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I'm having both surgeries done together. I have no...

I'm having both surgeries done together. I have no fears about the surgery only excitement and a feeling of "I just can't wait" .im new to this site but think it a fantastic way of helping each other and giving support where needed. I have always been shy and so embarrassed with large breasts that I don't feel so much of an oddity sharing with all of you.
glad you are doing better, have you posted any pics yet, I didn't see any on here, anyway, it will get better each day, then seems like you have a bad day, then those bad days get less and less and next thing you know it you are healed and feeling great about yourself, hang in there and best of luck on your recovery
Thankyou , I do wonder how much longer this leaking seroma will last though, it's getting me down as I feel really well otherwise. I'm resting and doing everything I've been told to do and my ps tells me all will be well but sometimes it scares me a bit.
hi, iam feeling better now but ive had my moments! going home with draining bags was not a great solution for me. the tummy wound was being kept moist and causing more problems. At the moment im having my wounds changed daily in my local surgery so they can keep en eye on it. Iam due back to the hospital in a couple of days.Iam also on an antibiotic for 7 days. I wouldn't say I regret the tummy surgery but it hasent and isn't easy when things don't heal as expected. When I decided to have this surgery I focused on the positive because I think you need to otherwise you might not go through with it but I didn't think about any complications and their effect.


Hi everyone,this is an update at 5 weeks tomorrow. My surgery for both ops went really well...possible better than I feared. I came through the anethsetic well and felt little pain. I stayed in hospital for 2 nights and had my 4 drains removed just before leaving and I was surprised how well I felt.At 4days into recovery my tummy started to swell ....and swell! I went to get my 7day check up with my ps nurse and she suspected a small seroma forming. 3 days later I was back in hospital , it had opened the wound and was draining down my legs. Hospital kept me in for 4days dressing it 4 times a day until I could go home. I'm now at the stage where I have it dressed everyday at my own Dr. Surgery and once with my ps nurse in the hospital and I have seen my surgeon every week since. Today the seroma is very small and my dressings are minimal but I'm still swollen especially on one side.I have felt very well throughout all of this and have had loads of energy. As everyone says swelling is ok in the morning but as the day goes on it gets tight and itchy. Today I go for another dressing and it maybe that I'll be able to miss a day in between from now on. I have a Xmas dinner this Friday and I can't wear the dress I was hoping to wear because of the swelling but will wear another that hides my swollen tummy more. Thanks for listening x
well glad you got taken care of right away and sounds like you had wonderful treatment and they kept you in hospital for the 4 days, and it is amazing to me that they are dressing the wound everyday as I have seen where other girls had an opening in the wound and they had to do all the dressing changes etc themselves, sounds like you have great health professionals working on you, anyway best of luck to you and if and when you are ready post some pics, bless you
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