole photo! Hopefully that will no longer be the case. :) Congrats to you mama!
That photo with your little boy makes my heart melt. SO beautiful. Your new nose is just perfect. It compliments all your other features so well! I always love to hear from you and your sunny updates. Have a great day!
Hurray! You are looking FANTASTIC!

Ok it's been five weeks now since I had my op! Not...

Ok it's been five weeks now since I had my op! Not really much to say other than I adore my new nose! It has made me so happy and confident I feel I can take on the world! To all you guys and gals out there debating just do it! As long as you research and find the right surgeon, make sure you see photos of his/her work of noses like yours and try find reviews of the surgeon on forums like this one then you will be ok!

Only one little thing is my nose can run sometimes like when I am out in cold/wind and because it is still numb I can't feel it so I am constantly wiping my nose for fear of it running! Anyone else have this and does it stop!? Also does feeling eventually come back to tip of nose with open rhynoplasty? Scar healing well and I can blow gently through my nose!

Love to you all my nose family! :)

You look phenomenal :)
You look fabulous!

Hi from a very windy UK! Not much to update on...

Hi from a very windy UK! Not much to update on really, the nose looks the same and I still love it! I am getting more feeling back and it is becoming slightly softer, still hurst if I bang it front on like when I give my kids a kiss inhale to be careful! I can blow my nose gently now but as nostrils are small I have to report that I doubt I will ever be able to pick my nose again!!! Which is a good thing! Lol! I am so happy and I still look at my nose everyday and think how lucky I am to have been able to have the operation! Went on a hen party last weekend with lots of my school friends who I have know since I was eight ad not one noticed!!! I am not a drinker but I did drink quite a bit and nose was fine, my head the next day was not! First time I had drink in two months! Apart from the g&t my mum gives me on a thurs when I pick kids up after work! Oh that reminds me its g&t night tonight! Yippee!

You look great girlfriend!
Love the pink wig..it's SO you!!! And your nose...ugh...just amazing! Now just get Serge a matching wig too...that will really bring down the hen house in a dressage competition..LOL!!!
Beautiful! Very natural results!

8wks Post Surgery - so happy!

Hi everyone! Well all is well with the old nose! Even though I didn't think I had much swelling it has gone down even more and the tip has dropped. It feels more normal now and though the tip is still numb I would say I have 75% feeling back, however it still runs a little and I am very conscious of having a dripping nose because I can't feel it dripping!! It is improving though. I can blow my nose without any probs and all is good, I am happy with the shape etc. Friends and family haven't noticed I think because I look the same as I did before just now I have a smaller nose. I have carried on horse riding as normal and am jumping etc. Went cross country jumping sat and jumped thirty odd fences without a prob, I thought my confidence would dwindle because I would be scared of damaging my nose but it has made me more confident. I have to be more careful handling my horse and also being close to my children as have had a few near misses of being smacked in the face! Anyway I am really happy and content and still look at my nose everyday and think how lucky I!

Right weeks photos

Eight weeks post op photos

Here are the pics to go with my previous update xxx
ahh man that nose looks better and better! congrats
You look gorgeous! :) I love your results! Perfect.

Lumps and bumps ...Eeek!

Ok so though I am still so happy with the look of my beloved nose that I have developed a deeper love for, I was alarmed to feel the other day when giving it the daily petting routine to discover a new lump that moves sort of when i move my finger upwards!! OMG!!! I had a mild heart attack then regained composure and took another feel, yep it moves. Now it could be just skin moving over the bone rather than actually bone or cartilage moving but either way it did freak me out!! I haven't got round to calling my surgeon yet as I am sure it is nothing but I will tomorrow. Anyone else had this! It is a two thirds of the way down sort of wear the break point is and feels thinner than the other side of my nose like the skin is thinner and therefore you can feel more. Anyway it still looks good and I am happy, but would like to know what it is and is it going to cause probs??!
Looking good! Isn't it worth it?
So worth it! I am so happy!!! :) x
Hi how is it going? Im planning to go with Mr Tyler too, did he do any work on your tip?

Three months and sooooo happy!

