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First I would like to say that Real Self has...

First I would like to say that Real Self has helped me so much! You are all amazing people who I thank for sharing your personal experiences with others who hope to have breast reduction surgery!

Since about the age of 15 I've been self conscious about my boobies. I barely looked at them myself so developed an intense anxiety when I thought of showing them to a guy. Throughout my teens and twenties I would miss out on life all because of these monkeys strapped to my chest! I can joke about it but believe me when I spend a couple of minutes thinking about how having big droppy breasts has had an effect on my confidence I get immensely blue about it. I have dreamt about wearing normal bras, normal clothes, feeling normal. No neck pain, rashes and strap marks would be a great start!

I was on the NHS waiting list a few years ago after being referred by my GP. However before they performed surgery I was told that I would have to have a BMI of 25. Basically this meant that I had to lose about 3 stone. You can imagine how the strict criteria helped me feel super great about myself! Then the service stopped funding breast reduction apart from in extreme circumstances. My only other option was to go private and pay for the surgery myself. Not easy to find the money down the back of the sofa!

Anywaaaaaayyyy several years later here I am, 31 until January, carless to fund my surgery and have finally booked my date for the 8th October 2012! I have researched so many pictures and info that I'm surprised that the boob police haven't investigated yet! : )

My biggest fears I guess are infections, comedy scars and/or that my surgeon has a huge sneezing fit in the middle of the op and ties these bad girls into a knot! Seriously though what human being goes into elective surgery without one little fear? Remember though that this isn't something we feel like doing just for a laugh! We're all so different and have chosen to do this for different reasons. Some of you have had children (I haven't yet), some wish to have more comfort, some see a breast reduction as a functional thing, some for cosmetic reasons. Me, personally I'm doing it for all the above......

I could ramble on about my boob story for such a long time that they could go out of fashion. I am nervous about the surgery. I'll probably be a blubbering wreck the night before and will need to be clonked across the head with a saucepan on the actual morning, but I'm gonna keep reading on here and thank all the stars in the sky that I am not alone in this. Thanks guys. xxxx

Well this is really bizarre I am having some crazy...

Well this is really bizarre I am having some crazy boob dreams! Last night I dreamt that a friend had to do my surgery because my surgeon was unavailable. She had to do the op in a cafe and she kinda put one nipple on the top of one boob and the other one at the bottom. They looked like comedy eyeballs! Then she charged me for a panini I hadn't even eaten in the cafe. I guess I'll be dreaming about the op quite a lot over the next few weeks!

I'm waiting for the hospital to send me the info about the op, invoice and everything so anxious about all that. It's been over a week since they verbally gave me a date for the 8th of October but I won't be settled with it in my head until it's all in writing and paid for. This seems to be bothering me more at the moment. I suppose after wanting it for so long and being so close I don't want any hiccups. I've arranged time off from work and don't want to mess them around either. Pleeeuuurggghh my belly is constantly doing somersaults at the moment and every other little stress in life seems to be amplified. Anxiety does weird things to ya!!

Hope everyone on here is well. Take care guys.

Well today I've been feeling a little blue. I...

Well today I've been feeling a little blue. I wonder if anyone else feels sad that they need to put themselves through this to feel 'normal'. I had a letter following my appointment recently from the consultant. He also gave me a copy of the letter he has sent to my GP. One part made me giggle. He said 'on examination the patient was very presentable' I just thought that sounded funny considering that I had my boobies out in front of him....something I don't even do in front of my partner!

It's been a couple of weeks since the hospital gave me a date for my op and I haven't received any written documentation regards payment, pre op or anything so I phoned them to check on things. Everything is fine it's just that they have had a lot of admissions and as I have never been in hospital before I guess I'm just anxious about the whole thing. It's a lot of money but I have wanted to do this for years but the odd doubt creeps up into my head. Things like what if my boobs fall off after the op? (don't worry, that's a joke....I don't actually think this). My biggest fear at the mo is an infection. Everyone must feel this surely. No one is forcing me to do this but myself. I feel as if I have to. It's almost like my whole life has been on hold for this one event in life. Crazy. How can someone allow their body to influence their life and self esteem so much?. I promise I'm not just doing this for attention! The opposite actually. I haven't gone swimming in years. It would be nice to go in a bathing suit without fear of another swimmer thinking that some puffer fish have escaped from my costume!

I'll let ya know when I know more. I'm gonna need to be sedated like a loopy gorilla thats escaped from a zoo before long. My nerves are shot and it's making my bum go funny! hehe


I was so stressed because I hadn't heard from the...

I was so stressed because I hadn't heard from the hospital, as it happens today I received the written documentation and they phoned me tonight to arrange a pre-op date. Talk about last minute I was having dreams last night about scary talking boobs chasing me! Woke about about 5am and couldn't get back to sleep. Oh man now I'm really pooping my pants....the nerves are kicking in!

I am massively grateful to you all on here for sharing your experiences. I think I would have lost the plot by now without ya! : ) xx

Ok, pre-op done. It went fine, the nurse was...

Ok, pre-op done. It went fine, the nurse was lovely which massively helped. My only complaint so far is that after booking a date over the phone I had to wait three weeks before receiving any written confirmation. Even a quick phonecall to arrange a pre op would have been helpful to put my mind at rest. I think that having one so soon before surgery is not good. If there are any problems with a swab, urine or blood sample for example the op will have to be delayed and I'll be gutted! One thing is for sure, at least I know how much I want to do this because the thought of it being cancelled freaks me out!!

One little thing is bugging me and I was hoping for a bit of advice. I have absolutely no idea what bra to buy for post surgery! They put one on you I know but I will need another but don't know what size to get even though I'm hoping to be a C/D, most likely D because I am tall and broad shouldered therefore want to be in proportion! I am so confused I might buy socks by mistake. I am a proper jelly brains at the moment!

I will update pics pre and post op as soon as I'm able. Plus if I like them I'm going to go everywhere topless! haha xx

Gutted!!! Surgery has been cancelled. Only found...

Gutted!!! Surgery has been cancelled. Only found out at 1pm today and since then I have cried like it is going out of fashion! Basically it has been cancelled because I have MRSA on the skin. I work in a hospital and have done for years, nursed patients with MRSA and therefore have it myself. Really common and it isn't a threat unless you have surgery. Don't want it in my wounds but I was happy to sign a disclaimer an hour ago just so that they can do the surgery. I know that is stupid but I am heartbroken. Had to leave work early because I'm so upset and I am not being dramatic. I am angry too, wish I had had my pre-op sooner like I had suggested because I could have had treatment for MRSA sooner and be clear before surgery.

