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Hi everyone, I am a week post op and just got my...

Hi everyone, I am a week post op and just got my bandages off yesterday. I was a G cup before the op and i'm 25 years old.

I knew looking at them with the bandages on that they were really small but now since seeing the bandages off i feel even worse! I told my surgeon to leave me on the bigger side as i want to lose around another stone or stone and a half but what i have doesn't even look like breasts, they look like mens pecs. I'm absolutely gutted, I was a hermit before the reduction because of the big saggy breasts and now i'm probably still going to be a hermit. they aren't even a nice shape, i can't imagine ever letting anyone of the opposite sex see these.

Has anyone else felt like this? Sorry for being so negative but I just need someone to talk to about this.
Annika xxx

Hi annika! I am 22 YO and 8 weeks PO. I was a 34G and now a c cup! It is a huge adjustment but you need to stop over analysing! Big boobs are easy to hide behind and now theyre smaller they'll make ur tummy look bigger but u def have to remember that u weret in proportion before what was normal to you wasnt actually normal. Ur breasts look beautiful but they will look a bit weird and "pekish" for about 2 more weeks and then then theyll soften and become lote natural looking! I hope this helps. Feel free to pm me if u have any questions xx
I wish I could post a luc of mine (my surgery was 18 years ago... Yikes I'm old) but I can't figure out how to post it
They look beautiful! I had a reduction at 18 .. I'm Now 35. I have akways had terrible feelings about my breasts psychologically . Now that I'm 35, had 2 children abd sime chemo drugs that i bekueve affexted brrast tisdue, mine just look deflated !! :( yours look great!
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