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Full Tummy Tuck with Lipo - United Kingdom, GB

Hi I am 23 and I have a small child I have wanted...

Hi I am 23 and I have a small child I have wanted a tummy tuck for the last few years before I was pregnant with my son I was just over 18 stone about 252 lb and when I was pregnant I didnt put and Weight on after giving birth i looked the same as I did when I was pregnant when my son was about 6 mouths I decided to lose weight and in 7 mouths I went from 18 stone to 12 stone that's about 160 lb but I didn't really feel and better as my tummy looked so so bad I am getting married next year as well and I want to look good for my wedding I will still be having another child in a few years but I no if I don't over eat when I am pregnant I will never get bk to this i am looking forward to having a flat belly but very nervous and the pain and I hope I will look good I am having it done November be nice to have tt sis to talk to who has had this done or is having it done

Pre op fat side really want to be on the flat side lol

9 weeks and 3 days to go

Not long to go I really can't wait but at the same time I am really worried about the pain i am due to go in for my tt on 13th nov and I was thinking will I be ok by Xmas and my sons birthday is 5 weeks after will I be ok for that I hope so

8 weeks 1 day to go

Ok my op is just over 8 weeks to go and I don't no y but I am really worried about every think now I worry I won't look as good as I think I will I worry I may not wake up after being put under I hope this is all normal :(

recliner or not

Can anybody help me I have been looking at recliner chairs and for the ones that lay you down ect they cost over £800 and I really don't want to pay that so looking to hire one will 2 weeks be ok as some people still in them 2 mouths later :(

Stressing out again

I am so made with myself for feeling this way so meany people wish they could have this chance of geting this done and all I am doing is worrying one minute I am fine next having a fit my op is less then 2 mouths then after that I will be geting married 7 mouth after and worried I Wont be feeling 100% and looking how I should I have been looking at other post and a few have said still don't say they are 100% after such a long time now I feel I have made a mistake :((((((

not long

Well the time is going very fast spoke to a nurse today about pain meds and I told her I can't take co-Codamol tablet as they make me really I'll so I said what will I take insted and she said paracetamol tablet!!! I said is that it I take that for a stomach pains I need more then that and she said maby tramadol I said I will take them as well lol on a really good note I have lost just over 14lb in 2 weeks really happy about that so hopefully I will lose another 14lb :)

So close

Well it's 3 weeks to go and I am so excited I really can't wait! Just not looking forward to the pain after but I just wish it was the day after the op now so the only way is up I go in on the 13th and come out on the 15th but I will be all on my own as my hubby to be will be with are child so I am a bit worried about that and feel a bit sorry for my self lol

7 days till my op

One week till my op and i thought I would be really excited but I am just really worried not really about the pain just about going in to the operating theatre laying there and waiting for it all to happen it sounds silly I no. All so my man has to look after are child so I will be in my own in hospital for 2 nights with no one i do fill really lucky to have this chance to have this done but I fill guilty feeling like this.

It's my turn :)

I am so excited and worried and the same time just about to leave for the hospital wish me luck :) x

Flat side

Will update when I am not as sleepy x

So happy

My surgon is amazing went really well went down at 10 and came bk up at 12 ish the pain is ok I h8t the drains they hurt but the tummy tuck it's self is not as Pain full as I was thinking it would be it painful when u move but it is just uncomfortable reallly I saw my self laying d


Laying down and I looked flat so very happy at the moment and I am just on paracetamol and tramadol 100g so not to much pain relief tha ks for all your support girls xxx

3rd time lucky

Hi all. Sorry about my previous post, was a bit out of it at the time. I will start at the beginning. Got to the hospital for 7 had my bloods taking ect shown to my room witch was really nice and clean the nurse told be to have a shower then in my gown it was about 9am then my surgon came in marked me all up and said he will be back up to get me in 45 min OMG I was so excited the time flew by I went in a left with the nurse then I had to wait in this lil room in till a man came in asked me for my name dob ect then I was aloud in the anaesthetist was a lady and she was so nice she said she had made me a cocktail with lots of anti-sickness drug bless her a minute later I was gone and woke up 2 hrs later it was a funny sort of pain but not as bad as I thought it would of been I needed help ounce going to the toilet it took me 4 times to pee as u wanted to go but but it was not happing apart from that I am doing well only on tramadol and paracetamol I had my drains out to day witch I was very happy about and happy to be home will keep you all updated :)

Need help info x

Not so good to day felt to sick and i am really swolen all so had no bowl movement yet so I think that is half the problem :(

Day 2 post op

My swell hell!!!!!!!