Because I work I have had to organise time off and prepare my workload in advance which hasn't been easy. Now I am going to have to do all this again. The theatre infection control nurse advised me to make an appointment with my own doctor to arrange for some solution to treat the MRSA which I have done for Monday morning. After that I have to wait for the hospital nurse to ring me mid week and discuss a new op date so that I can treat myself a week or so before I guess. They give you a nasal cream/spray and a solution to wash your hair and body in. To be honest with you, I've been so upset that I am not thinking clearly.

Oh girls I am so sad right now but wanted to share my experience in case anyone else goes through this. It's horrible being cancelled after all of the emotions you feel but I have to accept it and be positive. Only thing I will say is that it has made me realise how much I want to do this!

Grrrrrr : ((((((((

Feeling really blue tonight. Surgery should have...

Feeling really blue tonight. Surgery should have been tmrw. I am praying that I won't have to wait too long. Life really can be a complete cow bag sometimes, feeling very sorry for myself! :' (

Well I have started my decolonisation for MRSA. 5...

Well I have started my decolonisation for MRSA. 5 days of washing in a pink wash solution (once a day) and a cream to put into the nostrils (three times a day). The pink wash can also be used on the hair twice during these five days. I am also going to change towels, clothes and bed sheets daily as advised. The washing machine will be giving me the silent treatment by the end of the week! My hair is going to look like a bale of hay tmrw morning after using the pink wash and I scrubbed my bits and bum so much that I nearly started a fire! I'm only on day one so will be into the swing of things by day five and then I have to stop the treatment until I have repeat swabs to see if they come back clear. I am still annoyed about the whole situation. I have had a nightmare sorting out work for my original op date and this delay could have been avoided. After doing some research it seems that a lot of private hospitals insist on doing the pre-op on the same day as the consultation. This would have been perfect and don't know why mine didn't. Its not invasive at all and will be done anyway so why not save patients the travelling and anxiety by getting it over with on the same day as the consulation? It is also in the best interest of the hospital to test patients as soon as possible, even if their surgery isn't for a while. At least if a patient is positive they are made aware and can start decolonisation at an appropriate time. Besides after thinking about things I think that even if a patient is negative, it would be beneficial to do the protocol anyway regardless, even if only for the day before and the morning of the surgery, to reduce the risk of infection. NHS patients are issued with the pink wash to use prior to joint replacement and I think that therefore all patients should. Anyway I have provisionally been given another date but will have to arrange things with work and not sure how this will work out. Sharing things on here is helping if only to write things down! I will update soon. Ps my bum is still on fire. Haha (gotta keep smiling!) xx

It's yukky feeling blue. I think that someone...

It's yukky feeling blue. I think that someone should throw some sunshine on me because its yellow. Then I'll be green! Better see. xx

Okey dokey so after all of the drama I have had...

Okey dokey so after all of the drama I have had new swabs done and they have been negative, so my new date is sorted and so long as the aliens don't come and try to take me to their home planet all should be good! On a positive note even though I was gutted that my surgery was delayed I now know how much I want to do this more than ever!

I do not intend on being a dweller and even though the hospital nurse has encouraged me to complain as they should have done a screen earlier as I had suggested (I work in a hospital and have done for years), I personally just want the next two weeks to whizz by so that I can get on with my life without thinking about boobs all the day long! I am aware of myself that I am oogling other women's boobs a lot recently too and really don't want to be arrested. I am actually sizing them up and trying to imagine what mine will be like! I am so used to them flopping about in the wind now that I do think that I could be sold as a human parachute!

Anyhooooo.....will chatcha all soon ladies!! xx

Well the waiting is a complete and utter monkey...

Well the waiting is a complete and utter monkey chops!!! One minute I am excited the next I have intense feelings of panic! If this goes on any longer my head is gonna fall off with stress!! : ) I guess I'll just plod along next week and keep myself busy. Trying not to drink alcohol but it is hard because normally a bottle of wine helps with nerves/stress. I am pretty sure my local foodstore will be contacting me soon to ask if I am ok because I haven't been in to buy any crazy grapes. Their profits must be low! Anyway, hope everyone out there waiting is ok and for those who are now post op take it easy you lucky ladies. I am quite curious at the mo as to whether I'll be ok to go out with friends on the 15th December (my op is on the 12th Nov). We are supposed to go out for a few drinks in fancy dress and really don't want to miss out! I am not very good at this whole patience thing. I just want to be put under anaesthetic now and not wake up until then but I doubt the hospital will let me. Haha People are so selfish! hehe. Wow, reading you American ladies' experiences is great, so different to us Brits with regards to insurances and all that. Stupid boobs getting in the way of our lives eh? Literally! I'll be updating daily post op so hope to give you ones waiting an honest review. We are all different but very much the same! Take care, chatcha soon. xx

Hi everyone! Odd day today, got mucho nervous...

Hi everyone! Odd day today, got mucho nervous around lunchtime. I keep getting these random moments of panic. During the last few days I've been taking pics of the boob monsters and really kind of reminding myself why I am doing this. Last night I was lying in bed and thinking 'soon I won't be practically rolling onto you bad boys when I move. Or girls rather!' Hehe. Anyway went into a department store and spontaneously decided to ask a lady if she would measure my bra size as I've not done that in years. I will add that she did work there and wasn't just another customer : ) Turns out that I'm a G not an F (British). So that would explain the bra boobage break out situations then! She was a lovely lady, really helpful and has considered a reduction herself for years! She even hugged me and told me to go see her for my post op fitting! Really put a smile on my face. I will post pics on the weekend but mamma mia I wish that I could photo shop them but know that's missing the point! Haha. Hope you amazing ladies are all good. Chatcha soon! xx

Eeeek not long now. Double eeeeeeekkk!! I am...

Eeeek not long now. Double eeeeeeekkk!! I am actually keeping it together, trying to stay busy apart from putting naked boob pics up on the internet! Never in a million years did I think that I would be taking pics of these bing bongs let alone post them on the net. I have trouble looking at them in the mirror! haha. I am slightly pooping my pants to be fair but I am human and know that anxiety is totally normal. As I have said before, even though I am choosing to do this I wish I didn't have to! I am so tempted to do them myself, I figured it can't be that hard right? I am pretty good at DIY. Eeeeek! (another random panic moment). I am a little stressed, can't concentrate at all at the mo. I have to drive myself to the hospital on Monday and personally am relieved because I'm going to be an emotional wreck and want a small an audience as possible. The hospital left a message on my answer machine yesterday and I freaked out thinking that they were going to postpone surgery again. I tell ya, my heart did a flip flop somersaulty kind of move right up my throat and I thought I was going to keel over but alas, it was only to ask if I could come in earlier. A little relieved that I am getting there at 12.30 instead of 2pm because hanging around the house would send me loopy. I don't yet know exactly when I'll be boobed on (my casual coping term for the op) but I am hoping and praying that it won't be tooooo late or else they'll need to sedate me like an escaped gorilla from the zoo! I have to say that this place has been a total Godsend, being able to share my experience with women whom almost mirror my thoughts and feelings. As I have said before, I really do thank all of the stars in the sky for not being alone in this and having all of your support. I feel that this is not really a review as such, but more like a highlight of my story. Or my boob saga I should say. Chatcha soon boob buddies!!! : )))) xxxxxxxxxx

Well I won't lie to ya......I'm mucho popping my...

