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First Treatment with Picosure - United Kingdom, GB

I have been for my first treatment with the...

I have been for my first treatment with the picosure laser. I have been waiting 3 months to get thos done. I hated my tattoo straight after I got it. It was a rash decision to get it to cover another tattoo.

The tattoo was nothing like what I wanted. It looked like a messy blob. Since getting it, I have been embarrassed to wear my legs out at all. I have hidden it from my family and friends. I have avoided going swimming and anything else that might make me have to display it. The only person who knows about the tattoo is my boyfriend. I guess I must be pretty insecure.

After researching online and reading all of the helpful reviews, I decided to go for the picosure laser. I am a teacher so I have a reasonable income for my age, but it will still be a struggle to pay for it. I am planning to put aside 200 £ a month to pay for it. After hearing all of the positive reviews about Picosure I'm hoping that it will be worth it.

I had the first treatment yesterday. It hurt a lot! I had got laser removal before with q-switched and I found the picosure a good bit more painful. On the plus side, the treatment was very quick, lasting about 5 minutes.

I was charged 399 £ for the treatment. The girl said that I would likely be looking at 4 to six treatments.

Straight after I got the treatment it turned white. Now this morning it it very red with some blistering. It is not painful though unless I touch it.

Second day after tx 1

My tattoo has gotten a lot more red and some more blisters have formed. It is not uncomfortable though. It is hard to see how much fading there is with the blisters. I will update when the blisters have gone. I'm not sure if my ink has turned red or if that is just a reaction of my skin. Hopefully it wont just all turn red because I heard red can't be removed by Picosure :/ other than the red the blue and green seems to have faded well :)

2 months after first tx

Tattoo looking quite faded and the redness has died down. It actually looks more faded in real life. I wore bare legs for the first time in ages and covered it pretty well with make up and no one seemed to notice it! Going for next tx at the weekend.

After tx 2- Less pain but less fading

Well I went for my second tx about two and a half weeks ago in Trueskin. I was dreading the pain so I made sure I treated myself to a few treatments first. Trueskin did an offer where if you bought a voucher you got the same amount of money back on treatments, so I got myself a few 100 worth of treatments. Figured it was one way of making how much I am spending on the process less painful!

Anyway it was another 399£ for the second tx. She used cooling air, which made it a million times more bearable. I think it was just having something else to focus on besides the laser helped. She didn't charge anything extra for the cooling air thing. The pain really was not as bad at all! I was actually surprised when she said I was all done, even though she said she put the machine on a higher setting.

After the tx is turned the usual red colour and got a blister, but the blisters were nowhere near as bas as last time and the area was much less raw.

The downside was I think the fading was a lot less than the first time and I didn't notice a massive difference between before and after this tx, which is a bit disappointing. The red is still refusing to fade at all, but the blue got a little bit less. What do people think? Is there much of a difference?

My main worries at this stage are that I am going to be left with a weird stain on my leg if all of the colours don't respond :/

I will post again in around 3 weeks with an updated pic.

Professional service

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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hi there anything new?
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Thanks for the update! How is the healing coming along?
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Can I just ask what size your tattoo is, mine looks roughly around the same size and I pay £499 a treatment even though they know it costs over £80 in travel too! Your fading looks great btw!
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the laser did some extremely effective work!!
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Glad everything went well with your 1st treatment - how far apart are you planning to space out your sessions?

