Full T/t with Muscle Repair& 2hernias Fixed - United Kingdom, GB

I had a full t/t with muscle repair& 2hernias...

I had a full t/t with muscle repair& 2hernias repaired. I wasn't aware that I had hernias but I had that figures because b4 my tummy was a size of a house I did look pregnant even though there was no chance! I went for this op to correct myself fro previous surgeries !
Adding pics to profile......x


Hope your doing well there in Ireland! Thanks for poping over to read my review. How are you feeling? My dads side has Irish roots, its the only heritage I claim! Id love to vaca there some day, heck, I love to move there someday!
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Awe i can't sleep I can't get comfy at all!! Can lie on either side & tummy feels like its being stretched when I move! Other than tat not to bad! Wbu??

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Day 22..

Well today is day 22/3wk mark.. Recovering well. Still not walking 100%but they say that's normal, still sleeping on my back&trying so hard to sleep on my side but its so not happening I'm to sore&tender!
Still very swollen but looking a lot better, I was annoyed during the week as I asked a surgeon on this site why my belly button looked so weird& not like every1 else's.. I know to peeps are not the same but after there advice& a few days worrying done I looked tis morning & wow it's startn to heal like hole cut round it is starting to fade to a nice pink colour only a little improvement but its a improvement...

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Day22 cont...

Contined... Hit post instead of finishing.. (I phone's)....
I wasn't told to wear a binder ect so I invested in a c/g vest top wow.. Is not really on long enough but I do find it help sucking me in a little more.. I'm really gonna have to increase my water intake as I don't fink I'm drinking near enough? I don't really like water so maybe diluted juice will work(haha)..
I'm so glad I joined this site to be honest as every1 shares there issues ect& If I asked half my doc half these questions he would be thinking wdf? Mmm will upload a few pics soon..
Happy healing every1...
Sending huggles xx:-)
So glad I put myself through all this pain & torture is priceless :-))

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Is great ...

Omg it's so good to be bk in the driving seat again even though it was approx 10mile defo don't feel as much home bound now.. Ya gotta love those shoulder pads for seat belts defo take the preasure of tummy !!

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4weeks tomorrow..

So I'm 4wks tomorrow... Still pretty tight & numb but it's still early days also my hairs falling out a lot :-( (must be the anasetic's)but I'm walking so much straighter & beginning to feel goods again, but I've got a lot of flaky skin on my tummy.. Not sure wat u use on it maybe a little coco butter oil?
My scars still kinda tender but it's looking good. Ohh my swellings starting to go down a little & I'm starting to see a little definition line forming so it's all good..will post pics soon x


I would love to see some after pic to be able to see any differences. My tummy was round like yours. I'm only six days post op and it doesn't look that much different yet just a tad smaller round maybe
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Thx's Shellyk:-) How's u???
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As far as the hair loss, check your protein intake. I had gastric bypass in 2006, and I find that happening if I don't eat enough protein. If you don't have much appetite you could try protein bars or shakes. Just a thought...
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5weeks to day

So it's 5weeks today, tis week has been up & dwn but startn to feel a bit more human today , still have a lot of swelling though but it's more to middle &bottom of tummy now .. Still not into jeans yet booo .. Scars lookin very dark & red at min.. Scabs nearly all gone so bio time after next week .. Will defo add pics later on as I'm waitin on new phone .. Dropped poor I phone last week #rage.. Still eating well more healthy more fruit more veg. Wud hate to be a veggie !

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5weeks today..

Here's a few pics of 5week mark,


I'm the same! Im so tired but cramp and ache all night no matter how I lay. I walked yesterday an it seemed to be better. Your belly looks great! Really really great!
Oh I don't know about great? Is still very swollen! I'm now u tube.n peeps that had it done they reckon the swelling lasts for 6 weeks & u get final result in 3months/90days let's hope there right!! How's u??

5weeks &1 day ...lol

So it's 5weeks & 1 day today &I'm heading on for the 1st time since my tt on the pull.. Aww who ever evented leggings needs a big hug because even though my tummy is start'n to flatten am still to sore& still can't fit into my jeans but these leggings are defo the job ????????
So to nites gonna be a good nite hopefully (minus the alcohol ) fruit juice 4me...