Well I won't lie to ya......I'm mucho popping my pants but know that is normal. It's not like I'm doing this for fun! Cleaned the house so much I feel like putting bubble wrap on everything to keep it clean and tidy. I just wanted a distraction. I've had a few weepy moments, almost don't want to look at the boob monsters because I feel as if they might slap me! They certainly do that when I'm turning in bed! I bought some basic non wired bras but will not know if they are any good until post op. I'll just do what I'm told I guess by the ps tmrw. I had a massive turkey dinner tonight with a trough of chocolate. I know that I'm only NBM for a few hrs but to me that's a lifetime. I normally drink about 4 cups of tea in the morning! I keep have weird dreams too, last night I was drinking from a tap and then remembered that I wasn't supposed to drink. I never even drink from the tap anyway! I'm gonna put duct tape on them tonight. Haha. I keep having these random moments of intense panic and then sadness. Totally normal and if it weren't for this place I'd have had to be 'saucepaned' across the head by now! Haha. I will update as soon as my brain computes with the rest of my body! Hope all of you waiting are ok and not freaking out too much and for those who are now post op I look forward to giving you a virtual high five when I join ya! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Waaaaaaaaaa the day is here. So nervous its making...

Waaaaaaaaaa the day is here. So nervous its making my bum go funny! I am keeping it together though, especially after I was just drying my feet after a shower and one of my boob monsters got caught between my knees! Hilarious, I so want to do this! I will update as soon as I am lucid! Hope everyone is all good. xxxx

I'm alive! Not long back from recovery. I will...

I'm alive! Not long back from recovery. I will update more later when I'm more with it but everything went well. I look so sexy in my theatre gown! Chatcha later! Xxxxx

Ok feeling a bit more with it now! In general I'm...

Ok feeling a bit more with it now! In general I'm doing more than ok. I wouldn't say I'm in pain as such. It's more like a burning sensation. I feel as if I've fallen on a nettles bush and it feels quite tight. Honestly though not that bad and I'm a drama queen when it comes to pain! I was talking loads in recovery, I think they wanted to put me back under! Haha. Now the anesthetic review, what a weird sensation, not unpleasant at all. The worst part was when I had the mask put on my face. My nerves tried to rule me and for a second I was mucho scared but the next minute I was awake. I had an odd dream that I was trying to speak but couldn't! I got to the hospital about 1145am. Originally I was asked to come in for 2pm but they had three cancellations! Surgery was supposed to be at 4 but I was in at half one. Not complaining about that at all! The anesthetic felt like ice going into my hand. Overall I don't feel too bad. I was flat and have gradually sat up bit by bit. Drank water and tea ok and then thought is be cocky and try a sandwich. Nearly puked but the surgeon popped in as I was about to so my pride kicked in and told the puke to go away! I am currently braless. During my consultation I was told I'd be in a surgical bra but whether they ran out I don't know because I woke up in the one I came to hosp in! Needless to say its a little too big now! Haha. Haven't really seen the newbies yet, only a birds eye view. It's so freaking odd.... no bra and they are not under my arms! They look so small but that's normal I guess. No idea what actual size I am yet. With any luck a large c or small d. I still feel dizzy so moving slowly. I've got to wait for the nurse to be with me before attempting to pee. I've never fainted but there is always a first time! Besides I've got drains in duty attached to the bed and still got fluids going in me so it'll be like a mission getting me outta the bed! I feel totally cool at the mo ladies. I will update honestly and please please please believe when I say I am so happy I did this. I look forward to recovering, however long it takes and then I'm just going to walk around topless everywhere! At this stage I don't even know what they look like mind! Haha. Lots of love and hugs. xxxxxx

Feeling all good ladies! Tired and a little pinchy...

Feeling all good ladies! Tired and a little pinchy in places but feel better having the drains removed. I thought that would sting but I barely felt it the nurse was so gentle. In fact having blood taken by the doctor hurt more! I've got a D cup bra on and I can't bloody believe it! The bra I had on post op which was the same I came in with was comically too big. I could have stuffed mashed potato in there! I'm staying in hosp until about 6 as my other half finishes then. The nurses aren't chucking me out which is a relief! I will update in more detail with regards go arrival experience and all that jazz tmrw. I will post pics as soon as poss. So relieved its over, the waiting was the worst part! Hope everyone is ok! xxxxx

Ok just a mega quick update. I'm home now, got a...

Ok just a mega quick update. I'm home now, got a tip from from Kimmers I think to use a pillow under the car seltbelt. My other half drove like a lady thank gawd! I felt mucho giddy but only snatched a total of about 2 hrs sleep last night. Shattered now! I will post more photos but day one was taken by the nurse....had a job with those silly drains! Chatcha later. xxxxx

Things are all good guys. I am mucho sore, boobs...

Things are all good guys. I am mucho sore, boobs feel like they are on fire but it'll pass. It's 5am here in the UK. I've had a few hours sleep. Getting comfy is difficult. I normally sleep in a fetal like fashion so my back aches a bit. In fact you know that sore all over body muscle strain you feel a couple of days after going to the gym or fitness class? That is what I am currently experiencing. Using my core muscles to get up, I look quite comical trying to sit up in bed. Even my ankles ache! One thing I've noticed post op is my massively swollen tummy! I had about 4 litres of IV fluids during and post surgery so between that, the anesthetic, being NBM and not moving much means that I look like I'm full term pregnant! Bought some 'stool softener' which I took last night, drinking lots of water and walking about. Your whole body gets it not just the boob monsters! Haha. I'm just going to sleep when I can and keep up with the pain meds, fruit and lots of water! Chatcha later ladies! xxxx

Ok end of day 2 and I'm doing ok! Very tired again...

