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Just want to share some pics and hopefully get...

Just want to share some pics and hopefully get some feedback and encouraging words of wisdom back as I'm soooo nervous!
I'm 38 and have two boys, now 18 & 15. They were both 10lbs! I've been left saggy with tons of ugly stretch marks which bother me massively. I've tried toning but I've been told I'm fighting a losing battle as my abdominal wall is told and needs repairing. When I lose weight it looks worse so I went to see a PS and thought he might suggest some lipo but he's convinced me to have a full TT with abdominal repair and lipo to the flanks :/ so with much deliberation I'm going for it. Booked in for July 11th!! I've started vitamin B and vitamin C as I've read this is a good idea. I don't smoke which is good. I'm prepared for it to be REALLY painful afterwards and I have bought arnica to take but not sure how and when to take it anyone advise? I have arnica cream for after for bruising but thought I could start taking it orally at some point.
I'm going to prep lots of food so I don't have to worry about feeding the family and I've got a great partner that's going to help. Any suggestions on prepping would be good. Waxing etc?? Helping with nervs? Nervs are taking over excitement at the moment. Worried about height of scar etc. I'm hoping that I can achieve a good result and be happy with my body again cause I've forgotten what that's like!!!
Thanks for reading tummy tuckers x
:) Good for you! I had mine 3 years ago. (full TT with muscle repair & lipo + breast reduction). You won't be sorry! Watch as many blog videos of surgery recovery/progress as you can stand. Each person offers a different perspective with a different experience. Mine was tough as far a pain & I thought I was prepared. I thought I was tough & could handle pain pretty well... the pain from the lipo is indescribable. It causes nerve damage that lasts up to a year & I never discussed this with my doctor. If he mentioned it; it had to be when I was so excited that he agreed I needed the surgery or when I was still uber mortified standing practically naked in those itsy bitsy underwear that are not "one size fits all" that I completely missed that portion of our conversation. I would do it again today, YES it was worth every minute of pain & recovery... but pain like I have never experienced & like no one could have ever described. I can handle whatever, IF I can prepare my self mentally. I can't handle the unknown. I wasn't prepared. I also decided pain meds/pain pump don't really take the pain away... they just knock you out! You have no clue your are in the world for about 2-3days, thus the only reason you can still breathe, unconsciously. :/ After the 3rd day, I switched to Tylenol because I needed to function AWAKE. Your partner needs to be aware, you WILL need physical help... getting up & down, from sitting to standing, laying or even propping on the bed. You can't even pull your legs up on the bed b/c your muscle repair is so sore your legs will feel like they weigh a ton, literally. My tummy muscles were actually sore for about 8-9 months. (Not painful, but sore like a gym workout after a massive dry spell.) Lipo will cause bruising like you have been beat with a ball bat. Black/blue & every shade of color till its yellow & back to normal. It works its way down your body before it fades. The bruising ended up around my ankles (as the nurses warned me it would ;)) Pretty fascinating how it all worked! I didn't prep (wax) b/c I wasn't told to do anything & the nurse shaved it right off the morning of... I would've loved the opportunity to take care of that myself! Scarring is nothing compared to what you carry around now, I promise. I would trade my saggy tummy & stretch marks for this scar any day! Don't be nervous! Be excited :) You will look fabulous!! It will be worth every minute. Good Luck to you.
Many thanks for all the advice and the wake up call where lipo and pain are concerned, I'm glad to hear that you would do it again though this is encouraging. I'm glad I'm not alone! Kept you posted on progress. Thanks again
Well I hope everything goes well. I think you've picked a great place to reach out with any questions or concerns. I would not worry about shaving since that will open up hair follicles, per my PS and that can open up an opportunity for more bacteria. I just had my pre-op today and I have two more weeks left. There are some great video blogs/diarys on youtube that I have found very helpful. Good luck

quick update so far…….

