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34 Years Old...... Finally Got a New Nose – United Kingdom

Hi, I am hoping to speak with people who have had...

I am hoping to speak with people who have had septorhinoplasty. It has been 6 days post op for me and the only thing that is bothering me is that my nose is upturned like a pig very much so in fact and I can't look at myself in the mirror. I have always wanted to have rhinoplasty but could not afford it at the time so eventually when I was able to I jumped at the chance. However I didn't consider the trauma that I would experience after surgery due to the fact of anesthetic and all different emotions you experience following surgery. I thought I had made the worst decision of my life but I am hoping that my nose will settle. Today I had my cast taken off and sutures on my columella removed which was quite painful. surgery itself wasn't painful it was just the packing that made it really uncomfortable ...you all will know what I mean! Please share with me any experience you might have had related to this procedure and hopefully put my mind at ease.



Day of surgery 28.03.14

I took this picture as soon as I returned from theatre. I wasn't in pain at this point I just had a really bad head from the packing in my nose.



5 days post op. Not much swelling....just want to get this cast off.


10 days post op. I had my cast removed on day 6 post op.

Swelling on tip 09.04.14

I am really concerned about the tip area. It is really swollen and also I feel is pointing upwards too much. Will this go down? I appreciate it is only 2 weeks since the op but it's so worrying.

Before and after pics

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How are things coming along for you? Hope you're doing well!
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Just wondering which surgeon you had for your procedure? I'm looking at getting my nose done but I'm finding it really difficult to find UK surgeons with good reviews.
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HI Lauren, I used Mr Paganelli through The Hospital Group. I seen another surgeon there for a consultation but I was more at ease with Mr Paganelli. xx
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I really like your nose now, it's really nice shaped.
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Hi, i think we have similiar tips, im 6months post op and still swollen and sensitive, im hoping mine will go down also been told to wait a year
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You look so good!! Why would you want the tip more down??? I think it suits you perfectly...and dont worry anyways cause from the stories I've read here after a month the tip starts to drop a little...but you look gorgeous already! congrats xx
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Hi Anastasia, from a certain angle when I smile yes I like it but looking face on something is just not right I don't know if it is just swelling but if that settles and tip drops just a little I would be happy x
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I think u look gorgeous.
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Thank you sweetie. Best of luck for your operation xx
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I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing the after surgery anxiety about your nose. If it helps, it is not an uncommon feeling to "see" a nose that looks too upturned right after surgery. I call it the Miss Piggy Syndrome. Doctors say that you can expect your nose to drop a millimeter or two (which doesn't sound like a lot, but does make a difference) as it heals. Hang in there!
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Hi, thank you for your comments. It is very much like a piggy nose and it is driving me mad :-(. I just hope it settles soon :-)
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Hi Lyndseyp, I was just wondering how you were getting along? I am now 10 days post op and like you my nose is so unbelievably upturned and piggy even people who have never met me before can instantly tell its not the nose I was born with! I knew even before the cast came off! everytime I changed the bandage I could see piggy nostrils staring back at me. I sent a picture to the handful of friends that knew I was having rhinoplasty and they were shocked and said it looked bad, but I did ask them to be completely honest and not sugar coat it, they did try and reassure me tho that its early days and i should give it more time. But time can feel like forever when ur one of the unfortunate ones who end up looking like an alien after surgery. I have to walk around the house with a bit of bandaging over the front of my nose, as I keep catchin sight of it in the mirror and I just burst into tears, I literally don't want to leave the house. Ive scoured the internet and watched videos and looked at photos and a lot of peoples pics are an acceptable nose shape post op, just swelling really, but you can see a nose shape. Mine is just like a barrel on my face. Im seeing my PS on Wednesday to discuss my fears, but my nose is that far in the heavens I can never see it coming back down to earth.
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Hi sweetie, do you have a picture you could sent to me? I can inbox you my email address? I understand totally where you are coming from. I freaked out really bad after the operation I was in tears saying that I looked like a pig and I was scared about what I had done. I've just put some pics on my profile. I'll inbox you my email address now xx
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