ok end of day 2 and I'm doing ok! Very tired again due to lack of sleep and my tummy is so swollen I now look like a frog!! haha. The hospital phoned me this afternoon to check I'm still alive and I mentioned the bloatedness. Her advice was to keep taking senakot, move about and eat fruit and prunes. I have eaten breakfast and fruit, drank loads of water too. I have this overwhelming need to eat well at the mo. I guess its instinctive healing behaviour. There are bottles of wine in the kitchen though and I look forward to having a glass! The whole stress of waiting, the operation and all this healing jazz is making me think I have earned a glass or two! Not yet though, still a bit giddy and weak plus taking paracetamols 4 x a day ( I think the American equivalent is Tylenol). I'm not sure how long I'll need them, I'm too pinchy to be without just yet! I am dying to try clothes on that will fit now but I can barely lift my arms up enough to pick my nose let alone change myself without help!! hehehe. My folks are visiting tonight so I'm going to ask my sister to comb and plait my hair. I look like a monster, I should've done this on money on costumes! I will put more pics on but I'm waiting for help to undo my bra as I am waiting for the front fastening ones to arrive in the post and currently struggling with arm pain. My deltoids are aching like mad! Hope you are all well, laters alligators....!! xxxx

Did anybody feel like their boobs are like...

Did anybody feel like their boobs are like radiators? I could melt the north pole over here. I haven't got a temp, I check all the time! Only a tiny bit of redness but boobs have been butchered after all! Haha so far only complaint is fear of breathing in too much in case it hurts, chest is swollen and tight. I don't know why they don't keep you under anesthetic during the healing process you know! Xx

Feeling a little better again today, didn't take...

Feeling a little better again today, didn't take tablets until about 1pm. My bloatedness is improving today because thank God I went to the loo if you know what I mean! I felt quite sick too though, constipation is no fun, especially when you've got incisions! My only problem at the mo is me and my lack of patience. I knew that I would be like this. I worry about everything. Got bruising coming out slowly, some redness, quite swollen and tight but otherwise ok. I'm just anxious to see the PS on Monday so that he can re-assure me that everything is going as planned healing wise. I felt good this morning but a bit tired now. I thought I'd be clever last night and try to take my pj top off and bra so that I could wash but needless to say because I am unable to lift my arms as yet I got totally stuck! Picture the scene, walking around topless with a pj top stuck over my head. I had to stay like that for 30 mins until my other half came home. What a muppet!! Hope you're all ok, I'm going mad with impatience. I want to be 100% already but am only 3 days post op!! xxxxx

Oh gosh my nip naps have woken up with a vengeance...

Oh gosh my nip naps have woken up with a vengeance tonight! All around them it is tingly and itchy! Haha. I will have to post new pics tmrw, still got my dressings on, swollen and tight but otherwise ok. It feels like I'm carrying water balloons, everytime I go to get up I hold them gently in case they fall off. Protecting my noobs (new boobs) in a very maternal fashion! Chatcha all tmrw! xxxx

4th day post op! Wow, feeling better again, just...

4th day post op! Wow, feeling better again, just wish that the swelling would go down so that I can breathe! On a plus note a very good bra came through the post which is designed for post breast surgery. Much more comfortable and will only get better when I don't feel so tight! bruising is making an appearance now but I don't mind because I like the pretty colours. I am getting a bit itchy too. My belly is still huge. Not too bad in the morning but gets progressively worse as the day gets on. No likey!!! I have taken pics so hope you like them, wanna show you my frog belly too, I look like I've just won a pie eating contest!! haha. xxxxx

Bit of a blue day today. Boobs are mucho swollen,...

Bit of a blue day today. Boobs are mucho swollen, tummy too and all of the pressure is on my chest and affecting my breathing. Plus, too scared to breathe in too deeply anyway in case my boobs pop! haha that is how it feels to me. Weird. Not sleeping is really taking its toll too. Not only because I am exhausted, but because it makes the days veeeeerrrrry long and lets my anxieties run away with me. I know all of these feelings are common but I could win an award for impatience. I went for a 5 minute walk outside with my other half this afternoon though for the first time which was nice. Can't believe how tired I felt though afterwards. Beautiful day and I already have cabin fever stuck indoors!!! I'm a real grumpy chops today, want Monday to get here so that I can have these dressings off and some of the tightness relieved from my chest. Did anyone else notice that their boob issues were worse at the end of the day? Over and out....hope you are all good.....see ya tmrw!!! xxxx

Hey everyone!! I actually had about 7 straight...

Hey everyone!! I actually had about 7 straight hours sleep last night, wow! I had a hot meal, made sure that the bedroom was warm as baby its cold outside and I took some advice from another noob lady on here and put 2/3 pillows under my knees. Gotta say, I was a lot more comfy and it worked for me last night. I also put one of my back pillows vertically behind me so that my lower back was supported more. I am better again today and convinced that the sleep has helped. Seeing my PS tmrw afternoon so with any luck he will tell me that its safe to audition for that pole dancing job. Joke!! hahaha. I'll be glad to get all of these dressings off. They are itching meeeeeeeee and I am convinced that I stink like the bottom of a monkey's cage by now so hope I can at least get in the shower to get a proper wash. I am so glad it is a cold time of year otherwise I would feel nuclear by now! Chatcha soon! xxxx

Been for my first post op check up, all is good...

Been for my first post op check up, all is good according to the boss! Very pleased. I'm pretty sure my noobs wanted to slap him across the face for karate chopping them in theatre though! He took down all of the dressings and put steri strips on them. That was both a relief and weird at the same time. I felt like a freed convict finally being let out on good behaviour but scared of the outside world! Haha. He gave me the green light for showering and sleeping on my side. I don't think I can turn though yet as much as I want or need to.....I'm very protective of the noobs! My left is more swollen due to the fact that he took more out, that'll settle and they will both soften and drop about an inch in a few weeks. I am seeing him again next Monday. I don't mind the bruises because I like pretty colours and I won't mind the scars because they are part of me. I will be so happy to no longer be a human parachute! I am exhausted guys, the car ride did me in. I will post pics tmrw! Hope you lovely ladies are coping with the waiting and healing if you're post op! xxxx

I slept fairly good last night due to complete...

I slept fairly good last night due to complete exhaustion after going to the hospital for my check up. I can't believe how much that got me! I just wanted to say something about the shortness of breath a lot of us seem to experience post op. I used good judgement and realised that I wasn't at death's door but I am almost convinced that you ladies here reassured me more than anything else. Its kinda scary because you think of DVTs leading to PEs which is rare but we all know how dramatic our imagination can get. Stupid anxiety poo poo head!! My PS was like "yeaaaa.....thats normal because of bla bla bla bla" and all that jazz but to be honest after he had said that that was normal I didn't hear anything else. Its funny how much you forget after coming out from your appointment. I was like "what did he say?" within 5 mins!! haha.....thats stress see!! Anyway back to the shortness of breath, I read online somewhere that singing helps to regulate breathing patterns so I did whenever I felt panicky about it. I also tried to stand by the door, or outside so that I could feel the cool air. It helped me. Although I will say me doing Mariah Carey impressions did not help my neighbours. I think that they want to citizen arrest me!! haha. Okey dokey, chatcha later lovely ladies!! xxxx

Hello!!! Nothing massively new to update, things...