Looking good. I plan on rocking some leggings once this last drain is gone!
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So I went out last nite..

So I went out last nite, went to see that Flim rush. Amazing Flim &loved it, company was good to???????? although a 3hr Flim was a little much to sit in one place for so long but it had to be done I was tryin to impress my date????
Anyways I made a silly mistake last nite un aware to this morning that I had done it, I lay all nite on my Tummys. & I'm kinda suffering today as my wee tummy is sore????so it's joggers & loose top today & no sleeping on tummy for at least another few weeks again!


you look great! wee happy face so cute I put my face as well :)
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I love my leggings too!!!! Lol I'm on the same boat even though flat now I'm still swoll so I think it'll be awhile before I'm rocking a pair of jeans :) you look great happy healing :D xxx
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Aww thx's chick

So I'm 6wks soon

So I'm 6weeks soon( in approximately 20hrs from now) ..
Feeling good , still not 100%straight yet but getting there slowly, have a lot more nrg these days but at end of day I'm shattered, still pushing myself everyday, some times more than needed but just wanna be normal's again!
My wee fur baby (dog) cockapoo understands a little tat I still can't cuddle him fully as he puts his paws round ur neck like a huggle & just wants loving but a little more every day Benny bop(ben)!
Still can't get into jeans yet boooo!
Just have a little scab left on line but it will be gone soon as I plan to scrub it outta me!
Ohhhh also hava say... I've found love!!!
So yee ha baby's .. It's all good I'm in love again after 7yrs of crapness!!!
Starting to love the new me.. Seelling still a issue but getting flatter every day !! Whoop whoop will upload a few pics later girls :-) hapi healing a every1!!! Xxx


Hapi days u look gr8 chick c

Baby steps,,

So it's nearly 7weeks( well 2days of 7weeks) & the last of my scab has came of all help to e45, it's lookin good now.. Gonna get a second opinion now & see if I can start using something on it to fade the scar& make it less noticeable .. Will post some pics soon..
Oh am startn to feel alive again.. Not sure if it's down to finding love again after 7crappy years of being single or most importantly my results so far as I'm defo not a quiter, everyday I'm pushing myself in some way to help move tis process along but it's a long journey. Surpose it is on nearly 7weeks& still earlys to say.. Rome wasn't build in a day either..
Yes still hava lot of swelling & a little burning but with tis crappy weather it's keeping me warms as they say.
Tried to do a little exercise but it so didn't work at all still to sore:-( boo ..


Looking awesome chica! Yes love love my leggings an yoga pants!!!
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8weeks tomorrow...

So it's 8 whole weeks tomorrow. So what's changed? Not really much only i fink I'm 98%straight now hava lot more NRG feeling ok but still swollen roll on 4weeks to I get rid of some of it.
Still can't get into my jeans:-( bought a new compression top have it on religiously now nite&day, my scars still very red at min but been using kelo-cote twice a day morning & night massaging it in to bob as well!
Kelo-cote is recommended by ps's& can be got on prescription !
Started to do a little exercise was a little painful so gave up in it allough I did burn 35cals I'll prob eat them all again laters:-) since givin up smoking I'm eating more healthier& starting to make better lifestyle choices... Hope all you t/Tucker's are all keeping well !


I love that you "burned 35 calories, but will probably eat them later...."- too funny!
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Lol50 going on 35, yes I fink I ate them again..;-)
You look great! Good job quiting smoking! I know its not easy! But it does get easier Im going on 5 years smoke free.
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So it's 9weeks tomoro's last week has been a few up &down moments from the fact tat I still can't get in2 my jeans yet, so I had to invest in a size bigger so I'm not wearing size 10 but at least I feelin more normal love my jeans .. Well on the tummy front still using kelo cote day&night, still swollen & still numb but still only 9wks po.

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What the heck??

