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Exactly 1 month ago now I had labiaplasty surgery...

Exactly 1 month ago now I had labiaplasty surgery via trim method. Prior to surgery I had asymmetrical labia which protruded badly, left was around 3cm in length and the right around 5cm. Not only this the edges of the labia were bobbly and dark coloured which was why I opted for the trim method. The surgery was performed by a top surgeon who does 3-4 of these procedures every week, she has also been featured on various TV shows which was how I found out about her. I stressed at my consultation that I did not want my labia to be amputated (had read many horror stories online) and I was aiming for a very natural look, with the labia still visible but in line with the labia majora so that there was no hanging down.

The day of surgery I was very nervous, I was having the surgery under general anaesthetic so arrived early to be seen by the nurse, meet the anaesthetist and then the surgeon would come and speak to me again. After that it all went very quickly, after being put to sleep I woke up feeling fine, no drowsiness and no instant feeling of pain. I was moved into the recovery room and within minutes I realised I needed the toilet, I had been dreading this part! One of the nurses escorted me and told me to expect to see blood and feel a stinging but not to worry. The pain wasn't awful but it definitely hit me and seeing the blood didn't help. After getting back to my bed I started feeling a slight soreness/stinging pain so I was given some painkillers. The pain died down quickly after this and within 2 hours I was discharged and managed to waddle (with the help of my mum) to a taxi for the 2hr journey home. Sitting was painful but not unbearable, I came prepared and brought a cushion to sit on which really helped.

Over the next couple of days I think it's fair to say my vagina looked AWFUL. I rested in bed mostly for the first 4 days and iced the area but I was extremely swollen there was blood coming from the stitches, although I was told all of this was normal and to be expected I still found it very upsetting and worrying at the time. I would spend a lot of time checking myself in the mirror and thinking I had made a horrible mistake. I cried myself to sleep a couple of times in that first week as I was so worried I might never look normal (sounds silly now looking back). I followed all of the instructions for aftercare and I was given an ointment to apply to the area twice daily, as well as a course of antibiotics to take. Other than that I kept the area as dry as possible. I avoided any soap and washed with warm water/salt water. For the first few days I used a spray bottle as the shower would have been too powerful.
Other than the first day after my surgery I didn't need to take any painkillers as although the area was sensitive I was not in any constant pain. I took arnica and bromelain for 7 days after my surgery which my surgeon suggested.
After spending the first 7 days feeling depressed I finally started seeing some improvements, I was back to work and although I was still sore I was able to walk slowly and sit at my desk without too much discomfort. With time the swelling started to go down, it was a slow process but I did keep icing every night which seemed to help. The area was no longer bleeding and although it still looked rather awful and uneven, I could finally start to see it was improving.
By week 2 I started back at the gym doing light exercise which wasn't causing pain. The stitches were starting to come out which was a little itchy but not too bad. I had read a few good reviews from people who had used coconut oil after their Labiaplasty, so I decided to give this a go. I gently massaged the oil over the labia twice daily after showering and I found it really helped with smoothing out and softening the area. This is something I still continue to do and will continue for at least the next couple of months as it will help with scar tissue.
By week 3 all of the stitches were out and I was starting to feel pleased with the results. Past the 3 week point I was back to all normal activities with pretty much no pain and only slight sensitivity when touching certain parts of the labia.

Now, at week 4 I can honestly say the surgery was worth it. I have almost forgotten I had it done as I no longer feel any pain or discomfort. I still apply coconut oil to the area but other than that I am back to normal. I haven't had sex yet as I am recently single but I have no doubt that sex would be absolutely fine at this point. I have a final check up with my surgeon in 2 weeks time which will be 6 weeks since the surgery, I certainly won't have any complaints.

I wanted to write this review in as much detail as possible and include the gory photos as I know firsthand how scary it can look when you first have it done and it can be very worrying, especially when there is little online from people who have had it done. If anyone has any questions I will be more than happy to answer them if I can :)

4 week photo

4 weeks

I just had this done today and I am in so much pain. It also really burns when I pee. I also feel like I have to keep going pee. I got an IUD inserted at the same time. Any advice for the sensation of having to pee, hurting in general, and the burning when I pee?
The burning/stinging sensation is totally normal, after all you only had it done today! The urine is passing over the raw incision line which of course is going to be very sore. I remember being in agony the first time I went to the toilet after surgery! So don't worry, and be assured that the stinging will die down over the next few days. In the mean time to help with the burning it's I was advised to either pee in the bath, or pour warm water over the area while you are peeing, which really does help with the stinging. Good Luck!
The burning/stinging sensation is totally normal, after all you only had it done today! The urine is passing over the raw incision line which of course is going to be very sore. I remember being in agony the first time I went to the toilet after surgery! So don't worry, and be assured that the stinging will die down over the next few days. In the mean time to help with the burning it's I was advised to either pee in the bath, or pour warm water over the area while you are peeing, which really does help with the stinging. Good Luck!