Hello!!! Nothing massively new to update, things are getting a little better every day, a bit stingy and pinchy espesh in the evening. Sleeping is better which i am very glad about. I see my PS again on Monday for my second check up. I am going to ask him how long I have to wear a supportive bra at night for, especially at night. I used to sleep braless and would prefer to have something on currently that is a little bit more forgiving! I see loads of you ladies on here with lovely crop tops of different names like aah bras and bali bras but we don't have Walmart here in the UK, plus everything I do find is sooooooooo expensive! Tmrw, I am going to get some hair removing cream as I am too nervous to shave under the arms yet in the shower. I haven't washed my hair in the shower yet either. I am getting more confident each time but move in slow motion! Seriously though, I have gotta de-fuzz before the police get a phone call from the locals saying that there is an escaped yeti in the area!!! haha. Hope you are all great. xxxxx

Hiya everyone! Okey dokey I am now 2 weeks PO and...

Hiya everyone! Okey dokey I am now 2 weeks PO and feeling pretty good I must say. Last night I had my first proper crying session. I am currently experiencing my 'special time of the month' too so on top of boobgate, tiredness, stress and all of the rest of life's jazz I am not surprised I haven't had a complete meltdown yet! Gotta say, the tears did me good! I had a looooooong day yesterday, saw the consultant for my 2nd check up and then went into town with my teenage sister who decided to try on every pair of shoes in every shop I think. By the time i got home about 9pm last night I was completely done in. I felt teary all evening and I guess it just all came out. Thankfully my PS said it is ok to drink wine because I had my first in a month and it was like heaven in a glass! I was not advised not to drink alcohol by the way, I choose to go two weeks without copious amounts 2 weeks before surgery and until a few days ago didn't really fancy it anyway, especially what with taking paracetamols. Everything went well with the PS. He is lovely but very direct and blunt as I am sure most are. From day one he has been so no change in his manner. He is happy with how things are, he says that my left breast is bigger but in time that should settle and that symmetry won't be such an issue. He also said that nipples stretch out as they heal so will change as the weeks progress and naturally the breasts themselves will drop a bit and round off into a proper boob shape. Gosh I had parachutes before so anything would have been an improvement! He has given me the green light to move basically as much as I want and I can get under the water in the bath if I wanna. I'm more of a shower girl anyway so for me personally that wasn't such a big deal. Oh yea showering was awesome this morning! I actually washed my hair in there and it was amazing!!! I'm being very gentle with the noobs, barely fiddling with them as I don't want them to fall off down the plug hole. Hahaha. He said that I can apply lotions and potions and even said that the friction is good as it de-sensitizes the scars. Makes sense. I am not going to put any bio oil on until week 3 though as I want to let the air get to the incisions without there being any dressings there. After that my skin will be begging for some moisturization! I am massaging them gently to encourage blood flow. At the mo they feel really tough and solid underneath. My big question of the day for him was whether I can wear a more forgiving bra at night. He said yes and that the bra thing is a trial and error thing for women, whatever works for us as individuals. Comfort is just as important as support. I can also totally see now why it is pointless buying new bras until weeks maybe even months down the line as the noobs are so solid and hardly move so its not like they will mould into any bra. Plus, things will continue to change and its a mega waste of money buying the wrong stuff. Now to talk about incisions/scars/overall appearance of post op boobies. I have a background in healthcare and believe me when I say that I have seen it all but nothing prepares you for seeing your own body black and blue and generally looking eeeekkkk!!! I just want to and need to reassure all of you lovely ladies that this is part of the healing process. Please please PLEASE do not look at your new boobs and start judging immediately. That is too easy. They will look so different and messy that you could potentially freak out I know but you only have to go onto this amazing site and see the different healing processes that each of us experience. THAT is mucho important......NO FREAKY OUTY ok??!! hehehe. The thing is, you may have seen a million before and after pics of BR and your PS may have shown ya too but what they don't show ya in the stages in between, which is why this place has been such a helping hand. I thank you all for sharing your pics by the way. I never though I'd spend so much time on the internet looking at boobs. If anyone looked at my internet history, I'd be reported to the police! I will catch you all later lovely ladies, if you need to ask any questions go for it! Mwah. xxxxxxxx

Hiya peeps!! All is good my end, 3 weeks yesterday...

Hiya peeps!! All is good my end, 3 weeks yesterday I had boobgate and I can't believe it! No major changes since last week other than that I have returned to work. I am doing as little as I can possibly get away with because these noobs just swell up and give me the silent treatment! oooffff I can't believe that I have confrontation with my own boobies! I am getting the odd shooting pain, not really bad at all I'd say 2 out of 10 but more like a stinging sensation really. Underneath is still feeling quite hard and lumpy but definitely better than last week. I gotta say, I've got a lot of changes in shape and stuff heading my way and I can't wait to feel as though my noobs actually feel as if they belong to my body but I am massively pleased and happy that I have done this!! I can't wait to see how things are in a couple of months. My lefty is still a little bigger which makes my nipple point out more to the side a bit but I don't mind that. My PS said that symmetry won't be such an issue once they even out a bit. To be honest with ya, I am already noticing positive changes in my life and its only been 3 weeks so things can only get better! Thats not to say that I haven't had a few tears and the blues though!! Its a really emotional experience all of this and I kept hearing about the '3 week stage' when many women who have BR feel really down in the dumps. I totally get this and I can honestly say that this is probably the reason. After a couple of weeks you get so frustrated with not being able to do your normal activities, whatever they are for you personally....moving about and not in slow motion, exercising, sleeping in your favourite position, cooking, cleaning, driving, working, picking stuff up, playing with your children and all the other jazz life throws at ya that it eventually gets right on your nerves and parks your head in Depression Avenue! Remember the mind is a mechanism and can break down once a few cogs stop turning. Then you start thinking whats wrong with me?? I should be happy, hang on a minute I am so why am I being such a poop pants??!! Then you realise that not all of the stress and anxiety that built up pre-operatively was left in the recovery room. Most of us are super stressed throughout the healing process too because we have all of the risks and complications playing over and over in our boob obsessed brains!! Its hard to admit that you feel down when its such a postive thing you have done for yourself. This is not like flicking on a light switch. More like turning on a dimmer. Things get brighter the more you turn it. Give it time guys : )) For me, even though work is tiring at the moment, I am glad to be back so that I can see and speak to people and not sit around the house freaking out all the day long!! Work is funny, I have only told a few colleagues and the ones who don't know are looking at me funny and asking if I have lost weight. Plus I had 3 weeks off so they probably wonder what the heck I have been up to! Thankfully its winter so I am wrapped up as snug as a bug in a rug so its not so obvious. I hope you are all good out there and behaving yourselves!!! hehe. Catch ya later alligators!! xx

Hello!! I can't believe a month has gone already....

