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25 Years Old - Breast lift with fat transfer. London UK

Hi All, Firstly thank you so much to all the...

Hi All,

Firstly thank you so much to all the lovely ladies that have posted and shared their experiences on this forum. It has honestly helped me so much in confirming my decision to go ahead with a breast uplift.

So, after losing about 3 stone I am really not happy with how my boobs have turned, i have lost the volume and perkiness that i ever had ( though admittedly they have never been truley perky). I have decided to go ahead with breast uplift, and have also been advised that a small implant (overs) is what would give me the most desired look. I have had my first consultation with Harley Medical Group a few weeks ago, but have been highly recommended (through my Mum's friend in the field of plastic surgery) to Patrick Mallucci. I have my consultation booked with him for the beginning of Feb, with a pencilled in surgery of the end of Feb. If anyone on here as every used him for a breast uplift, I would love to hear your experience with him. I am very excited and have been thinking about this for a very long time so am happy now to get this all done and enjoy my younger years with the boobs that I know I can feel more confident with.

Can anybody tell me how long the realistic recovery time is for this type of surgery, will I be able to stand up and walk around after the first day, though obviously will be taking it very very easy. Did anyone take any type of vitamins/Do any skin care routines on the areas where the scars will be before surgery? Ideally like most people I want minimal long term scarring. I have been advised that I will need the vertical scar and small incision in the breast crease also. Any advice/pictures that anyone has of scars healing over weeks/months would be great.

I will try and update this post as much as possible and keep everyone who is interested updated on my journey. I look forward to hearing any opinions/advice from anyone on here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this so far :) x
Hey! I had my breast uplift on the 6th Jan - I'm also based in London. Hand on heart when I say they have given me no problems at all and i'm thrilled with how they are! It wasn't even my breasts that were my main concern lol - You'll be great. If I had just had the breasts lifted I reckon I would have been back up and around after a few days (not even!) obv with dressings and a surgical support bra. Good luck x
My scars already are so minimal and you'll def be on your feet after day 1, just go gentle as with any surgery your body won't know whats hit it. My surgeon gave me something called Prosil - which is a silicone scar treatment, I haven't started that yet as I want to make sure the scar is safe i.e, no further redness etc - they say after 6wks you can start scar treatment. Alternatively things like vitamin e oil you probably can start sooner but follow your surgeons advice x
Hi there I had my up lift done by PM on Tuesday 21/01/14. So far I'm really please. I had lost 2 21/2 stone after having twins so my boobs were left very empty and saggy!! So far I have been really please. I am due to go back tomorrow to have my dressings changed which I can not wait for! That has been the worst part personally. I was up and about on day 2. Day 3 I had a small bath and my hubby washed my hair as I didn't want to risk anything. Day 5 I had a shower and washed my hair myself. All was fine but the shower proof dressings weren't very shower proof and filled with water. I panicked slightly when lots of blood coloured liquid came out from underneath but after speaking to the on call nurse she explained it was nothing to worry about but to removed the wet dressing so the scars were not sitting in damp dressings. Today is the first day I haven't had to take any pain killers. I stopped taking the ones the hospital gave me after a few days as they knocked me out and I was so sleepy all the time so used over the counter ones which were much better. Due a slight leak I had to wash the Macom bra I was given so wore a support bra today but as soon as I got home I changed into the Macom as I could tell they needed more support. Sleeping sitting up has been to bad either but I am dying to sleep on my side...... I did try but it was sore. Several pillows under my back and one under my thighs/bum and I'm fast asleep within minutes!! I haven't been able to see my scars as yet as still dressed but I seem to heal well and think it will all depend on your body etc. I can not see my cesearean scar after 19 months. I also had a slight reduction as PM said he had to remove some tissue to get the best result possible. That is why I suffered some pain for the first few days. My scars will be of an anchor sharpe as I was previously wearing a 34F cup. Good luck and let me know if I can help,anymore xx

2 days Pre Op, Breast Uplift with Fat Transfer

Hey all! This site has been so so great with getting me prepared! I think I have ticked off everything on my to do list before surgery! So just to paint a picture (I will out up the dreaded real pictures soon) I am 24yo with no kids but dropping (surgeon kindly calls them 'heavy') boobs. I currently wear a 36 DD. My liposuction (tumescent) is being sucked outta me from my upper and lower tummy and flanks, the some of the fats being transferred to correct s slight asymetry. Im feeling a little nervous about the recovery time afterwards, I have booked to go away 6 weeks post op and I am a little worried about how much I will be able to do on the holiday (is scuba diving going to be possible?!) I have started taking arnica tablets and been using a vitamin oil on the surgery areas for the past few days so hoping for a smooth outcome with fast healing scars- just like everyone else hopes for I guess!
Hey Hun! How are you holding up?! I'm going in tomorrow and I am so so nervous!! Is everything ok with your infection now, hope that it's all healing nicely!! Ah is there any questions you think I should be asking? Or any last advice you can offer up?! I'm trying to pack my overnight bag and so far all I have is knickers, joggers and two hoodies... Anything else I need?! Happy healing babe xxx

Tomorrow is the Day!!!