Nearly 8 weeks

Swelling has reduced and everything has softened up a bit. No pain or sensitivity, I feel completely back to normal
So glad you are doing well!! Thank you so much for keeping your review up to date!!
Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am contemplating having a labiaplasty & vagionplasty. I'm scared to death. I am 53, had 2 children. My husband said he started noticing things were deferent the last 2 yrs. I have a dr. In mind. He is a obgyn and has trained with dr. Mattock out of California. After reading a lot of reviews, I am terrified of the pain the 1st few days. After reading your story of ups & downs, it gives me hope. I want to know the absolute truth, so I won't freak out when the time comes. I do better if I don't view the area until I have to. I was so glad to hear that you were delighted that you had the courage to have it done. Is the sex much better now?
Hello! Thanks for the comment, I'm glad to hear that you found my review to be helpful. To be completely honest the pain is unavoidable and for the first couple of days you will feel depressed not only by the way you feel but also the way things look down there. But the most important thing to remember is that it WILL get better, even thought it feels like a slow recovery at the time! (It's amazing how impatient you get when you're stuck in bed and things are painful!) If you do go ahead with the surgery then make sure you are 100% confident with your surgeon. I have seen a lot of horror stories and labia amputations on here. Making sure you ask to see photos of your surgeons work is probably the best way of ensuring he is able to offer the look you are wanting. In answer to your question - Yes.. For me sex is much easier now due to nothing being in the way. When I had large protruding labia it was very awkward, not to mention painful. Now things are much easier and my confidence has improved dramatically, I no longer have to have sex in the dark! For the first time in my life I can look at myself naked in the mirror and actually smile. I wish you the best of luck if you do go ahead with the surgery!

It's been 3 months!!

Just thought I'd post a quick update photo. Things are much softer now and the last bits of swelling which were still visible at 8 weeks have disappeared.

I feel so pleased that I had this procedure done. For the first time in years I can look at myself in the mirror with no clothes on and not cringe!

What I really wanted from this procedure was a very natural look, I didn't want the porn star look and I was very careful to avoid a surgeon who simply amputated the labia. What I did hope for was a neat look with nothing hanging down, which I feel has been achieved.

Since the surgery I have enjoyed horse riding, attending the gym 5 times a week, swimming, running and sex - all of which have been pain free!
It's lovely to be at this stage where I can honestly say I've forgotten I even had the procedure done and all the stress and pain of the recovery process is now a distant memory.

I still massage bio oil into the area (or coconut oil) most evenings and this has helped so much with softening things up and reducing scar tissue (which is very minimal anyway)

Best of luck to anyone else considering or going through with this surgery and I really hope my review has been of some help and comfort to you!

I'm very jealous that you are finished with the whole ordeal. I had mine four days ago, and although it's not too sore, I feel very worried, emotional and feel like I need constant reassurance. It's really reassuring to hear your story and I really hope that in a couple of weeks I'm completely back to normal. Can I ask a couple of questions... Every now and then I get a shooting/stinging feeling and also a little bit of blood. Is this to be expected and part of the healing process? Also, my nurse didn't tell me to ice it. Is it too late to start to do so? Thanks!
Every doctor will give different recovery instructions; you should check with them before icing. If anything, this alleviates soreness. It also initially helps with swelling. I bled off and on for the first week, never more than a panty-liner's worth. I had stinging and pain at first. This is normal. Think about what just happened to your dear lady parts! I would say if the shooting pain continues or becomes more frequent, definitely contact your doctor. Hang in there, I felt almost human again about a week after surgery. But I am 16 days post op and still will have sporadic soreness. It's a process. Looking forward to the 6-week mark!
Hello! I am 8 days Post OP and feel much better than the first few days. I am most concerned about the final result as compared to now- is it much different? I am concerned the doctor didn't take off as much from the right as I wanted but it is likely still swollen (she did way more work to the right) When did you feel you could gauge the final result in terms of swelling? My surgeon said the 2-week mark. I hope a lot happens between now and next Weds!
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