Hello!! I can't believe a month has gone already. Been feeling pretty good, a little down in the dumps at times but that is down to the time of year and not having the energy to do what needs doing! Feeling better all the time but planning on a really quiet chrimbo when all I'm gonna do is eat, eat and errrrrrm eat! Naaaaa only joking I'm gonna be good because I really want to lose some poundage and get back to running as soon as I am able. The noobs are not being too naughty, they are more irritating than anything else. The incisions are ok, still have some scabs on little areas that I'm not going to pick! I have loads of dry skin all over them, even on bits without incisions! Last night I thought that I'd start the bio oil regime. I'm only going to put it on before bed after a shower. I'm hoping this will help the skin smooth out a bit. My PS ok'd the bio oil after the 1st week but I thought I'd wait until I was ready. The hardness underneath both breasts is getting better, everything is just tender to touch. Remember ladies (and I have to remind myself this too) that BR healing takes months. We are looking at at least 6 months before we really see the results of the op properly. I am mucho frustrated at not being able to buy new bras. If I wear anything with a seam it leaves indentations in the skin from the swelling. Although I must say the swelling is much better, just catches me out from time to time. Its weird how so many women freak out about the sizes of their new girls post op. I look at mine and think 'I wish he had done them smaller' but then I think I'd look daft if I had nothing. Plus its hard to appreciate them when they are not in cute little proper bras instead of shape squishing surgical and sport bras! I'll be glad when the puckering of skin by the cleavage smooths out more. This is a journey for sure. I would definitely suggest that any pre-op ladies take pics before and weekly after to monitor progress. My bruising is going down, just want the skin to feel like it is mine and not the palm of a hardworking farmer's hand! haha. I said that if I started entering 'moan zone' that I would kick myself for being such a grumpy chops but you can't really help it! This whole thing can fill you with anxieties! My only concern is waiting another month before seeing the PS again. I think that I may make an apnt with the nurse just for my peace of mind before christmas. I think that I either have a stitch sticking out or a very thick yeti like hair poking out from my left boob. It isn't on an incision so I am a little baffled. I guess I just want reassurance. I am not bad at using good judgemenet but I am entitled to worry about every little thing as they are my boobies after all!! Hope you gorgeous ladies are all good, if I didn't have to work I would probably be on here all day!! xxxxxxxx

Okey dokey I'm a little over 5 weeks and this is...

Okey dokey I'm a little over 5 weeks and this is the first time that I've been able to sit down with my laptop and breathe for 5 mins so that I can update properly with pics!! Everything is ok my end, I had one night last week when I started to freak out about having to wait so long for my next apnt with my PS which isn't until the 7th Jan, so I worked myself up a treat all because I had a teeny scab that was so small you needed a telescope from NASA to see it but the stupid thing made my imagination take an extreme trip to La La Land where paranoia is the main language and I just could not let it go! So I rang the hosp and asked if I could see someone and the sister was amazing, told me to come down whenever I wanted to get looked at. Needless to say I was there within an hour! So glad I did, I just needed some reassurance and the sister and resident doctor looked things over, everything was fine,a couple of irritated scabs thats all and they confirmed that they would not take over the world. Trust me that I have enough common sense to handle things but I acted like a right muppet worrying and over reacting that I had to have a word with myself!! I am so glad I went to see someone though and they said to go in again if I needed.....which I will be doing if I do!! I think being sooooooo busy the last fortnight has prevented me from sitting down properly on here instead of snatching updates from my phone and I realise how much I need this place to stop my head from falling off with boob anxiety! I feel 90% back to normal now, minimal discomfort and other than a few hiccups (going out and drinking crazy grapes = wine on an empty stomach) and then spending some quality time throwing up like it was going out of fashion, everything is great. What a dumbo. I have dry skin still everywhere and they tend to look patchy but they are shaping and changing all of the time. I feel a bit blue as Chrimbo is around the corner and my lack of present funds is preventing me from giving gifts. But I am totally just going to think of myself this year, I got the loan I needed to do the best thing ever......godzilla boob reduction!! : ))) so me being the me I have wanted to be is my present to my family and friends. Especially to the other half! Besides, I am going major sale shopping in the new year for my new wardrobe. I can't wait!! Hope you guys are awesome, sorry for my absence......I will kick myself in the butt and get better!! xxxxxx

Merry chrimbo lovely ladies!! Hope you are all...

Merry chrimbo lovely ladies!! Hope you are all well. I have eaten and drunk enough to sink a ship so I can't wait to be able to start exercising again so that I can shift a few pounds! I see my PS on the 7th but that may have to be postponed because we have no car at the moment as the flamin thing decided to break down just before christmas!! what a pain in the butt. Money is tight because I had to pay for boob shrinkathon myself via a loan so can't afford my own car for a couple of years! I hope I make the 7th though because I have a couple of questions to ask. I have only seen him 2 times PO and the last time was on the 26th. I am doing physically great, no pain or discomfort and I am sleeping on my sides perfectly. That was the biggest problem for me....getting comfy! My only concern really is that my left nipple is a little shy, doesn't come out very often and looks puckered compared to the right. Maybe because the left boob is slighty bigger, I don't know. My right boob is definitely my fave!! I think I need to talk to my left more and give it more attention.....hehe. I have a couple of scabs that still haven't completely gone but when they do its all systems go with scar oils. I just haven't felt right starting it properly, when I put some on a few wks ago it just didn't feel right so I'm being patient and waiting a bit longer. Still got dry skin, or boob dandruff as I like to call it......never had that before!! haha. The other weird thing is that where I used to have a few hairs above my nipples before I now have them below......I guess thats down to the repositioning of the skin. Hmmmmmm.....lots of changes! I think it takes the mind sooooo long to adjust after an instant change. I know that women feel so odd about things after the op. I have taken a few pics of bras to compare the size I am now compared to before. I haven't been measured yet, but at the mo I'm guessing I am a 38D (UK size). Boy oh boy I have got to lose some weight mucho pronto though, its only now that the boobies are smaller that I notice the fat under my arms!!! I will have to do some DIY lipo with my hoover soon!!! hehehe. Hope you ladies waiting are ok, seriously the waiting is the worst and you're so busy healing post op that you'll turn around at 6 wks like myself and won't believe its all over. Thanks again to all the amazing ladies who had their noobs before me and who shared their experiences. Catch you next week!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Happy New Year guys!! Not much to report other...