So I went for the usually daily shower & noticed that my plug hole wasn't doing the usually draining thing. Omg I looked down& seen that my hair is comming out like mad? Yes I know u have a little hair fall out after annisecttice (not spelt right dam predict txt don't work when u need it) up loading pic:-( fink I'm gonna hava invest in a wig soon if this keeps continuing .... Mmmm :-(((( x


Love your shape! I wouldn't worry about the size on ur jeans, you look great! Hope your hair quits falling out soon!
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Me 2.. Although I've game across a friend selling wigs might invest in one till my hair gets back to normal!    
You could have some fun with the wigs, try on new styles to go with your new sexy belly!

Just after creaming up scar

A few little shots of my scar. Still using kelo cote (60g near finished tubes getn a little lighter on it) oops

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Scar therapy

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10 weeks & 3days..

So it's nearly 10&half weeks .. Times starting to fly now. Feeling good now getting back to usual self. Few up& down days but walking a lot better. Lying in bed flatter some nites on side&few times on tum! Still swollen &tender but getting better day by day. Still a size 10 no difference yet..:-( up a size at min? Getting ready 4xmas not long now only 44sleeps hehe:-) still eating good& drinking plenty of water!
Still using kelo cote& odd go of coco butter oil!
Hope all u t/t'ers are well
Not much else to report at min:-)
So all's well at mo...


Boo hoo:-( flipn Xbox blew up... My life's over x
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Ooooo Xmas is nearly here I'm just waiting on my new tree to arrive today soooo excited about it lol yours looks great :D xxx you're healing brilliant too I'm not 100% about my incision but it's still got a lot of healing to do and my ps said he can revise at 6 mos if I'm still unhappy :)
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Did ur tree come 2day? Awe what's up that ud need a revision?? I fink ur perfect! :-)

So 2moro is my 11weeks anniversary

So 2moro is my 11th week anniversary date..
Not feeling too bad a few ups&down tis week, not really to do wit my tt more like my xbox died a death :-( boo gonna hava replace it 2moro cheer me bk up again..
As 4tummy well it's still tight. Swollen & kinda hard.. Think tats the way it's meant to be right ?
Only is it now tat I fink I'm now 100%straight tough going getting there but I fink I'm there, :-)
Swellings gone down a tiny bit but not enough to notice it!
Noticed tonite though for the 1sts tht my belly button is starting to take shape ... It's starting to flatten which is great and scar is also getting a little lighter around it. Well I fink it is but that was in dim kinda light will check it out tomorrow's again when day light:-)
Blow dried my hair the night 4the first, was so good to get bk in the swing of it again as up until now I've been kinda treating myself to getn it done every week but never was the way I wanted it ya know I just didn't look like me.. Nothing much else to report only time is startn to go a little quicker now which is soooo good:-) hope all u ladies r keeping ur spirts up things do get better with time..:-)
Also using kelo-cote like it's going out of fashion:-):-)

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We're the heck is my pics gone??

We're the heck did my pics go that I up loaded??
Will try again

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Latest pics ..

Latest pics @11weeks...


You're looking great!!! Don't look swollen at all!! I really hope the saggy part for me goes away!!!
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I was checking u out u look gr8, awe yes defo still am swollen:-( notice it in jeans:-( x
Looking great!
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3months 2day..

So it's 3months today.. Yay... Still very much swollen, like more than b4? Oops . Haven started any exercise yet mayb start Monday new week;-) still using kelo cote morning&night. Defo startn to take shape in sides, still a size 10:-( need a get bk down to a 8 again but really lovin my food ATM should have wired my mouth when doing this really like defo appitite is back!
Can't lift my wee fur baby again with out any discomfort which is good because he missed the cuddles (poor wee pup) life's good at min;-) will upload pix later .. Hope all tt'rs r well...

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Ps... I notice this.. Does any1 else???
After a long day does any1 notice ther scar tingle .. Like when it's cold u just wanna rub it?? Or am I a freak??
All answers welcome:-)) x


You have such a great shape! Yes my scar still pinches, pokes and itches. It could almost be a crawly electric feeling at times... My belly seems so tight and swollen between my hip bones and pubic area..
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Omg thx u I thought it was only me havin these weird sensations! I can't understand why I'm still rock hard /very swollen ect I look at every1 else & think wow ....I look at me & fink ...oh fook no ...why isn't my swelling going down more than tis? Most people r flat by now...#fustrating But how's u more 2the point??:-D x
I read that some of the swelling can be because the fluid normally drains downward and the scar impeads it. So we have this swelling above the incision. I'm just convinced I'm eating too much! I even went back to my lg cg. Just as I buy a smaller one! Massaging the incision area is suppose to help.