So I finally went lol the pain of a tummy tuck is not as bad as I was thinking it would be I am taking about 4 tramdol and 6 paracetamol a day witch I think is good as I am only in day 4 but my swelling is really bad I fill like I am pregnant and ready to burst but I don't regret it at all I just wish I could skip a few weeks lol

My nurse

Went to see the nurse for my week check up just over a week tho and all went really well my scar is low I think and looks like I am healing well and my bb looks really good nurse said I was really swollen witch was happy about at least I no that I will flatting down a lot so really happy for all u lady's who are waitin to have yours done don't worry u will be fine and the pain is not bad at all I am just over a week from mine and having no pain meds now apart from 2 and night xx

Swollen but I like my scar

Feeling down

A bit fed up at the moment not sure why just think I am fed up of staying in but going out for a meal tomorrow's night so that will cheer me up I really like my new tummy still swelling a lot but I hope it will go down more soon

Really not good

I stoped my last 2 pain pills last night witchwe're tramdol omg!!! I was awake all night did not sleep at all when I say at all I mean not as all I was and still am shivering all over fill sick I kept jumping ever time I neary went to sleep going to the docs later as really worried it is because I have came of the tremadol and my body wants it :(( any help plz I fill really bad


4 weeks how time flys

Well it's been 4 weeks now and feeling so much better I can cook now every night I can clean the kitchen and front room lol the heeling time for me seems to have gone really good still can't over do it tho not because of the pain but the bloting witch is really really bad by the end of the night I look pregnant witch is geting me down a bit in the morning I look better I still hope I don't stay the way I look as I feel that every ones looks more flat then I do I will post pics soon

Good/bad day :(

I went out shoping all day from about 10 to 6 I tried lots of different things on and got some skirts and short top with I could never put on be for so was very happy about that then had lunch then went some more shoping and nothing fitted me so I ended up in the middle of clothes shop crying asI just look so big and my tummy looks really wide then I worry that I won't ever look as good as I was thinking I will I don't no if it's the swelling or fat just hope it get better soon I was always used to my over hang but now I just stick out


Still not happy with my tummy still look really big my bb look like a tear so really upset about it I hope I look flatter soon

10 weeks have flown by

Well I have had ups and downs downs but so happy I did this I was worried about my bob but my surgeon said it will all be fine and thinks I look amazing so very happy some picks to follow of the last few weeks :)

7 weeks

Before after

10 weeks

Mr Payne

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Super hun Your turning a corner on this crazy roller coaster x
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Thanks hunny I am going to the gym and going to start pole dancing lessons lol it's really good to tone up Xx
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Wow one of my mates used to be pole dancer lol Fab in the clubs when you've had a few!! What's your weight at mo Hun? X
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Haha just what I was thinking I am 12 stone 3lb But I am 5ft 5 lol any think so I don't sound fat!! but would like to lose 2 stone befor my wedding but will be toning same time so won't be geting flabby what about u Hun? Xx
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I think you are looking great hun x
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it will go down, it is just a very long recovery which I don't think any of us realize not matter what we hear, but it will go down and you will end up loving it...........if it were not true I wouldn't say it
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Thank you you are right no one can imagine the long recovery the pain was fine and it really didn't hurt me as much as I was thinking the swelling is the worst of it all get you down but thank you x
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Ahh hunny its swelling and once this subsides you will be lookim ng back thinking why was I so hard on myself. You are a fantastic lady and you have inspired me immensly. Huge HUG for you flower xx
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Aw thank you hun really nice to no that I am helping u I am just hard in my self sometimes just bugs me that I was not born stick fin lol how exciting for u tho it's only few more sleeps x
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I know chick 4more sleeps.! I am sitting watching X factor eating sensations crisps and digging into tin of heroes!,! why?.. I really should be dieting ibstead im indulging x
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No I was the same hunny eating every think I could I think u just no after u won't be u will be so carful so enjoy it u not going to lose any think in for days so eat what u want babes enjoy u will lose when u have it as my meal size have gone down by half now xx
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Have you weighed since op hun? Xx
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No Hun not really I think I lost about 4lb after but not since as I am so swolen and don't want to get down any more I have been gd I have a milkshake about 11 am then a orange and youger about 2 pm then I have my dinner then a light hotchoclet at night that at weekends I let go a bit like to day I had a orange about 10 then I went out for lunch and had wraps then I have a pizza lol but Monday I will be a angel again haha xx
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I can't fault it sweetie! Did ps take pics of your removed skin? That's one of my questions for my ps lol x
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I am not sure I didnt even ask how much he cut of or sucked out I was so out of it lol I see him in 2 mouths tho so I will be asking then lol xx
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Ur doing great! I'm n swell hell myself and I cant wait to see my results! Happy healing
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You look really good u are only just really out of it I am 4 weeks and bigger then I was befor buy u look really good
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Thanks doll ...every day gets better and better
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Good girl you doing great!!
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Thanks hun
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Your looking great
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So I went out today all day from 10 to 5 and went really well I got my self a new top what was really short and tight fiting and fitted me so good so really happy I would say I am about %60 of my self again I am in no pain really I can sleep in my bed I can sit on the floor and get up again with ease I am into pain meds at all I only thing Is still swollen really bad but apart from that I am one happy girl :)
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Sooo flat Hun Your looking lovely
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