Happy New Year guys!! Not much to report other than I look forward to being able to run again soon so that I can lose this blubber belly that is now on display since there are no big boobs disguising it!! sometimes when I take pics of the noobs with the camera facing them they can look a little bonkers, wonky actually. I noticed another lady on here saying that too!! I can't wait until 6 months down the road to see the final result, hopefully I'll be even more pleased than I already am. Chat ya all next year!! hehe. xxxxxxxx

Well this chrimbo has exhausted me. Too much food...

Well this chrimbo has exhausted me. Too much food and alcohol and I am feeling the effects! I have experienced a little swelling the last couple of days and the odd extra twinge. No pain but I am aware of it. I also have the most annoying little spot that wants to scab over but everytime I shower it sloughs off and bleeds a little. Thats just annoying because I have to be patient and wait for it to dry out like the other one I had. I bought a new lace non wired bra today. Prettiest bra I have at the mo as all the other PO ones I bought are not that attractive. I haven't been measured properly yet and its too early to go bra shopping like mad even though I am itching to! I tried a D cup anyway and can't believe its actually loose! Pre op that wouldn't have covered my nip naps!! haha. I didn't want to buy a C cup because I feel that would be too tight, especially as the noobs are still having their odd 'poofy' moment. Hope you lot out there are great or getting there! xx

Hey peeps! Well I'm 9 weeks tmrw (its 1105pm in...

Hey peeps! Well I'm 9 weeks tmrw (its 1105pm in the UK). I do have the odd 'Nooby Poofy Momenty'. For those who don't know me I call my old boob 'Ooobs' and my new boobs 'Noobs'! I cleaned the house a lot more today than I've been able to up until today so puffed up a bit that's all. This swelling can take months to subside completely. I saw my PS on Monday (7th) and as always he answers my questions openly and honestly and sometimes before I get a chance to ask them! The first thing he said to me when I walked in after hello was "ok the incisions should be looking quite red at this stage". He freaks me out.....hes a mind reader! My main questions were answered with confidence. I asked about my left nipple which is shy in popping out compared to the right. He said that they don't invert nipples during surgery. I'm quite numb in both which can take a while to change. To be honest I can't even honestly say what they were like before, they were dangling by my feet somewhere tripping me up! Haha. My other main question was whether to cover a little spot that wouldn't scab over because of bra friction. He said it could've been a stitch and if the blood spotting was an issue for me I could so I continued to stick a small band aid on it! It's better now. He wants to see me in 3 months unless I want to see him before. He is psychic mind, I was going to ask about scar texture and he said "The scars will feel quite woody for a while as they mature" After that I was trying not to think in case he read my mind! Hehe. No huge change in boob shape since last pics so will update pics at 12 weeks prob so that I can see the change myself. Although I see them all of the time! I'm still adjusting. The healing IS a process girls. Don't fret, the blues and the anxieties are normal. If they're not.....I'll be needing sedation! Chatcha soon! Mwah. Xxxxxx

Muchio quickio updateio! Very happy, went topless...

Muchio quickio updateio! Very happy, went topless under a t-shirt for a while tonight and can't believe my nip naps weren't peeking out from the bottom! No more Flippity flappaty! Wow.........xx

Hello lovely ladies! For me, I'm now 3 months and...