hi, well my nerves are no better! can't sleep for thinking about 'am i doing the right thing' all this money on me, will it be worth it etc…. I'm sure I'm not the only one going through those questions! its still booked for the 11th july. started taking 4 arnica a day now to build up some immunity (if that makes sense). still taking vitamins b and c. Also i went for a hollywood wax! (thats all off) i wanted to do a trial run as I've never had a bikini wax of any sort before. just want to prep the area myself before surgery and to not have to worry for a few weeks afterwards either. It hurt like hell might i add! LOL but I'm kinda thinking if i can't take a wax then i shouldn't being going ahead with such a painful op. I did wince a few times and i only swore once! not bad. so im going to get it done again 3 days before the op that way the pores are closed, no risk of infection during op but i will be smooth and hair free. yay. i am meant to be trying to lose a few more pounds prior to surgery but I'm doing rubbish, its like i can't get motivated with an operation looming. I'm normally so focused but its just not happening for me. Hope it won't effect results :( I will be glad to get it done. For you post tummy tuckers, will muscles/skin react normal after the op i.e tighten again and tone like they're meant to??
anyway ive seen some really great results recently on here and it helps to keep me going so thanks for sharing stories and pics, its really helping.
speak soon xx
In terms of scar placement, I brought black bikini swim bottoms on day of my surgery. My surgeon used that as a guide when marking me for surgery. You can look at my review and see he did a good job of putting the scar low where it will be covered by my bikini bottoms. I would caution you to talk to your doctors about any vitamins or supplements you decide to take before surgery. Many vitamins and over the counter products can act as anticoagulants. There is definitely pain after the tummy tuck. For the first week, stay on schedule with your meds. After that, you will start to feel better but there is still fatigue and it will be a bit of a strain to stand in a perfectly vertical position. Around 4 weeks is when I started to feel pretty normal. The point is, just be patient with your recovery, get as much help as possible, and take it easy on yourself. You can go to my full review to see scar and read about the full experience.
Thanks will take a look at your profile, great tips thank you very much x
Hi - I saw where you were worried about scar placement on another blog. I had my full TT/ muscle repair/ hernia repair in February. I stressed the importance of a low scar to my PS. She knew that going into the surgery my objective was to wear a bikini again! She was very clear that she could give me a low scar (in my hip fold), but that the skin from my old belly button may not reach. The outcome was a super low (awesome scar) and a slight one inch floating vertical scar above it (where my old BB was). A couple of my bikinis cover both scars. Another shows about one centimeter of the vertical one (which looks like nothing). I am so glad she went with the big low scar and tiny vertical. If the big scar were at the top of the vertical one (to have avoided the vertical one), it would have been way too high such that not much would cover it. Just be clear and upfront with your PS about scar placement. : )

4 days to go!!

Well just thought I'd check in. I've got four days to go!! It's come round so quick! Nerves setting in now, I do get times of excitement but then the nerves creep in and ruin it:( I guess this is normal. I'm going in at 7:30 procedure at 8:30. People giving me great advice such as button through night shirts bigger pants! Lol. More pillows etc... All paid up and mrsa swabs done now. I've seen some great results lately on here which had kept me going, hope I will be seeing you all on the flat side soon.
Update soon .... :) xx
Good luck!!
I'm excited to hear how it goes. Friday-? Mine is scheduled for 3 weeks from Friday :-) Good luck!
Many thanks, going in 7:30 for 8:30 op. will keep you posted. Good luck to you too :)

Surgery day!!

Hey tummy tickets-quick update. Arrived at hospital 7:30 had blood pressure taken, went over my notes with the nurse then the Anaesthetist came in for a chat, I always get nauseous after so he made me a special cocktail to deal with this! Great man. Calmed my nerves a lot. Surgeon can in and went over details, drew on me and again calmed my nerves and felt loads better after that chat. I was taken down at 9:00 and in recovery by 11:30. Was very groggy and felt sick but it soon passed thankfully. I woke up in my compression garment which is very tight!! I had morphine to start but now I'm on 2 paracetamol and 1 ibuprofen every 4 hours if it hurts inbetween they top me up with a low dose painkiller like morphine or co codomol. Pain on a scale of 1-10 has only ever been at 7 now I'm at a 4 and it's more of an ache can def cope. Have been to the toilet for a pee a few times first I had the bed pan now I'm walking to the toilet aided which is a palace cause you have to take your drains! Coping well though, my garment is having a wash as my drain leaked on it so had a sneeky peek and living what I see already!!! One happy bunny xx
I had my surgery yesterday! You look great already. My before profile was very similar to yours! Good luck on recovering! My recovery is good so far. I'm very hunched over and can't stand for very long.
I'm hunched over too and things are a struggle but you have to stay positive don't you? Done the hard bit now so looking forward to making progress and fingers crossed that there's no complications. Drains being removed tomorrow :/ yikes xxx happy healing to you x
Yes positive is the only thing we can be!!! We are going to look awesome in a couple weeks time:) How long did you have your drains in for?