Wooooow I've been so nervous all day and eaten everything in sight so I'm sure the lipo is now well needed!! Tomorrow is the big day and I am just packing my little bag that I am taking with me... Knickers, joggers and a hoody, does anyone have any other suggestions of what to take?! Woohoo noobs tomorrow (new boobs), ahhh but so nervous!! Xx
Good luck sweets xx
Thanks darling!! Will update you tomorrow post op girl when I got me my noobs x ;)
I didn't stay overnight! I packed a book and toothbrush but didn't use any of it as I slept most of the time. U will be fine. Don't be nervous, I was so excited I could hardly sleep and was up before my alarm went off.... Just don't eat anything after your dinner and u will be fine. Had my 6 week post check up today and all is fine now and I can go bra shopping this week. Just try to relax and look forward to seeing your new boobs this time tomorrow. The nursing staff are lovely too. Emily looked after me before and after and she was great. When they ask you to choose lunch make sure you do as I was starving once I came round completely. You will be fine and let me know how you get on. Good luck xx

Day 1 Post Op

Wohooo I did it!! Chest is feeling very tight but think my tummy is actually causing me the most pain!! Im very swollen and a heavy bruising already showing on my flanks and tummy from the lipo, I also haven't been told to wear any compression garment on my tummy?! If I wore a tight tank top is that better, might feel more supported? Anyway I came around from surgery at about 5ish, was looked after by two of the most incredible and attentive nurses that made me feel so comfortable, drank some water and had a cup of tea and a biscuit because I couldn't face my sandwich, then went to go to the toilet, almost fainted after I had been so then I was wheeled back into my little room and had some water and food and felt much better. I finally left the clinic at about 9:15pm at night. Think my painkillers are kicking in because finding it hard to type, update when I'm more awake! Xx
lipo is painful - but woohoo you made it!!! xx
Thanks sweets! Pain from lipo so bad and tummy so so swollen, how long until I don't look 6 months pregnant?! :( xx
Do you have any pics sweet? I'm convinced that it's the lipo that causes most of the swelling considering you didn't have TT. I looked like I was going to give birth initially and now my swell baby is only maybe a couple of months in the evening! lol where are you going away to? I'm off in less than 4 wks eeek! Keep taking comparison pics they are the best thing to keep you going and if you don't want to post pics here feel free to msg me xx

Post Op Updat

So just to update everyone, I am now 11 days post op- will put some pictures up very soon! It's been painful for the first few days, after 6 days I went into work as I had so so much stuff to catch up on that I couldn't do from my bed!! I was given the go ahead to get my incisions wet and shower properly by day 7, but my nurse said 'if it was me I would keep them dry if possible' as keeping the incisions dry promotes faster recovery? Not sure if there is much truth to this but I don't mind sponge bathing around my incisions and having my hair washed at the hairdressers! Will post some pictures up now :)
Yep let the incisions dry out! Once they are sealed then just let soapy water run over them, them keep dry after xx
Look fwd to seeing your pics! Xx

Picture update

3 weeks post op

Started doing scar treatment, doing very well so far, one side is healing better, scars are looking good but I'm so so impatient just want to see final results! Can anyone tell me about 'fluffing'?! I keep reading about it and I don't know what it means? Should I expect them to get a little fuller or is this their final shape now? They seem to have dropped a little from when I first had them, but don't think I want them to drop anymore, maybe just need to round out at the bottom. Does anyone had any suggestions for scar treatments? Been using HealGel and BioOil and Palmers Skin Therapy and just oiling them up as much as possible!! Have sharp shooting pains along the incision lines but think that's normal and they go after a few seconds. Have been off pain meds since week 1 :). Had a few dissolvable stitches come to the surface so I went back and nurse pulled then and snipped them down so that's why I have tape around the nipple. Will get more pics up but using phone and it just deleted a realllly long post I did before so this is more rushed!
Hello there, I would love to be able to PM you and ask you few questions about your op as I'm thinking to go through the same procedure. Not sure whether that's even possible though? Hope to spk to ou soon. Tnx
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