9 Days Post-Op - United Kingdom, GB

I wanted to share with you all this photo of my...

I wanted to share with you all this photo of my outer and inner thigh liposuction that I had only 9 days ago. This was surgical liposuction and I'm told my legs are still swollen. I'm wearing a support garment constantly and took it off to shower and take this photo. I can't wait to see the end results.
Good luck in your healing! You are not only one waiting for the swelling to go away!!! Hopefully we get the results we want. :)
The wait it is so hard! I also can't wait to be how I will look like! Good healing :)

Two weeks

Today is two weeks post since my liposuction and this morning my thighs measured half an inch smaller! I was very surprised at this as I've been measuring every morning and nothing until this morning. Hopefully this is the beginning of my body re-absorbing the fluid and the swelling will continually decrease. I'm off to the clinic this afternoon to be shown how to massage my thighs. I'm feeling very positive about my results and wish I'd done this years ago.

Two Weeks

Well, I'm now 2 weeks post op, still wearing my support garment constantly and just started on the massage. My inner thighs feel a little bit 'lumpy' but generally my legs tissue is nice and soft as it should be. I had good contour on my outer thighs anyway (with being an ex ice skater) but my inner thighs were not very good. That said, I'm happy with how they're looking. I can fit into trousers that before were very tight on the thigh area. Here is an updated picture of my legs, still quite bruised but mainly at the back.
you are in the best shape possible for liposculpture. any board certified plastic surgeon with tons of experience should be able to sculpt you into a dream body. other considerations are health and wealth. choose wisely and go for an artist not a scientist. make sure he or she are credentialed to do this at a local hospital and good luck.
Thank you for your comments and advice. I have already had this done two weeks ago. My pictures show the results, however, you are right and my doctor was (and is) amazing. I have the legs of a 15 year old now (at 50!)

Seven Weeks Post-op

I've now taken off my support garment completely but still wear Spanx during the day for work. I'm off to Santorini tomorrow and have packed some shorts, something which I wouldn't have worn before my op. My legs are nice and soft due to the massaging , which I'm still doing but I feel that any excess weight has now shifted to my flanks and I have a different shape now than before. I guess the weight has to go somewhere! I'm not too happy about this as I've never had weight in this area before. My clothes look so much better though due to my slim thighs, I just need to eat a little less in order to ensure I don't end up a round shape!
You Look Great!! I'm Having The Same Procedure Done In The Morning. I Hope I Will Look As Great As You Do :)
Very dramatic results. You look great!
Helena Singerova

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