On the flat side and home

Just to let you know that I had 2 nights in hospital and had my drains removed this morning, that was painless, just a slight stinging sensation. I took 3 deep breaths and held the 3rd one while the drain was slid out. No problem, over with in a flash and I was so worried about it too lol ;)
I'm at home resting up with my feet up. I've had 2 paracetamol and 1 brufen and finding this is fine for me. I'm taking arnica to help with bruising and I'm going to have a veggie juice in a bit. Not had a bowel movement yet :/ had some lactolose this morning to aid with this hopefully.
Any questions please ask x
Signing out for now :)

Post op day 3

Quick update so far- mainly resting just walking to the loo and round house a little. Very hunched over and tight. I have a full compression garment ( body suit) it's tight and very uncomfortable! It has a hole in the crotch area! Not at all attractive, so you don't have to take it off to use the loo. I just roll it down to wash and I've removed it once for washing. Tricky to get back on- takes 2. Different to other garments that I've seen on here. I'm finding my back is the most sore at this stage- from lipo to flanks I'm guessing. Will try to do some pics tomorrow when I remove garment for a wash, looks very bruised now. I am sleeping ok- went for 6 hours during the night without pain killers and woke up extremely stiff and sore will try not to do that again! Mornings definitely the worst time of day. Stitches coming out on the 18th July x
Just looked at your after picture...wow...I'm so excited x
Hi sallyf thanks, you should be excited. I worried far too much and wish I didn't! I was pretty well prepared, this site helped me loads. Just knowing what to expect and being mentally prepared is a big help. Also preparing your partner on how little you will be able to do. I prepped loads of meals in advance! And cleaned house for my peace of mind so that I could rest better lol. It was hot in hospital and a cool loose nightie is best. Hair band essential if you've got lots of hair. So glad I waxed too. Good luck will be thinking about you! X
Wow you make it sound easy. Are there more thing that you wished you had done in you preparations for the operation.

Bruising pictures :/ Awww

Well here's the results so far, pretty bruised as you can see in the lipo areas. Still hunched over but doing ok. Blue dressing on sides are covering drain holes and blue dressing on front covering new belly button. Scar looks to be quite low but hard to tell at this stage. It's like waiting for Christmas! Lol happy with how things are looking already.
Took dulcolax last night to help with b/m and went this morning, feel loads better now I've been and am less bloated. ( sorry for details) but it's gonna happen to you! Feet look a little swollen today so I will have a gentle walk around today and see how they look tomorrow. All in all I'm very happy at the moment with tiny steps forward. :)
Good luck to those going in x
See you on the flat side soon.
You look amazing : ))
Thanks I'm very happy so far. It's not as bad as I made it up to be in my head! ;)
Luckily I'm on holiday so just the husband with me. So Not much to do. My shape was fairly similar to yours but more Severe. The surgeon said 4 1/2 to 5 hour surgery. My main dread Is pain but after reading yours ...I have hope lol. Your gonna get some wolf whistles with that nice trim body.. Looking forward to following you further..,sally

Fat removed etc....

Forgot to mention my ps removed 2 ltrs with lipo and I had 2 kilos of skin removed with 2cm muscle repair.
Blimey I wonder how much they will get off me. I do know the muscle repair is right from under my ribs and down....: /
Have you put pics on yet? It's surprising how much they remove, now I know why I'm black and blue! ;)
You are looking good there! I am a strong believer in the more you move about the quicker the recovery. I don't envy you having a full body suit (especially over these next few days when the temperature is set to soar ;) ) Glad all is going well for you xx

Update so far....

