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Hey, I've been searching up various doctors such...

Hey, I've been searching up various doctors such as; commins, grant hamlet, dr wolf at private clinic and dr bassi doesnt seem to reply to emails.
So i have found out that for full back and tummy it is quite expensive with hamlet, but it includes all after treatments, such as after care package and drainage massages and compression garments too, around 6000 maybe over mark. Depends, i havent been on a consultation yet. Grant however puts the patients to sleep and this works out better Hannah told me as then they can do everything without worrying that the patient is in pain. They also charge upon time, rather than areas, so the more time spent on ur body the more fat that can be sucked out. Whereas in clinics they charge per area and only have 2 hours and a bit over to do the procedure - making it out asthough its pretty lazy and overpriced that way i am thinking.
The only bad thing is that right now I'm saving money for the procedure and grant hamlet and commins do not offer finance. The only place that do are the private clinic with dr wolf. I have seen some of his work, it looks good. U get with everyone the odd picture where it doesn't look much wow, but thats with every Doctor.
So i am pretty much in a dialemma with which doctor to go with, i fit in to size 8-10, 10 on most occasions, i also wanted some fat transferred in to the buttocks.
I really am confused in who to chose, if i had the money now i would have maybe gone with grant hamlet, Hannah seemed knowledgable and helpful to be frank.
Does anyone have any experience with these doctors. If so can u inbox me please :)
Grant hamlet also operates through MYA and they offer finance...
Hi Jas, I've recently had Fat Graft Transfer at the Private Clinic with Dr Wolf. Like you I did a fair bit of research before I started and was confused over timing v.s paying per area. My surgery took in total 3.5 hours and the team all seemed to take their time from start to finish, even staying to chat with me after surgery, while I waited on my chaperone. So I do think paying by area is better than timings, as I think you're better guaranteed results. By the by I'm delighted with the end results, couldn't be happier. I just wish I'd done it years ago :)
Hi Jas, I also had the same dilemma, Dr Hamlet, Dr Bassi at Selston, and Dr Comins. I discounted Dr Bassi as he only does 2 areas at once (I need 3) and I don't want to have 2 ops, and I discounted Dr Hamlet as he needed me to stay in London for 7 days or so post surgery for massage (which costs extra, I think £60 a pop). Maybe it is OK if you live in London. I decided to go to Dr Comins due to reputation and the fact you can pay for sedation, which more or less knocks you out! I am having mine early Nov. Hope it helps... As for paying for it, the credit card is my friend...
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