AllI want..,

All i want 4xmas tis year is less swelling please ...


You look great!
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Thank u:-)x (so do u)!!!
"Rome wasn't built in a day" I'm going to remind myself of that everyday.
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Hi all,

Hi all u super sexy ladies, I'm still pretty much the same as last update which was a week ago ... Mmm not much has changed only starting to notice a little less swelling in tummy, not much but a little, a littles good though right?!
Starting doing sit ups today for the first omg it burned, but meant to to be doing it right? Mm try a few more tomorrow again&up the antie a little more, feeling better now in my own wee body which is good, still using kelo cote morning and night not much change in scar yet, still looks kinda angry&red, it's not 90days yet, but on second bottle of it which means I've used at lesast 90g of it so far, time will tell,, as for house hold chores, still can't really stretch up to clean windows yet& there starting to do my head in, as I love shiny clean windows haha:-)
Oh met a companion, as a male, seen him a few times now, but have so nothing in common. With him, he has to go, just as I went to say to him tonite he proprossed like wdf? I near hit the floor with shock, swear, it wasn't good at all,, like I've only seen him about 10times in total mounting to at least 10hrs, mmm fink I'll be staying single for a while yet girlies,,, hope yous are all well out there, (having a little drinkie tonite, just to get over the shock, but yea is working)!!


You look great! I'm ready to start seeing more changes too, lol. Your post really inspired me b/c I was starting to feel some type of way being that I'm also bout 3 months po yayyyyyyyy! My doctor told me it would be 6mo to a year for my final results but I thought no way am I gone be swollen all that long but hey I've learned you got to have lots of patience.
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Awe tis is mad going through this recovery process, swear am a edgit, have noticed more about my body tis last few months than b4, yes patience, mm I don't have a lot of it! How's u? U still very swollen to? Must check u out lol!! X
Has any1 noticed this ?? I was checking my self out in mirror (again) love mirrors now lol but u c ur backs .. Do u notice them like indented like a little like ur front but on ur back more than b4? Can't get a good pic of it !!
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In the clothes .. Not looking to bad ..

Jus a few little pics.. Love'n hats by the way... Is so chilly out..


You look great!!
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Lol the hats! I can never make them fit right and look silly!
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New update....

Feeling not to bad, times starting to go in pretty quick now, tummy feeling less round think am kinda flattening slowlys, have tried a few sit-ups, but still not doing as much as I should, will try again tomorrow, defo feeling my hips more when lie,n down so yay:-) still numb, still using kelocote tubes getting kinda empty will hava invest in another tube soon, started using coco butter oil on tummy cuz I thought I seen a few stretch marks??moods a lot better now for sure, will do a update of pix tomorrow, hope all u ladies are doing gr8!!x


You look awesome!!! I noticed some stretch marks on my belly too. I read somewhere that it's the underlying skin healing itself. We should be good to go :)
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Seriously .. Under lying skin u say.. Doc told me coco oil is good for them Jus smear ur tummy in it&let it dry in, is a little like bio oil But not as expensive he said& more easier to come across!!
I've been using Palmers Cocoa Butter in the concentrated form. Yeah, I read on Realself about the stretch marks under the skin becoming more red (like the incision scar) and then going back to what they were. Weird, huh?

