Am beyond delighted! United Kingdom

Hello from the UK! So, I'm 40 hrs old and have...

Hello from the UK! So, I'm 40 hrs old and have hated my breasts for all of my adult life. Similar to many people on here, I have wrangled with myself for all these years about having a breast reduction - should I, shouldn't I - on an endless loop. Well, I finally got off the fence and I have my consultation on Wednesday evening. I don't qualify for the surgery on the NHS here, so am having to go private. I am a mix of both nervous and excited, even about the consultation, so heaven alone knows what I'll be like as I approach the actual surgery! It's so good to read the experiences of everyone on here; to see your own emotions/thoughts/feelings so well articulated and think, yes, that's it, that's exactly how I feel! I will post pics, when I'm feeling a bit braver. I find it hard to even acknowledge my breasts, so a pic for all to see would be a big step but, hey, in for a penny, in for a pound! There aren't really any forums like this in the UK, so am delighted to have stumbled across this and have been compulsively reading it for the last few weeks!

So I've had my consultation. It made it all go...

So I've had my consultation. It made it all go from 'concept' to 'real'! Had a proper wobble and thought, why am I putting myself through this. Jeez, this is hard, right! I just have to say the word and I can be booked in in a week or 2. When the doc examined me, he said, you're not as bad as you think you are. Just that 1 comment right there has sown a seed of doubt. But I am 'bad', Im kidding myself if I think otherwise. I'm a full blown 'swing low, swing free'! The dialogue in my head is endless. It's like a continuous loop, every waking hour. I need to get off this fence that I've been sitting on for 20 years, as I'm getting splinters in my bum!

So after dithering for 20 years, I'm now booked...

So after dithering for 20 years, I'm now booked in!!!! 2 weeks today, I will, right at this precise moment, be in the operating room. I had a 2nd meeting with my consultant last night and just thought, if not now, then when, go for it girl, just like that! Blimey, what have I done.

On the final countdown now. Op is in 4 days. Had...

On the final countdown now. Op is in 4 days. Had my first wobble yesterday. Started to doubt what I was doing, thinking I would just lose some weight and put up with what I had and this was all very silly. The thoughts are still lingering in the background but no turning back now!

Final few hours now. Can hardly believe it's my...

Final few hours now. Can hardly believe it's my turn tomorrow! Just trying to focus on staying calm (and not succeeding!).

Am a week post op now and this has exceeded my...

