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I had really saggy eyelids, infact no eye lid at...

I had really saggy eyelids, infact no eye lid at all on one eye, putting make up on was a waste of time. After watching TV shows where people had their eyes lifted and seeing the results I decided this was for me. During my research it seemed that it was a fairly straight forward procedure with few side effects or risks and the recovery was quick. 2 weeks in fact is what I thought.

The reality is a different story, I am 10 wks post op now and still have concerns. The scars feel tight almost like a band pressing around my eyes, and when you lift your eyebrows its well tight, this is getting better but its taking so long. I suffered with really dry, irrirated eyes for 7 weeks and I yet I had asked my surgeon before the op if dry eyes was a side effect and he told me not for upper eye lids ! This has improved greatly but I still have one eye that constantly itches in the corner by my nose, its more the actual skin on the edge of the lid than my eye, but have read this is a sympton of dry eyes so presume it will eventually get better. Weird its only one eye.

The other eye lid feels like there is still a little bit of swelling in there that just can't get out! and feels heavy against my eye ball.

I have forgotten what normal eyes feel like. Every day I am constantly aware of my eyes and can't go anywhere without eye drops. The results aren't as good as I was expecting, yes I have eyelids and I can now wear eyeshadow but was it worth what I have been through and still going through - unsure. I still have a bit of baggy skin (nose side of my eyes), which I had before the op and was obviously hoping to lose. This has become been apparent as the swelling has gone down. I also have some scar tightening again by my nose which I am massaging daily, but its a hard place to massage. But as I keep reading you need to leave it 6 months before you see the final results or even a year, so I still have a long way to go. I think if people really knew what was involved they might never have this surgery. I certainly will never have anything else done.


I am a year and five months post op upper & lower bleph. It took a full year for me to be happy with the results. I had the usual issues: swelling/assymetry/dry eye/numbness but ALL of these issues have resolved to my satisfaction. Dry eye was a very big issue for me as I wear contact lenses, however it cleared up around the 5th month after surgery. Please be patient as this will take many months to fully heal.
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I know how you feel. I had upper and lower done on 7 July 2011 and I still have a butterfly feeling in lower lids. It is almost a year and I still am not 100%....BUT in saying that, I look 10 years younger and my friends all comment on how fresh my eyes look. I am 54 years of age and would definitely recommend it to a friend telling them how long it takes to recover.
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Thanks for your comments, since I did the review my eyes have improved! they have felt almost normal today which is most encouraging. I looked back on some photos of before the op and the weeks following surgery and I was amazed how much they have healed and the scars have started to fade, and its a definite improvement on how my eyes looked before. Its taken 10 years off like you said. I think I was expecting too much improvement if you know what I mean, I think I thought I would have the eyes of a 20 year old which was unrealistic. Things can only continue to get better.

I am one and half months further down the line and...

I am one and half months further down the line and what a difference! my dry eyes have gone, the tightness in one eyelid has gone, and the other is getting there. The scars that were tightening in the corner of my eye next to my nose i have been massaging and the improvement is amazing. I am now glad that I had it done, its not 100% perfect, but my eyes look so much better, younger and more awake. If my right eye eventually feels as good as my left I will be very pleased.


Hello, Were your eyes dry because they could not close all the way or something else? That's great that things have really improved!
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Hello, no I could close my eyes, it was just due to the upset of the surgery. By 3 months my dry eyes had gone and I have no more problems with dry eyes.
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