So times creeping up,

So times defo creeping up, haven't posted in a while as I've been kinda down, not cus of tt but because I've been having problems walking, my left hip is causing me a lot of grief at the mo, every time I walk, I've a sharp shooting pain, in hip/leg/knees, oh and when I walk my bones clunk, a lot of noises, is defo #embrassing, & ark ward, going to see the gp soon hoping he can do something/help me, not holding out much hope 4him though, hope every1 else is doing well!,


Hope you are doing well.... Seems you are except your hip:(. You look so great girl. Ab work already not sure I could handle that yet. :-) keep your chin up things will be ok with your hip
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Thxs chick, how's u?!
I hope you feel better soon. When do you go see the doc in regards to your hip?
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So I'm back girls,

So I'm back girls, coming up to the 4month mark, yay, :-)
As for my hip, well I've got snapping hip, yes snapping hip oh is painful , some serious noises coming from it but I've also inflammation on it so treat it first is what they say, anyway enough about that,,,

So I haven't posted in a while because of above but other than that times flying, still a little swollen, not much but a bit, getting flatter, feeling betters, clothes beginning to look a lot better, scar seems to be getting lighter in places although I'm going through a 60g tube a month now , on the forth tube & have to defo say it works, will post a few pics of the 4month mark laters as my iPad needs charged,
Hope all u ladies are keeping well&looking great:-)
Happy holidays :-)))) xo


Hapi new year to all my tt sisters!! X
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Hi weelamb, that's no good about your hip all the cold wouldn't be helping it either.
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Defo not, but sure, roll on the summer, am 4months today, yay, haven't really been in much form to add pix lately but is on my to do list, hope ur keeping well tt sister hapi new yr! X

Up dated pix(4mth mark)

Updated pix of 4 month mark...
Still numb&still swollen but getn betters!!

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4month updated pix

New pix


Looking wonderful! !! Absolutely wonderful! !!
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U think?? I don't know!! But I'm really love'n my new mirror!! I feel like mirror mirror on the wall hehe x

Latest new pic..

Latest new pic.. Mirror mirror on the wall hehehe..


Looking great! I'll be updating again in about two weeks as there's nothing new to report right now.
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Just read your reveiw, I think you are looking amazing chick xxx
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Thx u so much :-)

Gonna make a start..

Well finally gonna make a start on exercising.. Jus ordered myself a 4week hire of a vibro plate mm it comes tomorrow a/noon.. Will keep you's all informed of what /how I preform, I hate exercise tbh but I hava defo try something so tis is gonna be it!! Mmm


I had vibro plate it's great it does all the work for you! Every bit of fat in your body shakes lol
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Hi hi, ohh it has arrived!!! Ur so right every bit shakes!! Have hired it 4 a month hoping it really works,(the lazy way) hehe! Had u been on 1b4? Wat did u think? It work? Did u get that mirror yet?? X
You look great ya know! Love your home btw! Looks so roomy and cozy! Hope your hips doing better! Easy on the excersize! Your belly pics should be hanging in your ps's waiting room, very nice!
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My new baby has arrived(hehe)!!

So my new baby has arrived,, my new toy 4 a whole month to shake my booty to,while trying to get fit the lazy way first then maybe help gee myself up to do some more actual exercise like the rest on here, any things possible if u just give it a chance right?!..
So haven never used one b4& googled it a lot last few days&thought why not,!
Time to change, new start, new year& off course new me,
If it helps/works great if not well at least it started me off& back to good on google once again, but so helping wit all the researching I did do does pay off , take it day by day,,
So it arrived today @10.30, I slept in off course as I couldn't sleep last nite, could have been excitement mmm not sure but do know I was on RS pretty late, ahh well time enough to sleep when ur dead I say,,,.... So been shaken my booty off this last half hr maybe, defo do think it's doing something, took a wee rest as I'm off out now to physisco see about this hip? I wonder would she approve?? We"ll see,, keep u posted girls x


You look great... Good luck on your new toy!!!
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Thx u!! Oh I'll keep u posted on the new toy, so far so good! Will hava take a wee peak at ur profile laters on , bet u look great!! Hope ur keeping well x
Just saw your Doc was like a young Richard Gere, that alone makes him qualified in my book, ever see First Knight? Whew. Enjoy the new baby, my eliptical just arrived too, but in boxes, have to put it together, that counts as exercise, right? I am one week behind you, so I get to put off exercise one more week. Have u lost weight since tt? I am the same, bummer, but I need to diet soon.
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4all u tummy Tucker's out there!!!

