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After 19 years of hating my tummy, 3 children...

After 19 years of hating my tummy, 3 children later, i decided to take the plunge. I didnt have enough skin for a full tuck, and after my husband left me i lost 2 stone, so decided the time was right to get it done.
Recovery wasn't nowhere as near as bad as i had thought, easier than a C Section.
Im now 15 days post surgery and swollen still. The scar looks quite red and has slight puckering which im told will fade out. I have silicone gel and strips and also bio oil to apply once healed.
You look great! I too have the not enough skin issue. So going for the min. And happy to hear your recovery was ok too. :)
thats great news, i was worried it wouldnt be enough/a good enough result, but if that was my only option then i was happy, i didnt want the vertical scar. Recovery has been fine, no pain, just uncomfortable at times... my scar is really thin and neat. Good luck in your journey xx

update 16 days post op

Drove long distance today and went shopping, i was fine! slightly swollen tonight but drinking plenty of water.
Treated myself to new skimpy knickers, a first for me! :)
You look really good I hope I look like this 15 days post op
Thank you, the scar is looking better day by day too, its nice and low, red at the moment but very thin so i think it will heal like me c section scar, it was barely noticeable... fingers crossed. I will pop a pic of the scar on later xx
Where did you get your procedure done?? Looks amazing

scar 16 days post op

The scar is doing fab! slight crinkle at the corners but it smoothing out day by day. (Marker pen makes it look worse, its hard to scrub off) Overall im very happy with it and think it will fade quite quickly with bio oil and silicone gel. Id much rather the scar then the old wrinkly flabby tummy thats for sure!
You look fabulous!
Awsome results!
Where did you have your TT in the UK?
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