Well so far all is going ok. Stitches being removed tomorrow, that should make for some interesting pictures tomorrow! Bit nervous about seeing it properly for the first time.
Back pain a real nightmare, I'm standing straighter but not straight yet as you can see from pics. I removed binder for washing so thought I'd do some photos, bruising is really sore but yesterday I applied some arnicare to them and I have to say they look less aggressive today but still bad, just applied some more so will grin and bare it. Almost a week now :) cabin fever is the worst so a trip to hospital tomorrow is a bonus don't think my husband sees it like that bless him it's is birthday! Lol
I'm walking around plenty and drinking more than normal, swelling in feet has gone down now. I've cut back on pain meds now, just paracetamol as and when which is good as I don't like taking too many meds. Just enjoying half and hour without being in my binder!
Will check in tomorrow with stitches update... Wish me luck x
Wow you look fab. Good luck for tomorrow. If only I look as good as you. I think I'm wishing For to much but hey it's gonna be better than What I am now x
Thanks, I'm happy so far will be even happier when tomorrow is over with! Lol keep you posted ;) x
I need to work out how to put pics up....I'm rubbish at new modern technology lol

Stitches removed

Well stitches are out, bit uncomfortable especially when dressings/tape were pulled off! (took paracetamol before hand) But they're out so that's good news. Had a couple removed on my back as well where lipo was done. Seen the scar and belly button for the first time, looks pretty Grimm at the moment :( I'm all the colours of the rainbow with bruising too. The scar itself is even and low enough so that it's hidden by my pants which I'm very pleased about.I'm still very swollen and sore. I still have quite a few stretch marks remaining which I expected as they were bad but hopefully when things settle down a bit the overall look will improve. Glad today's mile stone is done. The scar is now covered with scar tape to help healing, I can shower and change tape as and when I need to. The tape is to be worn now for 3 months and I am to continue wearing my garment for 6 weeks. Follow up appointment with ps is on Monday.
Keep you posted. :)

Scar tape

You look great. Congrats! and thank you for your words of encouragement. Every day counts at this point, its nice to see someone a couple days ahead of me!

Post op check up

Well I had my first post op appointment yesterday with my surgeon. He's very happy with progress so far, says swelling and numbness is normal. Went over how well the op went which is good to hear. I have to wear the full garment for at least another four weeks :( I can take it off in the day for an hour to wash it etc.. I'm ok to shower now, I'm wearing scar tape and I'm to keep it on until it starts to come off at which point I can change it but other than that I'm to leave it alone to do its job. I'm not taking any pain killers at this point now which is good. I'm just uncomfortable but not in pain. Bruises are looking loads better- will post some pics. I'm still rubbing bruises with arnicare cream and I can see it's helping. Still can't stand up straight! Anyway that's about it for now- wish I could push the forward button 3 months! Lol good luck if you're about to go in for you TT xx
Great results and can't wait to see more updates from you. Happy healing!
Many thanks, so far so good! :)
I had my surgery on Saturday ...I'm now home...holiday home..so no family demands. It all went well apart from some hematonas along the wound that they are treating now. I have no pain at all...very strange.

Comparison time!

Just comparing before and after and even if I'm left with stretch marks I'm happy.My surgeon was right it was a trade up!
Awesome results!! Wow

Full compression garment pics

I've only seen binders on here that wrap around the torso so thought some might find these pics interesting or funny! I'm from the uk and I've been given a full compression garment to wear, so if you're told the same unfortunately this is what it looks like! It's extremely tight, it has hook and eyes ( like the clasp of a bra) going all the way up either side of your body with zips over the top of the hooks. The top is bib and braces style! With adjustable shoulder straps. You keep it on all of the time. Yes even when you go to the loo! There is a huge opening from your crotch to you bottom ( not attractive) I wear pants over the top( super hero style! Lol)as it's more comfortable for me to be covered up downstairs if you get my meaning. To make the top more comfy I wear a soft sports bra underneath, this stops any rubbing from your binder under your breasts. I'm getting used to it now, I take it off for a shower only and if it needs washing. It's very hot though which is not nice and it's extremely hard to find things to wear over the top! So if you only have a binder which goes around your torso you're very lucky. Thought some mind find it interesting as when I was told about the full garment I just said ' ok' but had no idea what it looked like. Enjoy pics, no laughing please!! ????
Very stylish Bubbah! You look sexy lol
I'm bringing sexy back!
Oh dear god you look gorg lol. I have just a part body wrap thank god. Hope you are well x