For all u tummy Tucker's out there.. Tis shud be your song!!
U tube tis... Coby o donnis & akon ... U r beautiful :-)))) x

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Or tis...

Or this song...
Chicka boom(sexiest song of the year) by panga bacha!!!
Hope all is well on the home front am doing a little light cleaning of the house& tis came on!!
Love it!!! Xx


I took another look at your before and afters, what a beautiful transformation. You look so mahvelous darlin, Hooray for you. Did you have mesh for the hernia repair? I did not, he sewed the muscle together. Apparently the recovery is longer this way.
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No no mesh!! Don't know if that's good r bad to be honest wit u! Yes is a great transformation :-) I'm kinda hapi, all though I was told after op& follow up appointment .. Tat I'd be so hapi wit my end result .. Still waiting on that ! Yes he sowed me up pretty tight& did say I'd have a class body @ end but wud b a yr b4 tat happens!! I've defo no patience chick!! Mmmm hopen he's right!!! The only thing I'm not really hapi wit is my bb!! I think the new hole made 4it makes it look like I'd a tt!! He z this will fade wit kelo cote cream on my 4th tube now!! Using it day&nite!! So hope he's right!!! Ahh roll on end of August tis year!!! U look super gr8, keep bouncing on ur profile!! Love ur result !! Y is it.. Tat hernia repairs take longer than just straight tummy tucks?? X


So ... Had to fill all you's girlies in on the news... Wat am I like!!
So the fella that I was seeing/did purpose them weeks ago.. Got bk in contact again doing the begging thing again,!
I had to be honest wit him & say no!! Defo not!! My excuse was.. Listen I'm really sorry to say this... But... I'm too long out on my own.(7yrs) I'm hapi wit me!! I like my own company I'm just not for u, I don't mean to hurt ur feelings but were both into different things.. I'm so soz's to say this.. But new year, new start& new more strongfull me, but I do hope u find what ur lookin for, but it's so not me .. It's me& my fur baby (dog) & I'm more than hapi wit that& hope u really do find love but it's not wit me as .... I've no feelings for u sorry!! Think I got away wit it!!
Nothing worse than a man beggin!!
Go Jacqui!!! Mmmm men!!!


Wow go you are looking sessy!!! Beautiful tree an fridge makeover :) I love the shoes but I would break my neck in them lol I'm trying to decide which home machine to get .. Can't make my mind up
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Lol thx u:-) Ohhh the shoes I love love love them there a wedge so no probs to walk in!! They are high & I'm banned fro wearing them when I'm with my mum as I'm taller than her, u must be nearly 5&1/2 foot wit them & only 5'1ish wit out! But it's all good!!! Ohhhh what machine u thinking of hoping for? Wats the choices? So curious!! Can u tell ! Hehe Ohh my spelling mmmm I shortenen every word, my Mum has to read &re-read all the time :-) will have to bounce over &see how ur going! I bet u look so well!!! X
Lol! Maybe its a age thing, I'd love to be single again. Had about 10 years just me an the kids... Good times.... Now wish iz single with some girl friends!
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Tis sign is sooo true:-)

Spotted tis on nxt doors shed..
Tis sign is sooooo true:-D
It says... Wait for it...
A thing of beauty is a joy 4ever!
Who ever made that sign is sooo rite! #giggles x


Looking good lady!! --Oh my! You must have left one heck of an impression on that guy..lol-- Let me know how your new toy works! :)
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Lol defo must have but he's so not 4me:-) How's u keeping Jen? Oh my new toy .. Have it a few days now. Haven used it on my tummy yet! Am working up to it:-) hopefully by nxt week I'll be at tat stage, so far using it on my legs& butt & strengthing up my back a little but I do think the back wasn such a good idea as I kinda have a wee twitch in it is a little sore but maybe tats good :-/ I do think it's kinda workin as my wee legs r a little sore afters! Mmmm we'll c! I'll update soons! Thx's 4checking in:-D x
True, maybe he is in love with you too!
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4&1/2 months 2day...