Hi guys! Wow how time flys. It is just short of three months and my nose remains to make me happy! My last post i said there was a lump well I went to see my surgeon, Mike Tyler and it turns out to be where the stiches are knotted - they go round and through and knotted on one side. They are dissolvable stiches but long term so to give the nose lots of suppot while it heals! All was find in check up and I am amazed at what an easy thing it has been for me! I am so happy with my new nose mainly because it is like the nose I should of had and hardly anyone has noticed because it hasnt changed my other facial features!

My nose still runs a little but am hoping with time that will stop. Scar is so faded now and I have a lot of feeling back, nose is more moveable and less hard. I am still finding it uncomfortable to wear sunglasses but as Mike Tyler pointed out they are very heavy glasses (Raybans and D&G big ones in my attempt to look famous whilst lugging my kids around!!). So I basically am not wearing sun glasses for now but I do need to find a really light pair. Again with time I will be able to wear my heavy fashion glasses!! LOL!

Have posted some new pics but to be honest they all look the same, I was very lucky with swelling etc.

Anyway hope all my nose family are ok and well and to those who are still dithering about going for surgery I say if you live in the UK then have it but only with Mike Tyler!! :)


3month photos! :)

Just want to thank again for everyone who has supported me on this wonderful site! It is a huge decision to change something that you have had all your life and it is nice to share the experience with others going through the same thing! We are all nose family lol! Love to you all! Xx
Love all your photos.  You look great!  Thanks for sharing with us.
Thank you! I like to share my life and if it helps others then that's even better! :) x
I think your nose looks amazing. The tip turned out well, and the straightness of it from the profile view really matches the rest of your face. It doesn't even look like you had anything done. Congrats. :)

5 Month Update & Still So Happy :)

Hi guys wow its been a long time since I have posted, all is great with the new nose & I am still happy and still know it was the best decision I have made! Weird but having this op has made me so much more confident in myself & what I can achieve. I sometimes feel bad that I let my nose affect me even if part sub consciously as I am a true believer that beauty is from within and if your ugly on the inside then your ugly on the outside even if your a supermodel!

Anyway, can only say this to you lot (my nose family) as noone else would understand!! On a recent holiday to EuroDisney we had to queue for an age to get on most rides.....a challenge with six kids (not all mine lol) all falling out! Anyway I'm stood in this queue examining everyone's noses (amazing how many people have not the perfect nose and how I only notice this now since I have had my op) but I actually enjoyed people being able to see my side profile! Lol! It's better than the front! Lol!

Anyway back to the nose...so I recovered pretty quick and life was back to normal before I could blink! It is still this way, I still have some numbness over septum but it has more or less gone, tip is less hard and more moveable and though I didn't think I had much swelling it has gone down. Here are my update pics!

Update pics

Update photos

You look great!
Thanks for your story, you look fabulous! You were really brave! Can I ask ( as a mother of 2 also) did the fear of anesthesia scare you at all before the op? I feel that I will be as scared as you mentioned you were! When did you tell your parents and how were they about it? I want to tell mine but feel that will try and talk me out of it. I have really enjoyed reading your comments anyway, I hope that I have the courage to go through with it. x
Hi there lobster! My two main fears were not waking up from the anesthetic and waking up with a nose worse than I had already! Though I was scared I knew in the back of my mind that anaesthesia is so safe these days & I was actually more at risk when driving to the hospital! I told my mum right from the beginning & she was very supportive, I told my dad a few days before, I was nervous and felt embarrassed but he was very supportive & said I was brave to go through with it! I have never thought of it as being brave but so many people have said that, I was worried people would think vain not brave! I would be careful how many people you tell, why not do all the research etc and then when you are confident you have found your surgeon then tell your parents? If you dislike your nose enough you will find the courage to go through with it, just really really make sure you find a good surgeon, one that shows you photos of his previous work and gives you time to ask questions etc. There are so many bad nose jobs out there it is important to be sure! Good luck! Xxx

8 Months Review :)

Been a long time but I still think of all you guys going through nose jobs, the excitement, the worry....! Well eight months on I'm still very happy I got ride of the old huge honk, no I don't miss it one bit! I can now drink tea out of my mothers rediculously narrow mugs, that was not the only worthwhile reason! I'm more confident, more relaxed and I just love my side profile! So it was worth the money and the risk without a doubt! I do sometimes see photos of myself where I look hideous but I have come to the conclusion than unless I find the light, smize (all good advice by our friend Tara Banks) and basically air brush myself on Instagram then I basically don't look all that great sometime really not great in photos but in person I look ok, particularly if you talk to the side of my face and focus only on the nose! :)

On a serious note my nose is fine, feels fine, not hard anymore, it isn't really all that numb now on the septum either, still drips in the cold but unless I emergrate to warmer climates then that is something I have to put up with and I think it did it before!