Scar and BB update

Well it's been just over 2 weeks and things are moving in the right direction. I drove yesterday for the first time which was ok. Could prob drive sooner but my back had been too sore from lipo, still sore but not as bad, it's also still numb as is my stomach.
Removed tape this morning after shower, this is the first time I've taken it off, it pulled a little and removed a few scabs with it but scar is pencil thin and neat it's a little puckered here and there where I've been stitched over stretch marks but I guess it's still early days, hope it improves with time. Looks ok for only 2 weeks gone. I have spit a dissolvable stitch in my bb so unless it comes away soon I will go and have it snipped off, it looks like a white thin piece of plastic thread, I've heard it's quite common. Dissolvable stitches only dissolve below the skin I'm told so this little one will have to be removed, tried gently pulling it but it won't budge' best leave it to the experts I think.
BB looking a little strange, not sure what I was expecting, just a hole I think so I was surprised to see a lumpy bb :/ I've been told it's looking normal at this stage opinions please?? Looks worse in the close up I've taken! Also my bruising is disappearing really fast but I'm still not standing straight :/ how much longer!!
looking very good!
Thanks, really pleased so far! ;)
Amazing results, I know you must be pleased. Thanks for sharing.

1 month post op for me!

It's been 4 weeks today. Scar and BB looking better. I'm still in my full garment and wearing scar tape. I can ditch the garment in a couple of weeks which is exciting! I might be able to wear normal clothes! My back is still very sore from lipo to flanks :( I can sleep on my side for short periods of time but when I go to move I'm really stiff but it's nice to be able to sleep in a different position. I can drive ok and go for short walks, I tried a long walk but regretted it the day after as my flank area felt like they were on fire! They were stoning like really bad sun burn so won't be doing that again in a hurry. I'm cooking and doing light chores and finding this fine as long as I rest plenty in between. Bruising is pretty much gone now as you can see from pics. I've put an early scar pic and a recent one so you can see the difference. I'm swollen a little as it was taken at the end of the day and I find this is when swelling is at it's worst. All going ok apart from aching in lipo area and I'm still not standing as straight as I could be but I guess we are all different and I have to be patient ???? anyway take care if you're recovering and be excited if you're going in! ????
Wow! You have certainly changed your shape. So happy for you! You look so good!
Thanks, im very happy!
You look amazing already!

Scar and BB at 8 weeks

8 weeks pits op tomorrow.
Still numb on BB area, lipo areas still sore at this stage. I can sleep on my side ok now but sore in the morning when I wake up :( I'm out of my garment now which is a relief. Still wearing the scar tape and will continue with this for another 3 months as advised by my PS. Saw Mr mcdiarmid this week, he's very pleased with healing and progress so far, no sign of seroma just normal swelling at this stage which is to be expected. It's worse at the end of the day. I can get back to light exercise but haven't done this yet. Might start with swimming as when I attempted a light jog my hips throbbed like crazy. I've noticed some bruising coming out on my right hip area where I had lipo so I'm using arnica again to help it along. Scars is healing nicely, reddish/purple at the moment. BB looking much better now and it isn't covered anymore.
All in all everything going great. Can't wait till swelling goes down more though!! Again more patience lol ;)


WOWSERS! You DO look FANTASTIC! What a drastic change. Look at that waist indent! I sure hope i can turn out HALF as good as you! Your ps did a great job! Congrats!
Thanks he did do a great job!
Wow! Your results are fantastic. Like you some of my stretch marks will remain. Having seen yours looking so good has given me confidence that mine could look ok too! Thanks for posting your pics?

3 month update!

Hello real self ladies, it's just over 3 months now and here's how it is.
Back to gentle exercise, running.
I'm doing the 30 day squat challenge at the moment to try and get some booty back! 9 days in so will update you on progress. Scar healing well although my left side is very itchy? Strange but might be because it's healing? Lipo areas on flanks still sore especially in the morning so if that's you at this stage then you're not alone! Tummy area still numb, that's frustrating. I really don't like the numbness but it's a small price to pay. I'm still swelling towards the evening but I think that's normal and it doesn't worry me. Scar is going through a red stage at the moment and looks worse than it did a few weeks ago in my opinion but see what you think. Hope you're all recovering well and if you're due to go in soon good luck, it's not that bad! Honestly xx

3 months later ......yay

Wow you look fantastic!
amazing results, thanks for sharing,
Great results!
Mr James Mcdiarmid Duchy Hospital Cornwall

Great surgeon, never any pressure to have surgery. Made me feel at ease and reassured me from start to finish. Scar is very neat and low as it could be. The Duchy Hospital is extremely good, lovely efficient nurses who can't do enough for you. Would highly recommend my surgeon and Hospital. Thank you!

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