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I put on loads of weight after my second and last...

I put on loads of weight after my second and last child. Thought I could loose the weight which I did but never banked on all the loose skin that was left around my tummy! Really want it gone,as it is affecting my confidence. I'm 34 years old so I'm looking at getting tummy tuck and breast reduction

Hi jooooo. No my ps did not use blood thinners either. Things r very different in the uk than America Don't be scared putting u to sleep you r asleep within a second or so and the next thing u wake up in recovery all done. Think of the great tummy u will have. X
One of my worries is that my ps doesn't use blood thinners just the air pump stockings.most of the ladies on here seem to be getting the thinners. What did u get? I'm also scared about being put to sleep as I've never had it before. X
Thanks so much! I live in stoke on Trent and I'm looking to get it done in October because I have really bad hayfever. I've had a consultation with ps Paul Davison who works within the nhs and he's going to do it. Like you I lost weight, and was left with excess skin on stomach.were you really. Nervous?? I'm a lot better than I was thanks to this site but still have worries. Glad you are doing well :-) x

So pleased to have found this site. Spoke to some...

So pleased to have found this site. Spoke to some lovely ladies who have reassured me and made me feel that I CAN do this!!
Thanks bec, counting down the days lol. Makes me feel loads better seeing your fab pics and that you are doing soo well.. Xx
I am sooo impressed!!! thank you feel amazing!! it will fly round for you and you will look and feel amazing too!!! x x
Omg! Your photos are amazing! Wow. Can't wait to get it done.. Feel really depressed at the mo, sick of covering it up all the time with my husband. He says he doesn't but I can't stand it. Congrats you look fab ! Xx

Well got a letter today for an appointment with ps...

Well got a letter today for an appointment with ps on 18 of sept for a meeting to discuss worries etc. T hen one on 8 oct with the nursing team. Going Spain for a week at the end of September the the next week I have my tt.. Can't flaming wait x
Hi jooooo I hope you are doing well and recovering nicely so far :) ill be sending positive vibes your way

Breast reduction

Had my breast reduction on the 13 August 2013 & feeling great! So glad I got it done . My breasts when I was younger were always nice & small. Then at 26 I had my son they went from a c cup to a d which was ok . Then with my daughter who I had in 2009 I put 5 stone on in weight!!then put another 2 stone after. I went up to a g cup!! Anyway decided to join weight watchers and lost it all & ended up. With long, heavy, cumbersome breasts. I had rashes underneath them and had to peel them off my ribs to wash underneath. I had tummy tuck first which got rid if 4 pounds of excess skin. My br surgeon was mr dan prinsloo & he was great ! He even did me free scar revision in my belly button cus I wasn't happy with the scar. Was in hospital for 2 nights and not in any pain , just sore where the drains were. He hasn't put a bra on just a dressing ( I can't believe I'm walking round with no bra!!! But have to back Monday for clean dressing & a surgical bra. I asked for a b cup & I definitely think I've got my wish :-). Anyway I showed my husband & he says he prefers them bigger!!! Suppose he will have to get use to them... I love them & glad I did this

1 day post op

2 weeks post op

Lovely results!
Good luck! I'm a few days after you. I look forward to seeing your awesome results!
Paul davison

Mr Davison works within the nhs aswell as private

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