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Approximately 3 years ago my fiancé at the time...

Approximately 3 years ago my fiancé at the time suggested u get a tattoo. I got sucked into the idea, especially with all the reality tv shows featuring them. I had a Fu dog half sleeve design to represent strength and protection, although I wanted it somewhere less obvious I.e my back I was talked into placing it on my arm. I hate the way it's turned otu and feel it has ruined my life, I cannot wear sleeveless tops and feel I always have to keep it hidden from friends and family, even t-shirts have to be a certain length. I cannot look at myself in the mirror and have fallen into a deep depression over it I am taking medication for. I was left with debt when my fiancé left me and cannot contemplate the cost of removal, given the size I am doubtful it can ever be removed, I just want my life back and feel it has been stolen from me. I have researched removal creams and other at home removal methods on the web out of desperation but what I read is laser is the only way. There is a picosure studio near to me but is expected to run into thousands. Any one else experiencing the same crisis will be great to hear from. It is mentally draining thinking about this mistake on a daily basis and beating myself up over it.


Thanks so much for sharing you story! I am terribly sorry you are experience a difficult time with this, you will find lots of support here from the community! Does your tattoo contain color? Have you you talked to the clinic near by that offers the PicoSure treatment?

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Hey there, just checking in to see how you are making out, are you going to start the removal process?
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The Picosure will most likely get all of the light grey shading on the first pass. Fortunately for you, the outlines on your tattoo seem to be light as well. A full removal is extremely possible with your tattoo since it is black and grey and that it doesn't seem to have outlines that are that are dense and thick. The Picosure is definitely the best choice.
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I'm so glad you added a photo really helps us give you feedback.  Your tattoo is very light, mostly grey shading. In my opinion you would have great results. It's still going to take time but as you may have seen in other reviews the shading is the first to go, especially with the PicoSure. Check out this review:

What Are my Chances?!

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