Am a week post op now and this has exceeded my every expectation. Am beyond thrilled with my new breasts. Had my first post op appointment last night and everything is as expected at this stage.
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Hi all. Am now 9 weeks post op and totally back to normal. Breasts have softened considerably and rib pain has gone. All healing up nicely. Still wish I was smaller but I can't change it now, so I just need to accept things as they are. Still delighted overall and don't regret it for a moment.
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How are you now. I had mine on NHs last Tuesday. So today is day 6 and I'm back to hospital to get tape off and get my first look. I'm in pain today. My back and sides. I'm nervous. Private is completely different to NHs I think??!
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Woo hoo Charlie, so happy that you are so happy! keep on healing and enjoying your new girls!
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So happy to read your post again and hear your excitement!! Congratulations!!
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So happy for you! Hope you are healing well, take it easy and you will be fine. The first few weeks are the hardest.
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Hope you are feeling ok! make sure you get plenty of rest. We are so close in op dates. Mine is on monday. I'm pooping my pants! If you need anything this is the best place to be, the girls on here are amazing, send me a msg if ya wanna chat! xx
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2days post op now. In some discomfort but not exactly pain. What an experience. Incredible. I can't believe I'm on the other side and the proud owner of the most awesome rack! Better experience than I could ever have imagined. It's early days, so might have some setbacks yet but so far, so absolutely totally amazing!
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You can do this, Charlie! Stay strong. You have so many reasons for doing this and you've come too far. This waiting is the hardest part. So get through this next 4 days and the rest will be easy in comparison!
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Thanks Natalie. 4 days and counting!!
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good luck charlie!!! xoxo
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Thanks Iowa. I feel strangely calm right now and almost a sense of relief that I've finally made the decision.
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Charlie, what you have done is made a decision for yourself that will impact your life for years to come! Less back/neck/shoulder pain. More confidence and clothes choices! You can do this, girl! Stay strong and in two weeks time you will be sporting a new pair of great boobs!
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Thanks both. My doubts are the same as everyone else's - nothing unique or original! GA, pain, identity, disappointment etc etc. Every time I contemplate it, which is currently about every 30 mins, my heart starts beating faster. And that's from the privacy of my own house/car/office! Lord alone knows what I'd be like on the run up to actual surgery. Sometimes I think I'm just over thinking it all and should just plunge straight in. The consultant made me laugh - he said, well, it's not like you're rushing into it, as you've only been considering it for 20 years!! Comedian.
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Cheers to Deb and her wonderful answer! You are doing this for you and for no one else. This is about your life and the quality of it. Please know that you have an entire entourage of ladies here who will support and encourage you through this!
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Hi Charlie,
I am so glad you have got things set up. What doubts do you have? What are they about?
No matter what anyone says (and i mean anyone your GP, PS, friends, family) it's YOUR opinion which counts.
Like you, i wanted a BR for decades but my fears for having a GA and post op pain, cancelled out any benefits I may have thought about. If you read any of my posts on here I was pre-occupied about those 2 subjects and I was scheduled for 30th June. As the time grew closer, I became more nervous and i physically shook at just the thought of doing this. Like you, i had doubts if i 'really' needed it as people including my ex who is a Dr said its 'cosmetic' and 'not exactly life threatening'. I have to say those who expressed their opinions were either male or women with a 'normal' sized bust, eg causing them no problems at all. So for decades i too have wanted this but peoples opinions reinforced my deepest doubts and so i believed i didn't 'need' it.
Tip: Explore what your fears really are and if necessary have a couple of sessions with a counsellor/psychotherapist to establish what is really going on for you. Ie, do you believe deep down that you will look much more attractive, and if you have issues in a relationship which are negative, would any new confidence cause you to want to leave and make a new life for yourself? I am NOT suggesting for one minute this is the case!!
What I am saying is sometimes we make decisions based on what we would like to do and the consequences of having a BR may be so big for you that you project your doubts on fears of surgery etc.
Peoples opinions I found were based on what THEY wanted.Not on what was best for me! Keep an eye on that one! My partner of 4 years encouraged and supported my wish for a BR and supported my needs. My man loves me and wants the best for me and couldn't bear to see the pain i was in etc.
Looking back now i am 5 days post op (nearly); my fears were so great and its only when my BR was postponed, that the reality of not having it done and living with the pain etc of big boobs really hit me hard. In a way it did me good as my fears were put in perspective. I then has time to really examine how my life would be without a BR and only when i had finally a letter (not just a call with a provisional date) to say 29th August that i thought; ' live with the symptoms of big boobs or have a few weeks of fear and pain but live a wonderful life free of discomfort and reap the benefits of a BR??'
So short term pain for long term gain it was!!
I found my fears to be groundless. I was listened to. I was cared for and my chronic condition catered for. I had a scary time waiting for the GA but it was very well done and i had pain relief for as long as i needed it for. I was very grateful for that.
My PS also pointed out the anatomical risks of leaving my decision as long as i have done. When i post my pics which he took, (i cant find my USB cable for my camera as i took quite a few photos) all 3 show how my boobs pulled my chest and muscles down hence my neck shoulder and upper back symptoms.
So do it for you Charlie, and good luck in making the right decision for you. x x
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deb that was beautiful everytime i start to think i may.change my mind out of fear of the unknown i read one of these posts that remind me and im happy again
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I've taken some pics and they are truly awful. I don't really look at myself, so it's quite a shock to actually see them in all their glory!
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Welcome, Charlie! Glad that you found us. The pictures are hard to post, and it does take a lot of courage, but even if you don't post them, make sure and take some. It is amazing to see what they really look like. Good luck!
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