So it's 4&1/2 months 2day.. Mmm still swollen&numb& feelin ok, well it cudb better but it's not. I'm only half way there as they say.. Awe well, it"ll get better some day!! So I'm gonna post some pix..


You look great even with the swelling. I'm still the same way, ugh I'm sure it'll get better as I become mode active. Of course it gets better then I bloat with PMS!
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Awe pms mmm long time since I experienced tat!! Lmao ohh I don't know!! Wish tis swelling wud go but is going dwn a little bit:-/ thx u !! Lol u look gr8 btw u don't seem to have much swelling at all though!!! X
Oh I soo envy u not having to deal with mother nature! I'm swollen currently. I'll put a new pic up in 10 days at the 4 month mark. Most my swelling is above the bb. Idk y. I haven't seen hardly anyone with that kind of swelling.

Latest update ..

Latest update.. 4&1/2 months&2days... So I'm now down to a snug size8 heading towards a 6 in top half still size 10ish bottom half grrrr:-( still swollen more now that it's late, still using kelo cote but tbh don't fink it's really doing much:-( gonna try something different tis week! Any body any ideas??
Won't be on much tis week as I'm doing up my pad & house will be like a bomb site not looking 4ward to the mess ect but so lookin 4ward to the men (hehe)!
As 4toy .. Hurt my back on it:-( think I hadit speeded up to much, will hava move it into spare room tomorrow, will maybe get my back looked at becus it's a little painfull when lying down awe well I'll learn someday! Anyways hope all u girls r keeping well&looking awesome! Catch u soons.. Ps if I don't reply 4few days I'm ok I haven't fell off the moon jus yet :-)
Best of luck x


Fantastic results! You look lovely!
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Thank u so much :-) x
Good for you for being strong. Its really hard when men do that. Watch out for him though, men that beg have issues I rekon! Hope your back is ok now. x
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Yay.. It's starting to happen & I'm beginning to feel really happy! My song fro now on in .. Is pharel Williams becuz am hapi????:-)
So tomoro is my 4month&3weeks (nearly 5month) :-)) whoop whoop time starting to fly in now. Well so far my latest news is...
My tummys starting to flatten:-) swelling is leaving :-)
My jeans are way 2big:-)
Best news ever is my bb scar , yes the one that looked fooked up has hope it's beginning to heal :-) I am clean over the moon tbh girls as I really didn wanna hava go through a revision, but it's so true .. Time is a healer!!

Scar treatment has changed for a few weeks As I felt my scar was a little tight &kelo cote wasn't working so at min I'm using a ointment cream wit extra parffin in it, is meant to relieve itchy ness& condition skin!
The cream ointment is called dermol cream!
Will go bk to kelo cote in a few weeks as yay is beginning to work well it is helping close over my bb :-))) will uploads pics nxt week as I'm at my mums while my house is getin work done to it! It's getting the makeover:-))) hope all u girlies r keeping well, resting & smiling & being happy :-) hugs x


Yeah, so happy to hear your review. Good to know things do eventually get better! ou look great!
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Yea things do get better!! Tbh it nearly takes 5months though! Thx u:-) must get a wee peek at u!! Am sure u look gr8!!
Onward girlfriend! !! I'm so proud of you. .. Happy healing! !
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New cream,,,

Thus is pic of new cream tat am using for scar at mo


Your swelling is going down --- your belly is flattening --- your swelling is leaving! This is AWESOME news! ☺
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Dermol cream

Dermol cream .. Pic didn post last time ... Grrrr


Yay for swelling going down!
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Defo :-) x
Congratulations on your swelling reduction
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Mmm so it seems I can't count lol 4&1/2 months yesterday lol not 5mths yet but got into a size 8uk jeans today whoop whoop ????????tat is all 4now ????


Size 8 wow what a miracle Hun
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Was always a size 8. Was a 10 after tt
Hooray for the jeans!
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Closing my account

Closing my account due to rs bitchy member!
Have no time 4 bitchyness!!
Life's 2short...


I just saw that you closed your account :( I miss talking to you!
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Boo! I was coming to check on you! I hope all is well!
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Awww thats a shame :( just ignore her :( xxx
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