So all in all I have found my experience to be relatively easy, not really painful and so worth it!

in your front on photos, the tip of your nose has become slimmer and more refined ... good result :)
Thank you, I agree, it was so swollen in the early days and their was me thinking I didn't have any swelling! Lol! X
Hi Rachael, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your review. I'm currently sat in the hospital the morning after surgery with Mike Tyler and I'm not sure I would have gone ahead if I didn't have your review to encourage me when I was feeling unsure. Your nose looks amazing now and I can only hope my nose turns out as beautiful as yours! Aimee x

Update on the old nose! :)

Hello there! Just a quickie to say the nose is still good, I'm sure it has got a bit more narrow which is good, it feels good like a nose and I have had no problems at all! It has made me more happy, I was happy before but was always conscious of my side profile. One thing I will say though is if your happy with your front profile make sure your willing it risk it changing as though I am over the moon with my nose it is wider than before, it is a small price that I was willing to pay though and the best proof is that no one has noticed! I went to see a Dermatologist who does lots of other procedures and I told him about my nose and he was shocked and couldn't believe I had had an op! So I say go for it, don't spend years thinking about it but, and it's a huge but....only go through recommendation from others and pick out before and after photos of those with similar noses to your own nose as you have to me in the same page to get end results you are happy with :) xx
You look amazing and beautiful hair, by the way

Most recent photos at ten months post op

Hi guys here are a few photos taken the other day...
Love it! Looks really good! And wow, how much it changed between 5 and 10 months!

Missed my year review so here is my 13.5minth review

Hi everyone I haven't been on Realself for an age but my nose & I are back to tell you that all is good, fantastic and having rhinoplasty is still one of the best decisions I made! Though I didn't get huge amounts of swelling it is amazing how much the bridge has slimmed down over the last couple of months so those that are worried about swelling hang on in there it will go down! My nose just feels like a normal nose, I thought I would be worried about banging it especially as I horse ride a lot and I was worried about jumping and falling off but to be honest I don't even think about it!! Having this nose has made me feel so good about myself but we all still need to remember that beauty is from within and we are more that our appearance, knowing what it feels like to not feel attractive keeps us grounded so its important to stay grounded as after all we are still the same person just with a different more refined nose!

I read a post of here a few months back wrote by a beautiful looking girl who seemed to base her entire well being and self worth by how attractive OTHERS saw her. Will she ever be happy, I doubt it :( Rhynoplasty should only be done for ourselves not for anyone else. Anyway enough of me going on here are some update photos!
So beautiful
Beautiful !!! You look sooo pretty and happy . I love the frontal view it's not the wide and it's not the narrow perfect so it's your profile . Thx for share . Keek enjoying life with smiles :)
*keep enjoying *

16months after my op...

Hi everyone, my nose is still great and I think it has slimmed down a little from the front! I am back on here but this time I am fixing my teeth with invisaline braces - lets hope I am as pleased with the results as I am with my nose!

The front!

So its sixteen months post op and I finally think the front view is looking good! This picture was taken just before going to my cousins wedding so I'm all made up! I have no regrets about the surgery and still think every day how lucky I am to be able to afford to do it and have the courage too! Lost of people didn't notice which is good it means to me it looks natural!! I'm now on the invisaline forum fixing "ma grill!". Its hard as I like to eat continuously but invisaline has put a stop to that!!!
Ohmy, I am so happy I stumbled upon your journey! Your results came out GREAT! It was really awesome to get and see it evolve. I'm only 9 days post op and I had a bad day today with swelling, but looking at your pictures makes me really how silly I am to let the swelling get me down emotionally. But as you remember, it is quite a slow process! It feels like it's been 9 years! haha :) I also had a lot of functional work too, this thing took a beating! But loved your posts, and thanks for sharing your experience. You are absolutely beautiful!
Mr Mike Tyler


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