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I'd wanted a nose job from a young age, I never...

I'd wanted a nose job from a young age, I never had the worst nose in the world but it was quite long and slightly hook/bump from side. I had consultations at various chains but stumbled upon my surgeon by accident as I told someone they had a perfect nose and it turned out they had had it done. And the rest they say is history.

Thanks for sharing your photos! What was your recovery like?


I have passed the 3 month mark!!! :) It is still...

I have passed the 3 month mark!!! :) It is still swollen but I have had my check up with Mr Tyler and he assures me that the definition is there and it will really start to come through once the swelling dies down.

I am really happy .. I can see that it is still swollen but around the bridge the swelling has gone now. My face no longer feels stiff and I can raise my eyebrows with no pain.

It still looks a bit weird when I smile but again this will correct itself as the swelling goes.

I will upload some new photos soon.

My last check up was kinda emotional, as how do you thank someone for changing your life??

Also just a couple of notes on my recovery. For...

Also just a couple of notes on my recovery. For the first 3-4 weeks I felt really out of it - like you have a huge pressure on your face / head cold all the time. Due to the way you have to sleep as well I was quite tired a lot of the time. I also felt very emotional as I guess the experience of your op is just a big shock to your body. My nose dripped for a few weeks especially as I didn't want to blow my nose, I got my smell back after about 8 days. I am still weary of touching my nose even now though I know it is safe too. What else? Drinking makes it swell do avoid that. Try not to bang it or brush past it as it kinda hurts in the first few weeks. Avoid really chewy foods for the first 3 weeks - I remember I had a really chewy bread roll on the third week and omg it felt like my nose was going to rip apart. Avoid spicy foods and scented candles and smoky atmospheres for first 3-4 weeks as it made my nostrils sting.
Hi Sarah! I have a consultation booked with mr Tyler at the end of the month so I am really pleased that your nose looks amazing! How is it now? I'm really worried about ruining my front profile did it change much for you?
Hi,your nose looks very nice now. Big difference between 2 months and 6.5 months. I'm glad it all worked out for you that gives me hope because I'm 6 weeks now and my nose looks short and upturned. Although I have doubts but I hope my tip drop more.
Hi Sarah! So glad your nose turned out how you wanted - it looks fab! I am scheduled to have open surgery with Mike Tyler a week today! So it is especially good to hear from you as we have the same surgeon! Rachael

I am around the 10 month mark now and even in the...

I am around the 10 month mark now and even in the last month my nose has shrunk even more so and I finally like every single photo of me as until literally 2 weeks ago at some angles I still felt it looks piggy. Which just shows time does pay, and we just need to be patient. I am very excited about the coming months as apparently it will get even smaller.

I saw Mike for my final consultation about 3 weeks ago now and he was very happy. I think he is an amazing surgeon, I love my nose soooo much it has changed my life and I would recommend anyone to have one done with him.
Beautiful :) where in the uk did you get this done? Xx
thank you for your kind comments I am just about to upload photos at the one year mark!!! I got it done with Mike Tyler and his team who can be found within the BMI Group at the Paddocks? x
You look amazing and your nose does too! So glad your happy, you should be as Mike Tyler has done a great job! X

One year mark

Here is my nose at the one year mark and I absolutely love it. The tip is dropping even now and there has been noticeable difference in the swelling even now.
Wow! Really like the look at 1 year. It's amazing how swollen it was at even the 3 and 6 month mark, then at the year, it looks more defined! I can't wait to be at that stage. I feel my nose looked exactly like yours in the cast removal pic... it was just so swollen. Now, if I watch what I eat, it seems to look great. I ate a lot of bad things this weekend which I think is making it puffy today. :) Hope my nose looks as great as yours!
Heyy I absoluty love your nose at the 1 year mark. GORGEOUS I love that the tip drooped a little. I am 5 weeks post op and I feel like my nose is too upturned when did yours start to drop, I mean when did you significantly noticed the difference? I would highly appreciate an honest answer from youu!
Hi zerry sorry missed this reply - how is yours looking now?? Mine started noticeably dropping / de swelling around the 5/6 month mark. Did you have open xx
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I have given Michael Tyler and his team the utmost rating I possibly can because he is my saviour. I had open rhinoplasty and I literally love my new nose and it has changed my life. I wanted to write this review, because this forum kept me strong when my nose was piggy and upturned but I came through it and now 2 months later I have a beautiful perfect nose and I am so happy and wanted to reassure other members you will be too in time. Mike was professional at all times, did not exert any pressure at all to book and was understanding to my needs and answered any questions no matter how stupid they were! Cannot recommend highly enough. Having a rhinoplasty has been an emotional journey for me and it also took me a lot longer than 2 weeks to get back to normal but a million times over it is worth it, and a thousand times thank you to Mr Tyler and his team for giving me my dream nose. I literally LOVE it.

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