Hello lovely ladies! For me, I'm now 3 months and things are going well physically. But boy is this an emotional pair of flip flops!! Don't get me wrong, I am mucho happy that I did this but I have struggled to switch off the 'BBB.....Big Boobie Brain!'. Seems like I constantly look at them (espesh in clothes) and think 'sweet Jesus are they still huge?'. This may seem crazy because I went from a G to a D and KNOW that there is a massive difference but I HATED my big boobs so much that I got to a point where I guess I just didn't wanna see anything. It's so hard going from hating something to getting to know and love the new part of you. I could barely look at myself before. My only moans at the mo is that my left is still a bit bigger than the right and the nipple on the left is very shy and only pops up now and again when she feels like it. Such a diva. I spoke to my PS about this so hopefully it will resolve itself in time. Its not the end of the world if it doesn't. Both nipples are still quite numb. He had to take more out of the left so this one still feels hard underneath compared to the right. To be honest with ya, I have my fave and that is the right one! I still talk to the left one though, it needs more TLC, I think it feels neglected. The incisions are great, I'm going through the red/ropey stage and know that scars don't fully mature for about a year. I have medical knowledge from working in healthcare for years and know that the noobs (new boobs) will take about a year to settle into their natural shape and I am trying my best to patient but I just can't help it! haha. I am also very aware of my big flubba bubba belly. Yes, I have to accept that now that I have less boobage to block my birds eye view the belly is just about to take over the world! Ok so my points so far at 3 months for those who need to know, I started wearing underwire bras this week, I am still swelling a little at times, I can sleep however I like, I have gone back to running, (great sports bra), My scars are red, scar tissue makes the underside feel 'woody', my nip naps are still numb, I am using Bio il now to moisturize the skin once a day after showering mainly because I bough it pre op and the flamin stuff is too expensive to waste! haha, please please please believe me when I say that even when you think you have researched the lot nothing prepares you for the emotional part of having breast surgery, especially if this is something that you have longed for for many years. Please don't sit at home alone crying over your decision, even if you have infections, wound issues, wonky noobies, uneven nip naps....whatever! This literally other than walking at the age of one and using the potty for the first time has been the best move I have ever made! Give it time, speak to us, speak to me, speak to the people around you and your PS. We didn't do this because we felt like having sore boobies for a while, we needed to do this for us, to eventually feel normal, feel comfortable, be happier. We are so in this together. Chatcha soon kiddos. xxxxx
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Hi cariad! I hope u are well on the road to recovery! Your reviews really made me LOL! ESP when u mention ur nipples no longer hanging out the bottom of ur t shirts! I'm due to have my op in 14 days (eek) on the Nhs in Liverpool. So nervous and excited. Just wanted to say ur review has really helped. ESP as sometimes I find it difficult to find UK ladies on here. Like I say happy healing and thanks xx
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Oh honey you are welcome! I know how the waiting feels! I really need to update my review, it's all you think about for months after. Any questions just msg me. It'll be over before you know it!! xxxx
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Hi cariad. Hope you are well. I agree about the still being too big stage. I look at mine boobs and think they're huge. I went from a 32h to a 34 e. I'm hoping to go down to a dd eventually. I still can't get find many bras. They seem to go to d or dd only !! Can't believe your only just wearing an under wired bra? Was this by instructions from surgeon or just your own choice? I was wearing them as soon as I was out of a sports bra. My scars still very visible but to be honest they are my last concern, couldn't care less about the scars. Just so glad I had the op and managed to get on NHs! Take care
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I hear ya. I look in the mirror most of the times and say to myself so so much better. And then sometimes I'm worried they are still too bug. Wearing a cup DD but I know swelling is till there!
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Hi you look great. Im on the waiting list. in nottingham UK. i should have my b.r by mid may. Im currently a 34h and would love to be a c cup. Im 5ft 5 and weigh 10st 8 148lb. trying to loose as much weight as i can before op. my emotions are already all over the place i race home just to see if my letter has arrived. God knows what ill be like when i have a date. happy healing xx
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Hi Karen! I was a mess before, I tried my best to keep it together....very hard! It's so easy to jib it, the day I went in they had 3 cancellations. The nerves will try to rule you but please believe me when I say that it'll be over before you know it. I don't do pain, it hurts! I haven't had children yet but I can honestly say that it was more uncomfortable than anything else. I found the tightness more of an inconvenience, took weeks before I'd let them go when I had no bra in the shower for example! The waiting really is a pain. I'm only at the other end of a computer if you need me! xx
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Thank you. i really feel like Im becoming so obsessed with this op that its taking over my life lol. my partner is so supportive and my children are 20 and 17 so they are fully aware of everything and are both very understanding especially as my son is 21 begining of April and my daughter is 18 beggining of June and as my date could be anytime were not able to plan their celebrations they have with said it doesn't matter we can arrange something after if it comes to it. The head at school is also very understanding and is expecting me to be of work for six weeks. i just want to be on the other side now. lol.ill try to upload some photographs of now when i get onto the computer. where in the UK are you xx
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Helloooo! How ya doin hun? Your looking ace :) Well, am back in sunny Scotland! Oh my god, it's freeeeezing compared to Thailand! The flight was ok, but the girls were pretty tender & sore. They're doing good, been putting on lots of Bio Oil. My lefty is the one that is healing slower than righty, all the scars are healed great, just feels very hard & 'woody' like you said, kinda freaking me out as i'm now away from my amazing ps, but he said i an email him no probs if i have concerns. Guess i just wan't to hear from my friends on here that the 'woody' feeling gets softer. Not sure if they're still swollen, am 6 weeks on Sat. Will get pics up soon. Let me know all the news...not been on here for ages! x x x
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Hey you! I still feel woody underneath but its getting better with each week. The noobs will take months to shape into their natural kinda groove. My lefty is also slower to heal, guess thats coz he took more out. Its still slightly bigger but things are much better than what I had! Bet its snowing with you in Scotty Wotty. I can't believe time has gone so fast. Even so I can't wait to be 6 months and feel like they are more natural. I still haven't done the bio oil thing yet! xxxx
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you are looking so awesome!!! U have healed beautifully. i had same issues with pesky scabs that decided to stick around just keep an eye on them to make sure there are no stitches trying to break thru. they will go away in time. i have really enjoyed reading ur journey. hugs for u and glad ur getting energy back!
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Hiya Sassy! Yea he said that the odd stitch may poke through. On my apnt on the 7th he pulled out a 2 inch piece of thread that had been left in by the nurse after pulling my drains out before being discharged. He apologised but I found it funny, especially as I never really paid attention to the end of it that was sticking out. Duuurrrr. This is one crazy adventure! xxx
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hey lady how are you yes they did a great job congrats im feeling great also keep n touch :)
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Hey doll, thanks you too I just want to lose weight and get some new clothes for the summer. So excited!!! xx
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sorry ment to say your noobs look great and healing well and no way are you a 38 you look tiny in your pics I say 32, 34 xx
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I know I still feel funny coming out of the shower and I still hold on to them whilst in there in case they fall off down the plug hole!! I really am a 38, sometimes 36 but I am more comfy with 38. I WILL lose weight though so who knows, maybe I'll end up a 20A!! haha. Thanks I'm much happier than I was, got a long way to go though.....I'm still brain adjusting! xxxxx
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yeah I have to get back in to shape my belly just keeps getting bigger its the time of year to many treats lol xxxx
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you so make me lol love reading your posts I find the best thing to do so I don,t over scar myself is only to look at them once a day and I only have to change my tape once a week that is the day I will go for a shower which I find terrifying I just have a shallow bath very day with sports bra on lol . Was at my ps today hole is on the mend looks so much better. Hope you are well xxx
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Hi lovely, yes I'm good, I'm getting a little bored of healing now just want to lose weight and make the most of my noobs!!! haha. Thats acually a good tip, looking at them once a day instead of getting obsessed. I'll update soon. xxxx
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Happy New Year Cariad!! This is DEF gonna be OUR year :) are looking FAB! Well done, the noobs are looking v happy :) I'm 19 days po today & all has gone pretty well, being in the paradise island that is Koh Chang has def helped my recovery & getting my head round it all! Know what you mean about the gym, gotta get rid of my belly! Is 3 weeks cool to start pilates & yoga etc again? Uploaded pics today, would be fab to get some feedback from you as always :) Big Hugs to ya x x x
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Hey honey, as far as most surgeons say its usually 4-6 wks before the incisions are strong enough but your own would be the best to say whether you can start gentle exercise. I did some squats and lunges today and now my butt is twitching!! haha. I so need to shift my belly especially as I can see it now! I'm heading straight to your page! Relax as much as poss! xxxxxx
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Those girls look so pretty....I can't wait to get to the same place!
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Ah thanks I can't wait until I'm at 6 months. Big steps this boobie recovery journey thingy!! Hope you are all good. If you need any advice just shout! xxxx
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I'm looking forward to exercising again as I feel so fat from all the Christmas food I've been scoffing, will probably have to wait til the end of January to do anything like that, have a great New Year! x
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Hope your new years was great! I am defo feeling the belly bulge. Going to do some lower limb work in the gym asap until I am ready to bounce these babies! xx
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Happy New Year Cariad!! This is DEF gonna be OUR year :) Been trying to post on your comments bit, but no joy. are looking FAB! Well done, the noobs are looking v happy :) I'm 19 days po today & all has gone pretty well, being in the paradise island that is Koh Chang has def helped my recovery & getting my head round it all! Know what you mean about the gym, gotta get rid of my belly! Is 3 weeks cool to start pilates & yoga etc again? Uploaded pics today, would be fab to get some feedback from you as always :) Big Hugs to ya x x x
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