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Hi Ladies! This site has been such a great help on...

Hi Ladies! This site has been such a great help on helping me make my decision on having the mini tummy tuck. Still relatively uncommon to have this procedure in the UK so I have struggled to find out other peoples opinions and experiences' so thank you!
I'm 29 and have had two beautiful children I'm 5'3 and 108lb this is a natural weight for me as I've always been slim, BUT and a big but I look like I'm 4/5 months pregnant in anything I wear, I have sagging skin and a pouch that won't budge. I'm having my surgery on the 23rd July and I'm very nervous am only hoping mine turns out as well as the fantastic jobs I've seen on here. I have suffered with a bad back since the birth of my children so I am having muscle repair as they are no longer together underneath my navel. Trying to add before pics but can't seem to on my I-pad so will try again soon. R

I'm done!

Well here I am writing this at 5am....a time I assure you I never see! Had my op almost 5 days ago now so thought I'd give a little update of how I got on.
Came around from my op to be told by my PS that he'd been able to get my incision lower and smaller than first thought and I could not be happier with how low and small it seems to be, nurses were also shocked to see me up using the toilet and changing so quick afterwards too (hate those operation knickers!) in terms of pain it's not as bad as I thought it would be, very bearable more uncomfortable then anything else. I had muscle repair and apart from the odd twinge if your thinking of avoiding it due to easier recovery I would recommend you reconsider as it really doesn't bother me too much regards to pain. I'm finding lack of sleep and the binder that I'm having to wear the worst part as its far too big for my frame but hoping after I see the nurse in 2 days I will be able to find an alternative to wear. Drains aren't common practice with my surgeon and although I clearly have swelling it does seem minimal in comparison to some pics I have seen. But I am a religious water drinker so I think that has helped. Haven't gained weight a couple of pounds which I'm happy about! I have had a sneaky peak and can't believe what it looks like already after two babies I will never have my stomach back but this is certainly the closest I'm gonna get! as long as my recovery stays at this rate and when the nurse takes off my bandage and my scar is healing well I will be one very happy bunny!

Worth it? Absolutely
Worst bits? Bad back, lack of sleep.

???? I being a little blonde?!! When I update my review and press 'add photo' nothing happens am I supposed to do something else too?!!

before pics

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What surgeon in GB did you use? Am hoping I can have my surgery here to avoid flying
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I had my tummy tuck, muscle repair & liposuction of flanks & upper abdomen on July 30th...would love to see your pics. It's been 10 days & the worst is the swelling.....Uganda
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I hate auto correct....that was ugh
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Hey Hey Ukmum, well I am 1 week out until I fly to Thailand for my surgery, how r u going..where's the pics of your awesome tummy..hope you are still doing well. are you putting anything on your scar yet?
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I do have pics I will upload later as I have to be on my pc to do it, not putting anything on scar just yet as nurse told me to hold out until I see her next as it was still drying out. I can now sleep in my side woop!! The binder is the biggest annoyance now but I know it has to be done as part of the whole process. 1 week will fly by how exciting!!! Ps make sure you treat yourself to a long hot bath this week as it maybe your last for a while!!
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Ugh.....I'm going back and forth about the muscle repair! I'm opting out but am going back and forth with that decision!!
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My personal opinion is that I've had no problems with any pain regarding muscle repair, I worked out at the gym and got so much definition above the navel and nothing under the navel area so I wanted it so I could work out and see a real difference not just the skin being removed. I can honestly say the pain Is bearable and can't imagine it being much different without m/r x
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oh yay!!! good for you, where's the pics...PLLLLLSSSS!!!
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Hi there fellow uk er!! Check my story out and good luck x x
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Yes i agree this site has been wonderful for me.. I am still waiting for my mini TT. Still another 5 weeks and counting. Good luck with yours, wow how exciting, not long to go..wish it was me.Keep us posted
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Thank you! Yes I'm super nervous about surgery, recovery and how it will look but I've spoken about nothing else to my poor long suffering husband for years now so also very excited! I'm obviously being blonde as I can not seem to post pics on here from my ipad- selecting add photos doesn't want to work. And would love to share my before pics. Good luck with yours also 5 weeks will fly by. R
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