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Can we see a new photo? I just got a tattoo on my forearm and I hate it. I need assurance something will take this off. Be glad yours was just on the ankle. I will be wearing long sleeves for months....
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aloha BeautifulRose, Have you had a consulation? My first consultation made me feel very optimistic. Tattoo removal does take time, it's easier and faster to get the tattoo. Patience is very important but once you get moving along with the process it brings hope--it did for me and many others here. In the meantime, I often wear tattoo sleeve cover ups and it helps. Good luck. aloha...k
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How's it looking?
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Hey before you go for your 2nd treatment do you have a photo to see the progress? Its been a week since my 1st picosure treatment at Trueskin (bluewater) and my tattoo is on my calf/ankle. My family dont know that I'm getting it removed but judging by the reaction of seeing it for the 1st time im sure they'll be pleased!
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I agree! For some reason pics don't show the fading as well as it looks in person. Good luck on your next tx!
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Good on you for not being afraid to show your legs! Do you have a photo of the tattoo now?
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Hi regretfulkat, I hope you r recovering well after your treatment! I have my first laser tomorrow and I'm very anxious. I am definitely going to look into picosure abit more though and give the salon a call and have a chat. Did u have your full treatment when u went for your consultation? As I'm right down south and the salon is quite far for me to go just for a chat!
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Wow that Pico blasted that ink, that's awesome!!!....here's to speedy recovery. Pls keep us posted :)
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Can I ask where u went? And did you have the previous laser on the same tattoo? I ask because I to have recently got a tattoo that I hate, I am so embarrassed to show it and I also work in a school. Sadly I'm only a TA so not on such a great salary hence the reason I have gone for Q switch laser as it is more affordable sessions, but I am unsure now as they have told me it won't get rid of the blue in my tattoo:-( I would really like to talk to someone at the clinic about it if you wouldn't mind passing on their details! I can see a change in yours already, and after my first session with Q switch I have noticed nothing other than a lump under my skin. I can't wait to see your next picture
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I am in the states. I went to a place in Austin, TX. I did not notice a change after my first session. Only until a week after my second did I see a change. I am happy with the clearance though!
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I have only had the two PicoSure sessions on my tattoo. Hope this helps!
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I'm in the UK and unfortunately picosure hasn't quite made its self known over here! I have only heard of 1 salon doing it. So I think I'll continue with Q switch for now, but i will continue following your progress. Good luck.x
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Good luck to you as well! I would like to see how well the Q-switched works so I am glad to see your postings. I am flying to another state to get my treatments because that is the closest PicoSure laser. =/
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Wow flights as well, not a cheap process for you then! At least you have to leave it quite a while inbetween sessions so u can save save save! Would you ever get another tattoo??x
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OMG-I am so broke while doing this. haha. I used Care Credit so if it were evry week that would be ideal for me since I am just paying it off monthly. I'd much rather it be gone sooner! I have only paid for four treatments so I am hoping that I do not need four more because if that is the case I will not be getting the last four for quite a while (Until I finish paying off the first four). Also, hell to the no! I am never getting another tattoo!!! If I win the lottery I am removing the one on my back and saying good riddance to tats.
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Hi Nikki! Yesh working in a school can make tattoos a big pain! The other laser was q-switched and I used that on the original tattoo but after 3 sessions with that I was only noticing minimal fading so I impatiently went out and got this hideous cover up. Massive regret. The q-switched does work over time but it just takes much longer. Do you have a lot of colours in the tattoo? And which colours? I went for picosure because of the blues and greens in mine. And these colours have faded really rapidly so far. The other colours like yellow and red haven't faded. I went to Blue Water for my treatment I don't know the name I just made an appointment through the website. They are nice in there but they will charge 50 £ for a consultation in person. However they chatted to me on the phone and gave me a rough price estimate before I went over to them.
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Hi regretfulkat Thanks so much for your post. I feel like we share a similar story. I have a horrible 'blob' on my back which was a rushed coverup up of a tat I hated just as much. Just want it gone now so it can stop reminding me of what an idiot I am! I'm in Bristol and I think the nearest picosure is in surrey which will be a pain to get to but you are inspiring me to give it a go..I hope you will keep us updated here on your progress? And please keep posting pics! x
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I have 3 coloured birds blue pink and orange and black writing! It is all up on my profile if you'd like to look! Can I ask how much you were charged for your session?:-)
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HI Nikki. I was charged 399£ crazy expensive. I saved for 3 months before going as I had been given an estimate. I think because I psyched myself up to pay it, it wasn't as bad. Your tattoo would probably be done for 299 a session as it looks smaller than mine. Definitely the blue bird would respond well to it but I'm not sure about the pink one!
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My skin was red for a few days after my last tx! It went away.
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